Adidas Terrex Solo

Adidas may be known for their high-quality running and athletic shoes, but they are also becoming a force in the hiking and off-road arena too. The Terrex Solo is a shoe that is designed for the athlete who is not afraid of a little adventure. The shoe can handle climbing, hiking, running, and fast-paced transitions between each. Runners love this shoe for adventure racing and endurance racing. The shoe combines a breathable upper, an abrasion resistant outsole and unbeatable grip and stability through the Traxion rubber. The shoe is heavier than some other shoes, but that is because it is lined with powerful material that protects the foot from different dangerous elements that can be encountered in off-road running, climbing and hiking adventures. The flat design provides a solid base for runners that help them stay stable and safe on uneven and treacherous terrains. The shoe isn’t cheap by any means, but it is right in line with the average, newly designed adventure running and racing shoe on the market today.

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Pros & Cons
  • Good for running, hiking, and climbing
  • Shock absorbing to keep you safe and comfortable
  • Lightweight upper
  • Cons
    • No arch support
    • On the heavier side
    • Key Features
      Adidas designed this shoe from the ground up. Clearly, this shoe is designed to keep runners upright and feeling protected during their adventures, regardless of what the trail throws their way. The Traxion rubber outsole material provides exceptional grip. Adidas also added additional rubber support to the forefoot to enhance the grip of the shoe. The forefoot features a stealth rubber that provides a sticky feeling that adheres to any terrain and keeps the runner upright and confident enough to go fast on all terrains.
      One of the high points for many runners about this shoe is the overall comfort. The shoe supports a natural running gait. The midsole is made from an Adiprene material that is designed to absorb the shock of each footfall. This material is thicker in the forefoot and heel to protect the foot from the impact of fast running and hiking. This material is also designed to propel the runner forward. The midsole is also lined with additional padding to create a snug fit that is also cushioned.
      One of the details that sets the Terrex Solo apart from other outdoor adventure shoes is the upper design. The upper is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh. This material dries quickly so runners can feel confident running through puddles and streams if they have to. The open mesh provides maximum airflow to reach the foot, helping to regulate the temperature inside of the shoe. Runners reported that this helps to keep their feet comfortable and cool. The lacing system features a bungee construction. This reduces any chance of injury from untied laces and also ensures the runners are getting the snuggest, more secure fit possible.

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      This shoe is on the heavier side compared to other adventure racing shoes. The main reason for this is the high amount of protective rubber and design elements that wrap around the shoe. The Traxion outsole rubber, the rubber toe cap that is welded for added durability, and the Adiprene midsole all add some weight while providing maximum protection and traction. This shoe weighs in at 11.8 ounces for the men’s size 9 which makes this a heavier shoe and not a good choice for the runners or hikers who are looking for a minimalist, lightweight shoe.
      Runners rated the breathability of this shoe very high. The shoe is made using an open mesh construction. This mesh is lightweight and allows for maximum airflow to reach the foot. Runners were pleased with the ventilation and commented that it helps to keep their feet cool and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, this material is not water resistant, but it dries extremely fast, so runners shouldn’t shy away from streams or puddles. The added ventilation and the quick drying properties help to keep blisters and friction at bay.
      This shoe provides a flat base for runners. This helps them feel secure and protected, and the added cushioning in the midsole adds extra comfort. Runners, hikers, and climbers all agree that this shoe is very comfortable. The upper construction, with the breathable mesh and bungee lace construction, provides a snug fit and feel that is similar to a bootie or slipper. The shoe is flexible and best suited for runners who don’t need additional arch support.
      This shoe has a minimalist, low key style. This shoe is not designed for the runner who likes brightly colored styles and wild designs. It is offered in three different colors, but all of those options are darker and less vibrant. Although Adidas does have shoes that can work as a stylish accessory, this shoe is strictly designed for outdoor adventure and not as a fashion item.
      This shoe is designed to stand up to the toughest terrains. Runners reported that they were very pleased with how long this shoe lasted for. The shoe is designed with abrasion-proof materials like the Traxion outsole and the stealth rubber toe cap. The upper is a lightweight mesh, but it is also puncture resistant and does a great job of deflecting debris found on the trail. Additionally, runners were very impressed with the abrasion resistant welding that is found along the base of the shoe. This keeps the foot safe from harmful debris that can be found on the trail.
      Adidas understands that the key to creating a good outdoor adventure shoe is providing a high level of protection for the runner. The elements of the trail can be unforgiving and unpredictable and the Terrex Solo prepares runners for anything that the trail can throw at them. For starters, the shoe features a flat design to provide a solid base that makes running fast across uneven and constantly changing terrain easy and manageable. Additionally, Adidas included different design elements like the stealth toe cap to provide protection from protruding roots, rocks, or other unexpected debris on the trail. The outsole of the shoe uses Traxion rubber that provides superior grip, making this a great shoe for climbing or running in slippery conditions.
      This shoe provides great feedback and responsiveness. This shoe allows runners to go fast because it can adapt to changes in terrain, direction, and speed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the Adiprene midsole foam in the forefoot and heel works to absorb harmful shock in each footfall.
      The upper of the shoe wraps the foot in a snug, supportive, bootie-like fit. The upper is made from a lightweight breathable mesh that adapts to the shape of the foot. The bungee lacing system allows runners to pull the upper as tight as they’d like to provide them with the perfect fit. This shoe has a flat base, so it is not suggested for runners who are looking for extra arch support.
      This is an all-terrain shoe. Runners, hikers, and climbers all found this shoe to be a great choice. It is engineered to be flexible and carry runners quickly over uneven terrain while providing maximum grip and protection. This shoe can easily be used for standard road running, but it really shines on trails. Runners love this shoe for adventure racing and obstacle racing because of the high level of traction and it’s flexible speedy design. It can also get wet and dry quickly.
      This shoe is not for the runner who is on a tight budget, but it is also not one of the most expensive choices for outdoor adventure running. It is right in the middle of the price range and is actually perfectly aligned with the average price of an outdoor hiking and running shoe. However, since this shoe can be used for hiking, running, and climbing, runners reported that the value is much higher because it is really three shoes in one. There is no need to purchase separate shoes for hiking, running, and climbing, which saves the runner money overall.
      The outsole of the shoe is made with Adidas’s patented Traxion rubber. This material is designed to attach to any terrain, including rocks and uneven surfaces. This material is what provides the superior grip in these shoes. The Terrex Solo can seamlessly transition from the roads to rocks to trails with no problems.
      This is a very flexible shoe and is not designed for someone who needs extra stability. The shoe is designed to move with the natural gait cycle of the runner. The upper material is extremely flexible. Although the midsole provides extra cushioning, it is designed to bend and twist in order to adapt to different terrains and different conditions on the road and trail. The low drop of this shoe keeps the runner closely connected to the road below them, and allows them to effectively adjust to changes in direction and terrain.
      This shoe is not designed for the runner who is looking for extra stability. This shoe has a flat feel and a traditional drop and doesn’t provide any additional technologies to support runners who need help with over or under pronation. This shoe supports the natural gait of the runner and doesn’t offer any elements that would help with changing or improving the runner’s gait in anyway.
      This shoe has a traditional drop of 10 millimeters. The shoe is very flat and has a minimalist feel to it, but the Adiprene foam in the forefoot helps to propel the foot forward. These shoes do a great job of keeping the runner connected to the ground below them and also enabling them to keep a natural running gait.

      Key Features
      - Lace Bungee construction for added support and comfort
      - Open Mesh upper for breathability
      - Abrasion-resistant welding adds extra durability
      - Abrasion-resistant toe cap for added protection
      - Adiprene midsole absorbs impact and adds comfort
      - Flexible design bends and moves with the foot
      - Traxion rubber underfoot provides superior traction
      - Fast drying, puncture resistant upper material
      Bottom Line
      This shoe is for the runner who considers him or herself more than just a runner. This is the perfect companion for adventurous outdoor athletes. It is a versatile shoe that can seamlessly transition from the road to the trail to the rocks for rock climbing. Adidas padded the shoe with extra rubber and midsole foam to protect the runner by absorbing shock and keeping them safe from the harmful debris that can be found on the trail. The upper is lightweight and breathable and dries quickly so runners can feel confident traversing through streams and puddles. Although the shoe offers no extra arch support or stability features, runners who like a fast, flexible shoe that supports their natural gait cycle raved about the flat ride. This shoe is affordable, costing average for a racing and hiking shoe on today’s market; however, runners were pleased with the fact that this shoe acts as a climbing, hiking, and road running shoe all in one, which saves them money in the long run. Adidas has created a versatile, durable, and protective shoe in their Terrex Solo.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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