Hoka One One Constant 2 Fully Reviewed for Quality

You'll find the same chunky well-cushioned midsole in the Hoka One One Constant 2  that appears in many other Hoka shoes. The Constant 2 is a made for trail running and offers support for runners who require correction for their overpronation. The maximalist shoe isn't as light as other Hoka brand shoes, so if you're looking for a less sturdy shoe that's well cushioned for race day, this might not be the best choice. Fortunately, it's the right choice for runners who seek reliable stability inside a comfortable shoe. The Constant 2 serves well as a trainer for long distances and thanks to its highly cushioned midsole; it ensures miles of comfort. This second iteration of the Constant model comes with a few updates, mainly in the construction of the upper. The midsole cushioning material has been modified a bit as well.

Keep reading our in-depth Hoka One One Constant 2 review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Pros & Cons
  • Very well cushioned
  • Supportive
  • Excellent protection underfoot
  • Wide toe box
  • Durable outsole
  • Cons
    • Rather expensive shoe
    • Not the lightest in Hoka's maximalist lineup
    • Key Features
      The Hoka One One Constant 2's RMAT rubber sole is a full-contact outsole. The full ground contact allows for greater traction. The rubber also provides some additional cushioning. The outsole also features a tough carbon rubber.

      The Constant 2's outsole is meant to stand the test of time. The outsole can take a beating and it can perform well even on technical trails.
      The Constant 2 features an Oversized Active Foot Frame which helps to provide stability. This feature allows a runner's foot to sink into the shoe rather than sit atop the platformed midsole. The midsole contains EVA foam and RMAT material.

      The midsole cushion in the Constant 2 is softer than in the previous iteration of the shoe. The thick well-padded midsole contains ample cushioning which provides comfort and support to the wearer. The platformed midsole may take some getting used to, but runners shouldn't feel too high off the ground. The wearer can sink into the shoe enough so that they feel some stability.

      The shoe is constructed with Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry in mind. This construction enhances the feel of the heel to toe transition and improves flexibility.
      The Constant 2 features a mesh upper. The lightweight mesh ensures proper ventilation without adding bulk to the shoe. The upper is also outfitted with various Lycra overlays. They're most noticeable in the midfoot. These provide the foot is correctly locked into the shoe.

      The lacing system is asymmetrical. The interior of the shoe is almost seamless and contains the right amount of padding, making for a very comfortable fit.
      When you first look at the Constant 2, it appears as if it will be cumbersome when worn. Although it's not light as a feather, it only weighs about 9.4 ounces. Even though it's a maximalist shoe, it's lighter than it looks. For such a chunky looking design, the Constant 2 is surprisingly light.

      It's an excellent option for runners looking for a lot of extra padding. Comfort-lovers can get ample cushion without having to ensure a cumbersome ride. The midsole contains nearly 2.5 times the cushioning of regular running shoes, which helps to protect runners underfoot. For some, a little extra weight is a good compromise for additional protection.
      The Constant 2's mesh upper does a great job when it comes to ventilate. The Ortholite insole has anti-bacterial properties and prevents unwanted bacteria from reproducing and creating foul odors. Other than that, there's little else to note about the shoe's ability to ventilate. The mesh design is similar to that in other shoes, and reviewers didn't find much to say regarding breathability. The Constant 2 performs adequately in this regard.
      Likely owing to its chunky oversized midsole, the Constant 2 is very comfortable indeed. The thickly cushioned midsole contains a whole lot of padding. So much cushioning is perfect for runners who need a bit of extra protection for their joints. The midsole includes a generous amount of EVA foam which offers a vibrant running experience.

      The upper is comfortable as well and fits snugly because of its Lycra overlays. In this second version of the Constant, the cushioning has been modified a bit. The midsole cushion is softer than in the first version of the shoe. Even with softer cushioned, the Constant 2 manages to provide adequate support. The shoe also features a nice wide toe box which provides room for toes to wiggle and ensures proper ventilation.
      The Constant 2 is not your average running shoe. Compared to other similarly categorized trainers, this shoe has a much bigger footprint. It's unlikely that you'll choose to wear the Constant 2 outside of running. The chunky oversized midsole sets the shoe apart.

      It's not exactly a stylish shoe. The shoe is nice and stable, and that's clear just by looking at it. It seems rock solid and pretty hefty. Thankfully, the shoe is lighter than it looks, but you won't be buying it to be fashionable.

      The shoe's white midsole stands out and fails to blend seamlessly into the design. It's clear Hoka wanted the thick cushioned midsole to be the star of the shoe, both in performance and visibility. It isn't a shoe for runners who prefer to remain unnoticed.
      The Constant 2 has a very tough outsole made of industry-grade carbon rubber. This rubber material should stand up to heavy use. The outsole is designed to manage technical trails and to withstand repeated impact and use. The midsole cushion should also stay feeling fresh since it's so thick. The outsole is also pretty thick so it shouldn't degrade too fast.
      The Constant 2 offers excellent protection for wearers. The big thick midsole is composed of EVA foam and keeps runners from feeling the shock of each step. The EVA cushioning is nice and soft, so it protects without sacrificing comfort. The Constant 2 would work well for runners who are often sidelined due to injuries.

      Most reviewers felt the generous cushioning helped a great deal in terms of protecting their joints from impact. On the trails, the thick midsole helps to protect runners from debris underfoot as well.
      The Constant 2 midsole cushion is comfortable and plush. With the Oversized Active Foot Frame runners sit deeper inside the shoe which allows for better ground feel and stability. Even with such a large platform, wearers didn't feel too high off the ground and were able to feel the ground beneath them.

      All this, without feeling too much of the impact and obstacles underfoot. All these features make up for the lack of energy return.
      Runners that choose the Hoka One One Constant will feel supported thanks to the generous EVA midsole foam. The chunky midsole acts to support the runner's foot. Since the foot sits deep inside the shoe, runners should feel quite stable on their runs. The Oversized Active Foot Frame allows runners to sink into the shoe rather than sit atop the chunky midsole. Despite the softer cushion, this second version of the Constant provides the same great support.
      The Constant 2 is billed primarily as a trail shoe. Its sturdy rubber outsole is proof of that. Runners can still enjoy road runs with this shoe, but the grippy sole is meant to perform for miles on various types of trail.

      The outsole grips the ground quickly and can handle long hikes off-road or short fast runs whether on or off the trail. Reviewers were pleased with the shoe's versatility in this regard.
      The big platform midsole of the Constant 2 may take some getting used to, but it's not necessarily a drawback. The price, on the other hand, is a negative when it comes to this model. The shoe is quite expensive. Its suggested price is around $160 US.

      It's true that the shoe can handle varied terrain, offers maximal cushioning, and is stable enough to support a variety of runner types but because of its unique design, it may not suit all runners. It's a pricey mistake to make should you try it and not enjoy running in the shoe. Try finding a local running shop that will let you take the Constant 2 for a spin to avoid losing money should it not work for you.

      Even with such a big footprint, the Constant 2 still manages to grip the ground easily. The quality carbon rubber underfoot is industry grade so that it won't degrade easily. It also offers excellent traction, even in rainy weather and on muddy surfaces. Runners will be able to move without worrying about slipping.

      The outsole is tough and made to last since the shoe is made for trail running.
      The Constant 2 is somewhat flexible despite its clunky looking midsole. The Meta-Rocker design means that the shoe has a curved shape to provide more efficient movement throughout a runner's gait. This design allows for more flexibility. The shoe isn't super bendy, and runners will still feel some rigidity underfoot, though.
      The Constant 2 is a maximally cushioned shoe geared towards overpronators. Runners who overpronate excessively and are prone to injury may find solace in the highly cushioned Constant 2. The has a variety of corrective components that help to decrease excessive pronation.

      The generously cushioned midsole provides more than 2.5 times the amount of cushioning compared to other stability shoes. The cushioning works to provide impact protection but also enhances the shoe's overall stability. There is ample support underfoot to help runners avoid overpronation. The midsole of the Constant 2 also contains an Active Foot Frame component.

      It ensures that runners don't sit too high in the shoe. Instead, the foot remains low to the ground. This improves overall stability and prevents the runner from feeling wobbly on the run. The excellent traction provided by the industry grade rubber outsole also helps to provide additional stability.
      The platformed Constant 2 has a big thick midsole filled with EVA foam. Although the shoe does look as if it's high off the ground, the drop is only about 4mm. It makes the shoe suitable for runners with all types of footstrike patterns.
      Key Features of the Hoka One One Constant 2
    • Shoe features 2.5 times the standard midsole cushioning

    • Made for the trails

    • Good protection underfoot

    • Versatile shoe

    • Very supportive

    • Bottom Line
      Enjoy runs off-road in the thickly cushioned Constant 2. The shoe offers ample protection from trail debris and the shock of running. The maximally designed shoe features a thick EVA and RMAT midsole that is meant to provide comfort and stability underfoot. The shoe is intended for the trails but can easily be transitioned to the roads if need be. Reviewers found that even with such a thick midsole, they could easily discern what surface they were running on. The curved design of the shoe also provides a comfortable heel to toe transition.

      Keep in mind that the shoe is in the high-end price range. If it's your first time running in this kind of shoe model, you'll want to be able to test it out beforehand. If the Hoka One One Constant 2 works for you, it's a good buy since it is both durable and comfortable.
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      By Steph Coelho
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