Hoka One One Odyssey 2

Like may Hoka brand shoes, the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 also has the signature Hoka platformed sole. The shoe is made for the road but can handle other surfaces just fine. It's made for neutral runners who do need correction for overpronation. Although the shoe may appear quite hefty sitting on its display shelf,  it's made to compete. It's fairly lightweight and is a popular option for those who want a lighter shoe while still retaining a fair bit of cushioning and protection underfoot. The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 also delivers good support and can be used for runs of any distance, making it a versatile shoe to add to your arsenal. The shoe has been updated a little bit since its first iteration and by all accounts, the improvements have gotten positive feedback. The midsole has been changed and vastly improved. The upper has also gotten a bit of a makeover.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Very well-cushioned
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Cons
    • Pricey shoe
    • A bit too rigid
    • The shoe looks a bit clunky
    • Some fit issues (narrow midfoot area)
    • Key Features
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 has an outsole made of AHAR rubber. It takes up a lot of surface area. It offers great traction thanks to the Hi-Abrasion rubber found in the sole. The rubber is also lightweight. The Odyssey 2's outsole is made to last and the rubber pods found underfoot help to increase durability in areas that get the most impact. Surprisingly, the shoe has excellent ground feel despite its chunky midsole and maximalist appearance.
      The midsole is where the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 shines. The shoe has an oversized chunky midsole filed with EVA foam that provides nice soft cushioning. Despite the midsole's big footprint, it manages to be 30% lighter than regular EVA foam. The midsole also manages to provide support underfoot. Runners will feel higher off the ground but they will still find they feel stable enough on their runs. Also present in the midsole is a special design called Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry. This unique design promotes a rolling motion and enhances the heel to toe movement for the wearer. The shoe literally rocks forward.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 features a seamless upper made of air mesh. This mesh construction enhances breathability and keeps the weight of the shoe down. There are also overlays featured on the upper, particularly in the midfoot area, that provides additional support for the wearer's foot. Runners will feel snug and secure in the midfoot area. The tongue is nicely padded, but some runners found it was a bit too stiff for their liking. Some runners also commented on the shortness of the laces. It's not too difficult to switch out laces, though, if you prefer something longer or even shorter. The heel cup has a bit of a snugger fit than the original Odyssey and most runners found this to be a positive as it helped with support.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 looks like a clunky, heavy shoe at first glance. The midsole foam is actually an impressive 30% lighter than the standard foam. That's significantly lighter than regular midsole foam! The shoe weighs about 8.8 ounces. For such a maximalist design, the Odyssey 2 is very lightweight. It will please runners want a highly cushioned shoe to protect their joints and make their runs more comfortable. They won't have to sacrifice the weight of the shoe for those coveted features.
      The air mesh upper of the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 helps the wearer's foot to breathe. Reviewers didn't have anything negative to say about the shoe's ventilation so it's safe to say that it performs well in this regard. Even if you sweat a lot, the Odyssey 2 should wick moisture effectively.

      Because of its big chunky midsole, the Hoka One One Oddysey 2 is pretty darn comfy. The soft EVA cushioning enables runners to run on a cloud-like platform. The upper also fits comfortably and securely, keeping runners stable throughout their runs, whether long or short. Some runners found the midfoot was too snug. Most runners who mentioned these fit issues had previously run in the first iteration of the Odyssey and found the midfoot had a very different fit this time around. Quite a few runners commented that the tongue of the shoe was way too stiff and dug into their ankles. There is a hard overlay on the Odyssey 2's tongue that seems to be the cause of this discomfort.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 looks quite chunky and heavy. This probably isn't a shoe you'll be wearing around town, since its definitely an eye-catcher. Their platform design looks a bit conspicuous even during a run. Still, the Odyssey 2 features a nice fresh design that looks modern and fun. The colors offered are bright and attractive. If you enjoy standing out a bit during a group run, the Odyssey 2s will certainly have other runners staring at your feet.
      The outsole of the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 is composed of durable rubber. The Hi-Abrasion material is meant to stand up to rigorous use. There are also pods on the sole of the shoe which help to protect from use in high-impact areas. The cushion should also last quite a while since there is so much of it. Like the midsole cushion, there's also a lot of outsole rubber covering the sole of the shoe, this ensures the sole lasts throughout training.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 has excellent protection underfoot for runners. The sizable EVA filled midsole works to provide protection by absorbing the shock that comes along with running. The shoe is a good choice for those runners that require extra padding. The Odyssey 2 will likely suit those recovering from injury or those who are often sidelined because of various aches and pains. Many reviewers found the thick cushion made their runs much more enjoyable.

      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2's cushioning is quite soft. The padding underfoot is comfortable but there isn't much in the way of energy return with this shoe. A plusher ride means this is the drawback. That's all well and good since the Odyssey 2 has a great ground feel. Despite the chunky midsole, runners reported that they felt grounded and aware of the surfaces they were running on. Some runners did feel that the shoe was a little more responsive than other Hoka shoes.
      The very chunky midsole of the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 has ample cushioning. It runs the length of the shoe, pads underfoot, and supports the wearer. The shoe provides a stable platform for runners. The high platform shouldn't pose a problem for runners since the foot is meant to sit deep inside the shoe. Some runners found that rigidity in the Odyssey 2 was a bit too much. They commented that they preferred the cushion of the Odyssey's previous iteration and that the stiff feeling underfoot was an unwelcome change to the Odyssey model.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 is mainly a road shoe but can also handle a bit of trail running. It can certainly handle weekend jaunts in the wilderness. The shoe has great traction, breathes quite well and can be used for runs of any distance on nearly any surface. Runners were happy to take the Odyssey 2 on whatever run they had scheduled that day, rain or shine. This shoe has a tough outsole that will manage various surfaces quite well. You'll definitely get significant mileage out of the Odyssey 2 thanks to its durable construction.
      This is the one big drawback of the Hoka One One Odyssey 2. It's quite pricey. Some might say that the versatile nature of the shoe and its maximalist design are worth the price. But it's an expensive gamble if you're trying out this type of shoe for the first time. The soft cushioning of the thick midsole may take some getting used to. The platform-like design might also take a few runs to get the hang of. Still, the fact that the shoe can be worn for various uses is a definite plus. Its excellent cushioning allows it to be used for long runs and its lightweight construction make the shoe a good option n for intervals and speed work.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 can grip surfaces well enough to provide stability for the wearer. The shoe's outsole, made of Hi-Abrasion rubber, is durable and grippy. The outsole material does a good job of gripping even wet surfaces. Going downhill quickly is not a problem with this shoe. You'll feel secure underfoot and you'll be well protected from the impact.
      Flexible is not an adjective that would be used to describe the Hoka One One Odyssey 2. The shoe provides a great ground feel and a nice cushioned ride, but it's fairly rigid underfoot. Runners found it stiffer than the previous Odyssey version. The Odyssey's Meta-Rocker Geometry contributes to a smooth heel to toe movement. The rocker-like design makes up for the inflexibility of the shoe. Some runners still might not like the stiff feeling underfoot, though.
      As a neutral shoe, the Hoka One One Odyssey 2 doesn't offer corrective features normally found in a stability shoe. The shoe is meant to cater to those without biomechanical issues. Still, runners should get a decent amount of support when wearing the Odyssey 2. The shoe's supportive midsole cushion offers a degree of stability for the wearer. The overlays featured on the upper also work to secure runner's feet in the shoe and help avoid slippage. The snugger heel cup also ensures that runners will feel secure inside the shoe.
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2's oversized platformed midsole looks as if it brings runners high off the ground but with no drop to be seen. Instead, the wearer's foot sits inside the Active Foot Frame and is not as high off the ground as one might suspect. The shoe's offset is about 5mm. It's a fairly low drop and paired with the rocker design of the shoe promotes a natural foot strike. Some runners commented that they would have preferred a zero drop fit but the curved construction of the shoe still allows for a comfortable toe-off regardless.
      Key Features
    • Well cushioned midsole

    • 30% lighter EVA foam

    • Good protection underfoot

    • Good ground feel

    • Fairly lightweight

    • Versatile shoe

    • Bottom Line
      The Hoka One One Odyssey 2 should leave you well-protected and comfortable even on long runs. You won't feel like a brick is hanging off your foot. The shoe is maximalist in design with its thick EVA foam midsole, but it still manages to be fairly lightweight. Runners can use the shoe for racing, speedwork, fartleks and they can also take the Odyssey 2 out for long Sunday runs. The shoe also provides great ground-feel despite its thick midsole. It's a bit stiff underfoot, but the rocker-like design allows for efficient and comfortable movement. It's a bit pricey so if you're trying out this type of maximalist shoe for the first time, make sure you're able to get a trial period. If you feel comfortable in the shoe, the price is well worth the mileage and versatility you'll get out of it.
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