Adidas Marathon TR Reviewed & Rated

Released in 1979, the Adidas Marathon TR was one of the final creations of the brand’s founder, Adi Dassler. After being discontinued for decades, a re-issue of this exact model was released in 2018. For the most part, this re-release has been highly praised by Adidas fans. Not only does it stay faithful to the original design, but reviewers are extremely impressed with this shoe’s traction and level of comfort. However, compared to past models, they have noticed that the upper is not quite as durable as it once was. What’s arguably the biggest downside is that this shoe is only released in men’s sizes, just as it was decades earlier. Though many women can easily convert their shoe size to find a perfect fit for them, it still eliminates a huge group of people who would otherwise love this shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very well priced for a classic design
  • A lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Pairs well with a number of different outfits
  • Provides surprisingly good traction
  • Available in both classic and brand new colorways
  • Cons
    • Its upper lacks durability
    • Only available in men’s sizes
    • Key Features
      The Adidas Marathon TR’s black rubber outsole features a serrated design, which has a repeating pattern of the Adidas logo, is only made of simple materials. Yet reviewers were pleasantly surprised to learn that it also provides a surprising amount of grip. Rather than relying on advanced technology to keep the runner stabilized and supported, this outsole instead relies on its unique, original tread pattern to grasp any surface that the runner travels on. Though buyers do expect some advancements when brands re-release classic designs, they were thrilled to learn that this feature was kept.
      The original Marathon TR was designed with a Dellinger web midsole. The re-released model is made of EVA foam, giving this shoe a much-needed update. Consumers enjoy EVA foam for its excellent shock absorption and flexibility, both features that reviewers have noticed in the new Adidas Marathon TR. In addition, this new version also includes an Ortholite sock liner for added comfort, support, and breathability. Reviewers believe it’s this exact feature that makes the shoe so surprisingly comfortable.
      The Adidas Marathon TR’s stylish upper is what makes the shoe. Reviewers were thrilled to see that Adidas kept the shoe’s classic structure. It's pairing of suede and mesh materials provides the right amount of structure while still offering some breathability. The shoe also features a Ghillie lacing system which allows the runner to lace themselves up faster. Of course, the use of real suede does mean that this shoe isn’t meant for those who don’t wear animal products. Additional complaints from reviewers note that the upper on this model lacks durability.

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      There is no online information about how much the new Adidas Marathon TR model weighs. But despite its materials, which seem heavier than those used on newer Adidas shoes, many reviewers found the Adidas Marathon TR to be surprisingly lightweight. As a shoe that favors style and comfort over function, it has no added features or materials that could potentially weigh it down. As a result, it’s become an ideal lifestyle shoe for those who own it.
      Though Adidas Marathon TR does not have nearly as much ventilation as a shoe made of Primeknit material, does provide some room for airflow. The mesh panels on the shoe’s front and side allow for some breathable comfort as the runner moves. The Ortholite sock liner is what carries the bulk of this feature. Not only does is allow for complete airflow, but it also pulls away sweat and rids the shoe of lingering humidity. But the sock liner alone is not nearly enough, however, as reviews suggest that breathability isn’t exactly a stand-out feature. Thankfully, buyers looking for this quality in their footwear can find many different options within the Adidas brand.
      Reviewers who purchased the new Marathon TR were very impressed with its level of comfort. The shoe’s Ortholite sock liner provides the wearer with very cushiony support, and reviewers were very pleased with this new addition. Most buyers did note that this shoe runs true to size, making online shopping much easier. In addition, as this is only available in men’s size, women who can easily translate their shoe sizes into a men’s 5 through 13 will still be able to purchase these and wear them comfortably. When compared to the original model, however, buyers did point out that the Adidas Marathon TR suede material is not as plush.
      Upon its Adidas Marathon TR re-release, fans of the original Adidas Marathon were extremely happy to see that the brand kept this shoes classic design. Its unique jagged outsole, a perfect pairing of mesh and suede materials, and classic stripes and flat laces were all still present. Though there aren’t many color options available in this model, reviewers don’t seem to mind at all. For those you prefer neutrals, there is a white model and another featuring various shades of grey. To the delight of many reviewers, two of the original colorways were re-released: Royal Blue, arguably its most popular option, and Base Green. There is even a light grey model with blue stripes and red detailing. Due to its use of real suede, however, those who are conscious about animal-friendly materials should avoid this particular shoe.
      The shape of the Marathon TR’s outsole allows for the simple rubber material to stay durable over time. And while it’s EVA foam midsole does not have the lasting power as other Adidas-made materials, such as Boost technology, it still proves to be much longer lasting than it’s old Dellinger web model. The Ortholite sock liner is also quite sturdy, able to maintain its shape even after several machine washes. It's upper, on the other hand, is another matter. Several reviewers have noted that the shoe’s toe area and lacing eyelets fall apart over time and that its tongue becomes flimsy and curled the more they wear it.
      While the Adidas Marathon TR does not have many protective features, the few that it does have definitely stand out. It’s rubber outsole’s uniquely designed tread pattern provides a surprising grip that helps the runner avoid accidents. The EVA Foam midsole reduces the impact of each step, limiting the amount of joint and muscle pain the runner might feel. And the Ortholite sock liner not only gives extra cushioning but also helps to pull away sweat and reduce the amount of humidity felt within the shoe. This helps to prevent possible rashes and infections. The mesh and suede materials that make up most of this shoe can shield against the elements to an extent. But considering that several reviewers point out how quickly this model’s upper starts to come apart, it’s unlikely that this feature offers much protection in the long run.
      According to reviewers, the lower features of the Adidas Marathon TR are definitely more responsive. Its rubber outsole provides incredible traction and is able to adapt to whatever surface the wearer is traveling on, be it wet or dry. The EVA Foam midsole provides a terrific amount of shock absorption, and the Ortholite sock liner stays perfectly flexible and dries quickly in wet or humid conditions. It’s upper, on the other hand, does not prove to be quite as responsive. According to online reviews, it’s the shoe’s inability to adjust to the runner’s movements that cause its materials to degrade over a period of just a few months.
      The Marathon TR is quite limited when it comes to supporting features. Its simple yet sturdy rubber outsole serves as a protective base for the rest of the shoe. The EVA foam midsole provides a higher level of cushioning and shock absorption than that of the previous model. And it’s Ortholite sock liner further cushions the foot without being compressed. Yet, other than these features, reviewers don’t seem to take much notice in how much support this shoe gives their foot. For those in need extra cushioning, it should be mentioned that the Ortholite sock liner can be removed in place of a more supportive insole.
      Even though it’s clear that these shoes are not meant for outdoor sports, reviewers still point out that the Adidas Marathon TR is able to keep them going on many different terrains. Thanks to its serrated tread pattern, it offers a very unique grip that is able to adapt to most indoor and outdoor terrains. They’ve even noted that it performs superbly on both wet and dry surfaces. Due to it's flimsy upper, it is definitely considered more of a lifestyle shoe than proper athletic wear. When it comes to extreme sports, Adidas fans would be very smart to look for another footwear option.
      Considering that this shoe is a re-release, the Marathon TR is very well priced at just $110. This same price tag can be found on virtually any online retailer that carries this shoe, from the Adidas website to Amazon. That said, it’s best to take proper care of these shoes and not bring them out for heavy activities to ensure that they are worth the cost. Several reviewers have found out the hard way that over-usage, and the shoe’s subsequent lack of durability, made them question their purchase.
      Despite the fact that it is a lifestyle shoe, many reviewers have pointed out that the Marathon TR provides surprisingly great traction. Rather than relying on advanced materials, this outsole is constructed of simple rubber and molded into a very unique tread pattern. It’s serrated outsole, featuring a repeating pattern of the Adidas logo, provides a firm grip on many different outdoor surfaces. Buyers state that their movements felt completely secure on both wet and dry surfaces. Though some upgrades were included in this newer model, this was one selling point that stayed the same.
      The transition from Dellinger web to EVA foam gives the new Maraton TR some much-needed flexibility. Reviewers have noted that this version provides a much easier walk over longer periods. The same can be said for its Ortholite sock liner. There are, however, no reviews detailing just how flexible this shoe’s outsole is. Some reviewers claimed that these shoes started falling apart within two months, this can be blamed on the upper’s lack of flexibility. The combined mesh and suede upper has more resistance to it than a shoe made from Primeknit material. And because the shoe won’t give with the wearer’s movements, it begins to break down and fall apart over time.
      As the Marathon TR favors style and ease over everything else, it does not offer much when it comes to stability features. Its outsole does give the runner an easier stride through a number of everyday terrains. And it’s EVA foam midsole keep the foot cushioned in all of the areas where it would be most needed. It’s suede upper also provides some additional sturdiness, Although its Ghillie laces allow for fast lacing, some reviewers say that they have a tendency to come undone. There is no review or description, however, suggesting any relief for those with pronation of flat arches.
      There are no online measurements when it comes to the Marathon TR’s heel-to-toe drop. However, a glance through product photographs shows that there is a noticeable difference between the shoe’s toe and heel heights. Because most Adidas models have a drop measurement of 10 mm, and this particular drop seems similar to those within the brand, it can be concluded that this shoe has a drop at or around 10 mm as well.
      Key Features
      - Stays faithful to the classic design
      - Lightweight and comfortable fit
      - EVA Foam midsole to replace old Dellinger midsole
      - Ghillie laces for a faster lacing system
      - Ortholite sock liner for added cushion and support
      - Available in new and classic colorways
      - A reasonable price tag of $110
      Bottom Line
      Incredibly stylish and perfect for everyday wear, this re-release of the classic Adidas Marathons excited many of the brand’s loyal followers. With new supportive features, a super functional outsole, and some favorite colorways, most buyers were very happy to add this classic design to their shoe closet. But it wasn’t without its critics, however, as several noticed it’s mesh and suede materials fell apart over time. Furthermore, many believe that Adidas made an enormous mistake when they chose not to release women’s sizes of these popular running shoes. They left out a huge market that would have otherwise found the Adidas Marathon TR to be their perfect everyday shoe.
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