Camelbak Arc 2

Camelbak is one of the leading competitors on the market for outdoor gear, and their reputation continues with the Camelbak Arc 2 running belt. It was designed with serious runners in mind but is perfect for anyone. It can be used for marathon runs, trail hiking or even a leisurely jog around the neighborhood. A lot of other running belts on the market are uncomfortable, made with a “one-size-fits-no one” fit, and a design that simply just doesn’t make sense. The Camelback Arc 2 takes all of these issues and solves them. Its sleek design guarantees it will stay out of the way, while its mesh padding ensures it won’t chafe. The water bottles are large enough to keep runners hydrated, yet modest enough to not weigh down the runner. And with its reflective striping, runners can rest assured that they can run safely at any time of the day.

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Pros & Cons
  • Tested runners could average 50 miles using the Camelback Arc 2.
  • The belt does not bounce.You can turn the bottles in different directions based on preference.
  • The pocket is designed for phone, key, card and/or cash.
  • The bottle’s ergonomic design is perfect for the hand.
  • Best spout design in the business.
  • Cons
    • Water bottle placement cannot be adjusted. Sometimes they get in the way of arm movement.
    • No external storage capabilities for jackets, gloves or other weather-appropriate gear.
    • Most reviews mention the pocket is too small.
    • Key Features
      There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go for a run, but having to find a way to carry a phone, keys, water bottle, and other items on a run can be a challenge. These items won’t work in gym shorts pockets, so where do they go? The Camelbak Arc 2 running belt fixes that. The water bottles stay in place when in use so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. They easily pop out of their cage with a flick of your wrist and just as easily return. They even “click” when in their proper place giving the runner peace of mind. The bottles are easy to fill, leak-proof, and the self-sealing spouts use Jet valve technology, allowing the water to be dispersed with minimal effort. The belt pocket can fit a phone, house key, and perhaps another small object. However, some users reported the pocket being a bit on the small side.
      Running belts that rub and chafe make running uncomfortable and difficult. This belt is made with a breathable, laser-bonded mesh that keeps the belt lightweight while also providing a great fit. The breathable mesh design ensures no chafing, allowing longer runs in pure comfort. The built-in elastic belt minimizes bounce for an even further guarantee of a great fit. Runners can focus on their run rather than their accessories.
      Knowing that the belt conforms to the individual runner is further evidence of a great product. Many belts on the market still have a bounce, no matter how tight a runner makes the belt. This can lead to discomfort. The Camelbak Arc 2 running belt is designed to eliminate bounce with a secure fit. This prevents sore spots and binding. The mesh padding adds additional padding, but also allows breathability so that each runner stays cool where it’s worn, whether it’s a 10k or a jog around the block. Some runners report that the belt turns during use, some occasions are when the bottles are holding frozen water. However, most are extremely satisfied with how the belt has zero bounce.
      The adjustable velcro belt fits 26” to 44” waists, coming in three sizes (small, medium and large). It includes two 300ml (10oz) bottles which are at the top of other name brand competitors. The bottle opening is 1 3/8” which is wide enough to allow ice cubes to fit inside allowing your water to stay cold on hot days. This is also the widest opening for name-brand competitors. The belt weighs 7.75oz when dry: this is a mid-range weight for other name brand competitors. Some runners have reported the velcro losing its strength after a while, while others reported that it provides a snug fit.
      Made with 70D reverse chain nylon with poly air mesh, runners can rest assured that the belt will keep up with them on runs or hikes. The bottles are dishwasher safe for easy care and BPA-free. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.
      The Camelback Arc 2 has four external nylon loops for any additional accessories that may be desired. The belt has the option for two additional arc bottles if desired. This allows the belt to carry up to 40oz of water for plenty of hydration.
      The belt is unisex, yet it has color options that most everyone will appreciate: black/electric blue; electric blue/lime punch; purple cactus flower/lime punch; skydiver. The lightweight running belt also includes reflective tape with every color pallet, so each runner stays safe on low-visibility runs.
      The Camelbak Arc 2 may be a bit on the higher end of the price scale, but with the additional cost, it also includes key features. The most important seems to be the lack of bounce that so many running hydration belts seem to have an issue with.
      Key Features
    • Bounce-free fit

    • Laser-bonded mesh for a perma-cool run

    • Jet valve technology for leak-proof bottle seal

    • TruTaste material for plastic-free taste

    • Reflective stripes for safety

    • Bottom Line
      This belt should make most everyone quite happy. While it was designed for long-distance runners, it’s versatile for use on trails, walks, jogs and runs make it a great choice for any buyer. The velcro band is adjustable for small to large sizes. It holds two 10oz bottles, plus one pocket for a phone, key, and cash. While many did report that the pocket appears to be a bit on the small side, most did report that they could at least fit their phone in the pocket. It is possible that the contents-restrictive pocket may add to the bounce-free feature that most report. By keeping accessories at a minimum, weight stays down keeping the belt light and comfortable. While the belt comes with the two 10oz bottles, it does have room to hold two additional bottles, making it possible to carry a total of 40oz of water, plenty for a long-distance run. Even with reports of a small pocket and possible turning during use, the running belt received overwhelming praise.
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