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ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 Reviewed for Quality Review Facts

 In the newest edition of the ASICS GEL-Surveyor line, the company did not overhaul the shoe by any means. The ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 looks a little more refined because of the fewer synthetic overlays on the upper mesh. Only the medial side of the shoe contains overlays which, like other ASICS shoes, is essentially the company logo. These shoes provide the same amount of support runners found in previous models. The company designed this shoe for runners with mild to moderate overpronation. It features GEL Cushioning at the rearfoot and forefoot, and its support system creates a stable platform for runners to take each step smoothly and transition easily through every stride.

Keep reading our in-depth ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 review to find out if it is worth the investment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A very comfortable shoe
  • Excellent durability
  • Versatile shoe
  • Breathability
  • Weight
  • Price
  • The cushion might be too soft
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  • These are great for the amount of walking I do. These are stable and work great for going down and up slopes. They are comfortable and sturdy and I feel great walking the trails and doing my geotraining in them. This is my 3rd pair.
  • These have good cushion without compromising support. They work well for a few months and have good arch support for my flat feet. I changed the shoelaces because they were way too long. I would probably save these shoes in a fire.
  • These work great for my proating flat feet. They are comfortable going shoes so ar and they are a great quality and design. I like that they are really stable.
  • Asics are my favorite shoes so, I may be a bit biased. These are priced right and they are very comfortable and cushy I didn't have to break them in any.
  • I wear these around the house and doing runs. I have plantars and these work well and are really stable. They have a nice level arch support. I upgraded from the old Surveyors and I am pleased.
  • The heal on these is more durable than my older Asics. They are working out great.
  • These have proven to be really comfortable. They are good at absorbing my running strike pressure. I have no issues with this shoe.
  • I have put well over 200 miles in a short amount of time and they are holding up every well really well. No complaints. They work great right out of the box.
  • I destroy shoes quick with my 30+ miles a week. I need full support in a shoe for my fasciitis and these have that plus some. These were a bit more than I like to pay but I definitely got what I was paying for. It took me a few days to break in but they are so wonderful on my feet.
  • I am very satisfied with these shoes. They have a lot of support and are really comfortable on the toes.
  • I switched to these for m hip and back pain and they have relieved every bit of it.That is enough for me to recommend to any one. I feel healed. I am going to be stocking up on these.
  • These were made for people like me with flat feet. They look good and are really comfortable. I would suggest ordering a half size larger that you are used too.
  • These are more than worth the money. I always bought shoe for aesthetic and was starting to get tired of being in pain all day. These look ok and have really helped my pain. They have been great with my 20 mile work days.
  • I had to take a couple weeks to break these in. But now, they are pillows, light and fluffy pillows for my toes. I am so in love with the comfort. I do not want to take them off after work they feel that good. Really awesome shoes.
  • I m a big dude and run heavy as well. I usually cannot keep a pair of shoes cushioned. I have had these longer than any other shoe and they are still pillowing my feet. I am so happy that these are made so well. I would recommend to all the 200+ guys out there that like to run.
  • These fits to size and have fit my damaged foot well without any residual pain. It cradles my injury without adding pressure and takes in shock from my strike. I am really happy with my purchase.
  • These were better from the box than my old broken in beaters that I love so much. They have held up great and seem really durable. They have a good arch support and all over support and stability. They breath well and keep my feet cool.
  • These help my ankles from rubbing so hard. They fit my orthos really well and give me great support and comfort all day with no issues. They work really well with my flat feet.
  • I wear these everyday for everything, from work to the gym to the track. I have flat feet and these were definitely made for that. This is my second purchase and I will be buying them again until they are discontinued. They are a phenomenal shoe, worth every penny.
  • I cannot have any pressure on my toes due to an old surgery and these have the perfect spacing in the toe box with no pressure. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They work for me during my 13+ hour work shifts. They are supportive and absorb shock. They fit true to size and i do not think I will ever buy another type of shoe again.
  • I use these for my HIIT classes and they really stand firm. They are really roomy in the toe box and provide a lot of support. They fit true to size , which is nice and creates a great arch support. They are a bit more heavier than most training shoes but nothing too bad.
  • I might need to reorder a half size bigger as my toes were a bit squished. Over all, they are a great shoe and super comfy.
  • I love Asics because they are always on point with the sizing I have wide feet and have never had a n issue with returning. The soles are replaceable and this is great because I wear inserts. These are great shoes.
  • I aman ASICS fan. These have made me question that, however They fit weird and the lining started to fall apart within a month and a half. They kept giving me blisters since the fabric wore off the heels. I think they just used cheap material and it really made the shoe bad.
  • I paid way too much for these for them to start separating and falling apart around the toes. I am really disappointed in these. I barely used them.
  • It seems that the Asics keep getting worse and worse. I keep busting through the toes. The material seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper. No these were shredding in the heels as well. I only work them for a couple months.
  • These shoes have absolutely no arches to them. They are horrible for my overpronation. I found these worthless and dangerous for my feet.
  • These shoes had a really short tongue that didn't stay where the tongue was supposed to stay. They were also too small.
  • I have been using Asics for 10+ years and these really are disappointing. These made my feet go numb in the toes and the top. They were not wide or long enough even at a larger size. They did not work well with my HIIT training and they are really expensive.
  • These damaged my feet enough to where I have to sit out from running for a bit. I wanted to see if they would break in but they broke my feet. My heels and ankles are so sore. They obviously are lacking in some major support.
  • They have given me huge blisters and even though I have worn them a few times they are still uncomfortable. They are my size and I have worn Asics for years. This is my first problem with Asics.
  • These fall apart too easy and the heels rub out fast. 2 months, mine are done. Really poorly made shoes.
  • I ordered these 2 times in 2 different sizes and they were both way too tight.
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Like most ASICS running shoes, the GEL-Surveyor 5 features flex grooves that run deep into the outsole to provide better flexibility. A vertical Guidance Line, ASICS’ technology, runs from the heel to the forefoot to enhance the efficiency of the runner’s gait and transition. ASICS incorporates much of their technology into the GEL-Surveyor 5’s outsole, including a Trusstic System.

Trusstic System is a piece of plastic built into the outsole that uses energy to provide forward propulsion during the run. It works by mimicking the foot’s ligaments, mainly the plantar fascia, and absorbs shock through the heel strike and transfers that energy into a strong toe-off. ASICS builds the outsole of the GEL-Surveyor 5 with an AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) and DuraSponge compound.

The blown rubber is placed in critical areas receiving the most contact to maximize durability and traction.


Running the entire length of the shoe is ASICS’ FluidRide midsole technology. FluidRide gives runners an ideal combination of response and cushioning while designed to minimize weight and provide great durability. A dual-density midsole system referred to by ASICS as the DuoMax support system is positioned specifically to improve the shoe’s stability and support.

Its gradual increase in density, beginning from the heel to the midfoot beneath the arch, is designed to curb excessive overpronation and make each transition as smooth as possible. The Guidance Trusstic System mentioned within the outsole assists the midsole as well by enhancing the shoe’s rigidity and support. Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems within the midsole absorb massive amounts of shock during impact and take-off phases and allows for increased movement and cushioning.


Just as they do with their other models, ASICS makes full use of their company logo to incorporate synthetic overlays on the medial side of the GEL-Surveyor 5. The rest of the upper is pretty simple, comprised of soft mesh and a plush interior. The ankle collar and tongue are exceptionally padded and provide the runner with a very comfortable and snug fit, especially with the synthetic overlays built in.

ASICS’ ComforDry sockliner technology is a premium sock lining fabric that features higher rebounding qualities and excellent moisture absorbing properties. The material breathes very well according to runners who have run in the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5.


Some runners felt the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 weighed in a little on the heavy side at 11.6oz for a pair of men's and 9.3oz for women's. Much of the technology used in the shoe, as there is plenty of it, is most explicitly designed to be as light as possible.

The FluidRide midsole and the Dynamic DuoMax support system are both components of the shoe that while adding cushion to the shoe, are made to be as light as possible so that runners are meant to feel the benefit and not the weight. However, at nearly 12oz, the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is heavier than most shoes that claim to be lightweight.

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The holes in the mesh in this version of the GEL-Surveyor are reportedly larger than its previous version, allowing more airflow into the shoe. The specialized ComforDry sockliner handles moisture very well. The removable sockliner contains anti-microbial properties that provide the runner with a cooler, drier and healthier environment.


One area where the GEL-Surveyor stands out to runners is its level of comfort. The midsole technology, consisting of the DuoMax, Fluidride, and GEL cushioning components, the newest version of the GEL-Surveyor family is a shoe that runners will fall in love with.

With all of the added plush cushioning, runners felt this was one of the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn, and that with extensive use they reported no blisters or other pain they may have experienced in previous models of this shoe or other similar shoes.


ASICS offers stylish shoes and commonly found in various colors. The ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 by no means is a plain, basic shoe. It can be purchased in 5 unique colorways. This shoe features ASICS signature logo but still has an eye-catching look.


Many runners stated that the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5’s durability is excellent. The upper mesh, which has been newly redesigned for better breathability, still holds up over extended usage. The upper also provided enough support and security with the overlays built into the material.

The midsole, constructed with the FluidRide and DuoMax support systems, maintains its supportive qualities as well. On the outsole, the AHAR rubber is found in specific areas to withstand repeated impact over time.


The ASICS Gel-Surveyor 5 protects the foot very well. Although redesigned with slightly larger holes than in previous models of this shoe, the upper mesh does not expose the foot to outside elements. Reviewers stated that the ComforDry sock liner handles moisture from inside the shoe very well and contains anti-bacterial qualities.

The DuraSponge and AHAR blown rubber outsole is lightweight but still provides good protection underfoot by absorbing impact and not wearing away too quickly. In the midsole, the rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system absorbs shock from heel to toe off.


The bounce and energy return provided by the FluidRide midsole has been well received well by reviewers. It is very light by design and does not wear down as quickly as some might think. The FluidRide technology is found in many of ASICS’ newer and high-end models because of its energy return and highly durable characteristics.


The ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 provides a good amount of arch support, which many reviewers said wasn't too aggressive. Those who are continuously on their feet for long periods felt that the support of this shoe was great. For the same reason, reviewers found that the shoe performed well for cross training in the gym as well.

The upper mesh has a say in the shoe’s support including the stitched synthetic overlays. Although there are fewer overlays in this shoe than the previous versions, the upper part of the shoe gives equal support without increasing weight and unwanted pressure points. When in doubt about how much help you will need, it is commonly advised to stick with neutral arch support to avoid injuries.


ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is best suited for daily training on roads, pavement, track and other smooth surfaces. This is not a trail shoe and cannot handle difficult and technical terrain. That being said, it should hold up well enough to handle some light off-road terrain.

With the vast amounts of cushion and great comfort, the lightweight ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is great for road competitions and interval training.


While there may not be many drawbacks to the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5, their price is undoubtedly one of them. Originally listed at $160 in October 2016, the shoe has come down in price considerably and can be found for under $100. The vast amount of technology and cushioning play a role as to why the shoe was initially so expensive.

But with the much lower price, the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is a great deal.


Some road shoes with standard hard rubber outsoles may not get enough traction on wet surfaces. With its AHAR rubber outsole, designed with raised crosses meant to provide better traction, the GEL-Surveyor actually handles wet surfaces very well. Reviewers felt that the x-shaped notches gave the shoe added grip on road and other smooth surfaces.



The deep grooves in the outsole near the forefoot, provide exceptional flexibility. The Guidance Line running the length of the shoe also improves the shoe’s flexibility and allows for the runner to efficiently move through their gaits.


The ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is considered a stability shoe and provides a very stable ride, especially with all of the improvements built into the midsole and upper mesh of the shoe. From the runner's’ perspective, this is a ‘meaty’ shoe that is a very stable ride that doesn't require a lot of time to break into it. The Dynamic DuoMax is designed to correct overpronation.


The drop on the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is reported at 10mm in men’s and 13mm in women’s. This offset is more of a traditional drop, rather than a minimal shoe which has a heel-to-toe offset of 4mm or less. The concept behind a shoe with a drop of 10-12mm, like the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5, is that it takes the stress off of the Achilles tendon and promotes forward momentum while adding a cushion for the heel.
Key Features

Key Features

•I.G.S. (Impact Guided System) Technology
•Fluidride midsole
•Dynamic Duomax support system
•Rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning systems
•Guided Trusstic system technology
•Guidance Line midsole technology
•Comfordry sockliner
•AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) outsole
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

With GEL-Surveyor 5, ASICS gives runners a great mix of cushioning and stability. ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is very comfortable with Fluidride midsole and GEL technology. The Comfodry sock liner provides a dry, anti-bacterial environment within the shoe. Though slightly on the heavy side, this is a fantastic option for runners who need overpronation correction, as well as a well-cushioned ride.

The ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 is also versatile and works well for both slow long-distance runs to quicker interval training. Though initially priced on the high side when it first was introduced back in 2016, the price has come down considerably, making the ASICS GEL-Surveyor 5 a great buy.