Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 Fully Reviewed & Compared

The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 is the closest you can get to an all-in-one running shoe made for every runner with every ability.  It features an attractive style, innovates cushioning technology, protection through sturdy construction and more.  Compared to other running shoes on the market, it is right in the middle when it comes to weight and just about every other characteristic.  If you're looking for a little bit of everything in a running shoe this is a go-to purchase.  Rock them at the gym, on your runs, during a team practice or when you got out on a casual night. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Gel Cushioning System offers great shock absorption
  • High Abrasion Resistant (AHAR) gives extra protection
  • Wallet friendly
  • Breathable mesh
  • Cons
    • May fit ½ size larger for some runners
    • On the heavier side for running shoes
    • Not the most vibrant color choices
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 has an extremely sturdy and durable compound that allows runners to take on a variety of surfaces including roads, gravel, and track. AHAR carbon rubber gives this shoe its dependable characteristics of being able to withstand wear and tear. The arch support is neutral as well as the pronated makeup of its construction making it an ideal product for the everyday runner.
      Just like almost every other line of shoe Asics offers, the Zacara 4 features the patented SpEVA technology. It protects the midsole from breakdown and provides bounce-back characteristics for responsive rides. The midsole also offers incredible support with a moderately flexible arch that render smooth and comfortable rides.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 has a newly engineered upper which brings out the best of breathable and lightweight qualities. It has considerable fewer overlays for those who are simplistic in their taste of running shoes. Asics classic Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems encompass the shoe from heel to toe. Responsive returns are implied with every step as Asics has perfectly crafted a shock absorbing protective shoe.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4’s weigh in on the scale at 10.2 ounces for men and 7.4 ounces for women. Although their weight is a bit on the higher side when looking at the entire spectrum of running shoes, their durability and all around prowess make up for it. If you are looking for solid protection with a shoe then this product may fit your needs.
      A newly designed and upper mesh has given the Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 the extended breathability and capability. There are also significantly fewer overlays compared to other Asics models which give the upper more of a lightweight feel that also contributes to its breathability. They also improved the tongue of the shoe giving it more padding making it more ventilated than the previous model.
      As with most of Asics shoe lines, comfortability is always put at the forefront of their engineering. The mesh lining upper gives a snug and comfy feel throughout the shoe. The rearfoot gel cushioning technology also provides great feeling steps due to it’s ability to absorb shock impact. The sockliner was made for those looking for an extra layer of comfort. Don’t like the feeling of it? Asics made sure it was removable to suit everyone needs.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 has an exceptional style for their price. They offer up to five color choice and most of them have a darker scheme. If you are looking for a shoe that is going to catch a lot of people’s eyes with its vibrant color and design this probably isn’t the right product for you. On the other hand, if you want a quality shoe that is going to get the job done with a moderate design, these are it. Wear them with just about any outfit.
      SpEVA technology works very well to provide a long lasting durable shoe all around. The AHAR also gives this shoe structure and dependable characteristics so you can run with confidence. The upper even has durable advantages due to the newly designed synthetic mesh which enhances it’s light yet reliable coverage of your foot.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4’s seamless construction gives this shoe great protection for every runner. Its use of seamless materials reduces the probability of irritation and friction that can come about from traditional seams and stitches. Their quality traction allows the athlete to safely take on a wide variety of surfaces with trusted protection.

      Thanks to the Rearfoot and Forefoot gel cushioning systems reduce responsiveness is a key feature in the Zacara 4’s. It enables the runner to have a smooth transition from the step to step. Asics classic system also enhances shock impact and allows movement in several planes during the gait cycle. Each step will have a unique responsive allowing the athlete to fully enjoy every run.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 offers a good amount of support that every runner can trust. The breathable upper which is made of synthetic mesh gives an overall snug and supportive feeling on the top of the foot. Many users even notice that support is well-balanced and can especially feel it’s backing on the heel side of the shoe which can also protect the ankle on uneven surfaces.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4’s can take on a majority of road terrain without any problems. They will return optimal performance on gravel, pavement, grass or track surfaces. Take these shoes over miles and miles of road terrain and you will rarely face any discomfort or problems. The bottom of the shoe has a riveted black and white structure so each step will serve a purpose.
      This is a quality all-around shoe that has reliable features in just about every category. It doesn’t top the charts with anything in specific but for the cheap price, it will get the job done effectively. If you are a little tight on cash or just don’t prefer to spend a ton of money on running shoes this edition will not disappoint. The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4’s start from $56. Hard to beat that price with their features.
      The Guidance Line midsole technology gives this model very reliable traction on road surfaces. Although they are made for outdoor running any athlete can use these on indoor tracks or treadmills and get the same satisfactory result. Grip the ground and shake off debris as you take on the outdoors with the Zacara 4’s.
      Not many runners have noted much about its flexibility. Even by just looking at the shoe, a knowledgeable athlete can tell that these shoes have a structured supportive make-up. Although it is a bit heavy in weight and has sturdy characteristics they are still moderately flexible. They will not feel stiff after you break them in. If anything you will be satisfied with its protective and durable features.
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 was made for neutral pronation runners, therefore they can benefit just about anyone. The reinforced heel gives centers the structure and stability of the shoe promoting a protective snug feel during rides. The construction of this technology allows the midfoot to maximize structure and stability.
      The drop of both the men's and the women’s version of the Gel-Zaraca 4 is 10 millimeters. This is a moderate drop and actually just above average with many lines of Asics running shoes, as well as among other competing shoes in the market.
      Key Features
      •AHAR rubber compound for extra cushioning and durability

      •Rearfoot and Forefoot gel cushioning systems reduce shock impact

      •Comfortable mesh lining for breathable runs

      •Extra tongue padding for protection against irritation
      Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel-Zaraca 4 is a comprehensive shoe at an affordable price. If you're looking to get a little bit of everything with your running gear, you should definitely think about investing in the Zacara 4’s to add to your arsenal.

      They have classic Asics characteristics which provide the latest in reliable technology when it comes to comfort, protection, and durability. To add to this shoe’s already impressive resume, its relaxed style can go with a variety of workout and casual outfits. Starting at $56 find your color and size and trust Asics quality product!
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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