CamelBak Quick Grip Chill

Hydration is a key component for effective, healthy running. Though there are some guidelines for staying properly hydrated, each runner tends to differ a little finding and finetuning the method and ratio of water or fuel to suit his or her needs. Portable water has become an essential part of most runner's lives but often, the choices for this are limited. Training runs don't often have aid stations and it is not always easy to refill the smaller size bottles that are more prevalent and hydration vests and fuel belts can be cumbersome and overkill for those in between distances. Enter the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld bottle. Not only does it offer more capacity at 21 ounces but its Podium Chill insulation also keeps water cold. While some water bottles have odd shapes to better mold with the runners' hands, Camelbak offers a round bottle. Its shape makes replacement simple and cleaning a breeze but creates an issue for some with the comfort of carrying. Despite CamelBak's adjustable straps that wrap around the hand for a customized fit, the heft of the filled bottle created some negative feedback. Its attached zippered pouch has tried to adapt to meet the needs of runners by increasing in size from the older model to the new one, and the increased reflective detailing garnered positive reviews.

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Pros & Cons
  • Great option for larger quantities of water
  • Podium Chill keeps water cold
  • Patented TruTaste technology
  • Round shape makes it easier to clean
  • The mouthpiece water valve is easy to use
  • Cons
    • Heavy when filled
    • The straps come loose
    • Key Features
      For runs of longer but not ultra duration, the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill bottle offers an alternative to a smaller bladder in a hydration vest or hydration belt. CamelBak cites that the bottle is intended to accompany adventurers for "substantial 5-10 Mile" runs. Often a matter of preference, some are using it to cover the ground between handheld and vest. Some find it preferable to the waist belts with anywhere from one to four water bottles as well. With its Podium Chill, water can stay cold longer and with CamelBak's proprietary TruTaste technology keeps water tasting clean. The jet valve seal makes it easy to access water only when you want it. The zippered pouch allows one to carry the small essentials and the straps adjust to help with carrying the bottle more comfortably.
      As a handheld bottle, by nature, straps will help secure carrying. The velvetex-lined strap and the extra stretch mesh pouch create a reasonable amount of air flow but breathability did not appear to be a concern for most reviewers.
      The largest bone of contention with the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle seems to be its degree of comfort. Able to carry 21 ounces of liquid, this bottle gives runners the option to hydrate for longer runs without the use of a hydration vest or fuel belt. Though, carrying 21 ounces of water in one hand is prone to feel heavy. While the strap is designed for passive carrying and some reviewers found this to be effective, others found the weight of the filled bottle a little cumbersome for that. It is also important to note that with a round bottle shape, some hands are just not wide enough to encompass it efficiently. The adjustable straps that CamelBak provides do help negate the effect by allowing the runner to tighten as needed for a more secure customized fit. However, quite a few reviewers found the straps to gradually loosen during their adventures changing how it sat in their hands and making the bottle awkward to hold. As water was used, the weight distribution felt more corrected, but arm fatigue did set a sour note for some early on. Though found to be a little heavy by some, the fact that that straps accommodate a standard round bottle shape offers confidence to some users that replacement bottles, if necessary, shouldn't be difficult to find.
      The original CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld water bottle and its newer incarnation are offered in only one size: 21-ounce capacity. This is larger than most other handheld bottles, but many runners find having the option to carry this way convenient. While it is considerably heavy when filled, as 21 ounces of water is bound to be, some complained about its size, but the overall consensus is that it is worth the added weight to have hydration at one's fingertips. The straps are adjustable but incline to loosen creating an awkward weight distribution that forced some runners to switch hands multiple times on the longer runs. The zippered pouch in the original was smaller and could tote smaller smartphones up to an iPhone 6 (in some instances including a silicone gel case) and smaller items like ID, but the newer model is capable of carrying up to an iPhone 7 (not plus) or a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge even.
      Most found the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Water Bottle to be durable and lasting. The standard round bottle shape allows for simpler, more efficient cleaning and thus a longer shelf-life. With isolated reports of leakage after multiple uses, most feel that the jet valve seems to have held up and that the lid continues to fit securely after its stints in the dishwasher.
      There are no known accessories for this product though it seems the standard CamelBak chill bottles can act as replacements if necessary.
      Available in a variety of colors, many runners found the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle to fit their tastes. Even equipped with reflective detailing for nighttime miles. There is an older and newer version of this bottle. With a few differences, the update to the style is obvious but both are attractive and simple. While the newer bottles can be found with a pattern, the original ones are available with a more solid design. Both still available, they are offered in the following colors and combinations: Atomic Blue/ Silver, Black / Atomic Blue, Black / Cherry Tomato, Deep Amethyst / Fiery Coral, Lime Punch/ Black, Black, Amethyst / Cascade, Electric Blue, Lime Punch, Oceanside, and Purple Cactus Flower.
      Available at a price that is comparable to handhelds at even half its size, the Camelbak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle seems to offer a decent bargain as hydration alternatives go. Both the older model and the newer one can be found online at a reduced cost as well making them an even better deal.
      Key Features
      - Larger option handheld water bottle
      - Insulated to keep drinks cold
      - Jet valve to prevent leakage
      - Round shape provides easier cleaning
      - Adjustable straps
      - Zippered pouch for smaller essentials
      - Variety of color options
      - Reflective detailing for safety
      Bottom Line
      The Camelbak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle provides a hydration option for the mid to long distance runner, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast. Designed to keep drinks cold and carry more water than most others on the market, the Quick Grip Chill is a solid alternative for many. Its larger capacity is relative to other portable water bottles and it is not intended for longer ultra distances or lengthy adventures but some have found it to be ideal for situations in which refills and refueling are an option like fully supported aid stations. Available in stylish colors and with reflective detailing, this round bottle can hold up to 21 oz of liquid and is supported by adjustable hand straps. Though the most negative feedback centers on the heft of the product, it is also the nature of carrying that much water in one hand. While some find it works great for runs under 2 hours, others determined to use it find that switching hands is one way to beat the arm fatigue. The Featuring a main zippered pouch and a small outer one, runners can opt to bring along smaller phones and ID, money, fuel packets, and keys. The price is comparable to other water bottles yet this one does offer insulation and a higher capacity round bottle that proves easier to clean. If you don't mind a little extra weight, the Camelbak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle should be your choice for your next outing, training run, or race.
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