Apple Watch Series 2

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world, and their personal devices have revolutionized the tech world. From the first iPod to their various series of iPhones to the Apple Watch, this company has been the vanguard for personal devices in the 21st century. Their Apple Watch Series 1 came out to great acclaim and instant success on the market, and with the Series 2, Apple has again upped their game by including a fast and highly accurate GPS system and by making the latest edition waterproof up to 50 meters.

Besides these upgrades, the Series 2 has also blended all of the features of a smartwatch with a fitness tracker, making it a dual threat in an increasingly crowded field. With the new WatchOS 3 system, which comes pre-installed in the Series 2, constant connection to Siri, a brighter display. There are a number of apps on which you can connect your recordings for an advanced readout and analytics of your routine. This watch blends the best of both smartwatches and fitness trackers as a constant workout and wrist companion.

For workouts, the number of useful data collection points--including pace, time, heart rate, and distance--are recorded over a variety of activities, from indoor and outdoor walks and runs, treadmill, and stair stepper. But the Series 2 also records a variety of workouts, from swimming to basketball to strength training and more. With a partnership with Nike and some major upgrades from the Series 1 watch, the Apple Watch Series 2 has the runner in mind and want this watch to be the next go-to smartwatch and fitness tracker runners choose. Based on its excellent accuracy, easy-to-use menu, and great amount of options and app integration, it just may be.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • WatchOS 3 is a faster upgrade from the Series 1
  • Its onboard GPS is highly accurate
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters of water
  • Brighter display that makes it easy to read
  • Works with both Apple apps and third-party apps
  • Cons
    • GPS tends to drain the battery quickly
    • Requires an iPhone 5 and up
    • Key Features
      The Series 2 watch has built-in programs to record a variety of workouts, including running, cycling, walking, and swimming. In addition, it functions as an activity watch that will record the data from a number of other exercise routines, from rower, stair stepper, and treadmills to activities such as soccer and basketball. With the ability to change your metrics, the Series 2 is highly adaptable to your specific workout goals.
      Basic Features
      Each activity and workout can be set to particular goals, whether it be time-, calorie-, or distance-based. In addition, the Series 2 can also just record your activity in a number of metrics for later review. Once you choose your desired goal, the watch counts you down to begin the exercise. After a few sessions, the watch will adapt and offer your most common workout routines more quickly from the list.
      Your workouts are saved on a timeline of that day and sync automatically to the Activity app on your iPhone. From there, you will be able to get an overview of the day’s activities to show such metrics as your total movement, the amount of time you’ve exercised, total distance traveled, workouts completed, and steps taken. In addition, each workout is broken down by calories burned, total time, average heart rate, and distance. There are even further metrics that are available, such as weather conditions during the workout, average pace, and a map of the route you took during the exercise.
      Advanced Features
      With its built-in GPS system that begins to automatically work on its own once the watch is out of range from its paired iPhone, this highly accurate system uses what Apple has termed “assisted GPS” that uses a combination of WiFi, GPS, and locally stored satellite data to identify your location even in areas where connectivity isn’t ideal. In conjunction with its accelerometer, the GPS tracks distance and pace to great accuracy. When this data is uploaded to the Workout app, highly detailed metrics are available that include pace and elevation along with a recorded map of your route (unfortunately, this feature is not available on the watch itself). But when the map is pulled up on the Workout app, the route is so accurately rendered that it includes color-coded speed indicators throughout the route.
      Besides this, the Series 2 is also waterproof up to 50 meters in both salt and fresh water. But this watch also has a nifty new feature that allows the wearer to actually push any water out that’s gotten into the watch through its speaker.
      Thanks to its “assisted GPS” and number of sensors inside, the Series 2 is highly accurate when recording distance, pace, and mapping routes. Distance calculations are within .1 miles of actual distance, even on treadmills.
      The Series 2 uses both WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to devices and receive and send data. Unlike many fitness watches, however, the Apple Watch Series 2 is only compatible with iPhones and require one to unlock its full capabilities. Also, it must be an iPhone 5 and up with iOS 10 or later.
      Apple loves their proprietary apps, and for the Series 2, there are a number of apps that work with it. The two main apps within the watch itself are the Activity app and the Workout app. The Activity app is the main fitness tracking app, which provides the user with three goals: Move, Exercise, and Stand. Each goal is represented by different colored rings to track your progress. In addition, 19 preloaded “Achievements” are available as preset exercise goals for you to achieve, and they are quite challenging.
      The Workout app is the one that runners will find most useful: Before starting a run, the Series 2 will ask you to set your goal: number of calories burned, distance, time, and a number of other options. Keeping track of pace, distance, and time is also available during a run. While there are preloaded metrics, the user can also set their own personal metrics, as well.
      But there are also a host of other third-party apps, available through your iPhone and work in conjunction with HealthKit, including RunKeeper, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Under Armour’s Record, Nike, and Strava.
      The Apple Watch Series 2 is a relatively comfortable smartwatch on your wrist. In many ways similar in design to the Series 1, the watch comes with an adjustable sports band that secures the watch firmly in place. Weighing in at 1.3 pounds, it may be a slightly heavier workout watch than some runners are used to, but with the amount of tech inside of the watch, a higher weight should be expected.
      Apple has always been a fashion-forward company with their products, preferring minimalist design without extraneous features that take away from the elegance of their product. The Series 2 is no different in this respect: with a sleek sports band and large touchscreen face with only a few buttons on the side, it’s reminiscent of a futuristic Dick Tracy wristwatch that largely operates the same. As always, Apple is one step ahead in providing tomorrow’s aesthetic today.
      waterproof up to 50 meters and with built-in water lock and water expulsion features, the Series 2 is certainly more durable than the Series 1. Along with this, its design is meant to take the jostles and bumps that occur during any physical activity without losing functionality, and its Ion-X scratch-resistant face means visibility won’t be impaired if you accidentally scrape it against the side of a wall or on some asphalt.
      With a 1.5-inch display covered in scratch-resistant Ion-X glass, the Series 2’s major upgrade from the original is its OLED Retina display, which is much brighter than the original and can easily be seen even in the glaring midday sun. Using Force Touch technology, this a touchscreen device that’s easily navigated with just a few taps and swipes. a wall or asphalt.
      While the default band for the Series 2 is a flexible sports band, there are a number of replacement bands available: nylon, stainless steel, leather, and woven bands are available, as well. With more band options than most fitness watches, the Series 2 aims to provide the user with a number of options to find the right comfort they need during their workout.
      The standard band that comes with the Series 2 is 42mm and will fit 140 to 210mm wrists easily. However, there are also a number of other bands that can be purchased separately in case this band is too large or small for the wearer. It has a 1.5-inch display and weighs 1.3 pounds total.
      Ease of Use
      In keeping with Apple’s user-friendly WYSIWYG philosophy, the Series 2 is an incredibly easy-to-use watch. Since many of its components are automated, the user simply has to pick their workout and start moving--the watch will do the rest, including syncing your data automatically with the apps on your iPhone. Just a few taps and swipes and you’re good to go!
      Power Sources
      The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with two different power cables: one is a standard magnetic charging cable that plugs into the wall while the other is a USB power adapter.
      While not the cheapest fitness tracker on the market, this is also not just a fitness tracker but a complete smartwatch. As such, its capabilities are far more versatile than many other fitness trackers on the market. That said, it’s slightly above average price also makes this a worthwhile investment for any fitness enthusiast also looking for a smartwatch.
      Apple loves making accessories for its products and the Series 2 is no different. Besides the numerous band options available, a watch charging station, docking station, a variety of screen protectors and watch cases, and protective bumpers are available.
      Key Features
      - Compatible with a number of other third-party workout apps
      - Highly accurate GPS that records pace, distance, and maps out the route
      - Easy-to-navigate menus and colorful touchscreen
      - A highly versatile smartwatch with a healthy fitness monitor system
      - Waterproof for up to 50 meters with a built-in water expulsion system
      Bottom Line
      Apple is known for its great, user-friendly products and the Apple Watch Series 2 is no different. Besides featuring major upgrades from the first series, the Series 2 is also more fitness-minded. With a number of built-in workout options besides just running, this highly accurate fitness tracker will record your activities and--in conjunction with synced apps on your iPhone--will give you a complete picture of your workout regimen, from distance to calories burned to pace to mapping out your route. Although only compatible with iPhone 5 and up and iOS 10 and later, which will dissuade Android users from the purchase, for the dedicated Apple user the Series 2 is a massive upgrade from the first series and one runners and exercise enthusiasts alike will find a major aid in their workout routine.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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