CamelBak Fourteener 20 Hydration Pack Review

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CamelBak Fourteener 20 Hydration Pack Review Review Facts

According to its website, Camelbak has been pioneering hands-free hydration for outdoor enthusiasts since 1989. Although they do sell bottles and tactical gear, they are most known for their wide range of hydration packs. Their Fourteener 20 version is quickly becoming one of their best-rated products thanks to its ample storage, comfortable wear, and levels of durability and versatility.

One of its best-praised features is its newly redesigned 3L Crux Reservoir, which helps the wearer power through long distances. Its faster flow rate provides the runner with up to 20 percent more water every time they take a sip. It’s easy to wash and refill, and the pack’s main insulated compartment keeps water cold even after several hours outdoors.

An Air Support Back Panel performs the dual task of providing ventilation and stabilizing the runner. An overflow pocket, soft-lined pocket, and side stretch pockets hold everything from an extra layer to supplements or a phone. And a load-bearing hip belt works with the pack’s adjustable sternum strap to distribute its weight evenly and prevent possible fatigue or aches from occurring at the end of the day.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Unisex sizing

-Plenty of storage

-Very comfortable wear

-Everything is accessible

-Easy to fill up

-Keeps water cold

-Great for long distances


-Bad fit on larger chests

-Storage not convenient for some



All outdoor enthusiasts need a good hydration pack, especially when they're going to be out all day, and the Fourteener 20 proves to be the perfect piece of equipment for their activities. Promotional photographs show that it's best for use during hiking, yet buyers can also wear this pack during mountain bike rides and trail runs. And its incredible amount of storage would even make this perfect to take on camping trips or for different forms of traveling.

The 3L Crux Reservoir is not only easy to fill but has also been redesigned to give the wearer 20 percent more water every time they take a sip. The hands-free design means that buyers can continue to focus on their outdoor excursions without stopping. Furthermore, the insulated lining of the pack's main compartment means that the water can be kept cold for longer to ensure a more satisfying drinking experience.

It also features an Air Support back panel, which performs the dual task of providing unrestricted ventilation and stabilizing the runner by keeping the load close to their back. This also means that it will be more comfortable to wear during very long hikes and hot days, as buyers are less likely to experience excessive sweating and irritation. And the outer materials keep the wearer's belongings protected against rain and dirt while also enhancing its overall durability.


Although most buyers don't likely consider breathability when purchasing a hydration pack, it's actually a crucial part of its efficiency and the buyer's overall comfort level. The Fourteener 20 meets this criterion thanks to one specific feature that's tasked with performing two different functions that are equally important.

When this pack is turned around, buyers will immediately notice two panels that are in a different color from the rest of the bag and have the words 'Air Support' imprinted on them in all caps. This is meant to provide the wearer with much-needed breathability in the area where it's needed most, reducing the risk of excessive sweating and possible irritations that may develop later.

Thanks to this one feature, buyers can comfortably wear this pack during long hikes and warm weather yet still be fully protected against rain, snow, and dirt. As an added bonus, the back panel also helps to keep the load close to the wearer's body for more stabilizing wear. This, in turn, means that runners can keep their balance and gain further protection while moving across uneven terrains while also limiting the fatigue that they might feel by the end of their hike.


A hydration pack has to be comfortable in order to fully work, as buyers won't wear it if they don't like how it sits on their bodies or how it makes them feel by the end of the day. Thankfully, almost all reviews indicate that the Fourteener 20 is very easy to wear thanks to its materials and overall build.

An adjustable load-bearing hip belt is attached to the Dual Wing belt and connects at the front, allowing an evener distribution of weight to keep the wearer from feeling fatigued. The sternum strap adds to this as well, and the Air Support back panel keeps the load close to the wearer's back while also permitting ample amounts of ventilation. And the durable nylon fabrics are non-irritating against the skin, yet can still protect both the wearer and their belongings against rain and dirt.

Another factor that adds to its comfort level is its insulated main compartment, which keeps the water cold for hours while the wearer is outside. This, along with the redesigned reservoir that gives 20 percent more water per sip. provides a very enjoyable drinking experience. And the fact that the reservoir is easy to clean, refill, and keep out of the way when it's not in use makes things even more satisfying for the wearer.


The Fourteener 20 is repeatedly listed as having unisex sizing, and most reviews seem to back to claim up. This pack measures 22 inches long, 13.8 inches wide, and 4.1 inches thick, allowing plenty of storage space. It weighs 38.8 oz. when unpacked and can comfortably fit any torso that's between 17 and 21 inches across.

As with other packs that are in this line, it comes with a 3L reservoir that provides ample amounts of hydration for long days spent hiking and mountain biking. In fact, it is a brand new design can give the wearer up to 20 percent more water every time they take a sip. The entire pack itself has a storage capacity of up to 17 liters, yet it's a hip belt, sternum strap, and Air Support back panel prevent it from feeling heavy or cumbersome.

The only downside that buyers have pointed out is that, because of the sternum strap, it doesn't fit comfortably on those with larger chests. Although it's sternum strap is adjustable, it still isn't enough to fit properly on certain body types. Thankfully for these particular buyers, Camelbak offers several other options that are better suited to their measurements.


All hydration packs have to be incredibly sturdy in order to withstand rugged environments, harsh weather, and access weight. Thankfully for outdoor enthusiasts, the Fourteener 20's materials and build allow it to stay in perfect working condition for several years. And, according to several reviewers, the same can be said about its 3L reservoir.

This pack is made mostly from two different types of nylon, which are a 420 D Nylon Plain Weave and a 210 D Nylon Ripstop. Bother are tightly woven to prevent the material from fraying over time and to limit the risk of possible tears caused by sharp objects or external hazards.

Of course, as with all other types of outdoor gear, proper maintenance is needed to ensure that this pack can last a long time. This means cleaning it out after use, being aware of its total weight limit, and storing it away safely when it's not being worn.


As is the case with all hydration packs, the Fourteener 20 is equipped with several different accessories that ensure efficient and comfortable wear while outside in rugged environments. The most obvious one is the 3L Crux reservoir with a Quicklink system, which is easy to refill and comes with a faster flow rate than previous versions offered by Camelbak. Buyers have also stated that it, along with the bag's overall design, keeps their water cool for longer.

Aside from its main storage compartment, buyers are also given an overflow pocket to store an extra layer and a soft-lined top pocket for their phone or sunglasses. Stretchable side pockets are also included for bottles, supplements, or smaller equipment that the wearer might need. And adjustable loops can efficiently hold trekking poles and keep them out of the way when they're not being used.

A load-bearing hip belt fastens at the front and enables better weight distribution, and a sternum strap goes across the chest for even greater stability. Finally, a series of loops and a magnetic clip are fixed to the shoulder straps to keep the quick-release valve out of the way.


This version of the Fourteener 20 is noticeably sleeker and slimmer than its predecessor, which is the result of a slightly smaller compartment, fewer straps, and more prominent outer pockets. This, in turn, allows it to be worn comfortably on both male and female runners and looks less cumbersome on those with slightly smaller frames. Despite the changes, it still offers the same amount of storage, the same adjustable fit, and a 3L reservoir for long-lasting hydration.

All of this pack's most notable design features are added for overall convenience and comfort, including the Dual Wing Belt with additional pockets and the adjustable strap that fits across the chest. A load-bearing hip belt also attaches at the front, and a magnetic clip allows the reservoir valve to conveniently attach to the right shoulder strap.

This pack is sold in two different colorways, giving buyers the option of choosing a more neutral version or one that's more colorful. The charcoal/rust orange version seems to be the more popular of the two, as it appeals to a wider range of buyers. But plenty also enjoy the galaxy blue/navy blazer option, since the brighter color helps motivate them to get out and hike.


Although it's definitely expensive, the Fourteener 20's price point is considered to be average for hydration packs. It can be found on the Camelbak website, and at other outdoor gear retailers such as Moosejaw and Backcountry, for $130. This same pricing is also listed on both Amazon and eBay, although occasional deals can still be found on these sites.

Based on its high reviews across the board, it's clear that most buyers feel that this pack is well worth the money they've spent. They have widely praised everything from its breathable and comfortable wear to its storage capacity and its ability to keep liquids cold. In addition, buyers are pleasantly surprised by how lightweight and easy this pack is to wear during rugged activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

Some aren't entirely happy with how this pack fits on them, especially in the chest region. Thankfully, there are several other Camelbak packs that they can easily choose from which will fit their body type.
Key Features

Key Features

-Unisex sizing
-3L Crux reservoir
-Leakproof on/off lever
-Air Support back panel
-Stretch overflow pocket
-Soft-lined top pocket
-Side stretch lower pockets
-Adjustable sternum strap
-Load-bearing hip belt
-Dual Wing Belt for storage
-Trekking pole carry loops
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

It's very easy to see why the Camelback Fourteener 20 hydration pack has been so widely praised across the board. It offers an ample amount of storage space for everything from a second layer and hiking tools to bottles, supplements, and smartphones. All of its materials make it highly durable against the elements and constant use, and special features provide a surprising amount of breathability that ensures very comfortable wear.

The newly redesigned 3L Crux Reservoir further adds to the buyer's experience and overall satisfaction by giving them up to 20 percent more water every time they take a sip. Buyers have also noted that the main compartment is insulated, keeping their water cold as they spend hours outside. The quick-release on/off valve provides easy and uninterrupted access, and a magnetic clip on the shoulder strap keeps it out of the way when it's not in use.

Although it's not meant for every single body type, this pack's unisex sizing is still able to work for a wider range of buyers than several other models on the market. This, combined with all of the other incredible features listed, makes it a key piece of outdoor equipment that's well worth every dollar spent.