Asics Gel Evate 3 Reviewed & Fully Compared

The Asics Gel Evate 3 is more than a shoe with a catchy name. It’s a piece of footwear that’s armed with an arsenal of comfort and support features that are meant for runners with a neutral pattern as well as for those who may need extra help with correcting their mechanics. Its plush cushioning and breathable mesh upper is guaranteed to spoil any runner’s feet with what’s safe to call a luxurious running experience. This shoe provides a level of comfort that is hard to come by with some of its competitors. In essence, the Asics Gel Evate 3 clumps together several technologies that work individually and together to create a shoe that’s sophisticated and reliable for your long runs and daily training.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Cushioning & Comfort
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Forefoot & rear foot gel cushion system
  • Style 
  • Cons
    • Price
    • Heavy and bulky
    • High drop offset
    • Key Features
      AHAR, or Asics High Abrasion Rubber, is the brand’s special form of carbon rubber that can be found on many of their shoe’s outsoles, including the Asics Gel Evate 3. This material is emphasized in certain sections of the shoe for added durability. AHAR outsoles also work as a protective shield for the midsole unit. Asics goes the extra mile by offering extra cushion and protection on the forefoot through the use of Durasponge Outsole technology.
      Asics has several midsole technologies but for this shoe they have incorporated a FluidRide midsole system. FluidRide midsole provides cushion and responsiveness into a single platform. It’s also lighter in weight than a standard midsole unit and it has long durability.

      Asics’ legendary gel technology can also be found located within the midsole. Gel inserts are placed on the side of the midsole unit. Gel inserts offer additional cushioning that targets specific areas and it also helps to lessen the pressure from the impact. Moreover, Asics Gel technology also helps through the entire gait cycle, offering a more seamless transition between takeoffs and toe offs.
      A lot of brands are making use of stitch-less overlays on the upper units of their shoes. Asics, however, has come back to the traditional method of stitched overlays. Stitching actually lengthens the durability of the upper as it provides a stronger fabric to hold the entire structure of the shoe together. The mesh material includes small perforations to provide the shoe’s breathability aspects. The stitched overlay system works together with the lacing system in that the entire upper unit conforms to the level of tightness with the laces.

      The upper also contains Asics’ ComforDry Sock Liner which is an interior sanitary and comfort feature.
      The Asics Gel Evate 3 tips the scales at about 11.5 ounces for the men’s shoe and 9.5 ounces for the women’s version. While the shoe does incorporate many technologies, many of which are superbly beneficial to runners, extra components on a shoe will undoubtedly lead to extra weight and mass. For this reason, the Gel Evate 3 is not a wise choice for any runners who value speed and efficiency as the added weight can be a limitation.
      The upper contains small perforations that are layered throughout with a special focus on the front region of the shoe. The microscopic holes allow a steady stream of air to penetrate the interior. This creates a circulatory air flow system that works in conjunction with the shoe’s Comfo Dry Sock Liner, whereby the Sock Liner, as well as the interior fabric padding, work together to create an absorption system to capture any moisture.
      If we have to center a theme around this shoe then it’s certainly going to be around comfort, or at least it’s a toss-up between comfort and cushioning. Either way, this is one of the primary reasons why consumers are willing to shell out more money for this one than they would for any other running shoe. Not only does the Asics Gel Evate 3 incorporate a well-cushioned midsole platform, but it also adds cushion extensions by way of the Durasponge outsole in the front and the gel inserts. And of course, it has the high functioning breathability system in place that works together with the interior’s Comfo Dry sock liner.
      This version of the Gel Evate 3 encapsulates Asics’ classic aesthetic appeal. It utilizes a neatly built upper through the use of the stitched upper in order to provide overall uniformity. The gel inserts, other than functioning as a technological feature, also give this shoe a particular character. They resemble space-like pods that look like windows into the midsole’s interior.

      Color options are limited and they include 3 which are midnight/lightning/flash green, black/orange/silver, and lightning/white/red.
      AHAR material is uniquely designed to provide sustainable durability for the outsole and for this reason many of Asics’ outsoles are known for their longevity and reliability. In regards to the midsole, the 3rd installment of the Asics Gel Evate 3 has a more robust system in place to protect the midsole platform. Asics’ Trusstic System helps with the shoe’s durability in that it reduces the overall weight of the sole while at the same time maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity. As far as the upper, the implementation of a stitched overlays contributes to added durability by providing a more robust system of holding the fabric thread together.
      There is plenty of protection, especially for under-pronators who have a tendency to roll too far outward, whereas over-pronators tend to roll too far inward. Aside from support protection, we already know about the shoe’s generous amounts of cushioning which work to help with joint protection by softening the impact from landings. And as a sanitary feature, the breathable mesh upper works as a team with the shoe’s internal technologies like Comfo Dry sock liner to maintain a healthy and sanitary environment that your feet will appreciate. For low light conditions, Asics also adds reflective strips for visibility.
      Aside from its cushioned properties, the midsole retains a greater bounce back effect than a standard running shoe midsole. It helps that this midsole is constructed with lightweight materials in order to aid with overall mobility. A lightweight platform with bounce back effects creates a dynamic reciprocal relationship with the ground that generates consistent energy through each step of your run.
      As a high profile running shoe, the Gel Evate 3 offers support in every direction. It has a neutral arch support, and as mentioned, it’s mainly designed for under and neutral pronation. Visually, you’re able to tell how the shoe protects under pronators through the thicker outer edges of the outsole. Also, the midsole has a more robust outer edge as made evident through the gel inserts on the side. As an accessory to the other support features, Asics Guidance Line technology comes into use by maximizing gait efficiency through the use of vertical grooves on the outsole that maintains a runner’s body in proportion.
      The Gel Evate 3 is a road shoe with a very solid built. For this reason, it also works well on the light trail and over wet surfaces. The outsole’s grippy qualities make it suitable to tackle sturdier outdoor conditions than another typical road shoe. There are enough protection and support to keep you shielded from the elements.
      Many users have mentioned the price tag for this shoe as a major drawdown; however, their wishes for an affordable shoe may have come true. The Asics Gel Evate 3 has been out for a while, first having been released in November of 2009, so have been out in the market for several years, the price has been reduced and there is a varying range now — between the low $70s to the mid $100s. The price will depend on sizing and available color options.
      The Gel Evate 3 achieves its traction features through the AHAR material that is found on the outsole. Made from carbon rubber, this material is highly durable and is able to confine to a sticky grip quality over both wet and dry surfaces.
      Based on user reviews, there hasn’t been much mention of the shoe’s flexibility. Therefore this must be an indication that it’s probably not superb but also not terrible and falls somewhere in between. Generally speaking, a stitched upper results in less flexibility than a stitch-less upper which results in a less restrictive shoe. A stitch-less upper can actually be imprinted or be formed through other mechanisms that don’t necessitate the stitching of fabrics together.
      The Gel Evate 3 is a high stability shoe. It’s higher elevated from the ground and keeps you more supported and further from the ground, which is the complete opposite of a minimalist shoe. High stability shoes are good for those who require additional support and help with their running mechanics. On the other hand, for anyone who is used to their running shoes being more in tune with the ground, this would not make the best choice.
      The drop is 10 mm for the men’s version and 13 mm for the women’s. This measurement is toward the higher end of offset measurements and could be seen as a drawback for anyone looking to have more neutral landings. A greater offset results in the greater likelihood of heel striking — increasing the chance for injury. Fortunately, the Gel Evate 3 contains many protective features within the shoe that serve to protect against such issues.

      Key Features
      •FluidRide Midsole

      •Rearfoot & forefoot gel cushioning system

      •Guidance Line System

      •Trusstic System

      •AHAR Outsole

      •IGS: Impact Guidance System

      •ComfoDry Sock Liner

      •Durasponge Outsole
      Bottom Line
      It’s an interesting phenomenon in that the Asics Gel Evate 3 has not had an update in years. Users of the shoe laud it for its comfort and cushion features. In fact, this constitutes into an overall effective shoe that is designed for daily trainings and your occasional long runs.

      Asics wisely uses cutting edge technology to create something that is truly special. It addresses just about every issue that is essential to running: mechanics, comfort, breathability, cushioning, and protection to name a few.

      The Asics Gel Evate 3 not only meets expectations but it also exceeds them and thereby gives users an elegant running experience — and the term “elegance” is not one we often associate with physical activities. In this case, however, it only seems to be appropriate for the term to be applied. So, if you’re the type of runner that doesn’t mind having your running experienced pampered, then the Asics Gel Evate 3 might catch your eye.
      Where to Buy
      By Cesar Marin
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