13 Best Zoot Running Shoes Fully Compared


The Zoot is a brand that has been on the market more than 30 years and until now, it continues to provide super comfortable running shoes. Zoot is known for making great shoes for Triathlon. Many of their shoes can be worn without socks. The shoes also tend to have thick cushioning that adds to the comfort.

This brand has the wide range of shoes, the runners who love speed racing also will be pleased with the choice of shoes. We’ve tried to choose the best shoes from Zoot, we’ve evaluated many factors that make the shoes comfortable and useful. If you’re curious about our results, you can check them below.

Last Updated: May 18, 2018
By Izabela Król:

This update brings Del Mar, M Makai and updated version of model Ultra Tempo 6. Check them out!

Zoot Ali'i 14
  • Zoot Ali'i 14
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultrafit Compression Upper
  • Price: See Here
Zoot TT 7.0
  • Zoot TT 7.0
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • ZCR Traction Outsole
  • Price: See Here
Zoot Solana
  • Zoot Solana
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3-D Printed Upper
  • Price: See Here

 13 Best Zoot Running Shoes



1. Zoot Ali'i 14

Another neutral shoe which offers a lacing system designed for triathletes, with no lace-up required. The internal construction provides good comfort and support with a snug fit, and the outsole offers good impact protection. Although the lacing system serves good transitions, any road runner can use this shoe.
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These are very comfortable with a nice fit. They have good impact protection to ensure even more comfort, and there are no issues with stability.

These aren’t quite as durable as some others, though they will still serve you for a decent amount of time. The quality of these shoes is great and provides a good running experience.

These are probably the cheapest on this list overall, though not significantly.
  • They offer a good snug fit.
  • Good impact protection.
  • Lacing system to help with quick transitions.
  • Very slightly cheaper than other options.
  • The sizes run a little small.
  • Not as durable as some others.

2. Zoot TT 7.0

These have a mesh upper and a quick-lace system, which is handy if you value quick transitions. The midsole offers good cushioning while the shape and structure offers great support. The outsole gives good traction and rebound. These are designed for triathletes, but anyone who runs on roads or other hard surfaces can use these and feel the benefits.
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Although these generally seem comfortable, a small amount of users have experienced slight discomfort, largely due to the slightly narrow toe box. The arch support isn’t as good as some other shoes. That said, the structure of the shoes does offer good support during a run, and your feet shouldn’t feel tired or worn out after a long session in these.

These shoes are of high quality, and there have been no major reported problems with durability.

Like most shoes on this list, these are pretty much an average price in comparison to other Zoot shoes.
  • Very good traction.
  • Offer quick transitions with good lacing system.
  • Great support and rebound.
  • Good for triathletes.
  • A small amount of users seem to find these uncomfortable.
  • The arch support isn’t great.

3. Zoot Solana

These lace-up shoes have a breathable upper mesh along with an impact-reducing midsole, a comfortable moulded heel and an outsole which offers responsive ground contact. Though lightweight and flexible, they have great structural stability to support the foot without adding excess and unwanted weight. The lining also helps to keep the foot cool while allowing sweat to quickly and more comfortably leave the shoe during exercise.
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They are very breathable, which makes for great comfort if your feet get hot or sweaty. They don’t have as much cushion as some other shoes, but the midsole does still reduce a decent amount of impact. The technology of the shoe offers great stability, particularly if you like good arch and heel support.

Again, there are no real quality or durability issues, though a couple of users have reported that the cushion in the shoe can sometimes diminish fairly rapidly.

These retail at pretty much the average for a shoe from Zoot.
  • The fast-drying technology is great.
  • Good comfort and hug the feet without restriction.
  • Lightweight while still providing good stability.
  • Again, sizes run a little small.
  • The insole wears a little quickly.

4. Zoot Ultra TT 7.0

These shoes come with carbon technology for a more powerful toe-off, and the asymmetrical lacing works with the natural anatomy of the foot to keep you secured while still feeling free. They can be laced very quickly for smooth transitions and are great for road running and moderate trail running. They give a good bounce and are quite a snug fit.
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They’re not as comfortable as some other offerings on this list, and a small amount of users have experienced foot pain. That said, this is somewhat offset by the great stability offered with these shoes - the technology, shape and lacing offers a very secure experience when running without sacrificing flexibility. It’s also worth noting that the sizes run a little small.

They are a good quality shoe, and no durability issues can be found here.

These are marginally more expensive than other offerings here.
  • Great flexibility.
  • Excellent bounce.
  • Good toe-off.
  • Promote a very natural foot strike and movement pattern.
  • Not as comfortable as other offerings on this list.
  • The sizes seem to run a little small.

Zoot Del Mar

Is anyone looking for really good triathlon shoes? Well, here they’re. They have a lot of features that provide comfortable ride, they have fair price tag . The outstanding breathability and soft cushioning make reaching your goal much easier.
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Comfort/ stability
The comfort is one of the greatest thing when it comes to Zoot Del Mar. We don’t need to say that the cushioning is great as that’s what Zoot really pays attention to. The shoes seem to be very responsive, there’s also good shock absorption.

Durability/ Quality
The same problem as with other shoes, the model wasn’t durable enough for some users. They said that for original price, the shoes should span for a long time. The other factors like quality and comfort were at the highest level but the durability could be better.

Cost/ Value
As they’ve been released in 2015, now the price is much lower. You can get them for around 70 dollars. It’s a great deal if you look for some good triathlon shoes. The price depends on the website you look for, some websites are much cheaper than the others.


Classic style

Very responsive

Great for triathlon


They won’t last for a long time

Zoot Solana 2

This lightweight shoe by Zoot is guaranteed to deliver comfort, flexibility and plush cushioning on each of your runs.
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Comfort/ Stability
The Solana 2 provides optimal comfort thanks to the responsive cushioning system it is equipped with. With this shoe Zoot once again managed to create a comfortable, lightweight, and fully-functioning running shoe. Like many of their other shoes, the Solana 2 incorporates ZVA injections that provide improved outdoor traction. Overall, the Solana 2 is a perfect option for triathletes looking for an easily transitional show that is also comfortable, flexible, and durable.

Durability/ Quality
These shoes are sure to withstand the test of time thanks to Zoot’s choice to include ZVA injections.

At the affordable price this shoe is available at, you are definitely getting more than your money's worth.
  • flexible
  • comfortable
  • effortless transitions
  • ZVA injections for increased durability
  • Some users reported the toe box was too tight
  • Some runners may prefer more arch support

6. Zoot Ultra Kalani 3.0

These shoes accommodate the natural shape and stride of the foot to provide a better and more enjoyable run. They have plenty of cushioning and a 10mm heel-to-toe drop. They are lightweight and can be worn sockless.
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These fit to the shape of your foot, which provides great comfort, and the design of the lacing provides decent stability. It is worth noting that these shoes seem to run a little small, so you should perhaps size up. They can occasionally blister at the heel, though this only seems to be a sporadic problem.

These are of good quality, and no durability issues seem to be present.

These are marginally on the expensive end of the spectrum.
  • The intelligent design merges with the shape of the foot.
  • Comfortable when worn sockless.
  • Good bounce.
  • Run a little small.
  • May blister at the heel.

Zoot Ultra Tempo 6.0

The shoes are very lightweight so they can be for you if you’re into racing. They're definitely best on pavements or roads. Many users described this shoes as they fit like a glove. This is definitely one of the most responsive shoes from Zoot.
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Comfort/ stability
You can wear this shoes without socks, many our reviewers enjoyed it as they didn’t have any blisters. This is because of the no-seam construction that allows you to avoid blisters. The shoes are also extremely durable thanks to the mesh in the upper, they keep your feet dry. The shoes are well cushioned, especially on the heel. The runner gets a responsive ride, the stability and support are relatively good.

Durability/ Quality
These shoes were reviewed as not lasting very long. The whole design is very lightweight, the flexible construction is more likely to last less than the other more durable shoes. In general, the reviewers were rather satisfied with the durability but some complained that the lifespan of shoes wasn’t very long.
The shoes have a very fair price, you will need to spend on them around 70 dollars. This is not a lot of money for good quality running shoes.

Very lightweight



Could be more durable

Zoot Kiawe 2.0

Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0 are shoes that will be definitely adored by triathletes.
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Comfort/ Stability
These shoes are the best for the road running and great for racing so producer made everything to make them very lightweight. Users said that the traction is good enough and the outsole is very firm. To be honest, this is minimalistic running shoe so don’t expect a lot of cushioning. There’s some made of ZVA( this is EVA foam). It helps to protect your feet a little bit. There’s also special the CarbonSpan+ to give you more support while running. Many users also really liked the socklike fit design. There’s much less slipping so they blisters are also less prone to appear. The Dri-Lex material deals with the moisture and prevent your feet from excessive sweating. The water drainage is also at the high level which is crucial for triathlon. Users were really pleased with the breathability, even in hot weather conditions.

Durability/ Quality
Special ZCR carbon rubber is very durable. Reviewers said that despite being racing shoes, these last for a long time.

These shoes are very popular amongst Zoot lovers. These shoes aren’t the newest product from Zoot but they’re definitely worth trying. What’s more, their release date also enables to get them at the lower price. For less than 40 dollars, you can get great racing shoes.

Some users said that you can wear them without socks on

Very lightweight and breathable

Great for races and triathlon


There’s only one color to choose and it may not be good for everyone

8. Zoot Ultra Race 4.0

These ones are built for triathletes, and they’re easy to slip in and out of, making transitions a breeze. The lacing system is very convenient and easy to use. These shoes are great if you have high arches, and are very lightweight and comfortable. A small amount of users have reported blistering with these, but they seem to be a great comfy fit for most buyers. They have an attractive design with a purple and yellow colour scheme.
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They are very comfortable and lightweight, though a couple of users seem to have experienced blisters. It is worth noting that they do run slightly small, which might account for this issue. You’d be best buying a size or half a size bigger than you typically wear. The lacing system of these helps with stability.

Like most offerings from Zoot, these are of high quality. They seem to have no major durability issues, but a small number of users have noted that the colours sometimes run in the wash or in the rain.

These range in price depending on size, but they’re generally slightly more expensive than other offerings from Zoot.
  • They have a nice aesthetic design.
  • The lacing system is good for quick transitions.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good for high arches.
  • They run a little small – this can also lead to blistering.
  • The colours may run a little.

9. Zoot Advantage 3.0

The Zoot Advantage 3.0 is the perfect outdoor running shoes for runners looking for a simple, functional, and durable shoe.
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hese lightweight shoes provide you with stability and traction during your outdoor runs. While it has shock absorbing qualities, you will still be able to feel the terrain and enjoy every step of the way!

The Advantage 3.0 are simple yet highly durable shoes that are sure to last you a while!

At under $100, the Zoot Advantage 3.0 is worth every penny
  • Adequate traction
  • Lightweight.
  • durable
  • Some users report the sizing is off
  • Shock absorption could use improvement

Zoot M Makai

If you’re looking for a lot of cushioning and you want something lightweight, we’ve got a product that may. The seamless construction is very comfortable for the runner and other features like #D heel counter make the running even more pleasant.
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Comfort/ stability
When you hear the name of the brand, you can be sure that the cushioning will be remarkable. This make shoes even more comfortable. The BareFit construction allows you to wear these shoes without socks. The breathable mesh in the upper boosts the ventilation. The moisture wicking properties also do the job, you enjoy fresh and dry fit.

Quality/ durability
Like in some other Zoot shoes, here appears the problem with durability. Users said that for the original price, they should last much longer that they did in reality. This is probably the problem of not durable enough construction that affects the lifespan of the shoes.

Cost/ Value
While we were making a research, we discovered that the price is different in the other shops. On some sites, it costs less than 100 dollars, on the others, it’s about 120 dollars. These shoes aren’t very expensive but it’s advisable to look for the lower price. The shoes are ideal for runners with neutral pronation

The lacing system can be adapted to your needs

Unique style

Well- cushioned


The lack of durability

10. Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Boa

This neutral shoe has a fast lacing system perfect for triathletes. The shoe comes with a high-response midsole for cushion and bounce while the upper offers a responsive and natural fit and the water drainage system means that the shoes don't stay wet for very long.
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These are very comfortable and lightweight, and the fit is particularly nice. They offer a good, stable run, but are mostly suitable for road racing. A very small amount of users have experienced soreness with these, but not enough for this to seem significant. The sizes do run a little small.

These are about as durable as other offerings from Zoot, and are of very good quality.

These run about an average price for an offering from Zoot.
  • Many users like the colours of the design.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Lovely comfortable fit.
  • Good cushion and bounce.
  • Sizes run a little small.
  • These aren't as well-tested as other options on this list

Here Are The Main Things We Looked At

Choosing the top 10 is always hard task as we need to pick up ten products from many. To make our task easier, every time we make a list of points that will be helpful for evaluation. We stick to the points and they help us to decide which shoes are great and which are not.

Trail running or road running?

The first choice that you need to make is to decide which type of running you want to do. Of course, you can do both but each type needs different shoes. If you plan to run in parks, on the streets and hard asphalt, road running shoes will be the best option for you. Road shoes have other lug patterns that trail shoes and that’s why road shoes let you be faster. They are also much way lighter than trail shoes which is a big advantage for some people.

Road running shoes aren’t very supportive in comparison to trail shoes. If you want to run on rocky terrain or somewhere where is a lot of mud and the ground is wet, you need to purchase trail running shoes. These type usually have better traction. One of the most important features of trail shoes is special rock plate which provides extra protection against all the sharp rocks. The sole is much thicker and your shoes make you feel more stable.

It’s good to find shoes which are stable but flexible at the same time. Trail shoes should be also waterproof but they should also have breathable uppers. You need to decide which type you want as it may have a really big impact on your running and health- for example, road shoes shouldn’t be used for trail running as they don’t give you enough protection.

Do you want waterproof or not?

Waterproof shoes may be a great option that will make your running easier. When the winter or fall comes and the weather is really rainy, it’s not a reason to give up running. Of course, you can use the treadmill in the home but running outside is more interesting and you have bigger motivation. With waterproof shoes, your feet won’t be wet during the run.

This is very important as if they are wet while running, you may be ill after running. What’s more, wet feet are the great environment for bacteria to spread. You must, however, be aware that when you do a water crossing, it is probable that water will enter at the top of the shoe. Remember that if you plan to run in the winter, you will also need a shoe which keeps heat inside. However, nobody said that running shoes must be waterproof.

This kind of shoes is much less breathable and can make your feet sweating all the time. They have also a tendency to dry much slower than normal running shoes. The perspiration from your feet is also trapped by waterproof shoes so, in the end, you may have wet feet in waterproof shoes.

Appropriate size and fit are a half of the success

We can’t talk about comfort while running if we have a wrong size. Size is a big deal, especially when it comes to running shoes. People also tend to not care about the size- they think that it’s not bad if the shoes is too big as you can still have laces to tighten it. The too small shoe isn’t also a problem for some people at the beginning. We think that the good size is crucial. You may think that when you have too small shoes delivered, you will run in them a little and they will be looser. Well, this isn’t the best idea as if you choose high-quality shoes, they won’t become loose after few miles.

The worst thing about too small size is blisters. They hurt really bad and you can even be unable to walk normally. If you run with orthotics, you should take them to the shop to check the fit. Remember to try on the shoes at the end of the day, in the morning, your feet are different. Think about your toe- they need to have enough space. Not enough roomy toe box is a big problem with many running shoes. Sizing charts vary by manufacturer so always check the sizing chart and remember that for running shoes, you may need even one size larger shoes.

Durability and why more than one pair

The running shoes have a special design to be more durable than the normal shoes. Of course, on the market, you can find cheaply made products which won’t last more than a month. You should retire your running shoes between 350-500 miles. This number may change as it really depends on the runner. If you run twice a day or you prepare for the marathon, it’s obvious that your shoes will need to be replaced faster. Durability depends on many factors. We often hear that it’s good to have 2 or 3 pairs of running shoes and we totally agree with it. It may sound a little strange at first but running shoes also need a rest. In this way, they will provide more support for the run. It’s also important to wear road shoes for running on the pavements and etc and wear trail shoes for off-road running. You need to also keep your shoes away from the heat.


Here Are A Few More Things To Consider

We are very demanding when it comes to running shoes as we want to provide our readers only the best products. The list above is good but we came to the point that there are many other factors that need to be evaluated and we can’t make an evaluation without them.

What about the budget?

We know that the best option would be to spend only a few dollars on shoes and enjoy great protection and comfort but this dream is unreal. To be honest, running shoes aren’t very cheap products. It really depends on the brand but those which offer high-quality shoes are rather expensive. However, there are also many brands which are less popular but they also have great, high-quality shoes and are much cheaper. We know that people who run for pleasure, they don’t need extra running shoes with million functions, they won’t just simple, comfortable shoes.

You need to decide which additional features you want because these also have a big impact on price. If you live in the hot area, you won’t need waterproof shoes. Reflective materials can be very useful as they can even save our life but if you run in the morning when it’s light, you don’t need it. If you want to save some money, try to look for shoes on sales. Don’t believe people who say that you can buy good running shoes for 40 dollars because it’s not true. The price is the last thing you should check, the comfort and high-quality material must be first.


If you tend to run long distances, cushioning will be a good way to help you feel more comfortable. Good amount of cushioning can absorb the shock from your feet while running. However, the cushioning in the shoe isn’t a must-have. It is said that cushioning lowers the risk of injuries. Some shoes with cushioning tend to be a little bit bulky. The big advantage of the cushioning shoes is their weight- they are very lightweight. The flexibility is also very big and your shoes aren’t stiff. There are different levels of cushioning available on the market so you can choose the best for you. If you tend to run on hard asphalt, the cushioning may be a very good option and you can feel much more comfortable in cushioning shoes. The choice is yours.

Look and care

Running shoes and all running clothes are the big part of our running adventure. Nice running clothes give us a lot of motivation, they make us more confident and we have better mood if we have nice clothes on. This is why we put this factor on our list. You need to think what your shoes should look like. The market is full of colorful shoes and sometimes it’s very hard to choose one pair. Manufacturers are aware that colorful options are fashionable now so you can choose very flashy colors. When you focus on the look, it would be good if your shoes had reflective materials.

When you run in the night, it’s very hard for a driver to see you in the dark. Reflective materials will let you to be visible from the longer distance.. Think about the design. There is a much different design of the shoes and it’s your choice which one you take. When you want to buy light or white shoes, don’t forget that the mud and dirt is very visible on them. Look for shoes which are easy in maintenance. By this we mean that there won’t be any problem with cleaning. The shoes shouldn’t die if they were made from high-quality material. Don’t be surprised that most running shoes need to be washed in hands and they can’t be heat dried.


Many runners also need to check how much weight they need. If you run on the road, you want to improve your speed and timing, you need lightweight shoes. As cushioning is very popular with trail running, there’s also a possibility to make road running more comfortable by adding some padding. You must be somehow aware that the fabrics which make shoes very lightweight aren’t very cheap. Lightweight materials can be even more expensive than the heavier ones as people tend to look for lightweight shoes not heavy.

The good news is that manufacturers know the special technologies that can make lightweight material and it’s not so expensive. Heavy shoes aren’t something pleasant during running. They will make you feel you’re wearing heavy obstacles on your feet. Remember however that trail running shoes need to be heavier as they have rock plates and different features to provide protection.



Q. I’ve heard about different levels of cushioning. Can you explain them?

A. Manufacturers offer different levels of cushioning and they name it differently but here you go with the most basic cushioning levels. The choice is yours, it will be good if you try on the shoe with cushioning first as not everybody likes it.

Barefoot- this may be hard but try to imagine shoes without padding. If you want to feel literally everything that is under your feet, here you go.

Minimal- this is a very popular option especially for those who don’t like a lot of cushioning but they want to feel more comfortable and protected on the trail.

Moderate- this is the classical one, for trail runners who want to feel good on rocks and uneven terrains.

Maximum- the highest level of cushioning as the title implies. Shoes with maximum cushioning have a lot of padding in the midsole. There are people who think that cushioned shoes make your toe-off less efficient. However, there are people who adore cushioning. It is said that it lowers the risk of injuries and help to fight muscles fatigue during longer runs.

Q. Where I should buy my shoes?

A. This question is very hard to answer as it really depends on many factors. Well, the good option is buying shoes in the store. You can try on the shoes, touch it so you can check if they’re not made from cheap material. You can also ask the shop assistant to help you choose the best one for you. When you are in the store, you see the shoes in reality. While buying online, you only see the photo. So now you may wonder why so many people buy running shoes online. Well, there’s bigger chance to find shoes on sale.

On the internet, you can really find big sales and even if you choose the wrong size, there’s usually a possibility to return the product. The problem appears also when the store is far away from your home. Many runners also go to the store and try the shoes and then buy it online. What’s more, there are many brands that are available on the Internet but unfortunately, they’re not available in the store. You need to decide which option will be better for you but we think that buying online isn’t bad.

Q. Are expensive shoes always better?

A. This is a question that is very often asked? The answer may be shocking but expensive shoes aren’t always the best ones. The running shoes are like the other things- they have different price, different quality. so now think about how much expensive thing you have bought in your life and they didn’t work well. The same with running shoes. There are many shoes that are expensive because they’re made from high-quality materials which aren’t cheap and the shoes are very comfortable and they are worth the value.

Unfortunately, there are products that are made from low-quality materials but they are very expensive. Sometimes shoes can be more expensive only because famous celebrity advertises it. This is quite tricky and the customer may have a big problem to find the good shoes. That’s why we recommend focussing on quality and comfort first. We know that it may be hard to not look at the price first, especially when you don’t have money to burn, but it will really help you to choose comfortable shoes.

Q. I don’t know if I want to do trail running or road running. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of running?

A.These two types are the most popular. They are much different and the different running shoes are needed to run off road and run on road. Here are some pros and cons of these types of running.

The Pros of Road Running

• This type is very easy to start, you just put on your shoes and go running. You don’t need to use the car to drive to off road place.
• The surface like asphalt or concrete are the best to prepare yourself for the race
• If you suffer from several conditions like for example Achilles problems, road running will be the best option for you as there’s much less stress on your muscles and tendons
• It is much safer for you when you run at night as most streets have lights
• It’s very easy to enjoy running with other runners and meet new friends during running

The cons of Road Running

• Let’s be honest, running on the concrete may be also a big challenge of weak tendons and if you have the weak tissue or you are recovering from the injury, running on pavement or any other hard surface may be a bad idea.
• If you imagine running alone on the road, don’t be surprised because there are many pedestrians, cyclists, and cars of course so it will be hard to relax and you need to be careful
• Remember in the city, there are many uneven surfaces too, and it’s very easy to hurt yourself

The Pros of Trail Running

• While running on the trail, you may encounter soft surfaces which are really good if you don’t want to much impact
• The surface you run on is very diversified and your muscles and tissues may sometimes rest a little as there is less stress
• When the surface isn’t flat, you develop more strength and you build your muscles
• The most beautiful thing about the trail running is that you can discover breathtaking scenery and you may visit new places where there aren’t many people and you can relax a little bit. There are no crowds like on the streets and you don’t need to worry about the cars and pedestrians.

The Cons of Trail Running

• There’s a big risk that you can hurt your ankle while trail running
• It may be difficult for some runners to keep the balance on uneven terrain and they may get hurt
• There may be many elevations both up and down and they can be really hard for people with knee or hip pain
• You need to usually drive your car to the place when you can run off road


Now you know our top 13 picks, how to choose shoes and a little bit about them. We hope that with our article, you won’t need to stay in the shop for hours and the choice will be easy to make. Don’t forget to let us know about your Zoot Running Shoes. Have you bought them? Or maybe you’ve already tested them? Let us know in the comments below.

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