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Nike FS Lite Run 4 Review Facts

The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is a road shoe made for everyday training. True to its name, it’s definitely lightweight and perfect for a variety of training scenarios. This fourth iteration is well-liked by reviewers who say it’s incredibly comfortable. The Nike FS Lite Run 4 features a few changes since the previous version of the shoe. The brunt of the changes is relegated to the upper and midsole. In addition, some of the structural changes to the shoe’s midsole have resulted in a sleeker, more minimalist overall style for this new version of the FS Lite Run. This shoe is a great option for runners who want a reliable training shoe with a modern aesthetic.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super comfortable
  • Great price
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Very breathable upper
  • Some cited durability concerns
  • Others did not like the protruding tongue
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  • I was happy that these came in all black, that is hard to find. I had a foot injury in the past and I purchased several of these for this reason and for the great support factor; I wear them all of the time. Plus, they look fantastic.
  • Nike is my running sneaker choice, always. These have a phenomenal cushion and are incredibly lightweight. I actually feel that they help me run better. These sneakers fit me like a glove. I mainly use these for running and the gym. Top notch shoe.
  • I don't give out five stars usually but these are a 5 star shoe. They are narrower than normal but that makes for a snug fit. They are durable and light and reasonably priced. They are white on the bottom so they get dirty pretty easy
  • It took me a bout two weeks to break these shoes in. However, they have held up amazing over the past four months. I’m 250 lbs and run about 80 miles a week and these have not fallen apart yet, the sole has just worn out a bit. These are comfortable and I plan on buying another pair.
  • I suffer from right heel pain that impairs me to walk sometimes and I needed a pair of shoes that would help me with this; these were the shoes. Actually, I have no pain at all when I wear these shoes. I plan on buying many more.
  • These sneakers are light and feel amazing. I am actually in love with how they feel and fit on my feet. I'm not sure about how much they can handle but I say that is because of how light they are made.
  • These are a great training shoe. I bought a half a size larger and it worked out great. They give great support and are ridiculously light.
  • Top shoe I have ever purchased and they last. They outperform in flexibility, look amazing, are comfortable and very lightweight.
  • Very happy with my purchase. I have extreme achilles pain and thought I needed to quit running, until I found these. I tried other brands and styles but these have more cushion than most, which didn't create any pain. These were made for runners. I want to buy more colors.
  • These shoes have great comfort and arch support. I will be looking for the next model for sure because they are non-slip and I work in a kitchen.
  • I was surprised at how light they are because of all the cushion. As a big guy, I apply a lot of stress to my sneakers and these handle every stride. I run indoors and outdoors, these have held up just great at over 200 miles.
  • I’ve read reviews saying they don't size well. I would suggest learning their European size because these fit perfect. I was pleased with how they held up long distance running and I don't have any pain. I definitely recommend these shoes.
  • I love that these shoes give my fallen arches the support I need to relieve any pain while training. I wear them daily and they are comfortable; I am happy that I bought them and am gonna purchase another pair.
  • These shoes make rocks non existent when I do my morning training. They are sized just right and extremely comfortable. They have a great bounce to them as well, which I like.
  • I upgraded to these from the FS 3, I bought my size, a 13, and did my normal 10k run and training to see how they held up; they are great. They are comfortable and light and fit perfect to size. I would buy them a second time.
  • I'm very picky with my training shoes but these hit the mark. These are the lightest shoes I have ever bought and the sole is super cushy, taking away any pain from running. I own the platinum and the grey and I like the gray better as far as color scheme. They are a matte color and dirt doesn't show as much. These shoes rock.
  • I do sprint and speed training and I wanted a shoe that could accommodate that. I usually buy running shoes for distance because I have an injury, I bought these instead. These are sturdy and supportive. I have the black style and they seem to heat up on the blacktop when I run, but they look awesome.
  • I have a sore foot most days and these have seemed to help. A lot of different things going on with this design, which I like and the toe areas is roomy.
  • These are a runners shoe. They have great support and have no weight to them at all.
  • These shoes can be compared to wearing a sadal they are so lightweight and comfy. The padding on the back heel is what makes me realize they are sneakers. Awesome shoe!
  • Super dope shoes and super light. They have a great sole, which helps with the comfort. I use these to for my workouts and they work great for daily use.
  • True fit size, amazingly comfortable and they look great on. I highly recommend these shoes.
  • I look for support and for how comfortable a shoe is; this one fits perfect and is super comfy. These are priced great and are a great design. They also can handle my long hours at work standing and moving on concrete; I am very pleased.
  • I’ve put about 60 miles on these shoes and they are comfortable and light with no problems at all.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, I can wear these to exercise or with my streetwear. The toe area is a little tight and the material doesn't seem as durable as I would like.
  • Horrible! It was comfortable but it fell apart. I do not think the foam is rubber. All in all, just a crappy made sneaker.
  • These shoes are abnormally thin and uncomfortable but they look nice. The heel feels really loose. These are not good for serious runners; they are more for plain everyday use.
  • These shoes started falling apart at the sole after minimal use. Not great at all for the price. I am very disappointed.
  • These shoes are comfy but the mesh on mine only lasted a few months. Poor quality.
  • These shoes are no good for running and I didn't get any support from them at all. They do look nice and are probably good for normal day to day activities.
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The outsole of the Nike FS Lite Run 4 is made of rubber. There's nothing fancy going on in the sole of the shoe but it still manages to provide a baseline of traction. To be able to grip surfaces, the outsole features a hexagonal tread pattern that covers the entire bottom of the shoe. A few rubber pods are smartly placed to help protect high-impact areas from excess wear and tear. Also featured in the outsole, are very deep Flex Grooves. This helps to ensure that wearers get a smooth ride and flexibility.


The midsole of the Nike FS Lite Run 4 has changed a little bit since the previous version. The new material features two types of foam for improved energy-return. The two layers work together to also deliver cushioning and impact protection. Each layer has a different density to provide maximum benefit. The cushioning runs the length of the shoe for total protection. Another new technological advancement with the Nike FS Lite Run 4 is that the layers of the shoe are no longer stuck together using glue. Doing away with the glue has helped to bring down the weight of the shoe.



The Nike FS Lite Run 4 has a well-designed upper that shows that Nike designers have paid close attention to detail. The Breathe Tech fabric used in constructing the upper is new to this version of the FS Lite Run. It secures the foot, promotes air circulation, and doesn't weigh down the shoe. Nike has actually done away with the overlays that were featured in previous versions of the shoe. Instead, there's a new more minimalistic overlay to provide support. The result is a toned down aesthetic. Inside the shoe, there's a sock liner that's made of special fabric that hugs the foot. Also featured on the upper is a large Nike swoosh for branding purposes. Some reviewers complained that the tongue of the shoe stuck out too much and that the rough edge rubbed against the foot causing discomfort.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 has decreased in weight somewhat since the last version. The women's shoe weighs about 7.4 oz and the men's has a weight of about 9 oz. So how did Nike manage to get rid of some of the weight? In the FS Lite Run 3, each layer of the shoe was attached together using special glue. Glue is a great way to get things to stick and stay together, but it does contribute to overall weight. In this version of the FS Lite Run, Nike has done away with using glue and instead utilized a new tech to fuse the layers together. The result? A lighter overall weight, perfect for all types of training. Some reviewers were worried that the lighter weight would compromise durability. None admitted that they had any issues but it's true that a lighter shoe will no doubt have a flimsier construction. Though, when it comes to the Nike FS Lite Run 4, the shoe is solidly built. There shouldn't be any glaring issues. It may not last as long as other more heavy duty shoes, but it can definitely handle some pavement pounding. Even with such a lightweight upper fabric, no reviewers complained of tearing.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is quite breathable thanks to the new Breathe Tech fabric that covers the upper of the shoe. It does a great job to promote air circulation and ensure the inside of the shoe never gets too hot. Nike has also removed some of the overlays that were featured on the previous version's upper. This helped to enhance breathability, as well. Reviewers were impressed with how well the Nike FS Lite Run 4 allowed air flow and were happy with the lightweight feel of the upper.


Reviewers felt the Nike FS Lite Run 4 was super comfortable. Despite the removal of most of the upper's overlays, the upper still fits very well. Reviewers also liked the new dual midsole composition which improved bounce back. The inner liner was another feature that reviewers appreciated since it molds nicely to the foot. Reviewers also liked that the shoe was lighter than its predecessor making it a pleasure to run with. The breathability of the new Breathe Tech fabric was another aspect of the shoe that was well-liked. It should also be noted that runners were able to run comfortably in the shoe right away. There's no breaking in period required.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 was tweaked a bit to improve the ride feel, energy-return, and a few other little aspects. The shoe also received a slight design change making it more modern but most importantly, making it a lot less busy. The upper's overlays have been minimized for a sleeker overall look. Reviewers liked the design of the Nike FS Lite Run 4 and many found themselves using the shoe for activities other than running. It's stylish enough to be used in non-running settings. If you run at the gym, it's easy to wear these to and from without feeling overly sporty. The variety of colors available for both men and women means there's a style choice for almost anyone whether you're looking for a subtle color option or something more flashy.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is a well-constructed shoe but a few reviewers did point out that the lighter weight had them concerned about durability. Reviewers didn't have any glaring problems with durability but it was something they all seemed to be worried about. The lighter weight was well received but had some runners thinking about whether it would result in a tradeoff.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 provides standard protection from its outsole to its upper. The outsole protects runners from slipping on wet surfaces. The midsole provides shock absorption, and the upper keeps wearers comfortable and blister free. A few runners went sockless in the Nike FS Lite Run 4 and didn't have any issues with hot spots or blisters, which is a big bonus.


Reviewers didn't have much to say about the responsiveness of the Nike FS Lite Run 4. The shoe provides a greater amount of energy-return compared to its previous version, but reviewers were more impressed with the comfort and lighter weight of the Nike FS Lite Run 4. The dual-layer midsole does provide added bounce, though.


Overlays have been removed from the upper of the Nike FS Lite Run 4 which some expected would diminish overall support. That's not the case. The shoe remains just as supportive as before. A new, more toned down overlay that wraps around the heel provides the same support as before. Even at a lighter weight, the shoe feels structurally sound and reviewers felt their foot was hugged in comfortably by the Breathe Tech upper and molded liner.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is meant for training on roads. As was mentioned, it provides standard protection. There are no fancy trail-specific features that come with this shoe. The outsole, with its grippy hexagon-shaped lugs, provide just enough traction for road running purposes. The upper is breathable and works well for running in hot conditions on the pavement. The heel collar is padded but won't stop trails debris from getting into the shoe. With the Nike FS Lite Run 4, it's best to stick to the pavement.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is priced fairly. In fact, quite a few reviewers pointed out how impressed they were with the shoe's quality and value considering its price. Sure, it might not last as long as other shoes but it's a solid choice for covering day to day training miles. It's a great model for the budget conscious runner or a runner who wants to alternate between two pairs of running shoes and doesn't want to spend a fortune for two pairs.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 provides plenty of traction for road running thanks to its rubber outsole. The outsole is covered in hexagon shaped lugs which provide the brunt of the grip. A few rubber pods are distributed underfoot to help protect against wear and tear. Overall, reviewers felt good about running in all types of weather with the Nike FS Lite Run 4. They liked the amount of traction provided by the outsole and felt stable even when encountering puddles and slick roads.


Reviewers loved how flexible the Nike FS Lite Run 4 felt on runs. The outsole is super flexible thanks to its deep Flex Grooves. The grooves allow natural foot movement. The ride feels natural and effortless because of the shoe's high flexibility.



The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is a neutral shoe, so you won't find traditional stability features in it. Instead, stability comes from the way the foot fits inside the shoe. Reviewers felt the shoe was true to size and hugged the foot just right to prevent slipping and instability. The grippy outsole also contributes to overall stability and ensures wearers feel sure-footed when they head out for a run.


The Nike FS Lite Run 4 features a 3mm drop. The heel to toe drop is lower than with your average shoe but reviewers greatly appreciated the closer to the ground feel. They felt it made for a stable ride. The lower drop helps to bring runners closer to the earth for a more responsive running experience.
Key Features

Key Features

- Hexagonal shaped lugs
- Rubber outsole
- Rubber pods to help high-wear areas last longer
- Deep Flex Grooves
- New midsole with dual-layer and dual-density composition for an improved bounce
- Breathe Tech upper increases air flow
- Heel counter for added support
- Regular laces
- Molded sock liner
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Nike FS Lite Run 4 is a great improvement to the FS Lite Run line. The lighter weight, toned down aesthetic, and enhanced bounce have brought the shoe up a notch. Wearers loved how comfortable the shoe was and how it was equally enamored with the great price. It's a fantastic option for runners who want an affordable shoe that can handle the grunt work of training. It's also stylish enough to be worn for errands or at your weekly fitness class. A few reviewers did have concerns about the durability because of the lighter overall weight but most were willing to sacrifice some durability because of the fair price and overall solid construction. The cushioning is high quality and won't feel like it is lacking after a few miles of training. The Nike FS Lite Run 4 is also still supportive, despite the removal of some overlays, which reviewers really appreciated. Overall, it's an excellent daily trainer for neutral runners.