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What Does ASICS Stand For?

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What Does ASICS Stand For? What Does ASICS Stand For? www.runnerclick.com

The acronym ASICS stands for Anima Sana in Corpore Sano. 

ASICS has built a strong and loyal base of supporters in many sports, including the running world.

Short History of ASICS

ASICS is one of just a few sportswear companies created before the 1950s. A Kobe/Japanese-based company, ASICS, was founded when Kihachiro Onitsuka noticed that sneakers had become very difficult to come by. This led to his desire to make athletic shoes for the youth and people of Japan. 

Surprisingly, Onitsuka began by making basketball shoes.

Working with a local rubber company, the shoes were a huge hit.

Onitsuka then began to work on refining the product one thing at a time. 

What Does ASICS Stand For?

Although not many people realize it, ASICS is actually an abbreviation. Latin words that translate to “A sound mind in a sound body,” the acronym stands for Anima Sana in Corpore Sano. 

Many people struggle with pronouncing ASICS, which is ironic because it is actually pretty easy. ASICS is just pronounced like “basic” without the b, adding an S to the end.

See? Super easy.

Why Are ASICS So Popular?

ASICs are popular because you get a quality shoe for a reasonable price. You can count on they won’t make changes to make things exciting.

Their shoes are durable and can withstand mile after mile of pavement pounding. 

In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a pair of ASICS. 

Is ASICS a Conservative Shoe?

Many people see ASICS as a more conservative shoe because they are less flashy.

Companies like ASICS recognize that sticking with quality and “tried and true” products will get them far.

They are not concerned with getting mass appeal; instead, they trust their loyal customers. 

Less Flash: More Comfort

Sometimes people complain that even though they love their ASICS shoes, they wish they had more flash and came in a wider array of colors.

ASICS is invested in how you feel in the shoe more than how you look.

Although many brands of sports shoes really focus on the “cute factor,” ASICS refuses to invest too much time or energy into that angle.

They prefer to trust the consumer to recognize ta comfortable, quality product that keeps you doing your thing injury-free.

8 Top ASICS Running Shoes!

ASICS makes many awesome shoes for different sports, but let’s focus on running shoes.

What are the top ASICS out there?

  1. GT 1000: This shoe is either your favorite, or you find it boring. Why do you ask? Because it comes in colors like gray or black. That makes it a “go-to” for people looking for versatility (or wear sneakers with dress shoes the day after your long run). 
  2. Kinsei: Reviews on this shoe say it is responsible and cushioned. Plus, it comes in flashy colors that make it a super fun option. 
  3. Dynaflyte: The Dynaflyte is rated high for all around durability and ride, but gets some thumbs down on price. 
  4. Novablast: Ranked high as a fun, neutral daily trainer, they have an “incredibly responsive FlyteFoam Blast midsole.” Since these are heavier, use them for long runs, not speed work. 
  5. Gel-Excite: Since this shoe has such good traction, it can be used either on the road or on easy trails. It is a light shoe that people find comfortable but are disappointed that it comes in limited colors. 
  6. GT 2000: A stability shoe reviewers will tell you really delivers; athletes like it for both long runs and agility work. 
  7. Nimbus: Named after a cloud, reviewers say this one is like running on one. These stability shoes are widely popular with runners. 
  8. Kayano: The “3D Space Construction upper contours to the shape of your foot,” which equals incredible comfort. This shoe is ASICS’ most popular running shoe right now, and the reasons are apparent. 


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