Campfire Audio Comet

Portland-based Campfire Audio has made a number of advanced, and eye-catching, earphones since it first started in 2015. All things considered, the Comet is definitely one of their more simplistic designs. Instead of geometric shapes and bright colors, this polished stainless steel model is longer and cylindrical. Not only does this make room for the brand's trademarked Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber, or T.A.E.C., but it also ensures a more comfortable fit. Its detachable cable, made from Litz copper, is braided to reduce the risk of possible damage. The built-in remote and microphone includes the brand's ALO audio along with three buttons for easier calling and volume control. It's clear to buyers that, if it wasn't for the $200 price tag, this set would be a staple for most buyers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Incredible sound quality

-Surprisingly comfortable

-Eye-catching design

-High-quality materials

-Comes with multiple eartips


-Extremely expensive price tag

-Occasional connectivity issues

Key Features
The Comet is an ideal set for everyday life whether you’re at the gym, on a business call, or even just traveling. CA has described them as “entry level,” meaning that they can be used in more common situations. It can easily plug into a smartphone for crisp and clear music listening or even a more hands-free calling experience, which is made even more efficient by its three-button remote. But since it’s not a wireless headset, this might not be for those who are more active and can’t run the risk of getting tangled on anything. And though its IP rating isn’t listed anywhere, it’s still safe to assume that this set would need to be protected from water and harsh weather. So it’s recommended that this set be used indoors or outside when there’s no rain or snow to worry about. Furthermore, there’s also no clear indication of whether or not they’re completely noise canceling, which would make them unsafe for use in high-traffic areas.
Basic Features
Considering its overall design, and the fact that it weighs just 1.76 ounces, the Comet is a very basic entry-level set. The main pieces are made from a stainless steel casing, which replaces the PVD finish of the brand’s previous models. They are also more elongated and curved downwards, which not only prevents constant readjusting but also allows the runner the wear it over their ear if it’s more comfortable. Its twisted cable is made from Litz Copper, which not only improves the overall sound quality but also its durability. It measures in at around 49 inches and is meant to be replaceable should it be damaged in anyway. Unlike most modern headsets, which feature one or two buttons, this set includes a three-button remote with a built-in microphone for a more hands-free calling experience and easier volume control. This set includes three different ear tips in various sizes: the Final Audio tips, Marshmallow tips, and Silicon Earphone tips. A small cleaning tool is also added to the package in order to help maintain sound quality and overall durability. As an added bonus, it comes with a textured case to make sure it stays completely safe when not in use.
Advanced Features
According to the multiple listings and reviews, the Comet’s standout feature is CA’s Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber, or T.A.E.C. Aside from giving each earbud its elongated shape, its build creates more accurate and enhanced high frequencies. Campfire Audio lists its frequency response range as 20Hz to 20kHz, which is considered to be the standard range for most headphones on the market. Its sensitivity level is also listed as 97dB, meaning that it can give buyers incredible volume even in busy environments. And its impedance is stated to be at 48 Ohms for each kHz, meaning that it not only provides clearer and crisper sound but it’s also highly resistant to potential blow-out caused by increased volume.
Sound Quality
Judging from most of the reviews, buyers seem to be very happy with the Comet's overall sound quality. They can thank the brand's trademarked T.A.E.C. for its heightened frequency levels and crisper sound. Buyers have even stated that the bases are stronger with this model, which is further enhanced by its 48dB per kHz sensitivity level. And thanks to the materials and design of each of its eartips, at least one listing has stated that this set provides a noise-canceling experience. With all of this said, there are still plenty of reviewers who feel that certain aspects of its sound are lacking. Some feel that it doesn't have enough layering, while others simply don't think it's as sharp as they would have hoped.
Because the Comet is designed to be an entry-level model, it comes with all of the same standard parts that one would find on their typical pair of earphones. While it may not be as convenient for those who live a more active lifestyle, this also means that buyers don't have to worry about charging or programming it to their mobile devices. Its detachable cord includes a 3.5mm plug at the end, which enables it to be plugged into almost any smartphone, tablet, or computer. What makes this set different from a standard pair of earphones, however, is the fact that the earbuds can be removed from the cable should it ever need to be replaced. Beryllium copper MMCX is used to attach the earbuds and ensure not only a stronger hold but also a more robust sound.
Most reviewers seem to find the Comet pretty comfortable, especially when compared to some of the brand’s other earphones. This is can be attributed to its relatively new design, which is more elongated so it doesn’t sit awkwardly on the ear and possibly cause irritation. The bottom portion is also curved slightly, so those who prefer an over-the-ear wear can do so with this set without the worry of it slipping out. One reviewer pointed out that this set’s overall fit and comfort level depends entirely on its tips since that’s the only part that’s ever meant to touch the ear. To ensure that everyone can find their ideal fit, this set comes with three different types of eartips in various sizes. There’s the Final Audio tip, made from two types of silicon for more comfort and sound isolation, in extra small to extra large. Then there’s the Marshmallow tip, which is made from foam, in small, medium, and large. And finally, there’s the Silicon Earphone tip, which is self-explanatory, in small, medium, and large.
The Comet features a different design than other sets that are offered by Campfire Audio. While most of them have earbuds that are thick and angular or rounded and flat, this one is more elongated. Not only does this better accommodate the brand’s T.A.E.C. technology, but according to reviewers this new design prevents them from rubbing up against the ear for a secure fit with less risk of irritation. And as stated before, the curved shape of its back portion allows a behind-the-ear wear for buyers that prefer it. The brand’s CA logo is clearly engraved on either side of the bud, though some buyers wish that it had more detailing. The long cable is braided tightly, both for aesthetic and to ensure that it better maintains its overall shape. Also unlike many of the brand’s other sets, it does not offer any range in color options. The buds themselves are a reflective stainless steel while all parts of the cable and all eartips are black.
Considering just how much this set costs, buyers would be more than disappointed if the Comet wasn’t durable. Thankfully, its ear pieces are made from stainless steel instead of plastic, which allows it to better resist most forms of external damage. And the fact that it comes with its own cleaning tool means that dust, debris, and possible buildup won’t clog it and possibly ruin its sound quality. Its MMCX, which connects the cable to the earbud, is made from beryllium copper for an even stronger hold. Even the cable utilizes Litz Copper and is braided tightly in order to prevent possible fraying and tearing. With that said, it can easily be replaced if it does become damaged. Those who are more technical will also be glad to know that it has an impedance level of 40 ohms per kHz, meaning that it’s also highly resistant to potential blow-out. Although it can definitely stay intact after many months of use, it’s also quite obvious that this set was not designed to be used outdoors during harsh weather.
Ease of Use
Since this is an entry-level model, it’s pretty much a given that the Comet will be easy to use. Because it comes with a cable, there’s no need to worry about programming it into the phone or charging it ahead of time. They simply need to plug it into their smartphone in order to take their music with them on runs and workouts. Reviewers also feel that its built-in remote makes things a lot easier since it enables a more hands-free experience. All they have to do is hit the center button to answer or end calls and then use the other two in order to control the volume. Although the fact that it includes earbuds in several different sizes and materials might get confusing for some buyers.
Power Source
Since it’s not a wireless set, the Comet obviously doesn’t have to be charged up before being used. Once it’s unpackaged, all the buyer has to do is simply attach the earbuds to the cable and then plug the connector into their smartphone. Although most reviewers don’t seem to have any issues with its overall connectivity, there are some who feel that its 3.5mm mini plug doesn’t work well with certain devices. This may have more to do with the device that’s being used, such as a laptop, than the actual plug itself.
While most reviewers are happy with how the Comet performs and fit, they aren’t so thrilled with its expensive price tag. On the CA website, as well as, this set is listed at a staggering $200. And current listings on Amazon and eBay range anywhere from $175 to $320, so there isn’t much of a chance to get a good deal throughout most of the year. Needless to say, this price point definitely turns buyers away and could be the biggest reason why it’s not a best selling model. While it does provide amazing sound quality and works for calls and music, it doesn’t include any special advanced features and won’t be fit for those who prefer wireless headsets. In other words, its overall design doesn’t seem to be that much different from a standard pair of earbuds. With that said, considering the praise that it gets for being durable, it’s likely that many buyers would choose this set to ensure long-lasting usage.
Key Features
-Durable materials
-High-quality sound
-High $200 price tag
-Detachable cable
-Lots of options for ear tips to customize the fit
Bottom Line
All-in-all, the Campfire Audio Comet has been given plenty of high marks thanks to its comfort-based design, incredible sound quality, durable materials, and detachable cable. Buyers also appreciate the wide variety of ear tips that it comes with, as well as its travel case and the futuristic aesthetic. While it may not be quite as convenient as a wireless headset for some buyers, it's still considered to be an entry-level model which means that it will work perfectly in everyday situations for almost anybody. Even though it does get the occasional complaint about its overall sound quality, its $200 price tag seems to be the real reason for why it's not exactly a best-selling set. While no one is suggesting that CA not price their products according to their quality, it is clear that this particular set would otherwise be a staple for the average buyer.
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