Asics Gel-Resolution 7

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Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Review Facts

The latest addition to the Asics Gel-Resolution family, the Resolution 7 packs a punch and brings increased stability, support, and durability, compared to the previous models. The Underfoot protection is magnificent and the comfort is guaranteed after you break-in the shoe and allow it to adapt to your feet. With great traction, protection, comfort, and durability, the Resolution 7 is one of, if not the very best tennis shoe around.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • AHAR+ outsole
  • SOLYTE midsole with rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning
  • Personal Heel Fit double memory foam collar lining
  • Flexible, with smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Impact Guidance System technology
  • Great traction
  • Attractive design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Flexion Fit upper
  • 6-month outsole warranty
  • Great durability
  • Suitable for all courts
  • Amazing gender-specific cushioning
  • Upper isn’t too breathable, but still doesn’t cause overheating
  • 1-week break-in period
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  • There are good reviews from tennis and pickleball players.
  • The shape provides a comfortable fit for long, narrow feet.
  • These increase stability on the court.
  • Reviewers like the sturdy construction.
  • Ankle support is not a problem with these shoes.
  • Buyers claim these have helped relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and leg soreness.
  • There is a good amount of padding to keep your feet comfortable on the tennis court.
  • The tread provides excellent grip.
  • These are padded and protective without being too bulky.
  • Some reviewers say these work well for indoor courts.
  • Nice heel support improves movement control.
  • Buyers claim these have decent arch support and a nice level of flexibility.
  • The design is narrow. These are not comfortable for anyone with wider than average feet.
  • There are mixed reviews on the break-in period. Some claim it takes quite a bit of time.
  • The toe box is snug and narrow.
  • There are some reports of hotspots caused from the stitching.
  • Some people feel that the laces are too short.
  • Although rare, there are some complaints that during the break in time the heel cup tends to pull socks down into the shoes.
  • There are some claims of achilles pain and rubbing on the ankle.
  • The quality of the upper material is questioned by some reviewers.
  • For some wearers the upper can pinch at the flex point.
  • The upper is thick and not well-ventilated.
  • The sole may wear out within a year of regular use.
  • There are reports of foot fatigue caused by the stiffness and shape.
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The outsole of this tennis shoe is made to last. It’s comprised from the company’s most durable compound rubber named AHAR+, which is 50% more durable than the standard Asics AHAR rubber. The AHAR+ is positioned in high-impact areas of the outsole, providing longevity and consistently good traction. Naturally, due to the fact that it’s an all-terrain shoe, the outsole is made to be non-marking – which is clearly stated on the outsole as well. The flex grooves on the outsole enable a swift transition of weight and direction, without any feeling of restriction.


The Asics Gel-Resolution 7 is made from SOLYTE midsole material that’s lighter than the brand’s EVA and SpEVA midsoles. As the name of the shoe implies, the features the well-known rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning system, intended to dampen the impact forces, especially during the heel strike and toe-off phases of the gait cycle. Adding to the lightweight nature of the midsole is the TRUSSTIC system that provides structural integrity and medial support. The Gel-Resolution 7 also features the PHF (Personal Heel Fit) collar lining – 2 memory foam layers made to mold to your heel, providing some much-needed personalization and increasing the overall stability of the shoe. Integrated into the tech-packed midsole is the brand’s IGS (Impact Guidance System) technology that connects all the components of the midsole and puts them into the performance-oriented use, providing a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Adding to the overall cushioned feel of the midsole is the removable EVA sockliner, which also creates a healthy foot environment.


Asics decided to make use of the Flexion Fit synthetic leather and mesh upper that provides comfort and snug fit that adjusts to your foot’s shape and movements. The Flexion Fit technology offers a lot of foot support in the upper and enables the player to move swiftly and explosively without restrictions. The PC Guard protects the toes but also increases the overall durability of the upper. The tongue is made to adhere to the top of the foot and prevent debris from entering the shoebox and the extremely discreet and narrow eyelets provide a tight and secure fit that prevents the foot from sliding and moving too much inside the shoe.


At 13.4oz or 380g for a half-pair, the Gel-Resolution 7 isn’t the lightest tennis shoe on the market. That being said, the around-average weight of the shoe comes with a whole lot of perks, primarily in the amazing durability of the entire shoe, but in cushioning and stability as well. The Gel-Resolution family isn’t speed-oriented, so this doesn’t stray too far away from the other models in the line. While the Gel-Resolution 7 isn’t a fast shoe, it doesn’t feel heavy on the foot and won’t hinder your energetic movements at all.


One of the weakest spots of the Gel-Resolution 7 is its limited breathability that leaves something to be desired. However, even with a slight lack of ventilation, the shoe still manages to offer solid breathability that won’t cause overheating even on hot days, but you can expect to break a sweat in them. This decrease in airflow, compared to the previous versions, comes as a result of a denser upper that has less mesh exposed surface.


Staying true to the Gel-Resolution tradition, model 7 offers amazing comfort with exceptional cushioning. The fit was snug, supportive and satisfactory to a vast amount of players. The only thing to note about the shoe is that the upper and the double-layered heel foam cup both require a short break-in period before the shoe completely adjusts to the shape of your foot. This might cause some mild discomfort in the first week or so of wear, but afterward, you’re in for a smooth ride.


The Gel-Resolution 7 comes in several colorways, including the Wimbledon-required all-white, and for those among you who are avid Novak Djokovic fans, the Resolution 7 comes in Special Edition versions as well. Aside from the Asics logo on the tongue and the Gel-Resolution 7 letter on the heel, there’s not much that stands out, color-wise. The prominent toe guard and the thick midsole make quite a visual statement and promise exactly what you’re getting – great comfort and quality-build.


This all-terrain tennis shoe offers exceptional durability that’s not easy to surpass. The Asics is so confident in the longevity of the AHAR+ outsole, that the shoe comes with 6-month outsole warranty which allows you to return the shoe and receive a one-time replacement if the outsole wears off before the 6-month mark. Additionally, the PGuard toe protector, the SOLYTE midsole and the dense Flexion Fit upper add to the durability of the shoe past the outsole, and they do a great job at it, too. This shoe will last you for a long time, especially if you don’t play every day. If you do, you can expect the ball of the shoe platform to start to show some wear and tear after a couple of months, which is a great result that is definitely above average. All in all, apart from the cushioning, this is one of the best aspects of the Gel-Resolution 7.


The underfoot protection offered by the latest iteration of the Gel-Resolution family is top-notch. Asics has achieved the perfect balance of providing almost unparalleled cushioning while retaining the necessary ground feel in order to enable you to play at your best. Similarly to the previous versions, the forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning technology provide great additional padding, which is especially prominent when you place the majority of your weight on the ball of your foot. A noteworthy thing is the brand’s gender-specific cushioning, that essentially means that the women’s shoes feature a lower-density midsole top layer, providing better enjoyment of the midsole compression that helps with movement and comfort. No matter the gender, the Gel-Resolution 7 absorbs shock efficiently in both versions of the shoe, especially in the beginning and at the end of the gait cycle, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a high-quality tennis shoe.


Given the nature of the Asics Gel-Resolution 7 – primarily the fact that it is not a traditional running shoe in a sense that implies forward running at a generally consistent pace, but that it’s made for rather random, lateral, fast and minute foot movements, the responsiveness of the shoe cannot be measured the same way as with traditional running shoes, nor does it hold the same significance. The very gel technology integrated into the midsole, alongside the IGS, provides a smooth and swift heel-to-toe transition, which is the tennis shoe equivalent of a running shoe’s responsiveness.


Some customers that have played in this shoe noted that the arch support is a bit lower than with the standard shoe, so the Gel-Resolution 7 is best for people with medium-high to high arches. However, since the shoe has a removable sockliner that can be replaced for a customized version that offers more support, the shoe can be worn with those adjustments by players with normal and even low arches as well.


This is an all-court tennis shoe that won’t slip or cause instability on any surface. From clay to concrete, the Gel-Resolution 7 will have no trouble with performing at is best on a variety of courts.


The price of the Resolution 7 goes upwards of a C-note, which isn’t cheap, but on the other hand, the general consensus is that this is the best tennis shoe on the market at this moment, which offers amazing durability, comfort, cushioning and support, which all make the price very well worth the money.


While it’s paramount for a tennis shoe not to slip on the field, it’s also important for it to have some give, in order to prevent stickiness that causes the foot to be ‘left behind’ the legs that have changed direction. Maybe not surprisingly, the Asics Gel-Resolution 7 has hit the sweet spot when it comes to balancing out to grip and give of a tennis shoe. A lot of players were more than satisfied with the traction the shoe offered and stated that they felt comfortable when stopping from a full sprint.


The most flexible part of this tennis shoe is the form-fitting Flexion Fit upper that’s made to adapt to your foot and flex with it while offering support at the same time. The upper does a great job at offering immense flexibility without causing discomfort, pinching, or poking during play. The sole is also flexible enough, especially after the break-in period, when all elements of the sole adapt to your feet and come into place. The outsole flex grooves not only allow for a variety of different micro-movements of the foot but also enable a good amount of the much-needed forefoot flexibility in each movement.


Compared to the previous version, the stability and support are improved with the Gel-Resolution 7, and this becomes especially apparent during explosive movements and swift changes of direction. The upper material provides more stability due to its denser structure that makes it stiffer, which makes it hold your foot in place, while not restricting any movement. Additionally, the denser structure of the upper won’t allow it to stretch out and lose some stability and support over time. Provided you create a tight grip on the foot with the shoelaces and that you break-in the shoe – especially the double foam heel cup, your foot won’t slide forward or move around in the shoe box at all. The heel cup also influences the feeling of increased stability in the ankles, making you more at ease during the lateral movements. The midfoot shank also gives a great amount of stability, rounding up the numerous stability properties of the Resolution 7.


The drop of the Asics Gel-Resolution 7 is around 9mm, which doesn’t come as a surprise, given the immense amount of cushioning the shoe has to offer. Also, while the drop might be of crucial importance in a running shoe, it’s natural for a tennis shoe to feature a drop of about 10mm, given the usual tennis stance, which implies the prevalent stand fast at the ball of the foot, rather than the heel.
Key Features

Key Features

● AHAR+ resilient outsole
● SOLYTE midsole with removable EVA sockliner
● Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning system
● TRUSSTIC system
● Personal Heel Fit double memory foam collar lining
● Impact Guidance System technology
● Flexion Fit synthetic leather and mesh upper
● 13.4oz or 380g for a half-pair
● Not too breathable
● Extremely comfortable
● Affordable price given the quality
● Very durable
● 6-month outsole warranty
● Great underfoot protection
● Gender-specific cushioning
● Tennis shoe
● Flexible upper
● 9mm drop
● Normal to high arches
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

There are two – only two things – to object to the Asics Gel-Resolution 7. The first thing is that it takes around 7 days to break in the shoe to achieve the amazing comfort you’re expecting from it. The other thing is that the shoe isn’t as ventilated as it could be, although this doesn’t cause any real issues during the play. Other than that, this is probably the best tennis shoe on the market, given its impressive durability, comfort, cushioning, traction, support, and stability. On top of that, it suitable to wear on every type of tennis court, making this a more than affordable shoe.