Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit

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Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit Review Facts

The Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit is a neutral road running shoe. It has two Gel Cushioning Systems in the rear and forefoot that cushion landings, absorb shock, and transfer energy from the heel to the toe. The Trusstic System Technology keeps the shoe light and helps push the foot forward. The synthetic and fabric upper uses a seamless construction to lower the risk of blisters and irritation. The outsole uses AHAR rubber for durability in high impact areas, and the midsole uses lightweight Solyte for durable cushioning. It also has an Ortholite Lasting that manages moisture and provides comfortable breathability, as well as an Ortholite X-40 and ComforDry Sockliner that wicks moisture, comfortably cushions the foot, and allows air to flow around the foot. The Heel Clutching System Technology supports and stabilizes the heel while also improving the fit. The Impact Guidance System (IGS) Technology encourages a natural gait and improves running form. Designed for neutral runners and under-pronators, it was awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance because it promotes good foot health. If you are looking for a daily running shoe with good cushioning, breathability and energy transfer, the Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit may be right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable after broken in
  • Can be worn without socks
  • Great breathability
  • Good cushioning and joint protection
  • Good grip on wet surfaces
  • Smooth transitions and powerful takeoffs
  • Nice look
  • Slightly heavy
  • A bit pricey
  • Needs break-in time
  • Narrow around midfoot
  • Runs small
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  • These were super soft and very comfortable, just like I have come to find the Gel line to be. They did hurt my feet a bit on the long runs. They are great for standing in and walking I think.
  • These are my work out shoes. I tried to wear them to work and the heel kills. IT isn't meant to use for long hours but they are great for the gym and my flat feet. I like the shoe but won’t buy again.
  • I like the new fabric, it keeps my foot secure in the shoe. They are very comfortable as well.
  • These Quantums are reliable and consistent in size and comfort so far. I won’t buy any other style. They are the most comfy I have ever had. They are great with orthotics and they toe box is right in the middle, not too big, not too little. They flex well and are really light and airy. I recommend thee to anyone that asks.
  • I wore my last ones out! I wish the toe area was a bit more sturdy, they always get a hole in them after a couple a months of normal wear. I do love the shoe though. The style and fit are a dream. The gel goes all over the sole so it cushions my foot just right.
  • Took about t week or so to get the tes to stretch out right. Other than that, the shoe is super comfortable and eventually mold to your foot. Love these shoes! They were way more comfortable than my Hokas.
  • The best Asics on the market. They are comfortable and cloud-like. They give me a little bounce to my step and I appreciate the colors they have. I puts some miles on these babies with no pain at all right out of the box. .
  • They seem a bit heavier than my old runners and run a bit narrow. However, the arch support is great, they have a lot of support, and they are very firm on the ground. I wasn't able to keep using them for long runs, as they give me pain in my heels. I need more heel cushion for my marathons. They are good for short treks.
  • These are a walking she and for everyday use. They are comfortable, just not the best. The toe box is a little lose for me. These are great but i prefer the Kayano 21s, I’ll probably go back to those.
  • After 4 back surgeries and a couple fusions, I need a really supportive shoe for standing at work. These are light and airy and super comfortable. I do not wear socks so the air is extra nice.
  • These ft melike all my other Asics fir, no change like I have been reading. I wish they had a bit more cushion to them. They are OK compared to the other Asics.
  • I love the 360’s and this is my 3rd pair. They smem to have less cushion that the other 2 I had. They are nice and comfortable and fit very well.
  • These fit perfect and really help the pain with my fasciitis. They were suggested online across the board as the best for this issue and they have not failed me yet.
  • One of my favorite pairs of all the Asics I own. They are cushioned moderately and have a great arch support. They are really nice looking and the design seems to change color depending on perspective. Pretty cool and comfortable shoe.
  • These have a great arch support and fit snug. They feel good and supportive on my heels and do not rub my ankles. Super comfortable and durable.
  • I bought these in 3 colors and I am in love. They work great at work and I have no later day pains. They are supportive and have a good grip to the, . They are light and really look nice.
  • These are a bit on the heavier side of running shoes. They have tons of support and work well with my long runs.
  • I walk on the outside of my feet and these shoes have straightened that right out. I do not have any knee pain and I notice a huge difference in my walking and running. Super great shoe.
  • This has all the support, stability and comfort I look for in a shoe. I was sad to realize that they do not last as long as I would like. They are a bit pricey to not be so durable.
  • I bought these online and saved a whole ton of money. This shoes fits my foot like it was made for it. They are very pillowy and took away all the knee pain I usually experience. Great shoe, my faves.
  • Asics is always comfortable. Took a alittle breaking nin and had hot feet a bit at first but that went away after a while. I have no pain and I run them daily over 5 miles on rocky and pavement terrain. They seem to be a bit on the heavier side though.
  • This is a different shoe than all the Asics I have used. It has a great neutral pronation make to it and the gel really absorbs impact well. These are a great upgrade to my previous Nimbus 2000.
  • I am on my second pair and I am so happy with these. They have mo break in time and are extremely comfortable from the first step.
  • The feel is great; I am a Asics fan, only wear them. The cushion and feet was great. However, the design and durability lack big time. These have very thin uppers and rip and wear very easy. Not good for the price.
  • I work in a dental office and only wear these there. They are already starting to wear out and tear in the toes after very little wear in 4 months I am extremely unhappy for the price.
  • I was just getting an upgrade but these were not like the old 360s. These are way too narrow and snug. They are not flexible either, so I do not see them breaking in. These are just too small and rigid, period.
  • Wish I would have tried it before I purchased. I have been using Asics for a while and these were sad. It is way too narrow and the gel is lacking too. These tortured my feet.
  • Look good but feet like torture devices. The gel is great as always but the top, OUCH! I tried 2 weeks to break them in and Nope. They left bruises and blisters on the tops. These are now dust collectors.
  • The last Noosas I had were great. These are not. They really hurt my feet. They specifically irritated my big toes; I need those, pretty important. Not what you would expect with such a high tag.
  • Too tight! My feet started going to sleep when I walked in these. The toe box had room, so sizing up wouldn't have made a difference I do not think. If you have a super narrow foot, than these might work.
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The outsole is made of AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber), known for its durability, grip, and traction. It has treads around the outside edge as well as in the middle of the forefoot area. Horizontal lines break up the heel, midfoot, and forefoot areas for better shock absorption. There are also flex grooves that allow the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle. The top of the outsole is the Trusstic System Technology, which reduces the weight of the sole and helps propel the foot forward.


The midsole has three layers: gel, Solyte, and the Sockliner. The bottom layer is the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System. The gel in the heel absorbs the shock and then transfers the energy to the forefoot gel in order to spring the foot back into the air. The middle layer is Solyte, a lightweight cushioning material that is used because of its durability. The top layer is the sockliner, which uses both Ortholite X-40 and ComforDry technology. This provides a comfortable and supportive layer of cushioning that allows air to flow through it and also helps wick moisture and keep the foot dry and cool. The midsole is also flexible so the foot can move naturally and pick up speed.


The upper uses durable fabric and synthetic material. The seamless construction helps prevent blisters and irritation. The Ortholite Lasting is very comfortable, allows air to travel in and out of the shoe, and manages moisture to keep the foot dry. The Impact Guidance System Technology helps improve form and encourages a natural gait. The Heel Clutching Technology System supports and stabilizes the heel, provides a nice fit, and helps prevent the shoe from accidentally slipping off. The tongue and collar are padded for comfort and a supportive fit, and the laces keep the foot locked down as well. There is also a toe cap for protection. The upper allows room for the toes to splay and is flexible enough to move around in while being stable enough to improve form.


The men's shoe weighs 12.6 oz (357 g) and the women's shoe weighs 10.5 oz (298 g). This is slightly heavy compared to other neutral road running shoes. The outsole uses AHAR rubber that is more durable but also heavier than blown rubber or EVA material. The Trusstic System Technology is lightweight and keeps the weight of the sole lower than it would have been if it was entirely AHAR. The midsole has some extra weight because of all its layers, although the gel, Solyte, and sockliner are lightweight by themselves. The upper uses fabric and synthetic material for durability, which makes it heavier than uppers that are all or mostly mesh. It also has some stabilizing forces that add extra weight: the Impact Guidance System and the Heel Clutching Technology System. The Ortholite Lasting, laces and padding are all lightweight.


This shoe has good breathability thanks to its midsole and upper. The midsole has an Ortholite X-40 and ComforDry Sockliner that allows air to travel around the foot and also helps wick moisture to keep the foot dry. The upper has fabric and synthetic material that are woven to allow for ventilation. It has a seamless construction to prevent heat getting trapped under the stitches, or blisters and irritation on the foot underneath those areas. The Ortholite Lasting also has moisture management properties to keep water out of the shoe.


This shoe is very comfortable according to testers, with many even stating that it can be worn without socks without having to worry about blisters. It has a medium width, although the fit around the midfoot is slightly narrow. The length runs slightly small, so potential buyers should order a half or full size up. It does take a couple of runs to break in, and testers noted that the midsole can be especially stiff during that time. The midsole has good cushioning in all areas, with the gel cushioning system in the rear and forefoot, and the Solyte and Sockliner covering the entire area. The upper is also comfortable, with the Ortholite Lasting giving a glove-like fit, comfortable padding in the tongue and collar, and the Heel Clutching Technology System providing a comfortable fit around the rearfoot. The above average weight makes it more tiring to carry over long distances, although the energy return helps a little bit.


Reviewers thought that the Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit has a nice look to it. Some of the shoes are completely solid colored, while others have a solid color in the heel and a pattern in the midfoot and forefoot, which allows for different tastes. A large Asics logo goes across the midfoot on either side of the shoe. The men's shoe comes in White/Snow/Silver Red/Black/Onyx, Peacoat/Directoire Blue/White, Black/Martini Olive/Silver, Black/Onyx/Dark Grey, and Mid Grey/Carbon/Black. The women's shoe comes in White/Snow/Silver, Birch/Cream/Ice Green, Corydalis Blue/Carbon/Aluminum, Peach/Black/Onyx, Black/White/Silver, and Mid Grey/Glacier Grey/Flash Coral.


The Gel Quantum 360 Knit has great durability. The outsole uses AHAR rubber, which even has high abrasion in its name, so it is designed to be able to go over rough surfaces or run for many miles without any sign of wearing down. The midsole's gel cushioning is durable, as is the lightweight Solyte material that was chosen because of its durability. The Ortholite X-40 and ComforDry Sockliner also has good durability thanks to its moisture management properties. The upper is also more durable than a lot of shoes, thanks to its use of fabric instead of mesh, which can sometimes wear through in the toe area after a few dozen miles. It also has the Ortholite Lasting to keep the shoe dry, and the Impact Guidance System, Heel Clutching Technology, and toe cap that add extra durability to the midfoot, heel, and toes.


This shoe protects feet and joints well. The outsole is hard and durable to protect the bottom of the foot from bruising. It also has lines separating the heel, midfoot and forefoot to help attenuate shock. The midsole has gel and Solyte cushioning to protect the heel, ankle, and knees by absorbing shock during landings. The upper locks in the heel and midfoot to protect against rolling or sliding. It also has a toe cap to protect from bruising and a seamless construction to prevent irritation. The moisture wicking properties in the Sockliner and Lasting help keep the foot dry.


The Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit is very responsive, with smooth transitions and powerful takeoffs thanks to its damping technology. The outsole has flex grooves for nice transitions and a natural gait cycle, and Trusstic System Technology to push the foot forward. The midsole's gel cushioning transfers energy from the heel to toe and bounces the foot into the air, and the upper's Impact Guidance System Technology helps improve running form.


The Gel Quantum 360 Knit has good support. The midsole has Solyte and Sockliner layers that add some support underneath the foot as well as a little bit of arch support. The upper has the Ortholite Lasting around the foot. The Heel Clutching Technology System and padding support the heel. The midfoot is supported by the lacing system, padding in the tongue, and Impact Guidance System Technology.


This is a road running shoe. It does well on sidewalks, dirt roads and paths, concrete, gravel, and indoor floors. It can also be worn on wet surfaces, and can also be used to ascend and descend hills. It was not designed for technical trails, ice, mountain climbing or snow.


The Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit is a bit pricey. Its initial price was double the average neutral road running shoe cost, although some retailers currently sell it for as low as half the original price. Asics is a popular brand and there is lots of cushioning, support and energy return, and the shoe really works to help promote a natural gait and good foot health. However, some reviewers did not want to pay such a high price, especially for a shoe that required break-in time, and ended up returning their shoes. Experienced runners who are looking for specific features are more likely to purchase this shoe than new runners who are just trying out the sport and are not yet ready to invest in a more expensive shoe.


The Gel Quantum 360 Knit has good grip on hard surfaces that are dry or wet. The treads around the outside edges grip roads well during landings and transitions, and the traction in the middle of the forefoot helps to stabilize takeoffs. Testers observed good grip on flat surfaces, wet surfaces and while going uphill and downhill.


Testers found that this shoe has good flexibility, except during the break-in period when the midsole was quite stiff. The outsole has flex grooves that allow a natural gait. The midsole's layers start out stiff but the Solyte and Sockliner become more flexible over time in order to properly cushion and support the foot. The upper has some flexibility to move in but also locks the heel and midfoot in place.


Although it was designed for neutral runners and under-pronators, the Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit has good stability. The outsole uses high abrasion rubber that stabilizes landings. The midsole has light arch support, but not enough to slow over-pronation. The upper has the Impact Guidance System Technology to stabilize the midfoot and the Heel Clutching Technology System to keep the heel from sliding and the ankle from rolling.


The drop is 10mm. The men's shoe has a heel height of 22mm and a forefoot height of 12mm. The women's shoe has a heel height of 21mm and a forefoot height of 11mm. This drop is in the average range, which is used because of its high amount of heel cushioning to protect joints, forward momentum for heel strikers, and because it takes а strain off the Achilles tendon.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Synthetic and fabric upper with seamless construction to help prevent blisters and irritation

  • Ortholite Lasting for comfort, breathability and moisture management

  • Ortholite X-40 and ComforDry Sockliner provides comfort, durability, moisture management and breathability

  • Impact Guidance System (IGS) Technology improves and encourages a natural gait

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems absorb shock and transfer energy from heel to toe

  • Heel Clutching System Technology provides support, stability and improves the fit

  • Trusstic System Technology reduces the sole weight while pushing the foot forward

  • Solyte lightweight midsole provides durable cushioning

  • AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole provides exceptional durability

  • American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit has great cushioning, breathability and durability, while also providing smooth transitions, strong takeoffs, and encouraging a natural gait and good foot health. It has good support, a sock-like feel that is seamless, and wicks moisture, which makes it comfortable on longer runs. It also has popular style choices and good grip even on wet surfaces. However, it has a narrow fit that runs slightly small, is slightly heavy and expensive, and requires some time to break in. Overall, it is a good shoe for neutral runners and under-pronators to use for daily runs, especially for short and medium distances.