Camelbak Octane XCT

Looking for a hydration pack for long runs or bike rides? Look no further than the Camelbak Octane XCT. It's a hydration pack that's versatile, stylish, and has plenty of extra pocket room for all your run or cycling gear. Easy access to water isn't the only thing a hydration should have. It should also be comfortable to wear, even when the bladder is full of water. Thankfully, the Camelbak pack fits the bill. It also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and thanks to a Quick Link system, the bag can be outfitted with accessories so you can keep on updating it as your needs and preferred activities change.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lots of pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Includes 2L bladder
  • Adjustable, comfortable fit
  • Breathable mesh back
  • BPA-free bladder
  • Customizable
  • Doesn't bounce
  • Cons
    • Hydration tube and straps are a bit long
    • Hip pockets are a little far back
    • Key Features
      The Camelbak Octane XCT is a great option for cycling or trail running, and can even be a useful bag for day hikes. It's also good for long runs and races. It's a great minimalist hydration pack for those who want a hydration solution while they train or race but aren't interested in pack too many extra items. The bladder is super easy to use and refill, although a few reviewers found the drinking tube to be a little bit too long. A neat feature of the hydration bladder (by the way, it's included with the bag) is that it has HydroGuard technology. This prevents bacteria from proliferating. You'll still need to rinse and wash the bladder but it helps to ensure that parts of the bladder don't become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The bladder is also BPA-free. The nozzle of the drinking tube has a HydroLock valve so that when you're not drinking, water doesn't seep out or accidentally spill all over you.

      Besides the no-frills bladder, the bag also features roomy exterior pockets that provide easy access to users. They're perfect for storing gels and can accommodate a Smartphone. One annoying that user's pointed out was that many of the bag's straps, although comfortable and adjustable, did not have a place to tuck away extra strap length. The straps then end up dangling around, which can be annoying on the move.
      The back of the Camelback bag features a mesh construction for breathability. The waist strap also features a ventilated design. Users were pleased with the design of the bag and its ability to circulate air.
      The Octane XCT pack is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Sitting on the body, the bag does not create pressure points on the shoulders. The low-waist strap helps to distribute some of the pack's weight to the lower body. The bladder, even when full, stays put thanks to a system of elastic straps that are visible at the back of the bag. At the waist, the straps are padded for comfort. The drinking nozzle is constructed so that sipping from it is comfortable. The bag is unisex, but both men and women found it comfortable to wear. It fits close to the body for zero bounce. A few reviewers noticed that they had to readjust periodically but they didn't find it was a big deal. A little readjusting once in a while will likely be needed with most hydration packs as the water level decreases while you hydrate.
      The Camelback vest includes a 2L bladder. It's not quite appropriate for very long treks but if there's a place to refill along the way, it can work. It's enough capacity that it should work for more training or races scenarios. The total space of the bag is 3.5L. This space includes 4 pockets on the outside of the bag, in addition to the bag's main compartment. Overall, it's a good amount of storage. At the hip level, there are two pockets with a decent amount of room and it's a great spot to store a phone. Some reviewers noted that the pockets are placed a little too far back to be 100% convenient but most still appreciated the roomy nature of the zippered hip pockets. There's also a back pocket that's harder to reach but it's a good spot to stick anything that you won't need to grab on the go. The bag weighs just over 11 ounces and the adjustable straps can be adjusted to fit a circumference of up to 48-inches. It's one-size-only, so make sure this measurement works for you.
      The hydration pack is backed by an impressive Lifetime Guarantee. Both the pack and the included bladder are covered under this guarantee. There's a reason Camelbak is so sure the bag will hold up over time. It's composed of strong ripstop nylon but the fabric is also lightweight. That way, you get the best of both worlds. A comfortable non-bulky fit with tough fabric that won't easily rip.
      Users can add accessories to the pack thanks to a Quick Link system. A water filter system can be added, as can different drinking tubes including an option that's insulated. Camelbak sells various Quick Link compatible accessories, mostly related to hydration, that can be attached to the bag. This system makes it a great bag for those who take part in multiple fitness and outdoor activities The customizable nature means that you can easily outfit the bag as necessary for different sports and weather conditions.
      The Octane XCT features a stylish design and comes in black, red, neon green, orange, and blue. There are plenty of colors to choose from. The minimalist design is paired with a slim profile and close fitting construction for a compact overall look. Reviewers liked the design of the Camelbak pack and appreciated the various color offerings.
      Reviewers agreed that the price was a steal considering the amount of use they got out of the bag. The bag can be used for all kinds of activities and comes with a hydration bladder (2L). If you invest in accessories that work with the Quick Link system, it's easy to increase the value of the bag even further. The bag is also durable so if you choose to use it for multiple activities, it will hold up. And regardless, the bag is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.
      Key Features
      - Ultralight ripstop nylon construction
      - 4 exterior pockets
      - Main compartment with 2L bladder (included)
      - BPA-free bladder
      - Hydrolock nozzle
      - The nozzle can be removed
      - Anti-bacterial bladder and nozzle HydroGuard material
      - Quick Link System allows users to add-on accessories
      - Unisex fit
      - Adjustable straps including waist belt with zippered pockets
      - Elastic straps to keep things locked down
      - Backed by Lifetime Guarantee
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Camelbak Octane XCT is an excellent hydration pack that pairs the best of both worlds. Well-thought-out hydration bladder and pack designs that work beautifully together. For multi-sport participants, the bag is a great choice since it can be customized via the Quick Link system. A durable interior and exterior will hold up under a variety of circumstances and weather conditions and the bag features plenty of extra pockets to put all the essentials for your outdoor adventure. The adjustable fit and compression straps ensure the bag moves as infrequently as possible. If all of that doesn't convince you, maybe the Lifetime Guarantee will.
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      By Steph Coelho
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