Asics GT-1000 7

The ASICS GT-1000 7 is an entry-level stability shoe for short and long distance runners alike. It’s a balanced, durable stability shoe that comes at a budget-friendly price. It’s the first in the GT-1000s range to feature the FlyteFoam® technology, but that doesn’t make it exceptionally responsive – on that front, it remains an average-to-good shoe only, but one that will keep the midsole integrity for miles and miles, while giving a satisfactory energy-return. The Gel cushioning and dual-density DuoMax midsole system promote stability and support, which are the two key features of this beginner’s running shoe.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole
  • FlyteFoam heel wedge and rearfoot Gel cushioning
  • DuoMax Support System
  • Durable stability shoe
  • Offers great support for neutral, overpronating runners
  • Flexible, snug-fit upper
  • Breathable
  • Removable ComforDry foam insole
  • Great price point
  • Cons
    • Very stiff, which can be a drawback for neutral runners that need a speedwork shoe
    • Average-looking, bigger shoe
    • Average responsiveness
    • Key Features
      The GT-1000 7 boasts the AHAR® outsole, which is an acronym for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. This rubber is strategically placed on certain parts of the outsole that require increased durability, so as to avoid wear and tear and provide a good surface grip as well. As with the previous versions, the rearfoot silicon-based gel is located directly under the heel, except now it’s not visible at all. It is meant for shock-absorption and is especially valuable during the initial heel contact in the gait cycle. The outsole features a FlyteFoam heel wedge that extends to the midfoot, providing a supporting, firm base. The familiar flex grooves section the forefoot so as to allow some flexibility and a significant amount of traction. The Guidance Line technology used in constructing the forefoot grooves system promotes natural movement and the structural integrity of the foot.
      There are three components to focus on in the GT-1000 7’s midsole. The material used for the lateral heel midsole area of this everyday running shoe is FlyteFoam, made out of eco-friendly compounds. This is new, seeing as this is the first time ASICS decided to use their lightweight cushioning in the GT-1000 shoe. It improves responsiveness and durability and provides bounciness and comfort, even on longer runs. The FlyteFoam fibers are not as soft as some lower-density foams, and they prevent the midsole from breaking down and retaining responsiveness. The midsole also features the DuoMax Support System, which is a dual density midsole material that helps with overpronation and provides a good foundation for the arch. Of course, this lowers the risk of injury and contributes to the overall stability and support of the shoe. Finally, there is a smaller, plastic area in the midfoot area – the Guidance Trusstic System, which acts as a tendon support and protects them from straining.
      With supportive synthetic overlays and no stitching on it, the seamless mesh upper has fewer things to irritate the front of the foot. While providing a snug fit, the stretchy upper also has a wider forefoot that offers plenty of room to make this a comfortable shoe to wear. It is firm without being stiff, and the mesh adheres to the shape and movement of the foot for increased flexibility. The ventilation holes throughout the upper guarantee a decent airflow at all times. The synthetic overlays are lined with a reflective material, which is a welcome addition for fans of night runs. The ASICS GT-1000 7 features a lace-up closure and a plush tongue, as well as a removable ComforDry foam insole.
      While still in the lightweight category, the GT-1000 7 is a little heavier than the GT-1000 6, which is probably due to the denser foam choice for the midsole. The weight of this running shoe varies from 10.2 oz for the men’s model to 8.4 oz for the women’s. This is about 0.1 oz heavier compared to the women’s 1000-6. While not a significant weight increase, it still created an expectation that it will be in favor of the cushioning, rather than the foot support that the dual-density foam provides.

      Compared to the GT-1000 6, the breathability is the same, if not slightly better, due to the thinner mesh material at the forefoot area of the upper. The ventilation and airflow provided by the holes in the upper will prevent overheating and sweating on long runs, which makes this shoe a good choice for marathon runners.

      The ASICS GT-1000 7 is not the cushioning champion, and it even has a slightly less cushioned midsole than its predecessor. The brand decided to sacrifice a bit of the comfort for more stability, which isn’t a bad thing – the GT-1000 7 is still a very comfortable shoe. The rearfoot Gel technology provides a seamless transition from heel strike to midstance, by absorbing the shock from the initial ground contact. The ComforDry foam insole can easily be replaced by your own insoles, which significantly increases the comfort of the shoe. The toe box is wider than with the previous versions and has enough space for the toes to spread naturally. Another thing people like about it is that it’s true to size and is available in D and 4E widths.
      There are 6 color schemes to choose from here, but most of them are quite subdued, ranging from blacks to light greys. For some people, this will make the GT-1000 7 boring; others will laud it for its versatility because the simple color schemes can work really well with casual everyday wear, not just sportswear. The reflective materials give it a modern look without making the shoe flashy. However, keep in mind that while the GT-1000 7 isn’t bulky, it’s still a big shoe. Some people don’t like the feeling and look of a big shoe on their foot, no matter how snug the shoe is, so if you’re one of them, we advise you to consider getting a minimalist shoe instead.
      Not only does the dual-density foam midsole provide extra stability, but it makes the GT-1000 7 a very durable and reliable shoe because it slows down the midsole breakdown. This means that you can rely on the GT-1000 7 on both short and long runs, without having to worry about whether they will get damaged midway through. Even after a month of regular wear, you can expect this shoe to look and feel new, without any obvious wear.
      The FlyteFoam Lyte heel wedge combined with rearfoot Gel cushioning and the dual-density system provides a great impact protection while retaining good bounce-back and springiness to the sole. This is a really good choice for beginners and runners who have slight knee pain problems because it will decrease the stress on your joints significantly.
      The FT-1000 7 has average responsiveness throughout the midsole, providing a nice energy return and bounciness on each part of the gait cycle. This is thanks to the rearfoot Gel and FlyteFoam cushioning working together with the forefoot rubber on the outsole. However, the responsiveness would certainly have been much better if ASICS decided to extend the FlyteFoam all the way to the forefoot, instead of ending it midfoot. This way, while FlyteFoam is a welcome feature, the GT-1000 7’s responsiveness is nothing to rave about, although it can be quite enough for heel-strikers.
      What makes this shoe really great is the fact that it is super supportive without being too heavy, bulky or orthopedic-looking. It will provide you great enjoyment on long runs, whether you need a neutral shoe or have an overpronation issue. Pronation is a natural part of the foot movement and weight distribution on your foot upon landing to the ground. Naturally, the foot lands on the outside of the heel and then rolls a bit inward in order to transfer some of the weight to the ball of the foot. With overpronation, the inward rolling of the foot is excessive, which leads to weight transferring on the inner side of the foot instead, while the big toe and the second toe do most of the push-off work. Most people with flat feet and low arches have an overpronation issue. The DuoMax Support System in the midsole is there precisely to enhance support and stability and reduce overpronation, making this a great support shoe for people with neutral and overpronating feet.
      This support shoe is best for road, track, pavement, or light gravel. Basically, whenever you have a flat road ahead of you, whether you’re running in an urban or countryside environment, the GT 1000-7 will deliver. However, don’t expect them to come through if you need some agility while running. They are at their very best on steady runs (long and short), but if you need a running shoe for off-road trails or speed work, you might find something else more useful.
      The price is what makes this running shoe so appealing. We’re used to having to pay a triple-digit price for a durable, stable, supportive shoe nowadays, but not with the ASICS GT-1000 7! If you can get over the sometimes boring design, this is an excellent shoe for budget-conscious marathon runners. It is a durable, reliable choice for long runs, particularly for budget-conscious athletes.
      This ASICS running shoe features supportive, full-ground contact, and the firm AHAR® rubber outsole provides a reliable grip on the surface. The traction is more than satisfactory on dry and wet surfaces, as well as on grass and light gravel.

      The GT-1000 7 has almost no flexibility to it and can be described as very stiff. However, this isn’t something ASICS just forgot to include as a feature; the brand has made this running shoe unbending for a reason, and that is support. Because it’s made for people with overpronation issues, the sole couldn’t be made flexible, because that would kind of defeat the point of having a firm midsole that keeps the foot in check. However, what the midsole lacks, the upper has in abundance – it’s thin and very flexible while offering a snug fit; something that a lot of long-distance runners will appreciate.
      Support and stability are the two main features of the GT-1000 7. The dual-density DuoMax Support System midsole increases both of these things, and the stability is additionally augmented with a wider sole base, especially in the toe area. This is a great moderately stable running shoe that can be useful for overpronators and neutral runners alike.
      With the heel height of 21mm and the forefoot height of 13mm, the drop on the GT-1000 7 has decreased to 8mm, compared to the GT-1000 6s’ 10mm. This positions the GT-1000 7 in the medium drop category, which is used to promote forefoot or midfoot strikes. Combined with the rearfoot Gel cushioning that offers support and impact-reduction during the heel strike phase, it’s clear that the brand wanted to make a balanced shoe that promotes the natural gait cycle through all of its phases.

      Key Features
      - AHAR® outsole
      - FLYTEFOAM heel wedge
      - DuoMax Support System
      - A wider toe box for comfort and stability
      - Breathable with satisfactory airflow
      - Rearfoot Gel cushioning
      - 8mm medium drop
      - Offers a lot of support and stability for neutral runners and overpronators
      - Replaceable ComforDry foam insole
      - Great price
      - Very stiff with minimal flexibility and average responsiveness
      - An average-looking, subdued shoe
      Bottom Line
      For a running shoe that isn’t meant for serious runners, this is a fantastically made shoe. It combines a supportive and flexible upper with a stable, supportive and well-balanced base that caters to neutral and overpronating runners with low to medium-high arches and flat feet. While being far from a minimalist shoe, the ASICS GT-1000 7 has some sleekness to it, with the upper being free from stitching and extensive overlays. With slightly firmer cushioning, the shoe is still adequately responsive and comfortable, especially with the wider toe box and removable foam insoles. The stiff, stable midsole will provide enough support to please overpronators and enough energy-return and bounce so as to not distress neutral runners. All in all, we’re talking about a balanced, durable stability shoe meant for recreational, steady runners, that will provide good traction and a firm grip on most of the usual flat surfaces. Given its price point, it would be a challenge to find a better stability shoe on the market.

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