Camelbak Ultra Pro Vest

Camelbak knowns how to make a high-quality hydration vest and their Ultra Pro Vest is no exception to this rule. The Ultra Pro Vest is a lightweight, durable hydration vest that runners love as a reliable companion for their ultra runs, marathons, and obstacle races. It features an ultra lightweight mesh that provides maximum ventilation and breathability to keep runners cool and dry on their adventures. This vest also has nine pockets to ensure that runners can carry all of their most important race day items. A unique feature of this hydration vest is that it comes in three unique color options. It also comes equipped with two 17 ounce soft flasks as well as room for an additional reservoir in the back. This is not an inexpensive hydration vest, but runners who purchased it found it was more than worth the higher price tag.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Multiple color option
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Long lasting
  • Reflective details

    • Only offered in unisex design
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      This vest is suggested for competitive, elite athletes. It is designed to accompany athletes on some of their longest and most difficult endurance races. The 3D mesh is designed to hold up against tough conditions and provides a ventilated running experience for runners. This vest comes equipped with nine different pockets to ensure that runners have easy access to all of their race day essentials. There are multiple stretch pockets to hold fuel, keys and even a zippered pocket that is an easy reach to hold a cell phone. Additionally, runners can use the stretch back pocket to stash their cold weather layers as well as an additional hydration reservoir.
      One of the categories that received the highest ratings on this vest was its overall breathability. This can be attributed to the unique 3D mesh is used in the Ultra Pro Vest. This material ensures that runners will not be weighted down with unnecessary material. This mesh allows air to freely flow through the vest to reach the runner and keep them cool even during runs in the summer months.
      This vest is offered in three different sizing options. It also comes with two adjustable straps on the sternum to create a customized fit for every runner. The Camelbak website has a helpful sizing chart to ensure that each runner gets the size that perfectly fits them. Additionally, since this vest is so lightweight, even when the two 17-ounce soft flasks are full that runners commented that there is no distracting and uncomfortable bouncing during racing. The high level of ventilation also keeps runners comfortable during their runs.
      This vest is featured in three different sizes. This allows runners to select the size that will fit them the best. Additionally, Camelbak designed this vest with adjustable sternum straps to help provide the most comfortable fit possible. However, this vest is only offered in a unisex design, and some runners commented that they would have preferred a gender-specific design to better fit the unique shape of men and women.
      Not only is Camelbak known for their long lasting products, but they are also known for their easy and helpful return policy and warranties. This product is more money than some other hydration vest lifespan markets, but runners commented that because of the extra long life span of the Ultra Pro Vest, the price tag is more than worth it. Runners reported that at first glance, they didn’t expect this vest to last as long as it did because the 3D Mesh is so lightweight. However, after extensive use, runners realized that this mesh is nearly indestructible and held up against some of the toughest terrains.
      This vest comes equipped with two 17 ounce Quick Stow flasks. These flasks are collapsible and become smaller as they empty. These flasks feature Camelbak’s patented bite valve that provides runners with an easy and quick hydration flow that is leak proof. In addition to the two soft flasks, this vest features 9 different pockets to ensure that runners have easy access to all of their running essentials. Although this vest features a stretch pocket in the back for an additional hydration reservoir, runners were displeased to learn that they had to purchase this item separately.
      This vest comes in three vibrant color options that include black with atomic blue, crimson red with a lime punch and lime punch with silver. It also features reflective details throughout the vest that ensures that runners can stay safe on their evening runs. This vest features a minimalist look that covers as little of the skin as possible to ensure a lightweight, comfortable fit and feel.
      Camelbak is a leading name in the hydration system, and with that name and top quality, craftsmanship comes a higher than average price tag. Runners who are on a very tight budget may need to consider a more affordable option. However, runners who did purchase this vest found it to be an excellent value and because of its long-lasting durability, saw it as a smart investment in their running.
      Key Features
      - Multiple sizing options
      - Multiple color options
      - 3D mesh material
      - Reflective details
      - 9 pockets
      - Two adjustable sternum straps
      - Comes with 2 17 ounce Quick Stow Flasks
      - Room for additional hydration reservoir in rear pocket
      Bottom Line
      Camelbak's Ultra Pro Vest is a hydration system that is suggested for the top level, elite athlete. It ensures that runners have a comfortable, no bounce fit and room for all of their race day essentials. This is the perfect lightweight vest for ultra marathons and runners participating in obstacle races. It features nine separate pockets in easy to reach locations to make sure that races have easy access to all of their race day items. Runners were pleased to see that this vest comes with two high quality, 17 ounces Quick Stow Flasks. Although it doesn’t come with the vest, runners have the options of purchasing a separate reservoir that can fit in the back pocket. This vest features reflective details to keep runners safe on evening runs and races. This vest comes in three fun, vibrant color options, and although this vest is slightly higher in price than some of its competitors, runners found it to be an excellent value due to its durability and overall high-quality construction.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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