Timex Expedition Gallatin Analog Watch

The Timex Expedition Gallatin is an analog watch that serves as the perfect device for those who prefer something simpler. It's designed to be rugged and highly durable and is able to stay water resistant in up to 50 meters. Its Arabic numerals imprinted on the face and casing make it very easy to read, and army time is included near the center for those who prefer it.

The date is also included on the face, and everything can be easily adjusted and reprogrammed thanks to its QuickDate feature. Buyers are also pleased with the INDIGLO night-light, which is formed by a lighted back panel and makes activities easier and safer in lowlight environments. And its surprisingly reasonable price tag makes it a terrific bargain for those who know how to properly care for it.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons

-Easy to set up

-Water resistant

-Reasonably priced

-Lightweight and comfortable

-Great for low-light environments

-Ideal for everyday living


-Lacks overall durability

-Can be difficult to read

-Not for those who want more features



Key Features
The Expedition Gallatin is intended to work in both rugged, tactical environments and in everyday life. Buyers have been known to use this watch while hiking, at the gym, or at work and have had no issues. And thanks to its ability to stay water resistant in up to 50 meters, buyers can safely and confidently wear this model to the beach, pool, or out on a jog through heavy rain.

However, those who do more intense, military-level training state that this watch can't hold up to their activities. Furthermore, since it comes with no tracking or monitoring features other than the date and time, some buyers may not feel completely comfortable using it in more rugged environments. Those who just want a basic watch that can be used in multiple settings, that won't be too harsh, can definitely get away with buying this one.
Basic Features
The Expedition Gallatin is built like a standard analog watch with minute, hour, and second hands for traditional time-telling. Arabic numerals are imprinted on the face and the casing. A wind-up button is also fixed to the 15-minute mark, allowing for quick and easy changes for Daylight Savings Time or while traveling to different time zones.

All of this is attached to a fabric nylon band that includes a traditional buckle to ensure a secure and easy fit for almost all wrist sizes up to eight inches around.
Advanced Features
According to both listings and reviews, the Expedition Gallatin's standout feature is its INDIGLO Night-Light. With an electroluminescent panel forming a backlight, it's able to illuminate the numbers and dials for completely efficient use in low-light environments.

Another incredibly useful tool is the Quick Date feature, which is quite self-explanatory. Comprised of only a crown knob at the 15-minute mark, it can be pulled out and turned in either direction for quick and easy adjustment whenever it's needed.
According to many reviewers, the Expedition Gallatin displays an incredible amount of accuracy when it comes to the date and time. Once it's wound-up and programmed, thanks to the watch's Quick Date feature, it can stay running at the same pace and continuously moves on to the next date as soon as it arrives.

Unfortunately, several other buyers have claimed that the longer this watch is worn the more they have to constantly reprogram it. Others state that the date feature stops working after some time, which needless to say greatly throws them off.
Unlike watches that are designed to be compatible with an active lifestyle, the Expedition Gallatin does not offer any sort of wireless connectivity. This means that buyers won't be able to use this model for calls, emails, text, or any form of social media.

Many consider its lack of features to be a good thing, as it allows them to disconnect and better focus on their workouts. However, those who live a more active lifestyle and need to be connected at all times would be wise to look for something else.
Because it does not utilize any sort of internet or phone connectivity, the Expedition Gallatin also does not have any need for apps. It cannot monitor the person's heart rate or the amount of steps they've taken, and it definitely can't keep tabs on their fitness progress or notify them of any incoming calls. Those who are looking for a watch that can truly do it all would be better off spending extra money on a model that fits all of their needs.
Across multiple online outlets, the Expedition Gallatin has received a great deal of praise for its comfortable wear. Its band is made from nylon fabric that doesn't cause irritation, and it can easily fit almost any wrist size that measures up to eight inches around. And its slip-through design and ensures that can put in on and fasten it with total ease.

Another major plus is how lightweight this watch actually is. At less than 1.5 oz., it never gets in the way of a workout and even stays easy to wear while the buyer is swimming.

Furthermore, even though its casing is a bit substantial it doesn't seem to get in the way during day-to-day activities. While those with much smaller wrists and hands may find it a bit more cumbersome, it's clear that most buyers are able to comfortably wear this model in their most common environments.
Buyers have complimented the Expedition Gallatin for its rugged yet relatively simple design. It's able to fit in remarkably well in outdoor terrains, at the gym, or in basic casual settings. And despite the fact that it's an analog it's also made to be very easy to read, whether the buyer uses standard time-telling or even Army Time.

While this watch isn't offered in a wide array of colors, it's clear that buyers don't seem to mind at all. Its two most popular color combinations seem to be black/blue and green/black. There are other black versions with red or yellow accents that are sold at a limited number of retailers.
Timex has greatly marketed the Expedition Gallatin as having a rugged outdoor construction and a highly durable wear that can withstand everyday usage. Most buyers seem to agree with this, as they've been able to use it during both workouts and their day-to-day lives and note that it held up surprisingly well for long periods of time. And its water repellency in up to 50 meters means that it can hold up to both harsh weather and complete submersion.

However, there are also multiple reviewers who claim that this watch fell apart after only two or three weeks of use. They've reported that the band started coming apart, the hands fell out of place, or that it just stopped working altogether even after the battery was replaced.

While this isn't entirely surprising to some buyers, given its price point and intended usage, it's still a disappointment when it's marketed as being a sturdy model.
The Expedition Gallatin features an acrylic lens and a black resin casing, both of which prove to be surprisingly durable for a large number of buyers. Unlike a lot of modern watches that are made today, it utilizes an analog display with a functioning second hand and clearly readable numbers.

While the hours are showcased near the outer rim, as is typical, the minutes are imprinted onto the casing to ensure easier time-telling while on the go. Army Time hours are also featured, encircling the center, for those who use that particular method more often. It even displays the current date on the right side, which can be easily programmed thanks to the watch's Quick Date feature.
The Expedition Gallatin's band is made from a double layered nylon fabric for a comfortable wear. It features Slip-on construction as well as a buckle, enabling secure attachment, more efficient adjustment, and the ability to be worn on many different

Although listings don't seem to mention how long it is, it does list its width at 22mm. Both its size and material greatly add to its overall lightweight wear, although some buyers do wish that it was more resistant to gradual wear. With that said, replacement bands can easily be found on the Timex website for only $20.
The Expedition Gallatin weighs in at less than 1.5 oz. making it an incredibly lightweight model that won’t get in the way of workouts or daily living. There’s no indication of how large its display size is, although it’s fairly safe to assume that it’s the average 1.2 inches in diameter. With the casing, however, it comes in at just over 1.7 inches wide and at just under half an inch thick.

Although there’s no listing that details exactly how long its band is, reviews show that it can fit up to an eight-inch wrist. It’s also 11.5mm wide, meaning that multiple wrist sizes can comfortably wear it.
Ease of Use
The Expedition Gallatin is definitely meant for those who prefer a simpler watch for their daily activities. Not everyone needs a watch that will notify them of incoming calls, track their works, or monitor their vital functions. When it comes to this particular model, there’s no need to continuously charge it, keep track of battery life, or reprogram its multiple features. All the buyer has to do is utilize Quick Date program it to their current time zone and make sure that the correct date is set.

With that said, there’s no doubt it would become a hassle for those who are used to automatic time changes on their devices. Replacing the battery could also be a daunting task for these particular buyers, even with the help of a few online guides.
Power Source
Unlike watches that assist with overall fitness, the Expedition Gallatin does not need to be charged routinely in order to stay powered up. Instead, it relies on a small lithium ion battery that supposedly can last for up to ten years according to its Amazon listing. While this seems to be the case for a number of buyers, the fact that several claim that it dies on them after only a few months definitely raises concerns for potential buyers.
While certain aspects of this watch have been given mixed reviews, buyers are generally pleased with the Expedition Gallatin's price point. It can be found on the Timex website for $57, and at even lower prices than this at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and JCPenney. Its highest price point is found on REI, and is set at $70.

Considering how expensive smartwatches are, and how simple this particular model is, the fact that it's relatively affordable is more than welcome. However, reviews that detail its inconsistent durability and battery life do lead some to believe that those who buy this watch are getting a stark reflection of what they paid for it.
Key Features
-INDIGLO Night-Light
-Quick Date for easy set-up
-Water resistant in up to 50 meters
-Acrylic lens with resin case
-Double-layer nylon strap
-Reasonable $57 price tag
Bottom Line
Years ago, the Timex Expedition Gallatin would have been considered a more advanced watch. It's designed to be worn in more rugged environments, displays the current date on its face, and even comes complete with the brand's INDIGLO Night Light feature that allows it to stay useful at all hours of the day. And the fact that it's able to stay water resistant in up to 50 meters enables it to be functional even at the beach or pool and in heavy rain.

However, with the introduction of smartwatches and activity trackers, this particular model is definitely considered to be on the simpler side. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as a large number of buyers could either do without all the added features or would prefer to completely disconnect as they workout.

There's no doubt that this watch does leave something to be desired, especially when it comes to its overall level of durability or the fact that it requires readjusting. But for its price range, buyers seem to be satisfied with how it performs during their day-to-day lives.
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