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Our Conclusion
The Hoka One One Conquest 2 shoe is made from Hoka’s new midsole material, making it one of the most responsive performance road shoes. A suspension midsole constructed with an EVA top layer provides the shoe with great cushioning, while the RMAT body delivers a perfect blend of underfoot mechanical support and a responsive ride. The shoe is extremely breathable, comfortable, stable and flexible. Its design is made in such a way that it can be used for casual wear or sports.
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Pros & Cons
  • RMAT high-rebound cushioning stabilizes the foot, protects joints, and cushions landings
  • The no-sew upper lets one experience a sock-like fit and protects against blisters and hot spots
  • The shoe is made of high-abrasion lightweight rubber which enhances its durability, traction, and responsiveness
  • Cons
    • Color options do not appeal to runners who don't like bright colors
    • The Conquest 2 shoe is moderately heavy
    • The shoe is more expensive than other road running shoes
    • Key Features
      The rubber outsole is built with RMAT technology that offers durable support to the user. A moderate tread pattern stabilizes the foot and provides a good level of traction on roads or trails. The High-Abrasion Lightweight Rubber adds durability in high-impact areas so that runners can go over or around objects without worrying about deterioration. It is flexible enough to go on hills or pick up some speed, but stable enough to help slow over- or under-pronation.
      The dual-layer midsole has RMAT, an injected-molded foam, on the lower layer, and a beautifully-cushioned CMEVA material on the upper layer. The RMAT layer adds to the stack height and increases stability, cushioning, and responsiveness. The geometry of the early-stage rocker helps reduce the weight of the shoe. The CMEVA layer cradles with the heel with signature Hoka cushioning. The RMAT also offers water drainage for fast-drying performance; it is ideal for triathletes looking to use the Conquest 2 for racing and training.
      The look and feel of the breathable upper material are plush and appealing. Closed mesh with gleaming accents, no-sew synthetic leather, conjoint collar and tongue lining and the down market heel pull strap. The angular pattern cuts and screen print sketches are methodical and create a more attractive impression. The toe bumper has an extensive curve to it, and while that seems to be because the midsole design, credit has to be given to the upper construction as well. When likened to preceding models, the upper toe bumper part is raised higher and does not incline in reverse over the foot like how the others did. The Conquest has an extraordinary lacing system.
      The average weight of the Hoka One One Conquest 2 is 12 oz for men and 10 oz for women. This is heavier than most running shoes and is a considerable increase from its predecessors. Its ability to navigate tough terrains, as well as its high amount of cushioning, ground protection and durability make it worth the extra weight for many runners.
      The upper of the shoe is designed with a very breathable closed mesh and seamless interior that conforms to the foot and works to prevent blisters and hot spots. This is a very attractive feature of the shoe because it is frequently used on rough surfaces over full marathons which increases the chances of sweaty feet.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 2 is very comfortable. The high stack height of approximately 28mm keeps the feet at an elevation from the ground, thereby ensuring maximum traction and support. The RMAT and CMEVA midsole cushion landings and add responsiveness. The laces and padding in the tongue, heel, and collar give a comfortably snug fit. The sock lining is designed with luxurious and soft material that cushions the feet and makes for an exact and comfortable fit. The seamless design reduces the risk of irritation and hot spots. The exterior front guard on the upper mesh offers adequate protection from objects that may cause injury or damage to the toe.
      This shoe is quite appealing and fashionable. The streaks incorporated in the designs are tame but vibrant. Most of the colors on the upper part of the shoe are vibrant and chic. The shoes come in a wide variety of color options. Men can choose between Blue/Green Flash/White, Grey/Citrus/White, Green Flash/Silver, or Orange Flash/Persimmon. Women have the choice of Neon Coral/Tillandsia Purple, Colonial Blue/Mint Leaf, Neon Coral/Citrus, Acid/Waterfall, Grey/Blue/Neon Coral, or Pink. While many reviewers liked the style of the shoe, runners who don't like bright colors would have liked it if other options were available.
      The assorted design midsole and the outsole have a diversity of numerous rubber combinations vacillating from Hokas renown soft EVA to inoculated hard RMAT material that are preemptively placed to guarantee that the parts that are subject to extensive friction such as the toe area are sufficiently reinforced. This shoe uses cutting-edge technology on the upper part by incorporating synthetic leather mesh, which is similar to the previous Hoka One One Constant shoe, which that progresses its inclusive durability while offering perfunctory and structural support concurrently. The toe area of the shoe uses the same reinforced malleable plastic toe cap as the previous models that are made from durable, malleable compounds material that increases the durability while being used on the rock terrains and jagged rocky edges.
      This shoe offers maximum protection of a runner’s foot, which is an important aspect of all shoes. This running shoe is ideal for running on roads or trails with unexpected climbs, vertical descents and other objects such as roots, rocks, or trail debris. The thick outsole acts as a safeguard against rough or uneven terrain. The midsole protects joints by absorbing shock, softening the impact of running downhill. The upper protects against cold, heat, and wind.
      This is a responsive shoe. The outsole is made of RMAT technology that is exceedingly compressed material that is firm and responsive at the same time providing the runner with a firm ride which is imperative on rocky terrains and trails. The midsole of the Hoka One One Conquest 2 is composed of EVA material that delivers adequate reactive responsiveness to the impact created by the runner’s feet, cushioning landings and giving bouncy takeoffs. In the upper, the sock lining of the shoe is made of double-layered Ortholite fabric that is plush to the touch and can absorb latent impact without creating any outside impacts on the foot. This sock lining cushions the feet and is responsive to any external force or impact.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 2 offers support at every level. The outsole lifts the foot off the ground, supporting the foot from underneath. In the midsole, the EVA conforms to the shape of the foot and provides a stability level of arch support, suitable for runners with a normal arch who need arch support or over-pronate. The upper frames the shape of the foot, with the tongue and laces giving a customized fit and the heel counter supporting the heel to keep the foot from rolling or sliding.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 2 is an ideal shoe for running on roads or trails with elevated climbs, abrupt descents, and objects such as roots, rocks and debris. The midsole's cushioning softens the impact when running downhill and protects against feeling objects on the trail. The shoe is not for wet or slippery terrain such as snow or ice.
      The shoe is slightly more expensive than its predecessor and rival shoes offering equal features. The price increase is justified by the integration of the RMAT and EVA technology at the base of the shoe that speaks towards its ability to navigate any terrain. The high amount of cushioning, stability, durability, and ground protection justify the high price for many users. Since the Hoka One One Conquest 3 was released, many retailers are offering the Conquest 2 at a reduced price in some sizes and styles, although some stores sell it for full price because it has been discontinued.
      The RMAT outsole coupled with the upgraded Meta Rocker midsole that is flawlessly integrated at the base of the shoe offers maximum traction on hard, packed surfaces. The Active Foot Frame is engineered to minimize weight and maximize responsiveness, providing great traction and stability for any foot width and strike pattern. The shoe gets great traction on roads or trails, uphill or downhill, allowing users to push off and pick up speed. It does not have spikes to prevent slipping on slippery surfaces.
      The Conquest 2 is flexible enough to allow the foot to move comfortably in order to push off and land, but its thick sole and stability features add weight and make it less flexible than some other shoes. The outsole bends enough to go on hills and trails but is stable enough to protect the user from feeling objects on the ground. The midsole's cushioning bends with the foot as it pushes off and lands. The upper locks in the foot but also moves with the foot as it goes on roads, paths, or trails.
      The Hoka One One Conquest 2 shoes are reliably steady. The outsole makes secure contact with the ground that prevents the foot from slipping or sliding. The midsole's foam significantly decreases the amount of under- and over-pronation by stabilizing the foot during ground impact and providing a good level of arch support. The upper's padding and laces lock in the foot and the TPU heel counter locks in the heel to prevent the ankle from rolling.
      The heel-to-toe drop on the Hoka One One Conquest 2 is at 4mm. This drop between the heel and the toe is sufficient to support a runner through tough trails because it creates satisfactory and enhanced equilibrium and comfort when in use. It distributes padding more evenly than a larger drop which allows for more of a midfoot strike and promotes a more natural gait and form. The offset also intensifies the traction and stability of the shoe to offer a firmer ride.
      Key Features
      • RMAT and EVA compounded rubber sole

      • Meta-Rocker is early-stage to create a smooth ride and faster heel-to-forefoot transitions

      • Active Foot Frame geometry increases responsiveness and helps reduce the weight of the midsole

      • Integrated leather, synthetic and mesh upper delivers great breathability

      • Lycra ComfortFrame Upper provides a comfortable, customized fit

      • Hoka Race-Lace System (RLS) features a bungee-style closure

      • Advanced Comfort Collar provides a great step-in feel

      • Lycra Tongue eliminates friction and helps customize the fit of the shoe

      • TPU heel counter stabilizes the heel to prevent rolling or sliding
      Bottom Line
      The Conquest 2 is a great running shoe that stabilizes the foot and provides a supportive, responsive ride. It has excellent cushioning that allows users to go over objects without feeling the impact on the joints or the bottom of the foot. Its soft upper, sockliner, tongue, and laces work together to create a comfortable, customized fit. Its mesh and seamless construction allow air to flow around the foot so that runners can go for long distances without overheating. The tread pattern on the outsole allows runners to go on roads, trails, hills, and paths without sliding. The heel counter and support in the arch help lock in the foot to prevent over- or under-pronation. Because of its high amount of cushioning and stability, it is considered a maximalist shoe that is slightly heavier and more expensive than other running shoes, making it not a good choice for racing or competition. In short, the Hoka One One Conquest 2 is a good choice for daily or long-distance runners who are prone to injury and/or need extra stability and cushioning.
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