Inov-8 Race Elite Vest

The Inov-8 Race Elite Vest is designed to deliver. When you want a racing vest that will keep you going, but you don't want the full-sized racing vests or packs, the Inov-8 Race Elite Vest is one you should definitely consider. Its minimalist design can carry everything you may need, including all mandatory race kit with room for more, without getting in the way. It's a great vest for 50 or 100-mile marathons, such as Tough Mudder or Spartan Races. Its slim design ensures it won't get in the way of obstacles and with plenty of hydration storage, racers can rest assured they'll be able to run for miles without worry. Any serious racer who wants a vest that can keep up without the bulk should consider the Inov-8 Race Elite Vest.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Side-positioned water bottles for comfort
  • Six adjustment straps
  • Seven total pockets
  • Two included water bottles
  • Room for hydration vest
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable
  • Cons
    • The pockets can be difficult to access when running
    • Poles difficult to access without removing vest
    • Key Features
      The Inov-8 Race Elite Vest is a terrific minimalist vest, stripped down to the necessities for a low-profile design. This is a great choice for a 50-mile or even 100-mile marathon runs. It will keep you well hydrated and energized without slowing you down. It's a great choice for races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and other such endurance races.
      Every piece of the vest that comes in contact with the body consists of highly breathable mesh to help provide runners a constantly cool and dry run. Its lightweight design helps it disappear on runners' bodies so they can focus on the run. If running with a water bladder, the bladder can help maintain a lower body temperature due to the breathable mesh throughout the vest.
      With breathable mesh all over the vest, runners can expect a cool, dry run every time. The material wicks away moisture while promoting airflow so runners can experience a comfortable workout. The vest comes with two sternum straps and four lateral straps for a proper fit. The sternum straps don't slide unlike many vests on the market. However, the positioning is designed for ultimate comfort. The shoulder straps are wide-set which allows for a more comfortable run without the straps chafing or rubbing on your neck. The bottle positioning puts a new spin on hydration access and is designed for a more comfortable, ergonomic run. Reviewers note that this is one of the few, if not only, hard bottle designs that creates no chafing or discomfort at all.
      The vest can fit chest sizes 31 to 44 inches wide. This includes clothing underneath. The vest weighs just under 8oz and is extremely lightweight. It can hold up to 3 liters of water or 4 liters of kit. It comes with two 500mL hard water bottles and can hold an additional 2 liter water bladder, the bladder isn't included with the vest.
      The vest is composed of stretchable mesh, Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex. This allows the vest to be extremely breathable and stretchy to prevent tearing or ripping. The seams have reinforced stitching for both comfort and durability. If there's any design or manufacturing flaw within one year, return the vest to our place of purchase with receipt.
      The vest comes with two hard, 500mL hydration bottles for easy water access. They ride on the side of the torso just below the ribs. It also comes with a safety whistle with easy access.
      Unlike most vests that have either two bottles on the front or a water bladder, the Inov-8 Race Elite Vest gives runners the option of using either the bottles or the water bladder. Instead of riding on the front of the chest, the bottles on the sides of the torso below the ribs. Reviewers state this design is the first that uses hard bottles and doesn't cause chafing or bruising. There are six pockets on the front. Those above the main bottle pockets that can hold quite a few gels, salt tabs, a house key or other small items. If you're not using the water bottles, the pockets can store a cell phone. While the pockets can hold plenty, reviewers state they can be difficult to open while running. They provide a tight fit which ensures nothing will fall out. The rear pocket consists of a stretchy mesh and can hold a bladder or larger storage items, such as an extra layer. If using the water bladder, the hose can be positioned over either shoulder. The vest also features a bungee system that can be used to either cinch the vest down if not fully packed or full additional storage. Poles can be attached to loops on the rear for elevation changes or difficult terrain. However, they can be difficult to access without removing the vest. The Inov-8 Race Elite Vest can hold all required racing kit with room to spare. The vest uses stretch pockets and snaps to make it easy to put on and remove in cold weather with numb fingers. It comes with six adjustable straps for a proper tight fit. This eliminates any bounce runners may encounter. The original bottle placement helps provide a tight fit and prevents unwanted movement.
      The vest is designed as a unisex racing vest and one-size-fits-all. However, it can be adjusted for a proper fit with six adjustable straps. The vest is black with a white, reflective Inov-8 logo on the main rear pocket. It comes with two 500mL hydration bottles.
      The price is quite comparable to other high-quality racing vests. Anyone looking for a minimalist racing vest that will truly perform will expect to pay within this price range.
      Key Features
      - Water bottles located on the side of the torso below the ribs
      - Room for a 2L hydration bladder
      - Plenty of storage with a total of seven pockets: 6 in the front, 1 in the rear
      - Can carry an extra layer or additional accessories in the rear
      - 6 adjustment straps for a proper fit
      - Composed entirely of mesh for breathability
      - Attachment loops for trekking poles
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 Race Elite Vest is an excellent minimalist vest for anyone who wants a racing vest that will deliver without needing a full-profile pack. Its streamlined design won't get in the way of obstacles and nearly disappears on the body. Its breathable mesh helps ensure a cool run with no hot spots. Its durable design will keep up for seasons upon seasons of wear. With a great price tag, the Inov-8 Race Elite Vest can't be beaten.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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