Hoka One One Bondi 5

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Hoka One One Bondi 5 Review Facts
Hoka One One has slowly been making their name as a reputable brand in the running shoe market. With each new product, they continue to innovate and push the category in new directions. The Hoka One One Bondi 5 is their most cushioned shoe to date.
It is designed to be an amazing choice for long distance runners who need maximum support and maximum cushioning. The Hoka One One Bondi 5 improves many things from its predecessor in an effort to revolutionize the way a long-distance training shoe feels like. Runners will appreciate the smooth, cushioned ride that gives just the right amount of balance.
With just enough technology crammed inside, the Hoka One One Bondi 5 will be the perfect choice for experienced runners who appreciate innovative cushioning and a feature set that promises comfort and results.
Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super plush cushioning
  • Comfortable and breathable upper material
  • Durable outsole with reinforced rubber
  • Smooth ride with rocker technology
  • Lacks responsiveness
  • Not super flexible
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  • The vast majority of reviewers are pleased with their Hoka One One Bondi 5s. The praise ranges from completely altering their level of activity to simply making their daily activities more comfortable.
  • These are good shoes for narrow feet. The toe box has enough room and the heel has a snug fit.
  • Many reviewers who have struggled to find shoes that fit them well say these shoes are game-changers.
  • Bondi 5s have helped buyers with plantar fasciitis, ankle and knee pain, as well as other common problems.
  • Buyers note that these stay comfortable even after long work hours on their feet.
  • According to most reviewers, Bondi 5s live up to their standards as neutral running shoes.
  • The support can help people who overpronate.
  • As a couple of buyers point out, for those who like a little vertical boost, these shoes will give you an extra inch of height.
  • Several people note that the structure of Bondi 5s prevent toes from bending to much which helps reduce pain from hallux rigidus or similar conditions.
  • These shoes were recommended to several buyers by their podiatrists.
  • For some wearers over 50, the cushion and stability of these shoes have allowed them to continue to stay active.
  • There is adequate ankle support. One buyer noted that, with these, he no longer needed an ankle brace.
  • Hoka One One has a warranty that backs up their workmanship and materials. That was helpful for a few buyers who needed replacements.
  • There are very few reports of needing a break-in period.
  • A common claim from positive reviewers is that what these shoes lack in aesthetic appeal, they make up for with function.
  • Most negative reviews are from long time Hoka fans. With time and new versions of their different shoes, some people feel the overall quality has gone down.
  • According to some buyers, the sizing is slightly different from previous models of Bondis. The 5s seem to have a narrower shape.
  • For some people the insole and upper are too stiff for comfortable running.
  • There are several reports of the tread peeling quickly. For some people, this was covered by the warranty; for others it ruined the shoe.
  • These shoes are bulky with a high stack. Several reviewers say they make their feet look significantly bigger.
  • Although these shoes can help with overpronation, they aren't built to correct supination.
  • A few reviewers report that the sole and upper of their pair of Bondi 5s separated on the side of their foot near the toe box.
  • A large number of negative reviews complain that the price of these shoes do not reflect the quality.
  • There are a few reports of rub across the top of the toes.
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Of the 1541 reviews we found in total, 18% were negative, and 82% were positive.


The outsole of the Hoka One One Bondi 5 is designed to offer superior durability and support. The material used here is a high-abrasion rubber to give great grip and durability. The rubber is used in the heel and toe of the shoe while the middle of the outsole opens up to a plush EVA cushioning.

The rubber used in the outsole also provides protection to the runner's sole and heel. The durability here should be tremendous. With all of the EVA cushioning and high-abrasion rubber, the bottom portions of the shoe should have no concerns about premature wear and tear.

Hoka One One calls this zonal rubber placement and there is reinforced rubber in the typical problem areas for durability.


The shoe-producing company really amped up the cushioning for the Hoka One One Bondi 5 midsole. Many runners love the ample cushion offered by this shoe, especially since it is full coverage, from heel to toe. The signature Hoka One One cushioning will be a welcome feeling for those who are familiar with the brand.

It’s a reason why the brand has become so popular recently and this shoe stacks up nicely when compared to Hoka One One's other offerings.


The upper is completely redesigned from previous models of the shoe. The upper is comprised of engineered mesh that is seamless. The appearance of this mesh is smooth and sleek. Runners will notice it right away.

It also provides a tremendous amount of flexibility to make the shoe comfortable right from the start. The overall fit of the upper material may remind some runners of the Clifton 3 shoe. You will find a roomy toe box in this shoe, which allows your toes to spread and lay naturally.

One negative aspect of the upper is that this mesh material may have durability concerns. Small creases and wear marks may develop faster than desired. Fortunately, the breathability and comfort of the upper material are second to none. Runners should just keep their eye on the durability.


The weight of this shoe is 10 ounces. This surprises many runners that are unfamiliar with the Hoka brand because even though the midsoles appear bulky and are highly cushioned, they are very lightweight.


Breathability is an area where the Hoka One One Bondi 5 excels. The material used in the upper is an engineered mesh that allows oxygen to flow in and out of the shoe. Runners will certainly appreciate this airflow and it will make warmer runs much more pleasant.

For a shoe that has such a comfortable, plush feel, this amount of breathability is more than acceptable, Hoka One One Bondi 5 did a great job of maximizing breathability without sacrificing comfort.


Comfort is an area where the Hoka One One Bondi 5 really performs nicely. This shoe is comfortable from the first time you run in them, without any break in time needed. Hoka One One has revolutionized the concept of the highly cushioned shoe.

This serves as the antithesis of the barefoot running movement but the comfort level cannot be questioned.


Hoka One One Bondi 5 are shoes that are likely to be noticed because of their thick heels and ample cushioning. These aren’t the most svelte looking shoes on the planet. What they lack in style, they easily make up for in comfort and support.

The Bondi 5 comes in a variety of attractive colors for runners to choose from. I’m not sure that this shoe would look natural in a casual setting, it certainly still looks like a highly-cushioned running shoe. Thankfully, the color choices should make this a passable choice for even the most style-conscious runners.


Durability is an area of concern for the Hoka One One Bondi 5. The rugged outsole and midsole should hold up well over time. The area that runners should be worried about is the upper. This soft mesh material is amazingly comfortable and breathable, but it also seems prone to premature wear and tear.

Small creases and marks on the upper could easily translate into more serious problems down the road. For a shoe that is designed to be cushioned and handle long runs, durability should not be overlooked. While there should be little concern about the durability of the outsole and midsole, the upper material should be watched closely.


The heel cup and well-fitted upper will keep your foot secure, protecting your foot from debris and slippage-related injury. Solid traction also helps prevent environmental slippage, falls, and injuries like rolled ankles. The ample cushioning in these shoes helps protect your joints because the shock of impact is absorbed with each foot strike.


The responsiveness of a show will almost certainly diminish when you offer such thick cushioning. For runners wearing the Hoka One One Bondi 5, it is a tradeoff between cushioning and responsiveness.

On one hand, the ample cushioning makes the foot feel comfortable and supported. On the other hand, this could lead to a lack of connection with the road and a bulkier feel. But this is a max cushion shoe, so these sacrifices should not come as a surprise.

If you’re looking for a more responsive shoe, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a supremely cushioned shoe to give you maximum comfort, then you’re in the right place with the Hoka One One Bondi 5.


Hoka One One has made the Bondi 5 supportive in every aspect. The upper material is very flexible compared to previous versions, allowing the shoe to move with your foot. Hoka One One has built their brand on this highly-supportive, highly-cushioned design and it works very well. This shoe also comes equipped with a 3D Puff Print Frame that gives the shoe its shape and offers additional detailed support throughout the shoe.


The Hoka One One Bondi 5 is designed to handle frequently encountered terrains, such as asphalt and pavement.

Hoka One One positions this shoe as being designed for running on hard, man-made surfaces. Having said that, there is some traction on the bottom of the outsole to give grip on more slick terrain.

Light trails shouldn’t be a problem for this shoe, but it’s much better suited to remain on the roads whenever possible.


Hoka One One Bondi 5 packs a lot of technology in the shoe and the price tag will reflect that. They certainly won’t be found in any budget category . But most runners will be happy to pay full price for the maximum amount of cushioning and support that is found in the Bondi 5.


The traction on the bottom of the outsole of these shoes is sufficient for light trail running but not much more. The high-abrasion rubber material will connect with the ground and offer some protection against slippage.

There aren’t enough lugs here to suggest running through thick mud or slippery ice. Smart runners would be encouraged to keep these shoes on the asphalt and pavement whenever possible.

Runners who are looking for a more cushioned trail running shoe will need to look elsewhere at one of the many specific trail-running options that are on the market.


Flexibility is another area of sacrifice for most max-cushioned shoes. In order to accommodate the thick cushioning, the shoe needs to give up some of its flexibility. However, HOKA has redesigned the upper of this shoe to allow for more natural foot movement because of the responsive mesh material.


The well-designed meta rocker form factor allows for a stable ride that improves efficiency. The wide frame of the show also makes it feel extremely stable. The toe box is especially wide on these shoes to allow for the toes to properly splay out in a natural manner. This makes for a very stable feel for a variety of runners.


The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 has a drop of 4 mm. This may be surprising to some, having a minimal drop with such a large midsole and lots of cushioning. However, even though the meta rocker technology and cushioning force your run forward, the low drop helps you maintain as natural of a stride as possible.
Key Features

Key Features

    - Amazing cushioning from heel-to-toe
    - Early stage meta rocker design
    - Stylish color options
    - Zonal rubber placement
    - Roomy Toe Box
    - Comfortable upper
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Overall, the Hoka One One Bondi 5 is a great option for any runner that is seeking full cushioning and support. Even though this shoe is light in weight, it still offers runners a bouncy, responsive feel. This shoe is best used on the road or paved terrains.

The only concern will be with durability on these shoes, especially in the upper material. Even with some questioning of its durability, the Bondi 5 will be a stylish, comfortable choice for many runners.