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Asics Noosa FF Review Facts

Triathletes looking for a race shoe that will provide comfort and coolness during their long hauls can look to the Asics Noosa FF for their running needs. This neutral shoe is lightweight, seamless, and provide excellent cushioning in the midsole. Its highly breathable upper mesh will keep the runner’s foot cool and dry throughout a ride even on a hot summer’s day, while its springy midsole provides a great energy return with every step. Its heel and tongue grips allow for easy slip-on and provide a great lockdown after lace-up with their lightweight keeps the runner moving even after many miles without feeling a drag on their feet.  

There have been some fine-tune adjustments from the original Noosa edition. The design of the upper has been modified to incorporate more perforations to ensure maximum breathability, for instance. This highly ventilated mesh ensures that the foot will be kept cool and dry during a run and over long distances. In addition, its midsole has been updated to the full-length FlyteFoam™ midsole, which is more than fifty percent lighter than most cushioning systems across the industry. Highly adaptive, this midsole technology absorbs the shock of impact thanks to its dampening mechanism. The wet-grip outsole of the Noosa FF is resistant to slip, which makes this a superior shoe to wear on wet surfaces while also providing superior grip on dry surfaces. In addition, its elastic lock laces saves time for runners who would rather streamline the entire process of going on a run and not waste time during lace-up.

Asics has been producing some of the most reliably comfortable shoes on the market for years now. Having earned a dedicated following and clientele, the Noosa FF goes one step further by being a comfortable neutral running shoe for triathletes in mind. Of course, daily runners looking for a little more comfort in their shoe may also find this a comfortable everyday trainer, as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extremely comfortable shoe 

Surprisingly lightweight

Ideal for both short sprints and long-distance runs

Highly breathable upper mesh 


Some may find this a somewhat expensive trainer

A few runners have found the toe box a little narrow

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  • The shoe is kind of see through but very light and comfortable. The neon color really pops.
  • These shoes made me feel like I was running faster. Is that possible? They are very light comfy and very responsive.
  • These really fit to size. These are exactly what I expected from the description. I couldn't really find any faults in these. They are super comfortable and with Asics, I have found they are very consistent with there shoe fit and sizing.
  • I am used to having some discomfort after I run. These shoes have eliminated that for me. After running with these shoes, I feel like I can just keep right on going These are really great shoes.
  • I am super happy with the width of these shoes. They are firm yet cushy and they are light, light , light. I am really happy with my purchase. "
  • These shoes are great for training. They are a light and comfortable shoe and have a real neutral design to them. I like the color as well, they really look great.
  • These shoes seem to wear really even and have worked well with my pronation. The tongue on the shoe is a little awkward but nothing I cannot handle. I like the lacing of these shoes and they fit really nug like I like. I am a huge Asics fan because there shoes seem to be right for my foot and my style running. They really are supportive.
  • I switched te laces out and stopped wearing sock since I am now doing Triathlons and these are a dream. I put a lot of miles on them right out of the box. You can feel them on the toe a bit and I wish they were a bit easier to take on and off. But all in all , they are a great shoe.
  • I am glad they redesigned the shoe. It really looks great. They have a good weight to them and they are snug. Maybe a bit too snug for some people in the toes but good for me.
  • These seem to have more support than the old Noosa’s and they are nice and snug. I get a lot of compliments on these at work. They hold me up and give me no pain either. Great work shoe for sure.
  • Although these seemed a little tight, they were super comfy. Great heel and midfoot support and I can wiggle my toes around. Great Shoe Asics.
  • Super light shoe without lacking support. They are the best shoe I have ever ran in. I didn’t get blisters from the break in time and they were snug and cushy.
  • I have been running these at a an average 4 miles a week and I am very pleased. They have really pushed me on my sprints and They are really comfy. I will buy these again.
  • These take a bit of time to break in compared to other shoes I have bought but it is totally worth it. They are way beyond my expectation in durability and responsiveness. They are comfortable and hug my feet in all the right spots. They are really light and by far my most favorite soe ever.
  • This is like no other Noosa I have owned. They have upgraded a already awesome shoe. They are light and soft. They really breath great, leaving my toes nice and cool. I am in love with this FF series, they have outdone themselves.
  • These shoes were designed to be worn barefoot. I see all these reviews about tightness. I love this shoe and it does exactly what it was made to do, support my barefoot. It has great comfort and the design is very original.
  • These shoes are so tough yet they have a great bounce and cushion to the, I do not get shin splints or any pain with these. The support is out of this world. I am super happy with the price too, very affordable for such a great design.
  • Sturdy yet light, comfortable yet snug and durable. These shoes have been a foot pleaser for sure. I highly recommend thee shoes.
  • I probably won't use these as my runners as they run pretty small along my toes. I do love them though. They are nice and cushioned and support my feet really well. They are super durable and made with that in mind. I beat the heck out of my shoes when I walk and these don't seem to mind. I would suggest a size bigger.
  • I am a Asics fan but these are really faulting in cushion. Plus, they run really small.
  • This shoe has no support and they seem to have changed the lace up system. These are really thin and bend up a lot when you try and tighten them. The tongue tends to slide down as well. I guess these would be alright for simple walking.
  • I always buy Asics for work. I am a nurse and work strenuous hours. These have failed me this time though. These are way smaller in the toe box than any other Asics that I have bought and my toenail really has been hurting me. I hope it doesn't fall off.
  • Asics made this shoe too narrow. They really have a lot of pressure on the top o the toes and the ball of my foot.
  • I am used to wearing the Cumulus for years and had to switch so I chose these. I am going to have to keep looking. These gave me some of the worst pain in my achilles I have ever had. I am a triathlon runner and put my shoes to work. These are not going to work.
  • Way too narrow! I Wear an 8 in all asics and I I liked the color of these but the comfort is a no go. They were rubbing my heel spretty bad and my toes were all scrunched up. They went back to the store immediately.
  • There is no support in the front of this shoe. The cushioning in the whole shoe is really cheap and seems like it is going to fall apart. They made my feet hurt really bad after only a couple miles. I tried to switch the insoles but that did not help at all. It may have made it worse. These shoes are just badly designed and cheap.
  • I tried to wear these to work at the hospital and OMG are they ridiculously tight. I traded them in for a bigger size and they still caused me a lot of pain. I am not happy about this at all.
  • It was like I put my foot into a torture chamber. I have always bought the gel nimbus and these are no comparison. They are so tight and just awful.
  • I really enjoyed the color on these but I could not break them in. They were way too tight and super stiff.
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Made of Asics’ patented AHAR carbon rubber, the outsole of the Noosa FF is effective in protecting the shoe from abrasions and wear and tear. This durable rubber also provides wet-grip when traversing on wet surfaces. This is complemented by sections that are covered in blown rubber, which is flexible, lightweight, and provides a good bounce during a run. Besides this, the Noosa FF features an extension of the rubber that goes beyond the edges of the outsole that run along the medial and lateral part of the foot. This provides more stability and aids in firmly gripping the road.


One of the main features of the Noosa FF is its extremely comfortable midsole. Made of Asics’ proprietary FlyteFoam™, this revolutionary material uses organic fibers to bind EVA molecules together to provide a more durable midsole when compared to a regular EVA midsole. This guarantees a longer lasting cushioning from this midsole, which is springy and not too plush.


The upper of the Noosa FF has been modified from its previous edition to include more perforations on the surface to provide more efficient ventilation, in effect helping instantly dry and cool the foot while the triathlete transitions from one sport to the next. This seamless upper’s inner surface is smooth to the touch, allowing for runners to comfortably wear these shoes without having to wear socks to protect against irritation. A pull tab at the rear of the upper helps slip the shoe on and off, while a high-grip material has been used for both the pull tab and the tongue to prevent slippage and hold the foot firmly in place in the foot chamber. In addition, the Noosa FF comes with both traditional shoelaces and elastic laces that make transitioning between triathlon events much smoother.


Built for comfort first, the Noosa FF is a well-cushioned shoe with a fair amount of features built into it. With that in mind, it’s not exactly an ultra-lightweight shoe. However, it’s also not too heavy. Coming in at 8.9 ounces/252 grams in men's and 7.2 ounces/204 grams in women's, the Noosa FF is well under the 10ounce threshold.


One major update the Noosa FF has received is its improved upper, which features a highly ventilated mesh that allows for air to enter the foot chamber. Incorporating numerous perforations for maximum breathability, the Noosa FF keeps the foot cool and dry throughout a run.


One of the main selling points of the Noosa FF is the high level of comfortability it provides. Its midsole is constructed of FlyteFoam® technology, a lightweight synthesis of organic fibers and EVA foam that’s super-responsive and comfortable while its seamless upper’s interior feels smooth on the skin, allowing runners to not even wear socks if they choose. However, the Noosa FF is also a relatively firm shoe, so it never feels too plush.


The first takeaway when looking at a pair of Asics Noosa FF’s is, “That looks like a comfortable sneaker.” Of course, since comfort is one of its selling points, it helps that it looks as comfortable as it is. The overall aesthetics of the Noosa FF also signals it as a running shoe. It’s a bit too ostentatious to be an everyday shoe, with its brightly tricolored uppers that have a gradient fade from one color to the next and similarly chunky outsoles with the Noosa logo emblazoned on the side. Eye-catching and highly visible (at least, depending on which color scheme you choose), the Noosa FF is not going to be mistaken for a casual everyday shoe but it looks rather slick as a trainer.


Built out of sturdy materials, the Noosa FF is a durable trainer. Its FlyteFoam® midsole is made of a compound of organic fibers and EVA foam, providing a long-lasting, responsive midsole that won’t lose its spring or cushioning until after many, many miles of wear. In addition, its synthetic upper is made of durable materials, while its carbon rubber outsole is sturdy and highly resistant to wear over time.


Over standard running surfaces like asphalt, pavement, and tracks, the Noosa FF will protect your foot to a nominal degree. In particular, its outsole, which wraps up and around higher than most standard outsoles, will protect the sole of your foot well, while its wet grip will keep you safe on slick surfaces. However, its breathable upper mesh, made of synthetic material, is not going to provide either warmth or protection from harsher elements. While its thin, comfortable midsole absorbs impact and provides a nice energy return, this is not a tenacious trail runner.


Two great features of the Noosa FF make it a highly responsive trainer: its wet-grip outsole and FlyteFoam® midsole. The outsole, which is made of three different rubber compounds, grips slick surfaces with tenacity, providing the runner with a great amount of surface control and traction. Meanwhile, its FlyteFoam® midsole is a composite material of EVA foam and organic fibers that provides great energy return and cushioning for a highly responsive ride.


The Noosa FF is a neutral shoe, which means it only offers standard arch support for neutral runners. Those who suffer from over- or underpronation or have fallen arches may need additional support insets for this shoe. Simply put, this is not specifically a support shoe.


Made for smooth running surfaces such as asphalt, pavement, and track and outfitted with solid wet-grip outsoles, the Asics Noosa FF is best in dry conditions but can handle slick surfaces relatively well. However, these are not made for trail running or more extreme activities. The Noosa FF is best for triathletes who need a solid shoe that will perform well on the standard surfaces they find themselves encountering.


While not exorbitantly expensive, the Noosa FF is also not exactly a budget trainer. Instead, its price falls in the “slightly above average” range. However, for the amount of comfort it provides, its durability, and its versatility, it’s a fair price for a brand-name shoe.


With its outsole made of three different rubber compounds, AHAR (high abrasion rubber), blown AHAR, and Wet Grip, this outsole is made to keep traction on slick surfaces and wet conditions. This rubber also aids in providing a great deal of traction during a workout or run on regular dry running surfaces.


With a synthetic upper mesh that wraps firmly around the foot after lace-up for a great fit, the upper of the Noosa FF is certainly flexible enough. However, its outsole and midsole, particularly the platform of the shoe, is somewhat stiff, which some runners may enjoy while others may find a little too firm for their tastes.


While well-balanced, the Noosa FF is not specifically a stability shoe. Instead, this is a neutral shoe for those that have a neutral pronation. Overpronators will need to find a good inset to provide them the additional stability they need, as this is not specifically a stability shoe.


Featuring a standard 10mm heel-to-toe drop, the Noosa FF drop is standard for most trainers and will present no surprises to those used to this average drop height.
Key Features

Key Features

- Seamless construction reduces the potential for irritation and friction
- High-abrasion rubber outsole provides great traction and grip
- FlyteFoam® midsole provides great cushioning and springy energy return
- Breathable upper will keep the foot cool and dry throughout a run
- A versatile trainer that’s good for both long or short distance runs
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Asics Noosa FF are made for triathletes but are equally adept at both long and short runs. This firm but the comfortable trainer is made for the neutral runner who is looking for lightweight but soft cushioning in their running shoe and requires an outsole that can provide excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions.

With an improved upper that features more perforations to allow for better airflow in the foot chamber and coming with both standard and lock laces for quicker transitioning between activities, the Noosa FF has certainly tweaked its formula since its last edition for better overall efficiency and breathability. While some of its features have retained the same parameters, like its 10mm standard drop, overall Asics has taken a look at what worked and what could be improved upon from the last edition of the Noosa and adjusted accordingly.

Asics has been producing some of the most reliably comfortable shoes on the market for years now. Having earned a dedicated following and clientele, the Noosa FF goes one step further by being a comfortable neutral running shoe for triathletes in mind. Of course, daily runners looking for a little more comfort in their shoe may also find this a comfortable everyday trainer, as well. Another solid entry in the Asics output, the Noosa FF is a shoe made for triathletes but will work just as well as an everyday trainer for long and short runs alike.