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When Adidas first released their X_PLR shoe, reviewers and consumers alike couldn’t help but notice that it looked very similar to their NMD models. Upon noticing its smaller price tag and lack of technological advancements seen in the brand’s other recent models, such as a Boost midsole or Primeknit upper, reviewers dubbed the Adidas X_PLR “the poor man’s NMD.”

Still, despite its lack of fine-tuned features, the Adidas X_PLR has become very popular with those who enjoy Adidas’ trademark casual style. Whether they use the Adidas X_PLR more for work, a simple game of basketball, or a day of shopping and errands, consumers love the amount of durable and casual comfort the Adidas X_PLR offers them.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

An affordable price tag

Lightweight and breathable

A comfortable, all-day wear

Pairs well with many different looks

Available in a number of color options


Too similar in style to other Adidas models

Lacing system can break easily

Key Features
Despite the number of advanced materials they have on hand, such as Stretchweb or Adiwear, The company has gone with a simple rubber sole for their Adidas X_PLR model’s outsole. But, according to reviews, this works perfectly fine for everyday wear.

Not only does it stay fairly durable for an extended period of time, but it also allows for amazing traction on surfaces that consumers would walk on every single day.

Whether they are going out to walk the dog, taking a quick jog, or in the middle of a serious gym workout session, this shoe’s outsole has proven time and time again that it can do its job of keeping the runner going for longer.
Though Adidas X_PLR has begun to develop their own midsole material in recent years, they still rely on injected EVA foam for their more casual models.

Still, reviewers never complain, as it provides just enough shock absorption for basic everyday activities. They also note how lightweight the material is, and how long it lasts over time. Furthermore, the Adidas X_PLR makes use of its incredible Ortholite sock liner. Not only does it provide further support without impacting the shape of the shoe, but it’s also surprisingly breathable and easy to remove for washing.
Constructed from a simple knit textile, the Adidas X_PLR’s upper gives the wearer both the comfort and flexibility they look for in a casual work shoe. Similar material to that found on the NMD, it's extremely breathable and is sold in a variety of different color options to help buyers find their perfect casual look.

In addition, a sturdier heel cage wraps around the back of the shoe to add some additional support. This feature is then connected to the Adidas X_PLR unique elastic lacing system that adapts to many different foot widths and creates a secure fit without feeling too restrictive.

Buyers should be warned, however, as some reviewers have stated that the Adidas X_PLR lacing system can break easily.
While there are no specific details about the Adidas X_PLR’s weight that can be found online, product descriptions and reviews have frequently described it as being lightweight. As this is primarily an everyday shoe, buyers who are loyal to this model don’t need something with a lot of structure or supportive features that could weigh it down.

They simply want something easy to wear that won’t impact their natural movements.
Many buyers have found the Adidas X_PLR’s textile upper to be extremely breathable. They further state that it’s an excellent fit for warmer weather and even during rainstorms, as water and sweat can be easily dried away.

The Adidas X_PLR Ortholite sock liner offers further breathability by allowing air to flow directly through the insole and remove moisture from the foot. Not only does this reduce odor, but it also aids in preventing possible infections.
The number one feature that reviewers have raved about is the Adidas X_PLR’s level of comfort. Its EVA midsole’s level of shock absorption reduces the impact of motion, and the sock liner cushions the foot for hours while keeping it dry and maintaining the shoe’s original shape.

Furthermore, the textile upper has become a go-to model for buyers that work on their feet for long shifts, as it’s extremely comfortable and gives just enough cushioning to ward off an additional foot, leg, or back pain. Some reviewers have noted that Adidas X_PLR sizes can run big, so it’s best to either order a size down or physically try them on at a shoe store.
Featuring the classic Adidas style with a modern, athletic twist, reviewers love how well the Adidas X_PLR's go with many looks. Its contrasting heel saddle and lacing system sport the trademark three reflective stripes on either side.

The Adidas logo features prominently on both the back heel and at the tongue of the Adidas X_PLR. Aside from the classic black with white stripes and midsole, there are also a number of color options for consumers to choose from. These include grey, khaki, maroon, olive green, navy blue, and all black. There is even a hot pink model available in girls’ sizes.
Despite its lack of advancement, the Adidas X_PLR has shown to be quite durable over time. Its rubber outsole and EVA midsole hold up well even after months of usage during jobs that require hours of standing.

The Adidas X_PLR's Ortholite sock liner also maintains its structure perfectly, even after being machine washed multiple times. Some reviewers did complain that its elastic lacing system was not very sturdy, as it broke either within a few uses or on the very first day they tried it on.

It is advised that buyers keep this in mind and check to see if the outlet they plan to purchase from has a good return policy for the Adidas X_PLR.
There are not many reviews that give specific details about how protective the Adidas X_PLR is. But considering that this shoe is meant primarily for everyday use, reviewers say it offers just enough.

The EVA midsole and Ortholite sock liner are easily the most protective features on the Adidas X_PLR, providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning the foot while keeping it dry.

And the textile upper is breathable enough to sufficiently protect the foot from rashes or other possible infections. That said, it would not be good protection against colder temperatures and would have to be put aside during winter weather.
Though the Adidas X_PLR lacks the technological advances of newer Adidas models, making it less responsive, it does have some notable features. The EVA midsole has proven to be very responsive to the wearer’s movements, absorbing impact and transferring energy back into every step.

The rubber outsole stays durable and pliable enough without impacting movement too greatly. And the Adidas X_PLR's textile upper, along with the elastic lacing, allows for the best range of motion possible. Keep in mind, however, that this shoe is meant more for casual activities and everyday usage rather than heavy athletics. Therefore, it has less of a need for responsive features.
The Adidas X_PLR’s ever-supportive EVA foam midsole takes on the bulk of the supportive work, upholding the foot while providing suitable energy transfer with each step. The Ortholite sock liner is able to stay supportive as well since it has very little give and will keep the foot cushioned even after an extended period of time.

Additional support and structure are provided by the Adidas X_PLR’s heel saddle, which is attached to its elastic lacing system that ensures a perfectly snug yet comfortable fit. While the Adidas X_PLR is limited in this aspect, buyers that use this shoe for jobs such as waitressing or bartending are extremely impressed with how cushioned their feet were even after several hours of standing.
It’s safe to say that the Adidas X_PLR is the best fit for use on everyday terrains. When it comes to everyday streets and sidewalks and different weather patterns the runner will face, this shoe will hold up perfectly fine during an average jog or other forms of exercise.

That said, it’s best not to take the Adidas X_PLR for more strenuous activities such as hiking or rock climbing. After all, the Adidas X_PLR's occasional lack of durability does mean that it won’t hold up quite as well on rougher terrains, so more dedicated athletes are better off searching for another option.
While Adidas is typically known for high-priced athletic wear, considering its many custom-created and fine-tuned features, the Adidas X_PLR is surprisingly affordable.

Though some consumers may be disappointed by this shoe’s simplicity, this relatively small cost and basic durability make it worth the money to others. For those in search of an even cheaper price, Amazon is always the perfect option. However, it would be very wise to check the listing’s reviews first before making a purchase.
For having a simple rubber outsole, many reviewers have stated that the Adidas X_PLR offers surprisingly good traction. Routine jogs are easy no matter what kind of weather they’re done in, thanks to its outsoles ability to grip onto any surface it may come across.

From basic concrete and cement to muddy roads and even light snow, this shoe is able to carry the wearer through everyday activities in nearly all types of weather. It should be noted that rubber soles will get very slippery on ice, so it’s obviously smart to put these aside during heavy winter weather and go for shoes that are more snowstorm appropriate.
Aside from being incredibly comfortable and supportive, reviewers also note that the Adidas X_PLR is very easy to move around in. Its sturdy rubber sole is still pliable enough to not be restrictive. The EVA midsole of the Adidas X_PLR bends and twists easily with the wearer’s movements without giving way, as does the Ortholite sock liner.

And the textile upper protects and cradles the foot without any kind of stiffness. This is aided even further by the addition of elastic lacing, which secures the foot in place while still allowing for a free and comfortable stride. Between all of these features, the Adidas X_PLR offers the wearer an amazingly natural range of motion throughout the day.
Online reviews don’t mention much about how stable the Adidas X_PLR is, especially when compared to other models, but its materials suggest that this level is about average.

The EVA foam midsole stabilizes every single step through shock absorption and energy transfer, and the Ortholite sock liner has very little compression and will still allow the Adidas X_PLR to maintain its overall shape.

The heel saddle and elastic lace system offer minimal stability by keeping the Adidas X_PLR secure and the heel in place. All this said those with pronated feet or similar conditions won’t find that this shoe has much to offer.
No online information is given about the Adidas X_PLR’s heel-to-toe drop. But based off of product photographs, the difference between its toe and heel height is quite obvious. It’s not enough to turn away those who prefer a natural stride, but it would definitely satisfy those who enjoy the extra heel cushioning.
Key Features
- Injected EVA Foam midsole
- Ortholite sock liner for additional support and comfort
- Breathable textile upper
- Supportive molded heel cage
- Affordable at around $85 across the board
- Elastic speed-lacing system
- Multiple color options available
- Similar to the NMD, but without the advanced features
Bottom Line
Reviewers aren’t wrong when they point out how much the Adidas X_PLR looks like the brand’s NMD models. And they definitely aren’t wrong when they note the Adidas X_PLR's lack of technologically advanced features. If they were looking for a sturdy design meant for heavy athletics, they’re bound to be disappointed.

But for those who want a simple athletic shoe that can also be used for work, basic play, or while out running errands, the Adidas X_PLR is the perfect option. It’s simple enough to pair well with many different looks, yet sturdy enough for a long run or successful gym session.

And at only $85, consumers would find the Adidas X_PLR to be a long-lasting staple that’s more than worth the money they paid.
Where to Buy
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