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Best Long Distance Races for Couples

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Big red hearts, flowers, candlelight, pet names and mushy love notes , the hallmarks of being in a couple, at least according to a Lifetime movie. Since we live in the real world, real life occurs and that includes breaking a sweat. If you are lucky enough to be in running couple or you have a significant other that is up for joining you in a fun race, there are a lot of options.  While the race (and let’s be serious, probably the vacation) is the end goal, the training together can be just as fun. And the post-race celebration will be a two-for-one.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon

When: November 11, 2018
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Nothing says love like hundreds of Elvis impersonators roaming the streets. Well, maybe not but you can get married by one. At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon you can get married on the course or have your vows renewed. (Item to note if one half of you is pushing for a ring and the other is not quite there yet.)  And to add to the romance of vows in Dry Fit attire, the race starts on a closed down strip at 6:00pm leaving the whole race, for both the full and half, in the glitz and glitter of the Vegas lights. And since it is after all Las Vegas, you’ll have plenty of time to have a romantic celebratory late night dinner gazing into each other’s accomplished eyes. You might even decide to wear your medals.

For more information, visit their website here.

Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon

When: July 15, 2018
Napa, California

This self-described flat half marathon sets up the rest of your time in Wine Country as a romantic wine and food filled trip. Home to some of the best restaurants in the country you’ll want to make sure you log as many miles as possible to offset the decadent meals. You and your boo won’t hate the scenery during the race either. The hills and valleys are breathtaking. Race swag is includes but is not limited to a crystal wine glass with wine tasting and a commemorative race day label Pinot Noir from Medowcroft Wines.  The race does sell out on opening day of registration so if you are planning on running this one, you might want to mark the calendar and set the alarm. Though it is already sold out for 2018, there are alternate ways to get in.

To find out more, visit their website here.


Great Wall Marathon

When: May 19, 2018
Great Wall, Tianjin Province, China

Some couples thrive on adventure, demanding physical challenges and exotic locations. Traveling to China to complete this marathon checks all those boxes off.  There are three challenging distances to choose from: the marathon, a half marathon and 5.5 miles run. And as an added incentive for you both to participate, you might as well both run since the price for spectators is the same price for runners. The marathon does include stairs so having your significant other by your side to help encourage and motivate isn’t a bad idea. The bonding that will occur by completing this grueling marathon (or even half marathon) will surely strengthen any couple’s bond. Besides, when you all are finished you won’t feel so bad for all the carbs you’ll be consuming with the delicious rice and noodles dishes native to the country.

Visit their website here to find out how to sign up.

Honolulu Marathon

When: December 9, 2018
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

The tag is “26.2 miles in Paradise.” Sounds about right for a couple’s getaway and race trip. Spending the days before and after the marathon on the beaches of Hawaii in such a magical beach setting will be perfect for a little couple time. A unique feature of this marathon is that the course has no time limit. They wait for the last finisher to cross the line. So, if one of you is a bit worried about making the course time limits, that fear is removed here. It also speaks to the vibe of the entire race. And while most of the rest of the United States is in the middle of chilly temperatures, you’ll be getting a romantic mid-winter break in Hawaii as this race is held at the beginning of December. If mid-December doesn’t work there is a half marathon in April, the Hapalua Half Marathon. Aloha.

Visit their website for more details.

Paris Marathon

When: April 8, 2018
Where: Paris, France

Is there any city that screams love more than Paris? It’s a great idea to run through the city before you spend all your time canoodling along the Seine River drinking wine and eating macaroons at a café on the Champs-Élysées. Now granted, you may not be whistling Dixie walking up the Eiffel Tower, to grab the elevators after a full marathon but you’ll be able to take in a birds eye view of city you just ran 26.2 miles through hand-in-hand with your love. Paris is one of the world’s largest marathons with 57,000 participants. The Salon du Running fair located at Porte de Versailles, is held for three days preceding the race.   After the race, you and your amour can relax and enjoy the City of Lights since you will have already seen the best tourist spots in Paris along the course of this race.

To learn more, visit their website here.

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