Asics Dynaflyte 3

When Asics released their Dynaflyte 2 model, runners were extremely impressed with the improvements that were made. So impressed, actually, that they were a bit worried about any changes that would happen to its successor. It was already a very lightweight and comfortable running shoe, and reviewers loved its vibrant color options. Thankfully, the Dynaflyte 3 has kept all of the features that were so well-loved. Its AHAR outsole is just as durable and protective against rough surfaces, and its Adapt Mesh upper has the exact same design as well as the same form-fitting comfort. One notable improvement is the use of Flytefoam Lyte for the midsole, instead of regular Flytefoam. This gives the runner an added bounce and even more energy for long-distance runs. As an added bonus, its new colorways are as bold and vibrant as they were before.

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Pros & Cons

-Generally fits true to size

-Bouncy underfoot cushioning

-Highly durable wear

-Lightweight feel

-Eye-catching colorways


-Colorways may be too vibrant for some

-Underfoot cushioning might be too plush

Key Features
The majority of the Dynaflyte 3’s outsole unit is comprised of the brand’s trademarked AHAR material. Highly resistant to extended use on rough concrete and cement, it serves as a protective shield against wear and tear for the rest of the shoe. It, therefore, enhances the overall durability of this particular model. In addition, deep flex grooves are also carved in along the forefoot and heel to allow a more pliable wear.
Both iterations of the Dynaflyte model have featured a Flytefoam midsole. However, this third version changes things up with the Flytefoam Lyte, Asics’ lightest technology available. Made from environmentally-friendly components, it runs the entire length of the foot to provide as much bouncy cushioning as possible. Enhancing this is the brand’s signature Gel cushioning, fixed into the back for greater impact protection. Though this is not marketed as a corrective shoe, two different features are still present to encourage a more natural gait cycle. The first is a Guidance Line, a deep groove running from the forefoot to the heel. The second is the Impact Guidance System, or I.G.S, which is set into the design of the cushioning system. A SPEVAfoam 45 lasting is also set between the midsole and outsole for more enhanced comfort and protection. Finally, an Ortholite X-40 sockliner enhances responsiveness while managing the moisture levels within the foot chamber.
The Dynaflyte 3 keeps the same general upper design that was featured in the second version, with some minor tweaks. The return of the brand’s Adapt Mesh upper was especially pleasing to many online reviewers. This breathable material provides a form-fitting wear that not only adapts to the runner's movement but also to the natural swelling that occurs during runs, further reducing the risk of blisters or irritations. Supportive overlays, which form Asics’ signature striped design, can be seen underneath the mesh. A smaller heel clip is placed at the back for added structure and stability, and a traditional lacing system is outfitted with discrete eyelets and flat laces.
With men's sizes averaging at just over 9 ounces and women's coming in at 7.5 ounces, the Dynaflyte 3's lightweight wear is easily one of its best-reviewed features. Reviewers were quick to point out that it was the perfect weight for everyday usage, whether they were at the gym or in various casual settings. And knowing that this shoe includes corrective features and is made from highly durable materials makes this quality even more outstanding.
Aside from being adaptive and comfortable, the Dynaflyte 3’s upper also proves to be extremely breathable. Outfitted with multiple air holes all along the forefoot and sides, it allows complete ventilation where it’s needed most. Enhancing this even further is the Ortholite X-40 Sockliner, which permits breathability underneath the foot and draws in moisture to reduce any build-up of bacteria within the foot chamber. This then results in less foot odor by the end of the day, as well as a smaller chance of foot irritations.
Reviewers across all platforms can’t seem to stop raving about how comfortable the Dynaflyte 3 is. Though its Flytefoam Lyte midsole is already soft and bouncy on its own, the inclusion of the Ortholite X-40 Sockliner enhances the runner’s underfoot cushioning with its plush feel and moisture-wicking properties. The use of Adapt Mesh gives the upper a form-fitting, sock-like wear that accommodates the foot’s movements and adjusts to any swelling that may take place. Not only do runners feel completely cushioned and supported throughout the day, but they also notice that they have no blisters or infections caused by a bad fit or excessive sweating.
The Dynaflyte 3 keeps many of the same design elements as its most recent predecessor, such as the blended mesh upper and gradient midsole. However, the heel clip at the back of this model blends in more with the assigned color scheme. It is also outfitted with stripes in the same contrasting color found on the midsole. The lacing system’s discrete eyelets and flattened laces have also returned for this version. Reviewers are thrilled with the new and vibrant colorways that are offered to them. These include black/red, blue/white/red, and deep aqua/yellow/coral. Of course, black and grey options are still available for those who prefer more neutral footwear.
Though its design appears simple, the Dynaflyte 3 was actually engineered to be quite a durable running shoe. The AHAR that covers most of its outsole was created by Asics to withstand even everyday usage on rough concrete and cement surfaces. Despite its incredibly lightweight design, the Flytefoam Lyte midsole still proves to be several times more resistant to wear and tear than standard EVA foam. And the adaptive nature of this shoe’s mesh upper prevents the early degradation seen in a number of casual running shoes on the market.
By using highly durable AHAR for the outsole, the rest of the Dynaflyte 3 is pretty much guaranteed protection against any wear and tear caused by rough surfaces. Still, the inclusion of a SPEVAfoam 45 lasting does give runners the added confidence that their shoe will last for a long time. An Impact Guidance System and Guidance Line technology work together within the midsole to ensure a completely smooth gait cycle, preventing the risk of injuries and accidents. The use of Adapt Mesh for the upper also proves to be a wise choice, as its breathable nature all but eliminates possible infections. Furthermore, the material’s form-fitting yet adaptive nature means that there are no blisters or irritations by the end of the day.
Across multiple online platforms, reviewers have pointed out how much more responsive the Dynaflyte 3 is than either one of its predecessors. The use of Flytefoam Lyte has resulted in not only greater softness but also a much bouncier stride. Those who run long distances say that they feel more powered up to keep going for longer. And its level of shock absorption reduces the amount of pain and fatigue that would otherwise be experienced after these runs.
Despite its lighter weight and bouncier wear, the Dynaflyte 3 still proves to be a very supportive running shoe. Since it is a long-distance running shoe, its Flytefoam Lyte midsole has to offer a great deal of cushiony support. It does get some substantial help from the Gel cushioning system placed at the back, which lessens the impact on the heel during the landing phase. The Impact Guidance System and Guidance Line technology also benefit this quality by ensuring a smooth and balanced gait cycle. And though many wouldn’t consider a mesh upper to be all that supportive, at least initially, that’s exactly what the Adapt Mesh upper is. It fits completely around the foot, almost like a sock, and keeps it set into place as it follows its every movement. Of course, the inclusion of some subtle overlays and a heel clip at the back also help.
As with its predecessors, the Dynaflyte 3 is intended for all types of road surfaces. The Asics High Abrasion Rubber that makes up the outsole provides long-lasting durability against consistent use on concrete and cement. Runners have taken note of how much more lightweight yet secure they feel during their runs and are able to push themselves to run longer distances than they could with other models. Others claim that its lightness and lower drop make it fit for use during indoor exercises such as weight-lifting and treadmill running.
Across most online platforms, from Amazon to Asics' own website, the Dynaflyte 3 can be found for $130. This is around an average price for a high-quality running shoe and is especially reasonable when compared to some of Asics' other models. Though some buyers may find this price to be quite steep, it actually proves to be a surprisingly good bargain when they take note of its corrective features, versatile wear, and high level of durability. Of course, those who want a lower price can always find some reputable listings on Amazon and eBay.
The Dynaflyte 3 features the same tread pattern as the previous two models, therefore providing around the same level of traction. The only difference here is the lack of a Trusstic system, which would stabilize the foot and prevent accidental twisting. Still, reviewers have noticed no significant difference in how this shoe performs and still feel confident when running across the same road and dirt surfaces as they did before.
Several reviewers feel that the Dynaflyte 3 is more flexible than its predecessor. This is mainly due to the use of Flytefoam Lyte, Asics’ most lightweight technology, for the midsole. And though highly durable AHAR constructs the outsole, the inclusion of multiple flex grooves ensures natural and unrestricted movement. Of course, this quality wouldn’t be as pronounced if it wasn’t for the Adapt Mesh upper. Its form-fitting wear keeps the entire foot supported as it completely bends and shifts along with its every movement.
As stated before, the Dynaflyte 3 is not intended for correcting any form of pronation. However, certain features are put in place to ensure a smooth and stable wear. An Impact Guidance System, or I.G.S., is built into the cushioning to ensure a completely natural gait cycle. Aiding this is the Guidance Line, running from the heel all the way up to the forefoot, which works to balance out the foot as it moves. One significant difference here is the lack of a Trusstic system, which would keep the foot from twisting. Despite this, reviewers have noticed no major difference and actually say that their movements are more comfortable without it.
The Dynaflyte's heel-to-toe drop height is 8mm for both men's and women's sizes. This is slightly below the average drop height of a running shoe, allowing a more natural stride while still providing the runner with a decent amount of heel cushioning. It should be noted that men's and women's sizes have a one-millimeter difference in platform height. Despite this, both sizes still prove to offer the same general amount of cushioning.
Key Features
-Durable AHAR outsole with flex grooves
-Flytefoam Lyte outsole with Gel cushioning unit
-Guidance Line and Impact Guidance System
-Adapt Mesh upper for support and airflow
-Ortholite X-40 Sockliner for moisture control
-Available in both vibrant and neutral colorways
-8mm heel-to-toe drop
-Fits true to size
Bottom Line
Those who were fans of the updates made to the Dynaflyte 2 model are sure to be very satisfied with its immediate predecessor. Much of the same design elements still remain, such as the tread pattern and its minimalistic upper. The replacement of its Flytefoam midsole with Flytefoam Lyte gives the runner a bouncier wear and greater ease of movement. Two stabilizing features encourage a natural gait cycle without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. And its vibrant color options are enough to make even the most casual runner excited for a daytime jog. When looking at the overall package, it's no real wonder why the Asics Dynaflyte 3 has received such positive reviews across all online platforms.
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By Jessica Pilla
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