Asics Dynamis

The Asics Dynamis is a lightweight neutral-stability road running shoe. It was designed for durability and speed and can be used by both neutral runners and over-pronators. It uses FlyteFoam- a soft, low-density foam that adds lightweight responsiveness. The Guidance Line Technology has a vertical flex groove that improves the wearer's gait and helps create smooth transitions. The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner has great energy return, helps keep moisture out, and allows air to circulate around the foot. The sockliner can also be removed and replaced with a medical orthotic. The Mono-Sock Fit System replaces the tongue with an internal sleeve and feels like a sock.

The Spevafoam 45 Lasting provides a nice, soft platform and a comfortable fit. The Trusstic System Technology keeps the sole lightweight while maintaining structure and pushing the foot forward. AHAR+ rubber is placed in critical areas around the outsole for better durability. The BOA Fit System creates a precise fit that can be instantly released. When tightened, it activates DynaPanel to stabilize the inside midfoot area around the arch and DynaTruss for support without needing a post. The shoe's seamless construction creates a smooth fit without risking friction and irritation. If you are a neutral runner or over-pronator looking for a daily running shoe with good cushioning and stability, read on to see if the Asics Dynamis is right for you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Good breathability
  • Good stability
  • Lightweight
  • Great energy return
  • Durable
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Cons
    • Loose fit on heel
    • Slightly expensive
    • Thin laces put pressure on foot
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of AHAR+ and blown rubber. ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, or AHAR+, is placed around the outer edge of the shoe for better durability in those critical areas. The shoe is covered with blown rubber treads that have a good grip on roads and offer a little bit of energy return. There are also grooves between the treads for flexibility. The main flex groove that runs vertically from the heel to the forefoot is a Guidance Line that helps improve gait and transitions. Inside the rubber in the center of the shoe is a plastic Trusstic System shank that helps push the foot forward, maintains structure, and keeps the weight low.
      The midsole uses FlyteFoam and a Ortholite X-40 Sockliner. Flytefoam is a lightweight, soft, low-density foam that absorbs shock and then bounces the foot back into the air. The Orotholite X-40 Sockliner returns energy, helps wick moisture and keep the foot dry, and allows ventilation around the foot. The sockliner can be removed and replaced with a medical orthotic for anyone who needs additional support. The midsole also has good durability and flexibility, and the drop helps add stability and energy return.
      The upper is made of synthetic material and fabric. The materials are woven together to create mesh-like ventilation holes for breathability. The construction is seamless so that the risk of irritation and friction is reduced. The Spevafoam 45 Lasting adds a soft platform at the bottom and a comfortable fit around the foot. At the top of the lacing system on the outside is a BOA Fit System that can be used to instantly release the laces or create a precise fit. When the laces are pulled in, DynaPanel is activated on the inside midfoot to add stability to the arch and surrounding area, and DynaTruss adds support without needing an uncomfortable post. There is also an internal sleeve instead of a tongue, called a Mono-Sock Fit System, that adds more comfort and feels like a sock. There is also a loop there to help adjust the fit of the shoe and put it on more easily. The toe cap helps prevent stubbing and bruising, the collar and heel are padded for comfort and support, and the heel counter adds durability to the back of the shoe and stabilizes the rearfoot to prevent sliding.
      The men's shoe weighs 9.5 oz and the women's shoe weighs 7.9 oz. One of the designer's goals was for the shoe to be lightweight and they achieved their goal by using lightweight components. The outsole uses the harder and heavier AHAR+ rubber only in key areas to keep its weight low, and the Trusstic System is very light. Both Flytefoam and the Orotholite X-40 Sockliner are lightweight. The upper uses a woven, seamless construction that keeps the weight of the material low. The BOA Fit System does not add much weight at all. DynaPanel and DynaTruss add a little bit of stability and support weight. The Mono-Sock Fit System is very light.
      The Dynamis has good breathability. The synthetic and fabric in the upper are woven together and have mesh-like holes that allow air to travel in and out of the shoe. The upper also uses a seamless construction to reduce the risk of irritation. The removable Orotholite X-40 Sockliner in the midsole helps wick moisture and allows air to move around the foot. These features work to keep the foot dry and cool, even on long runs or hot days.
      The Asics Dynamis is very comfortable. The fit is true to size and the width is medium, which is comfortable for most people. The BOA Fit System creates a precision fit and can tighten or loosen the DynaPanel and DynaTruss, which can be good for people with wider or narrow feet to adjust the fit accordingly. Some testers noted that the thin laces can put pressure on the foot during a tight fit, and the heel may have a loose fit for people with narrow heels. The most comfortable part of the shoe according to reviewers is the midsole cushioning. FlightFoam helps cushion landings and the Orotholite X-40 Sockliner provides custom-fitting cushioning, especially in the forefoot. The sockliner can be removed to add an insole or medical orthotic for additional comfort. The Spevafoam 45 Lasting in the upper surrounds the foot with a soft, comfortable fit. The heel and collar are padded. An internal sleeve called a Mono-Sock Fit System replaces the tongue to prevent sliding and creates a comfortable, sock-like fit.
      The men's shoe comes in Mid Grey/Carbon/White and Carbon/Black/White. The women's shoe comes in Mid Grey/Glacier Grey/White and Carbon/Black/White. The fabric is woven together to allow breathability. The outside midfoot has the ASICS logo. The inside midfoot has DynaPanel and DynaTruss pieces that are connected to the lacing system. The lacing system has a dial at the top on the outside of the shoe and thin laces for a precision fit. There is a tab where a tongue would normally be on the outside of the internal sleeve that makes it easier to put the shoe on and take it off.
      The Dynamis has good durability. The outsole uses AHAR+ rubber in high impact, critical areas for durability and testers reported very little wear in the tread pattern after around 100 miles. The midsole does a good job of maintaining its shape so it can absorb shock and return energy back to the wearer, with the Orotholite X-40 Sockliner improving durability with its moisture and ventilation properties. Although the stack height is lower than some shoes, the sole unit still gets good durability. The upper uses woven material that is less likely to wear out quickly from the toes compared to mesh. The BOA Fit System has good durability, even with the thin laces, and the DynaPanel, DynaTruss, Mono-Sock Fit System, and Spevafoam 45 Lasting are all durable. The heel counter and toe cap improve durability in the back and front of the shoe, and the loop improves durability while putting the shoe on and taking it off.
      This shoe has good protection. Although the sole unit is thinner than other shoes, it still does a good job of protecting from bruising caused by stepping on objects in the road. The midsole uses FlyteFoam to absorb shock, and the Orotholite X-40 Sockliner helps protect against moisture and overheating. The upper uses a seamless construction to prevent irritation and blisters and the breathability helps prevent hot spots. The toe cap protects against bruising, the heel counter protects against sliding, and the DynaPanel protects against rolling and over-pronating. The Mono-Sock Fit System also protects against irritation.
      The Asics Dynamis has great energy return and good ground feel. The outsole has grooves and a Guidance Line for smooth transitions and a Trusstic System to help push the foot forward. The midsole's Flytefoam springs the foot back into the air, making toe offs nearly effortless. The drop also bounces the foot forward. The upper is stable and supportive enough to run comfortably but not so much that it prevents natural movement and takes away from the energy return.
      The Dynamis has a supportive fit designed for normal arches, low arches, or flat feet. FlyteFoam and the Ortholyte X-40 Sockliner add some support around the bottom of the foot and the arches. The sockliner can be removed for a medical orthotic or gel insole for additional support. The Spevafoam 45 Lasting adds support to the bottom and around the foot. DynaTruss adds additional arch support when the BOA Fit System is adjusted for a snug fit. The heel and tongue are padded for even more support.
      This is a road running shoe. The outsole uses treads and grooves that do well going over hard surfaces such as paths, tracks, gym floors, paved or dirt roads, and gravel. The sole unit is too thin to be comfortable going over technical terrain, although light trails are fine. It does not have lugs for going on slippery terrain.
      The Asics Dynamis is a slightly expensive shoe, costing around 1.5 times as much as an average running shoe. People are willing to pay a little extra because it is both a neutral and stability shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, and has great support, energy return, a precision fit, and can accommodate a medical orthotic. Some people did not like the BOA Fit System or the thin laces. This relatively new shoe currently sells for full price, although some stores offer a small discount of 6% off.
      The Dynamis gets great traction on roads and hard surfaces, thanks to its AHAR+ and blown rubber treads. The grip helps stabilize landings, which allow the wearer to pick up speed without worrying about slipping, even when going up or down hills. It does not have a good grip on mud or ice.
      This shoe has good flexibility to allow natural movement. The outsole has treads and a Guidance Line that allow it to bend in order to create smooth transitions. The midsole foam bends with the foot and supports around the shape of the foot. The upper is stable enough to slow over-pronation but flexible enough to allow the toes to splay and push off and the foot to take off and land.
      The Asics Dynamis has good stability, as it is categorized as a neutral-stability shoe. The outsole stabilizes landings, and the Trusstic System maintains structure. The midsole's lower than standard drop helps add stability to landings. The upper has a heel counter to stabilize the heel and the DynaPanel for midfoot stability that slows over-pronation.
      The men's shoe has a heel height of 20mm and a forefoot height of 12mm. The women's shoe has a heel height of 19mm and a forefoot height of 11mm. Both shoes have a drop of 8mm. This slightly lower than standard drop adds some stability, still bounces the foot forward, and distributes cushioning more evenly throughout the shoe than a standard drop.
      Key Features
      • FlyteFoam

      • AHAR+ (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) outsole

      • Guidance Line Technology

      • Ortholite X-40 Sockliner

      • Removable sockliner

      • Spevafoam 45 Lasting

      • Trusstic System Technology

      • BOA Fit System

      • Seamless construction

      • Mono-Sock Fit System
      Bottom Line
      The Asics Dynamis is a great shoe for neutral runners or over-pronators who need stability, support, and cushioning. It is very comfortable, with some reviewers stating it was the best shoe they had ever worn. It can accommodate a medical orthotic for those who need it due to foot pain or being prone to injury. It can be worn by runners with normal arches, low arches, or flat feet. It has a nice look to it that is well liked by most people, although a few did not like the lacing system. It is lightweight, breathable, and has good energy return. It is slightly expensive and a few people experienced discomfort due to the thin laces. Overall, it is a good shoe that is comfortable and can be worn by many different foot profiles on daily runs.
      Where to Buy
      By Stephanie Potter
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      Where to buy
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