Hoka One One Gaviota

Pronation is the part of the gait cycle when your foot rolls inward after your heel strikes the ground. Ideally, the inward movement is around fifteen percent, with the foot coming into full contact with the earth and evenly distributing your weight. You then push forward off the front of the foot and repeat the cycle. This is completely normal, the human body acting as it should.

Unfortunately, however, our bodies have a tendency not to work like they’re supposed to. A common foot problem is overpronation, where the foot rolls too far inward, inefficiently distributing the weight, and causing the walker/runner to lose stability in both his feet and ankles. This is where the Hoka One One Gaviota comes in. This stylish and durable running shoe provides dynamic stability and unobtrusive pronation control. Lighter and better looking than traditional motion control shoes, the Gaviota is an excellent choice for both runners who tend to overpronate and for any runner looking for extra support and stability for extra long runs.

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Pros & Cons
  • Great support
  • Provides stability
  • Comfortable
  • Plush cushioning
  • Durable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Cons
    • High price
    • Runs small
    • Key Features
      The Gaviota’s outsole is made out of Hi-Abrasion Lightweight Rubber. In one sense, the purpose of this outsole is to protect the soft foam cushion of the midsole. The lightweight but sturdy rubber is strong and durable, providing reliable traction on wet and dry surfaces. It’s also slightly grooved, making the outsole flexible as well as durable, and ensuring that your foot can move naturally and gracefully.
      Every feature of the Gaviota is focused on providing the best lightweight support possible. The midsole is plushly cushioned, making it one of the best shoes for anyone suffering from foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. It is not, however, too cushioned - the materials are firm enough to ensure responsiveness with each step. In order to stabilize the foot and keep it in a neutral position as you step, the RMAT J-frame (a J-shaped blend of EVA and rubber) is placed on the medial side of the platform. The midsole also has a slight rocker shape, called Late-Stage Meta Rocker Geometry, which enables the foot to gracefully and comfortably strike and jump with each stride for a smooth, rolling run. All of this sounds quite technical and complicated, but Hoka One One is also thinking about the simple problems runners face: like stinky feet. Not only does the molded Ortholite sockliner provide extra cushioning underfoot, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-moisture properties that help keep your feet smelling nice and fresh, even after pounding the pavement in the heat of the day.
      Unlike some more neutral and minimalist shoes which have uppers made almost entirely of open mesh material, the Gaviota sports a more solid upper constructed of a 3D puff print frame that provides detailed support. This stylish, seamless upper is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that promotes airflow. Over the middle of the foot are Arch-Lock Wings, extra layers that connect to the lacing system and hold the foot securely in place. The tongue and collar are padded enough to provide security and comfort without making the shoe unnecessarily bulky. In keeping with the purpose of the shoe, the upper serves to keep the foot stable and secure.
      Compared to more neutral and minimalist shoes, the Hoka One One Gaviota is quite heavy. On the other hand, however, if you compare it to traditional motion control and support shoes — the category the Gaviota falls under — this shoe is remarkably light. A men’s size 9 weighs in at 10.5oz. Clearly, this isn’t the shoe you’d choose for speed training, but it is an excellent shoe for distance training. In this shoe, there is no unnecessary, but only what is truly needed to provide stability and support for runners who overpronate or have suffered foot and ankle injuries.
      The Hoka One One Gaviota is all about support -- this is a shoe created to guide your foot as you run. Although it does not have heavy and unforgiving materials like many other support shoes, it’s also not as free-form as more minimalist shoes. To that end, its upper is not made of open mesh, but of a more supportive material. But this material is lightweight and breathable, providing both a secure fit for your foot, as well as optimal airflow.
      The Hoka One One Gaviota is as much a comfort shoe as it is a support shoe. It was specifically designed for people who need extra supportive, extra comfortable shoes- overpronators, people with ankle instability, plantar fasciitis, etc. The Ortholite sockliner provides a cushion so plush that every step feels like you’re walking in the clouds. The Late-Stage Meta Rocker Geometry ensures that you land gently and step gracefully. And the padded tongue and collar provide additional softness and comfort. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can provide comfortable support whether you’re standing all day, going on long walks, or running far distances, Hoka One One’s Gaviota is the shoe for you.
      As a comfort and support shoe, the Gaviota does have a fairly bulky profile. But, considering the amount of support and comfort it provides, it really is a pretty stylish shoe. It is available in three different color combos: black and red, green and blue, orange and yellow. The bright, fun colors make it widely appealing, and a cheerful match for any workout clothing.
      If you’re purchasing stability shoes, you’re likely facing some hardships when it comes to your running life. Maybe you struggle with overpronation and have to be particularly conscious about your stride. Maybe you’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis, or have rolled your ankle one too many times. Whatever the difficulties have been, if you are still running, you have clearly persevered. Your shoes need to do the same. The Hoka One One Gaviota has a Hi-Abrasion Rubber outsole — an outsole specifically designed for durability. Not only does the rubber provide traction, it also protects the softer midsole from wearing away. If you’re ready to go the distance, these shoes are ready to go with you.
      When it comes to the Hoka One One Gaviota, protection is the name of the game. These shoes are all about protecting overpronators from overpronating, protecting people with plantar fasciitis from pain, and protecting people with knee trouble from undue impact. As a support shoe, the main way the Gaviota protects is by, well, supporting you. The RMAT J-frame, which is a blend of EVA and rubber shaped like a J, is placed on the medial side of the platform to stabilize the foot and keep it in a neutral position as you step. The Late-Stage Meta Rocker Geometry in the midsole helps you to land lightly, and works to propel you forward into the next stride. The “wings” over the arch of the foot help hold your foot securely in place, and the padding in the tongue and collar protect you from chafing. If you need a shoe that is going to protect you whether you’re walking, running, or standing for long hours, this is the shoe for you.
      The Gaviota is a shoe that’s all about comfort and support. To that end, it has a luxuriously cushioned midsole and sockliner. Heavy cushioning can cause shoes to lose responsiveness, but the Gaviota toes that line quite nicely — it is not so cushioned as to be unresponsive. The Late-Stage Meta Rocker technology helps your foot glide smoothly as you run.
      Anyone who’s experienced any kind of foot injury will most likely be looking for a shoe that provides premium support. Thanks to Hoka One One’s signature Active Foot Frame and RMAT rubber, the Gaviota’s soles provide plush cushioning and strong support. The “wings” over the arch ensure stability for the middle of the foot, while the 3D puff print upper provides stylish support for the whole foot. Wearers have reported that walking in this shoe feels like walking in the clouds. From the upper to the outsole, the Gaviota provides strong, soft, reliable support.
      While the Gaviota is not specifically a trail shoe, Hoka One One claims that it is “ideal for any type of run and can handle long distances.” Because it has a Hi-Abrasion outsole, a sturdy midsole, and a mostly solid (rather than open mesh) upper, this shoe really will work on just about any type of terrain. It provides the stability and security you need when jogging on gravel, and the soft cushioning that you need when running on pavement.
      Unfortunately, the price of the Hoka One One Gaviota is anything but low. Purchasing this shoe is definitely an investment. But, thanks to Hoka One One’s incredible return policy, you can know without a doubt whether this is the right shoe for you. Hoka One One promises a 30-day guarantee — and they mean 30 days of wearing the shoes. You could put a hundred miles into a pair of Gaviotas and then decide whether or not they’re worth the price.
      This shoe is all about support and stability. Of course, it doesn’t matter if the upper of a shoe works security wonders if the outsole doesn’t provide the traction you need. Thankfully, the Hi-Abrasion rubber on the outsole of the Gaviota provides excellent traction. Lace these shoes up and don’t worry about slipping around on wet surfaces or losing your grip on sharp turns.
      The Gaviota is a support shoe, so it is designed more to stabilize and guide your foot than to give you free-range flexibility. However, the sole does have flex grooves cut into the outsole, which allows your foot to move more naturally as you walk and run. For those with feet and ankle problems, this shoe strikes a good balance of support and flexibility.
      Stability in a shoe is one of the most important features. If a shoe doesn’t fit your foot correctly — doesn’t secure and stretch where it needs to — you will never be able to put in the miles you want to. That’s why the snug tongue on the Hoka One One Gaviota is such an excellent part of the shoe. It’s gusseted, with ‘Arch-Wings’ on either side that securely hug the top of the foot, ensuring that you don’t slide around in your sneakers while you’re out hitting the trails. It also has a 3D puff print upper, RMAT J-frame foot guide, and all sock-line ortholite liner that all work together to provide optimum stability.

      The Gaviota has a fairly low heel-to-toe drop of 5 mm. This shoe sports the Early Stage Meta-Rocker technology which is, according to Hoka One One was specifically designed with a low drop to work with the unique shaped outsole to create a fulcrum effect in order to guide the runner's foot through the gait cycle. In other words, the drop in this shoe is not so much a drop as it is a rocker.
      Key Features
      - Dynamic stability
      - Lightweight support
      - Highly cushioned
      - Guides your stride
      - Comfortable as a cloud
      Bottom Line
      The Hoka One One Gaviota are stability shoes focused on providing support for people with flat feet, overpronation tendencies, or other foot complications, such as plantar fasciitis. But this shoe isn’t only for people with constant gait issues. Many people start out on their run with perfect form. Muscles are feeling strong, energy is high, enthusiasm is at its peak. But as the steps give way to miles, as the seconds become minutes become hours, fatigue sets in and form typically begins to deteriorate. That’s when you realize just how much the Gaviota has got your back -- or, um, foot. Neutral enough for anyone to run in comfortably, it’s also stable enough to provide the support you need at the end of a long and strenuous run. With its RMAT J-frame, its Late-Stage Meta Rocker Geometry, and its plushly-cushioned Ortholite sockliner, the Hoka One One Gaviota enables overpronators and Olympic marathoners alike to enjoy many happy long miles of smooth, supported, and stable running.
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      By Tali Treece
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