Camelbak Delaney Belt Fully Reviewed for Quality

Camelbak is the leading name in hydration systems for the adventurous athlete. The Camelbak Delaney Belt is a great hand's free hydration option for runners, cyclists, skaters, walkers, or hikers. The belt is made from a breathable mesh material that keeps runners comfortable during their activities. This belt is a good alternative for the athlete who is partaking in slightly less rigorous activity and doesn't feel like they need an entire Camelbak hydration backpack. The belt features a unisex design with adjustable straps to create the perfect fit for everyone. This straps can be loosened or tightened to sit wherever a runner finds most comfortable for them during their activities. The belt comes with its own Camelbak water bottle that is designed to be easy to grab and has a self-locking system that prevents leaks. Athletes appreciated that this belt comes in 3 vibrant color options that can go with any athletic look. Overall, this lightweight belt is an excellent choice for the runner who is looking for a hand's free opportunity that is comfortable and long-lasting.

Keep reading our in-depth Camelbak Delaney Belt review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Pros & Cons
  • Three vibrant color options
  • Comes with Podium Chill Bottle
  • Adjustable straps to customize fit
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Cushioned mesh back panel
  • Cons
    •        Belt needs to be tightened during run
    •        Belt can become loose during activity
    • Key Features
      This belt is designed to be a hand's free hydration alternative for the athlete who needs both of their hands during their activity and doesn’t want to be fussing with their water bottle. The belt is suggested for runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, or skaters. It features a unisex design and can be tightened or loosened using the adjustable straps to provide the athlete with a customizable fit. Because of the thoughtful placement fo the water bottle, this product is best for an individual who doesn't want to be slowed down while reaching for their hydration.

      What sets this belt apart from other hydration systems is the Podium Chill water bottle. This bottle offers a unique design that self-locks to prevent any water from leaking out during your run. Leakage was a big concern for runners using a hand's free hydration belt, and Camelbak made sure to address this potential problem and use a bottle that prevents all leaks.
      The Camelbak Delaney Belt is constructed using a lightweight mesh and spandex material. It allows the belt to stretch and move with the runner and also keeps the runner from overheating or accruing excessive sweat around the belt due to its highly breathable construction. Runners reported that since the belt weighs in at a mere 5 ounces, they were able almost wholly to forget that they were wearing it.

      Likewise, runners were very pleased with the amount of airflow that was able to reach the body through the belt, even in the back of the belt where Camelbak added extra cushioning for comfort.
      The material of the belt makes this a very comfortable option. Runners reported that they were able to forget that they were wearing the belt during their walks, hikes, or biking excursions. The back of this belt features a cushioned panel that is breathable and comfortable and rest against the skin, proving added support and cushioning to the runner. Camelbak Delaney Belt is a unisex design and comes with adjustable straps to provide a customizable fit for the runner.

      These straps can be adjusted so that the belt rides higher or lower on the hips depending upon the preference of the runner. One complaint that runners did have was that these straps would sometime loosen and needed to be readjusted during a run to keep the belt tight and eliminate bounce from the water bottle. This product comes equipped with only one larger zippered pocket to keep the streamlined shape of the belt and reduce any discomfort during your run.
      Camelbak Delaney Belt comes with unisex sizing. The key to having the best possible experience with this belt is to use the adjustable straps to ensure that the belt is held tightly around the hips because this will eliminate unwanted bounce from the water bottle. The entire belt weight a mere 5 ounces. Runners liked the adjustable straps because they were able to give the runner the customizable fit that they were looking for.
      One of the elements that runners appreciated the most about this product is that it comes with Camelbak’s patented lifetime guarantee. It is enormous for adventure athletes because they know that even the best products will wear down after a while.

      It is a unique feature of the Camblebak line because the vast majority of hydration belts won’t offer this kind of guarantee on their products. It applies to both the belt itself and the Podium Chill Water Bottle.
      The most important accessory that comes with this belt is the Podium Chill Water Bottle. Many hydration belts will offer a space for a water bottle but will require athletes to purchase one separately. In this product, the bottle is included in the overall price.

      The Podium Chill Water Bottle keeps liquids up to 2 times colder than a normal water bottle. It also features a self-locking system that protects runners from leaks. This bottle is BPS-free and is made using a True Taste material to provide the cleanest, tastiest water. This bottle is ergonomically designed to be easy to squeeze, and the belt design makes taking the bottle out of its designated pouch each and efficient.

      In addition to the water bottle, this product also comes with a large, zippered pocket that is perfect for holding all of your essentials while you are out on the run. Runners commented that the pocket is even large enough to comfortably fit theiriPhone 7.

      One of the qualities that runners appreciated the most about this belt was that it comes in a variety of 3 different, vibrant color options. Camelbak offers the Delaney belt in Amethyst with Fiery Coal, tomato with black and black with atomic blue. Each of these colorful options provide a unique look for the runner who likes to stay on top of fashion trends.

      In addition to the colorful, trendy design of the belt, the style of this belt is also covered with function as much as it's formed. The entire belt comes with reflective details to keep runners safe during their early morning or evening runs. Camelbak Delaney Belt is lightweight and thin enough to be worn directly next to the skin or over any number of layers, so this is a great choice for warm or cold weather exploration.
      Camelbak Delaney Belt is slightly more expensive than similar belts on today’s market, but many runners viewed this belt as a smart investment. Camelbak offered their patented lifetime guarantee with this product so if the belt or the Podium Chill Water Bottle needs to be replaced, Camelbak will do it with no questions asked. Just by itself, runners commented that the technology used in the Podium Chill Water Bottle is worth the price tag.
      Key Features
      - Comes with the Podium Chill Bottle
      - Reflective detail along the belt
      - Singular zippered pocket for easy access
      - Lifetime guarantee
      - Padded mesh back section for comfort
      - 5 ounce
      - Bottle holds 21 ounces of liquid
      Bottom Line
      In this belt, Camelbak was able to give runners a lightweight, comfortable hands-free hydration system. This belt offers runners two unique elements. The first is the actual belt. It comes lined with reflective details to keep runners safe and is offered in a variety of three vibrant color combination.

      The belt is a unisex design and can be tightened or loosed via side straps to create the perfect fit for each runner. This belt comes with a single zippered pocket in an easy to access area that is large enough to fit all of your essentials but still manages to be streamlined enough that it stays snuggly against the body. The water bottle that comes with this product is the Podium Chill Bottle.

      Runners commented that this bottle is so good, they would have paid the price of the entire belt to get it. This bottle is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and squeeze. It also rests against a padded mesh back panel that reduces bounce and allows for easy access. Regarding leakage, runners don’t have to worry about that because Camelbak made sure it includes self-locking details in this bottle that ensure water cannot escape from the bottle.

      Overall, the price is slightly higher than other belts, but what makes this such an amazing value is the lifetime Camelbak warranty. So Camelbak Delaney Belt is the right belt for you!
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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