RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack

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Editor’s Conclusion
Fanny packs are convenient but bounce around as you pick up the pace. Backpack designs are great but don’t provide quick and efficient access to your gear. This running chest pack provides runners with the convenience of a fanny pack with the performance of a backpack in one sleek and slim package.

The front chest pack helps to evenly distribute weight so that it doesn’t bounce around, and allows you to quickly access essentials such as hydration packs, gels, or your smartphone. It even has a back pocket to store essentials you don’t need access to, such as your car keys or backup snacks.

The main chamber sits flush against your chest and boasts plenty of large pockets to store everything that you will need for a long day of running. It’s super comfortable, lightweight, chafe-resistant, and super easy to pop on and off as needed.
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Bringing along extra gear on your longer runs can prove to be a bit of a challenge, and the RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack is designed to comfortably hold your gear without holding you back.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack a must-have for long-distance runners.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Durable magnetic clips make it easy to pop on and off quickly

Reflective safety panels along the back and on the shoulders

Includes an easy to use hydration bottle

Tight storage prevents your gear from bouncing around as you run

Made from durable chafe-resistant materials

Hosts external clips for safety lights or a flashlight


Runs hot

Slightly expensive

Key Features

Key Features


The RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack is designed for long-distance runners that need a secure place to store essentials while out on a long daily run.

It boasts a form-fitting design that evenly distributes the weight of your gear so it won’t weigh you down too much. The pockets on this design are intentionally small to hold your gear - such as phones, wallets, keys, and recovery snacks - without bouncing around on your as you run (I hate when I can feel my gear bouncing around with every step!).

Overall, I would recommend this simple pack for runners that like to go out on long daily runs out on the trails where you need to store the bare necessities. It’s small and compact, and not necessarily ideal for longer journeys that last more than a day.


This pack is composed of strong and resistant materials that are built for the long haul. While other packs utilize stiff and scratchy materials, the nylon used on these options feels just like a second skin.

The shoulder straps are composed of chafe-resistant nylon that is super lightweight and won’t chafe your skin as you run. The pockets are also composed of chafe-resistant nylon webbing that securely holds all of your gear in place as you run.

The chest and back panels are what make this design really stand out from the pack. It is composed of super comfortable neoprene that contours to the shape of your body and is chafe-resistant. The more you wear this chest pack, the more it contours to the unique shape of your body!

This neoprene isn’t very breathable, so it is important to note that this pack may run a bit hot, especially on warm summer days.


This pack comes in only one size that is able to accommodate both men and women.

What I love about this pack is that it has long straps that are super easy to adjust so that it fits flush against your skin, despite your chest size. These straps lock in place with a set of magnetic clips that makes it a cinch to pop on and off as needed.

It’s also important to note that the straps on this design lock in place with a pair of magnetic clips. Other designs have no clipping mechanism and lock in place like a traditional backpack which makes it difficult to pop off in a pinch.

These magnetic clips make it easy to lock in place and don’t run the risk of breaking during a fall like cheap plastic clips.


One of the things that I love most about this running pack is that it includes a great hydration pack that is easy to access. I’ve used backpack hydration packs in the past that utilize a long hose that sits on your shoulder. While it’s a unique design, the hose makes it difficult to slurp water when you need it, and often leaks.

What makes this design unique is that it doesn’t include a hose. It also doesn’t require a button for use, which makes it much easier to use than competitor hydration flasks.

The neck of the bottle is positioned close to your mouth, which allows you to snag a drink just like you would a normal water bottle. It also comes in a waterproof case that won’t sweat or leak on your other stored gear.

This pack is also designed to hold your bottle in place with elastic straps. This means that nothing inside of your pack will bounce while you run, which makes you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.


There are two unique design features that make this pack superior when compared to similar designs out there on the market.

The first design feature is the smaller individual pockets and stretchy mesh pockets that hold your gear securely in place. I hate packs that have large pockets where my phone and car keys rattle and bounce around with each and every step.

It’s not much of an issue at the beginning of my run but becomes quite bothersome 1 mile in. This packet holds everything securely in place so that it won’t rattle around. Essentially, it feels as if you aren’t wearing anything at all!

What also makes this design more comfortable than its competitors is its non-abrasive nylon straps. The materials used for this design are made to be kind to your skin. It fits tightly against your body like a second skin, and the materials won’t rub your skin raw even at the end of a long day.


The storage offered in this pack isn’t big enough for a week-long trek in the woods, but it’s perfect for those long-distance daily runs.

The main front pocket measures to be 7.75 inches long, 3.75 inches wide, and 1 inch deep. This provides you with ample room for 17mL of liquid as well as other miscellaneous items.

While it’s fairly shallow, this feature prevents your items from bouncing around as you run, which will keep you light on your feet and won’t affect your gait cycle.

The rear pocket is composed of stretchy mesh material that holds your gear in place. It measures to be 9.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 0.5 inches deep.

Runners like to use the back panel pocket for things that they don’t need immediate access to, such as a rain poncho, recovery gels, or extra snacks.


What also makes this chest pack perfect for trail or road running is that it includes reflective features as well.

It has high visibility reflective panels along the backside and smaller reflective panels on the shoulder straps. These reflective panels will make it easier for drivers or other runners to see you when running in low light conditions, but it also boasts a few extra safety features to make sure that you are seen.

This pack also boasts a few clips to attach blinking running lights or even a small flashlight to ensure that you are seen. While these additional features aren’t included with the pack, they are easy to pick up for a super affordable price point.


The RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack isn’t the most affordable chest pack out there on the market, but it is certainly not the most expensive.

Overall, the price of this pack runs par for the course, and the quality of materials used as well as its unique features make it an excellent value.

Sure, you can opt for a more affordable chest pack, but these designs are often made with cheap materials that are incredibly uncomfortable and don’t boast the advanced features found in this pack.

The most expensive designs are often made to hold a lot more gear, which may not be necessary for short daily runs on the trails.

If you need something that is simple and comfortable for daily training, this pack is the best overall value when compared to other options out there on the market.



I’ve tried a lot of running packs in my days, and they all have at least one thing wrong with them. They are either too big, too small, too itchy, or they weigh me down too much.

The RaveRunner® X/RIG Ultra Running Chest Pack hits that sweet spot between comfort and utility. It boasts small pockets that are just the right size for your essentials (such as a phone, wallet, keys, and snacks), and holds them firmly in place so they don’t bounce around on your run.

I also love that it includes a hydration pack that is hose-free, which makes it a little bit easier to nab a quick swig without slowing down. It is composed of itch-free materials that fit close to your body and won’t rub or chafe your skin raw.

If you feel that you can’t quite find that running pack that feels right, I suggest giving the RaveRunner® X/RIG a try!