Brooks Pureflow 7 Reviewed & Compared

The Brooks Pureflow sneaker model was originally developed during the minimalistic and barefoot running craze that was all the rage a few years ago. Brooks’ Pure line of sneakers are shoes that help to keep you connected to the ground as you run, even though they may not be quite barefoot running sneakers. Rather, the Brooks PureFlow 7 is a neutral running shoe that features a lower stack height and less rubber on the outsole.

Like its predecessor, the outsole boasts flex grooves to help deliver a more natural running gait and a rounded beveled heel to help keep your body in alignment. The shoe has a highly customizable feel to it, thanks to the 3D Fit technology present in the upper and DNA foam in the midsole. At such an affordable price point, this is a solid choice in a running shoe for the experienced runner.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • 3D Fit upper provides a customized fit
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole delivers cushioning and response
  • Flex grooves on the outsole work with rest of sneaker for great flexibility
  • Rounded beveled heel helps with body alignment and support
  • Affordable price tag
  • Cons
    • Some say toe box tends to be too narrow
    • The material around heel collar irritated the skin of some users
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Brooks Pureflow 7 resembles that of its predecessor, the PureFlow 6. It is made of blown rubber and has a unique design to it. Most of the shoes’ treads are textured rectangle-like pods with a small circle design in the center of each.

      The forefoot and heel of these pods feature slightly thicker blown rubber in order to stave off abrasion to the parts of the shoe that take the brunt of the force while running. At the center of the heel portion, you will find a small circle of blown rubber, which is designed to absorb shock so these are great shoes for heel strikers. The forefoot of the outsole boasts a flex grid complete with flex grooves which are placed here to help the foot naturally flex and move with each stride. The forefoot also features small diamond-like holes which give you a little peek of the DNA midsole.

      The sneaker also has a rounded heel design, which minimizes strain on joints and helps to keep your body in alignment.
      Brooks utilizes their popular BioMoGo DNA foam material in the sneakers’ midsole. This material is both environmentally friendly, meaning that it decomposes a lot faster than other EVA midsoles, and responsive.

      The midsole is a full-length unit of the DNA material and is much lighter compared to more traditional cushioning midsole systems and provides durable protection throughout your run. The Brooks Pureflow 7’s midsole also boasts Omega Flex Grooves which enhance the flexibility of the shoe. These grooves work in conjunction with the grooves in the outsole to deliver flexibility without taking away from underfoot cushioning. The DNA foam works with your height, weight, and running patterns to deliver a more adapted running experience.
      Unlike the Pureflow 6, the Brooks Pureflow 7 does not have a quilted upper design. Rather, this sneaker features a tightly-woven, slightly stretchy material that adapts to your foot shape and delivers a snug and accommodating fit that is not too constricting. This upper technology is called Brooks’ 3D Fit and is designed to deliver a highly customized fit.

      The seamless upper also boasts an internal bootie-like design which delivers additional comfort and softness. The tongue and heel collar are both padded with soft fabric for a great in-shoe feel. Inside the sneaker, you will find a removable sock liner as well. The upper also features synthetic overlays which reinforce the eyelets of the lacing system and the sides of the sneaker and work to create an even snugger fit.
      These low-to-the-ground sneakers do not have a lot of heavy materials in their construction so they are fairly lightweight. You will definitely not feel weighed down with these on your feet. The men’s weighs 8.9 ounces and the women’s weighs 8.1 ounces.
      The upper on the Brooks Pureflow 7 is made up of breathable seamless woven material that allows great airflow in and out of the foot chamber. Previous versions of this shoe had a number of overlays included on the upper which may have detracted slightly from airflow but these sneakers are fairly breathable. Some users have said they even wear them without socks thanks to the soft lining. Whether you wear them with or without socks, however, you should experience a decent amount of breathability.
      Because this sneaker features Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA foam in its midsole, the shoe adapts well to your particular foot shape, weight, and running patterns thus creating a more comfortable and personalized fit. The inside of the upper is lined with a soft material that is designed to add comfort and the tongue and heel collar are padded enough to even go without socks. Although this sneaker model was born during the minimalist running fad, this sneaker is not as minimal as the original because of the softer cushioning included in its midsole.

      However, it should be noted that several customers have said that the toe box feels a little too narrow. Some users also commented that the material surrounding the heel collar irritates their ankles but this could be avoided with wearing slightly higher socks if it is a problem with you.
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 is a great-looking affordable running sneaker. It does not have a lot of flashy colorways, rather, the colorways offered are subtle and appealing in both the men’s and women’s versions. With that said, there are a couple of options that are brighter than the others.

      These shoes are low-profile and do not have an overblown midsole so they can be comfortably worn while racking up mileage and then out running errands without looking like you are wearing pillows on your feet. The aesthetically-pleasing minimalist-like style of these shoes is eye-catching and comfortable.
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 is durable enough for what they are designed for - light to longer runs. The outsole is made of blown rubber and is made to withstand even double-digit distances. However, some users have expressed concern with how quickly the outsole wears and some worry they won’t last very long. The upper does not offer much protection in terms of outside elements so after a few hundred miles, you may notice some wear and tear in the upper, but this is not definite - it all depends on your running.
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 will protect your feet in a few different ways. Firstly, the outsole is engineered using multiple rubber pods that are designed to work with the corresponding flex grooves to help your feet move and flex naturally. This will improve performance and eliminate discomfort. You may have to get used to these flex grooves and pods if you aren’t used to running on them but they are made for comfort and performance.

      The rounded heel, as in previous models of this shoe, is designed to help you achieve better alignment and allows for a smooth heel to toe transition. The sole of the heel is designed to protect your joints from painful jarring by absorbing shock. As with many of Brooks’ sneakers, this shoe also offers additional arch support where it is needed most.
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 is engineered to work with your stride to deliver a more natural running experience. The rubber pods and flex grooves on the outsole will move with your foot naturally while the DNA midsole will react with each step to push you forward. The underfoot feel of these sneakers will provide a cushioned and responsive ride, all while not being too soft. The upper will not restrict the movement of your feet because the flexible woven material will move naturally as you run. All of these features combine to create a responsive and comfortable running experience.
      The rounded heel of the PureFlow 7 is labeled by Brooks as the “Ideal Heel” and it is a technology that they have included on several of their sneakers. This technology simply aligns your feet and hips more naturally, resulting in more positive running experience. The ideal heel is beveled and rounded and contributes to a better heel landing.

      Although it is not in the best form to land on your heels step after step, which is why Brooks made the heel the way it is - to help you achieve a more natural gait. The DNA midsole will help support your feet as well because it is made to adapt to your personal foot shape, which will help keep your feet supported and comfortable. With its flexible and adaptable woven upper, your feet will feel snug and supported as well. Additionally, the Brooks Pureflow 7 features a decent level of arch support.
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 is ideally suited for road, sidewalk, or other well-groomed and solid surfaces. The textured rubber pods that make up the outsole will carry you over these terrains easily but they are not aggressive lugs that will grip technical terrains easily. Not to mention, since the outsole features some holes that expose the midsole, sticks and pebbles may get caught in them, giving another reason as to why they are not suited for trail running.
      One of the great things about these high-quality running shoes is the fact that they are surprisingly affordable. For such a trusted name in running shoes, a price tag of around $100 is a great deal.
      The outsole of the Brooks Pureflow 7 features a number of textured blown-rubber pods that will deliver a typical amount of traction for any road-running sneaker. The rubber will work responsibly with the road and will help to propel you forward. Several users commented on how well the shoe held up around corners and even in wet conditions.
      The 3D Fit technology present in the Brooks Pureflow 7's upper delivers an excellent amount of flexibility not only by providing a highly customized fit but also by moving and flexing with your feet as you run. This technology works in conjunction with the flex grooves on the outsole to deliver a naturally-flexible running experience. The lightweight yet cushioned DNA midsole also contributes to the excellent flexibility of the PureFlow 7.
      The main stabilizing feature present in the Brooks Pureflow 7 is the rounded “Ideal Heel”. This important stability features not only improves body alignment as you run, but it also disperses shock and reduces the effects running impact nature has on your joints. Another stabilizing feature of this sneaker is the midsole platform which is generously wide, adding to the support and stability of the shoe. The BioMoGo DNA foam of the sneakers’ midsole combined with these other components makes this minimalistic running shoe fairly stable for a shoe that is not marketed as a “stability running sneaker”.
      The heel stack of the Brooks Pureflow 7 measures 24mm while the toe stack measures 20mm, giving this sneaker a low drop of only 4mm. As stated earlier, this sneaker model was originally born during the minimalistic running fad a few years ago and Brooks has adapted it over the past few models to be both minimalistic and cushioned. The low-profile design of the shoe will deliver more ground feel than more cushioned sneaker models yet it will also provide support and comfort more-so than if it were a barefoot running sneaker.
      Key Features
      - BioMoGo DNA midsole provides support, cushion, comfort, and an adaptable feel
      - 3D Fit technology in the woven upper provides flexibility as well as a customized fit
      - Flex-grooves in the outsole work with the midsole and upper to deliver a very flexible running experience
      - A rounded beveled heel helps to keep the body aligned while running and helps prevent shock to your joints
      Bottom Line
      The Brooks Pureflow 7 is a solid road-running sneaker that will provide flexibility, cushion, comfort, and a relative amount of ground feel. If you are looking for a dependable running shoe that will carry you over multiple miles without a ridiculous amount of spongy cushioning, then this sneaker is a great option for you. The highly adaptable upper and midsole will deliver a customized running experience with the rounded heel helping to support your feet and keep your body aligned properly.

      While some users have said this sneaker tends to feel a little snug in the toe box area, others have said the fit is true to size. With a very affordable price tag for such a high-quality sneaker, it is hard to go wrong with adding the Brooks Pureflow 7 to your running shoe repertoire.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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