Casio G-Shock GA700-1B Watch Review

The Casio G-Shock GA700-1B is just one model in a substantial line of highly durable analog digital watches. Not only does it enable the buyer to enhance their overall training and easily keep track of their time, even while traveling, but it also provides a highly durable yet eye-catching design that's able to blend in seamlessly with a number of different environments.

This watch accurately displays the date and time with both its analog and digital displays. It features a resin casing, bezel, and wrist band, as well as a mineral glass lens, for increased durability even in rugged environments. Buyers are also extremely appreciative of its water and shock resistance, as well as its ability to transition easily into different time zones.

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Pros & Cons

-Incredibly durable

-Wide range of color options

-Bold, eye-catching style

-Full auto-calendar

-Multiple alarms

-Water resistant


-Difficult for some to read

-Can be hard to set up

-Inconsistant illumination

Key Features
The GA700-1B can easily hold up to a wide range of athletic activities. Its highly durable design allows buyers to take it with them while hiking or mountain biking. Furthermore, the countdown timer and stopwatch aid in various forms of workouts and training routines, and they prove to be extremely helpful when preparing for a major competition.

Even while not exercising, this watch’s five alarms can still be incredibly useful for the buyer’s day-to-day living. And traveling is also simplified thanks to its inclusion of 31 time zones, which the buyer can easily switch between no matter where they’re heading off to.

In addition, this model’s ability to stay water resistant in depths of up to 200 meters makes it suitable for almost all water-based sports or marine professions. According to its listings, however, it’s not intended to be used while diving.
Basic Features
The GA700-1B is an analog digital watch complete with a 3D dial and hands as well as a clearly displayed date on the bottom of its face. It has a case, bezel, and band that are all made from the same durable resin, as well as a lens made from mineral glass. Both are in place to ensure a highly durable and long-lasting wear.

It also features a five-button configuration all along the perimeter of its casing, and each one is clearly labeled with its designated function. While LED Illumination is also included for easier use in low-light environments, several buyers have complained that it’s not as bright and easy to read as they would have hoped.
Advanced Features
Buyers can use the GA700-1B to keep track of both their workouts and their daily activities thanks to its countdown timer and stopwatch. The timer utilizes a 1/10 second countdown range while the stopwatch is at 1/100 second, meaning that both can accurately calculate and display the runner’s exact progress. Five daily alarms are also included for everything from sleep and training to other daily activities.

As mentioned before, this watch also includes up to 31 world time zones for easy transitioning whenever the buyer is traveling. And its ability to stay water and shock resistant means it will last the buyer for years, even while they constantly partake in rugged activities.
Overall, buyers seem to be completely satisfied with the GA700-1B’s level of accuracy. From its regular date and time and various time zones to its stopwatch and countdown timer, as well as its measuring modes, it’s consistently able to stay on track in order to efficiently help the buyer with their current activity. There also doesn’t seem to be any issues with it having to be reset at any point, which proves to be an excellent indicator of just how durable this watch really is.
Although the GA700-1B offers plenty of impressive features, it does not come with any sort of wireless connectivity. While modern devices definitely prioritize this, many buyers are happy that this allows them to disconnect and focus entirely on their training. However, for those who need connectivity, there are several other Casio G-Shock watches that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth v4.0.
Since there’s no wireless connectivity, the GA700-1B also doesn’t come with any apps, nor can apps be downloaded onto this particular watch for usage. This means that buyers can’t use it to listen to their music, track their vital signs, or efficiently monitor very specific workouts. As stated before, however, Casio G-Shock has created a wide range of other watches that not only offer connectivity but also utilize the brand’s specialized apps.
Although this watch was clearly designed more for function, the GA700-1B still seems to provide buyers with a very comfortable fit. Several other watches that feature resin bands are known to be painful for some, as this material can’t quite adapt to the person’s individual shape. However, the band featured on this watch is molded in such a way that it won’t dig in and press against the bone.

Still, given all of its measurements, it’s obvious that this particular watch was not designed for those who have smaller wrists. Its casing is over two inches in diameter and the entire device weighs just under 2.5 oz, meaning that some buyers would find this watch too cumbersome for frequent use.
Casio G-Shock is known for creating substantial watches with bold designs and large casings, and the GA700-1B is definitely one of these watches. Not only does its analog-digital display give it a very rugged yet smart appearance, but its overall look also allows it to hold up against long term usage and difficult environments. And depending on which color the buyer chooses, it can also fit into certain work settings without being too overpowering.

Buyers also appreciate the fact that, unlike several other watches that are currently on the market, this model comes with a decent amount of color options for them to choose from. While black seems to be the most popular version, it’s also available in various shades and combinations of blue, red, grey, and white. Special black/gold or black/rose gold options can also be found at certain retailers for those who want theirs to look a little more sophisticated.
The GA700-1B’s standout feature is its extremely enhanced levels of durability. Its casing, bezel, and band are all made from resin, which allows it to completely avoid overall wear and tear. Its mineral glass lens also proves to be much harder to scratch or crack than standard acrylic, so it will definitely be able to hold up to most rugged environments.

This watch is also water resistant in depths of up to 200 meters, so it buyers can safely and easily use it during water sports or marine-based activities. As stated before, the only thing that it can’t be used for is diving.

Most significantly, listings and reviews state that this watch is highly shock resistant. This means that if it’s accidentally dropped, all of its inner mechanics will be able to avoid damage. This also means that there will be no costly repairs or having to worry about replacements.
According to an Amazon listing, the GA700-1B’s lens is made from mineral glass. While it might not be nearly as strong as sapphire crystal, it’s still much more difficult to scratch than a standard acrylic lens. Its casing and bezel are made from highly durable resin, and the entire unit measures in at just over two inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick.

Its combination of analog and digital formats allows buyers to better keep track of time and the current date. Five labeled buttons are fixed around the perimeter of the face for control of the timer/stopwatch and to switch modes, and LED illumination is included so the wearer can easily read the watch while in low-light environments.
The GA700-1B’s band is made from a more pliable version of the resin that forms its casing. Not only does this enable increased durability and protection, but it also means that it can provide a secure and reasonably comfortable fit. It’s also listed as being just over an inch wide, which is a bit more than the average watch that’s sold today.

While there are no online listings that show exactly how long this watch’s band is, it can still be assumed that it’s a men’s standard length. This means that it would be around nine inches long and could most comfortably fit up to an eight-inch wrist.

With other resin bands, there has generally been a complaint that its overall shape and inability to adapt to the buyer’s individual wrist leads to a very uncomfortable wear. Although this may be the case with some who have worn this model, most seem to be quite satisfied with this watch’s overall fit.
As stated before, the GA700-1B has a casing that’s just over two inches in diameter and three quarters of an inch thick. Its band is also just over an inch wide, and this entire device measures just under 2.5 oz. While this isn’t exactly heavy, it’s still much more substantial than most watches that are currently on the market.

Although women of certain sizes can easily and comfortably wear this watch, it’s clear that this one was designed to be worn by men. In general, this would not be an ideal model at all for those who have small wrists. However, those particular buyers would be happy to know that Casio G-Shock makes other watches that are better designed for them.
Ease of use
While most reviewers love its overall efficiency, several have complained that the G-Shock GA700-1B is difficult to set up and use. The combination of analog and digital settings may prove to be too complicated for some buyers who are used to using only one or the other. In addition, they’ve also claimed that the LED illumination doesn’t work as well as it should.

Furthermore, it should be noted that most reviewers don’t seem to have many issues with this watch. So it’s unclear whether or not these negative responses come from those who aren’t used to this particular set-up. And the fact that it doesn’t have to consistently be updated or charged is still considered a major plus for this model.
Power source
The GA700-1B derives all of its power from just one CR2 battery, which is said to last up to five years. Since very few reviewers have complained that it died on them after only a few weeks of months, it’s definitely safe to say that this watch lives up to these claims. It also removes the hassle of having to constantly charge the device or keep track of its battery level throughout the day.

While some buyers may be intimidated at the thought of having to replace the battery, they can at least rest assured that it won’t be something they’ll have to do frequently. Furthermore, instructions are readily provided along with the watch for when that time finally comes. Video tutorials can also be readily found online for those who need a proper demonstration.
Across most online retailers, from Macy’s and Jared to the G-Shock website, the GA700-1B is listed for $99. It can also be found on a number of discount websites and eBay listings for as little as $60. Although, just like anything else that one would buy online, it’s still important to check the listing’s reviews before making a purchase.

Considering its versatile wear, features that assist both travel and day-to-day living, and extremely high levels of durability, it’s clear that buyers find this watch to be more than worth its price tag. And the fact that its battery can last as long as five years before being replaced means an even greater bang for their buck.
Key Features
-Mineral Glass Lens
-Resin Casing, Bezel, and Band
-Five Daily Alarms
-Shock Resistance
-Analog-Digital display type
-World Time: 31 Time Zones
-Stopwatch and Countdown timer
-Water resistant in up to 200 meters
-LED Illumination
-Five-Year Battery Life
Bottom Line
Almost all reviews show that the Casio G-Shock GA700-1B is one of the brand's best received wrist watches. And considering its extremely high levels of durability and water resistance, as well as its ability to provide a truly versatile wear, it's easy to see why. It's even wrapped up in a bold and stylish design, complete with several different color options for buyers to choose from.

Of course, this watch's display may prove to be hard to read, or even hard to set up, for some. And those who are more active may still want the extra features found on a smartwatch. Yet for those who either travel frequently or always partake in rugged activities, this watch proves to be the perfect everyday tool.
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