Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

Adidas has made its mission to always be on the lookout for improvements in their shoes. Just when you think they have created the ideal running shoes they come out with the next version that beats its predecessor. This is exactly what this trusted name in the running industry, Adidas, has done again with the Supernova Glide Boost 8.

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Pros & Cons
  • BOOST Technology for responsiveness and added speed
  • Continental rubber outsole for long-lasting resilience
  • Praised for its all-around comfort
  • Lightweight mesh material for ventilation of the foot
  • Cons
    • Not ideal for wide feet
    • Lacing on the tongue is too tight
    • The material on the upper mesh is prone to staining
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the shoes has been described by runners as extremely durable and practically indestructible. Who doesn't love the word "indestructible" when looking for the perfect running shoe? Durability is always a good quality to have when your shoes are constantly hitting the pavement for hundreds of miles. Made out of continental rubber, the same rubber used to make high-end tires, this outsole provides shocks absorption with each step allowing for a seamless run. In addition, the continental rubber sole with its grips and ridges is ideal for grip and traction in rain or shine.
      Praised highly for its soft yet durable midsole, Adidas has infused their Boost technology to provide a responsive bounce loaded with energy. As Adidas describes it, the Boost technology is made with “energy capsules” allowing runners to run farther, harder, and faster. Adidas had prided itself on this new shoe technology that runners seem to love and appreciate in their shoes. Many say that running with Adidas Boost shoes improved their runs by increasing their speed. Torison technology is also used in this shoe for optimal arch support in the foot. The TPU foam that is used in this midsole has tested 3 times more temperature resistant than its competitors. This shoe’s midsole is Cloud 9 to a runner’s foot.
      Interlocking lightweight mesh material makes up the upper part of this shoes. This flexible, yet sturdy material allows for easy ventilation for hot feet. The Formotion mesh hugs the feet naturally to prevent blisters and irritation. The mesh is also accompanied by Adidas’ classic three stripes they are known for, creating a supportive cradle to stabilize the foot. Runners also noted the heel of the foot is fitted with memory foam that forms to the heel for extra comfort and support. There are very few comments by runners about discomfort and most talked about how the shoes fit almost perfectly to their fit in the upper part, almost like a second foot.
      Weight is always an important topic when talking about running shoes, these lightweight shoes will not weigh you down on runs. Runners constantly commented on the lightweight feel of these cushiony shoes. Men’s averaging 11 oz. and Women’s 9.5 oz. Many also commented on the fact that the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 felt lighter than their predecessors, further showing that Adidas is always on the lookout for improvements in their shoes.
      Your feet can breathe at ease in these shoes, with the lightweight mesh that allows for constant ventilation for hot feet. The mesh acts as a sponge-like material absorbing sweat and airing out to keep feet drier and cooler on long runs. Many runners reported this shoe was one of the best sweat-wicking shoes they had found. Having proper ventilation in your running shoes is important for keeping feet dry to avoid discomfort while running. Although sweat-wicking and breathability are not exactly the same, they do go hand in hand in terms of the breathable features/material used in a shoe. This shoe does have an overlay panel, which knocks it breathability back a few, but it has ventilation holes. The Glide Boost 8 does get the job done. Not the best, but definitely sufficient in this aspect.

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      The one word that was repeated repetitively by runners who wore these Adidas’ was “comfortable”. This shoe was applauded by many as their new favorite shoe, some even saying it was their second pair because everything about them was so comfortable. From the outsole to the midsole to the upper, from its sturdy pillow-like feel to the flexible mesh forming the outside of the shoe.

      There were very few complaints about blisters or irritation of the foot and for those who did have discomfort commented that it was due to having extra wide feet. When trying to find the perfect running shoe comfort is definitely number one, because no matter how great everything else about the shoe is, if it isn't comfortable then it is probably not the shoe for you. But Adidas has seemed to combine advanced technology, along with a host of other good qualities and still create a shoe the fits perfectly for most runners.
      Sporting the classic Adidas stripes on the sides that seem to embody every shoe Adidas’ makes giving it a fashionable, yet distinguished look. Whether you prefer brighter colors, like pinks, blues, yellows, like most in the sport of running who desire a brighter shoe to be seen during their runs. Or if you lean more towards basic, more neutral colors like black and white; Adidas has a color for everyone to ogle and love. You can’t go wrong with this traditional Adidas shoe and its sleek style.
      As mentioned previously, the outsole has been described as practically indestructible with its resilient continental rubber sole. As for the upper mesh, some have complained about the ease of dirt staining the shoe due to the material. Runners have stated they have put up to 600 miles on the shoes! While this may not be the case for every runner, many still said that they put over 200 miles on the shoe and they were still in good condition. It seems that these shoes hold up well under the mileage. So, while they may get a little dirty, don’t let that fool you on the lifespan of these shoes.
      Your foot definitely takes on some high impact with each stride during runs, on long runs you want to know that your foot is supported in all the right place to avoid injuries, sprains, and pains, things that many runners experience but often times could have been avoided with the correct shoes. With all of the cushioning and support, this shoe offers you can run at ease knowing that it is doing all it can to protect your joints and feet with every step. The Boost sole comes into play, yet again, with cushioning and bounce that allows for a softer impact, which lessens the strain on your joints and feet. These shoes are definitely well equipped to protect you from discomfort and possible injuries.
      You can’t talk about Boost technology without talking about a quick response. The Boost technology in this shoe absorbs the impact of each step and reuses the impact to give back to the runner as added energy. This allows for a quick bounce back, which in turn leads to a faster run. Adidas claims that its Boost technology gives the highest energy out of any of its competitors. The foam technology deforms at different angles, similar to the way a human foot would, and then reforms, which is when the energy is given back to the runner. Talk about recycling!
      The mesh lining of the shoes allows for a flexible movement that forms to the foot, giving extra support. The Torsion technology in the shoes also adds arch support. By having good support in the shoe, this allows for low probability of injuries to the runner. Some runners did mention that there was not as much arch support as they normally prefer but others described the shoe as having good support in the heel of the foot.
      While not highly recommended for trail running, these shoes are perfect for long runs on the pavement. The continental rubber outsoles provide the ideal amount of grip and traction allowing the wearer to feel in control under any weather circumstance. The outsole of the shoes has just the right amount of ridges and grooves to avoid slipping. Giving runners confidence to take on rain and hit the road running without slipping.
      Many runners find that with the perfect shoe is also accompanied by a not so perfect price but Adidas has managed to make a comfortable shoe that many runners adore for a price that is equally likable. The price of the Supernova Glide Boost 8 is very reasonable for the highly-recommended reviews it has received. They can be found ranging from $90-160, depending on styles and seller. So if you are willing to compromise on colors and styles you could find the shoes for a very reasonable price, but even the higher priced ones, they are still a steal compared to some of their competitor’s shoes on the market.
      A step up from its previous shoe, the 8th version is lined with more foam technology and support to improve every step of every run. This road shoe is one for runners at every stage and commended for its flexible fit and maximum comfort. So, if you are in the market for a new shoe made by a company that is constantly advancing in the shoe industry and in search of a shoe that has excellent evaluations, the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8’s are for you!
      Key Features
      •Boost Technology to provide added energy with every push

      •Very comfortable for most runners

      •Competitive price on the running market

      •Long -lasting shoes/ holds up well over many miles

      •Engineered mesh upper provides maximum breathability

      •Molded synthetic midfoot and heel overlays provide stability and support

      •Torsion System for midfoot integrity

      •Continental Rubber outsole for extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions
      Bottom Line
      Whether you are a novice or seasoned runner these shoes are the perfect fit. Training runs or long distance races these shoes will help you enhance your performance on any run with their boost technology and durable design all while doing so in an effortlessly seamless style that only Adidas can design. Adidas is a trusted name in the shoe industry and this shoe solidifies that title for them. If you are unsure about your next running shoe; consider this a no-brainer.

      With rave reviews and a price that cannot be beat this shoe is worth giving a try. It has everything that a runner looks for in a shoe comfort, durability, light, and support. Adidas makes another great shoe for the win with the Supernova Glide Boost 8. Proving that Adidas is making continuous strides in the shoe industry to create the best shoes with advancing technology and materials. So lace up and get ready to go on a run with shoes that not only will protect your feet, and fit like a glove but also increase your speed!
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      By Tiffany Howard
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