Asics Gel Lyte III

A comfy feel and a classic ‘90s-inspired design characterize the Asics Gel Lyte III. The fashion sneaker combines a lightweight feel with an athletic-inspired design. The Lyte is an excellent choice for runners who want to brighten up their wardrobe on their off days.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Attractive retro design
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Good value
  • Cons
    • Awkward split tongue design
    • Narrow sizing
    • Key Features
      The Lyte’s outsole is made of thick, durable rubber. Reviewers had no comments, positive or negative about the outsole’s performance or design.

      Besides the retro styling of the Lyte III, the GEL cushioning is the highlight. The comfortable midsole also features a triple density EVA foam for a bit of added firmness to counteract the soft feel of the GEL material. Reviewers felt good about wearing the Lyte all-day and appreciated its shock absorbing abilities.
      The design of the Lyte’s upper is quite unique. The shoe features an odd split-tongue design which is intended to help provide support and ensure a secure fit. What the tongue does best, however, is ensure an easy on/off process. The upper itself is made of a combination of Nubuck leather and mesh. Reviewers not only loved the retro design but enjoyed the shoe’s incredibly lightweight and breathable feel. A few reviewers mentioned sizing issues and found the shoe fairly narrow. The mesh material, though, does offer a bit of stretch. Many reviewers found the split-tongue design incredibly awkward. While it does make it easy to take the shoe off, the fit didn’t feel natural for a lot of wearers.
      We couldn’t locate a listed weight for the Asics Gel Lyte III, but reviewers did mention that they loved the lightweight feel of the shoe.
      A combination of mesh and Nubuck leather make up the upper and reviewers appreciated the airy mesh portions of the shoe. Users also noted that the mesh was stretchy, too, which helped with the fit.
      Reviewers found the Lyte III quite comfortable, mostly thanks to its GEL cushioned midsole. A few reviewers did find the narrowness of the shoe a problem, but otherwise, reviewers seemed happy wearing the Lyte all day.
      Inspired by the ‘90s, the Lyte III offers up a retro design scheme. A combination of Nubuck leather and mesh effortlessly matchup sport and classic aesthetics. The shoe is available in too many colorways to list from dual-toned versions to neutral styles. Reviewers loved the attractive design of the Lyte, and many chose to purchase multiple colorways.
      The thick rubber outsole is capable of withstanding everyday wear. The mesh upper is stretchy and accommodating but resilient thanks to the inclusion of Nubuck leather. The shoe’s Gel cushioning provides fresh impact protection over time thanks to its pairing with triple density foam.
      Mesh upper portions ensure wearers stay cool in the heat and a thick rubber outsole keeps the shoe’s bottom safe from overuse. Likewise, the Gel cushioning offers a comfortable shock absorbing platform.
      The Lyte’s Gel cushioning is paired with triple density EVA foam. The firmer foam balances out the softer GEL material for a ride that’s fairly responsive.
      The Lyte III offers decent support, though it’s not clear whether the split tongue design contributes at all. Reviewers seemed to agree that the split configuration felt awkward more than anything else and many added they would have preferred a regular tongue. Whether the split tongue has anything to do with it or not, the Lyte does provide a firm hold that feels fairly supportive.
      The casual wear sneaker is not intended for traversing rough terrain. Though the outsole is fairly thick, the Lyte III isn’t designed for hardcore athletic activities. Stick to walking the dog or going out with friends in this shoe. We’d hate to see it get dirty!
      The Lyte is offered at an incredibly attractive price point. Stock up on colorways and get a pair for each day of the week! The comfortable sneaker is definitely worth its price.
      The outsole’s thick construction makes it very durable but traction-wise, the sole appears fairly standard. Aggressive lugs are non-existent. The flat outsole will provide decent grip, though.
      Don’t expect anything spectacular in terms of flexibility. In fact, the newer version of the Gel Lyte offers a greater degree of flexibility than the III. This edition of the Lyte is stiffer and firmer underfoot.
      The split tongue may feel awkward to some, but it’s intended to provide a form-fitting feel. The snug fit ensures a stable overall ride. Again, stability isn’t over the top with the Lyte III, but the wearer will feel adequately secured inside the shoe.
      There is no information on drop height for the Asics Gel Lyte III.
      Key Features

        - GEL midsole cushioning
        - Triple density EVA foam midsole
        - Unique split tongue design
        - Nubuck leather and mesh upper
        - Thick rubber outsole

      Bottom Line
      Fashion-forward wearers will love the ‘90s-inspired design of the Gel Lyte. Combined with the comfortable, protective GEL cushioning, the shoe is perfect for all-day wear. Look good and feel good wearing the Asics brand shoe. Your feet will remain cool thanks to the resistant and breathable mesh and leather upper, and there are plenty of shoe colors to choose from. In fact, there are so many options it may take you a while to make a final choice. The good-looking shoe will go with nearly every outfit in your closet, though we’d avoid the Lyte for running, it’s simply not our top pick. We’d categorize this footwear option as more of a fashion sneaker.

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      By Steph Coelho
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