Hoka One One Infinite

Hoka One One was founded back in 2009. Although the brand is still relatively new, they are quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the running shoe industry. The company has risen to the challenge of competing against long-time brands such as Adidas and Nike, and they seem to be thriving. Their shoes have a trademark “maximalist” style. Hoka One One took this approach while the majority of industry leaders were creating a “minimalist” style. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s both comfortable and enables you to feel connected to the ground, the Hoka One One Infinite is a great choice for you. The Infinite has already made it to the list of the top 20 most popular running shoes. This shoe offers an incredible amount of stability and performs well on a variety of terrains. Considering the shoe's incredibly high quality and durability, the Infinite is priced extremely reasonably. Continue reading to learn more about individual aspects of the Infinite.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Offers extreme stability and support
  • Visually appealing and colorful
  • Thick and durable outsole provides protection
  • Reasonably priced considering its quality
  • Air mesh upper construction
  • Cons
    • Some find the toe box not wide enough
    • Some find the shoe not providing enough traction
    • Key Features
      The Infinite’s outsole is reinforced with a special high-abrasion, lightweight rubber that’s resistant to wear and tear. Hoka One One managed to design an outsole that’s both durable and incredibly lightweight, two qualities that often do not go together. Runners find that the shoe provides a sufficient amount of traction on most surfaces. The bottom of the outsole features carved out designs in the rubber specifically intended for maximum traction.
      The Infinite’s midsole uses Hoka One One’s exclusive oversized EVA foam. Despite its size, it’s incredibly lightweight and still provides an ample amount of support and cushioning for a softer ride. The Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry is engineered to deliver a stable base for forefoot support. The Late Stage Meta-Rocker is used because the midsole is relatively inflexible. It compensates for the lack of flexibility and nicely smooths out the ride. The sole is a bit on the firm side and doesn’t offer much flexibility in the forefoot area. Since the Infinite is a stability shoe, too much cushioning and flexibility would defeat the shoe’s purpose, so this does not come as a surprise. Hoka has utilized the X-40 “high rebound” Ortholite insole that gives the shoe its shock absorption properties. The insole is a few millimeters thick on the heel area and is designed to both absorb shock and provide excellent energy return.
      Hoka One One has improved the fit and quality of the upper with this shoe. This shoe’s upper is comprised of lightweight air mesh. The mesh gives the shoe its superior breathability, keeping the foot well-ventilated throughout your entire run. Its seamless construction ensures a comfortable, sock-like feel and eliminates the risk of the shoe’s interior causing skin irritation and blisters. Overlays wrap around the shoe to provide it with extra security and support. These overlays are not thick and bulky like the ones you may find on some running shoes. Instead, they’re relatively lightweight and flexible, ensuring that your foot isn’t at all restricted. The toe box is of average size and is non-restrictive. This is a great feature to have on any shoe, as our feet tend to swell up while running. However, the toe box is not so wide that you can splay your toes in it.
      For a stability shoe, the Infinite is considered lightweight. While some stability shoes can weigh up to 12+ ounces, the Infinite only weighs 9.7 ounces for a men’s size 9 and 8.1 ounces for a women’s size 9. By just looking at the shoe, many people expect it to be heavier due to its thick outsole. It's shocking how lightweight the Infinite really is.
      The seamless, breathable air mesh used on the Infinite’s upper does a great job of providing constant ventilation to the foot. However, some runners have found that in extremely hot temperatures the shoe does not provide enough air flow.
      The Hoka One One Infinite has a high level of padding all throughout the shoe. Oversized EVA foam in the midsole delivers superior comfort and cushioning. Additional padding in the heel is utilized for extra comfort and support, and a softly padded tongue eliminates any risk of skin irritation or discomfort. The upper is seamless, providing the shoe with a sock-like feel and making blisters a thing of the past. Runners find that the Infinite is true to its size. A slightly wide toe box is a great feature for additional comfort, as it provides enough room for natural toe splay. This shoe fits both those with medium-width feet and slightly wider feet. The tongue and collar are padded for additional comfort and protection. As with any running shoe, the Infinite needs to be broken in.
      The Infinite is overall a very visually appealing shoe. Since it's a "maximalist" shoe, it has a bit of a heavy-duty look to it, but it's not overly bulky. The outsole has Hoka's signature look, meaning that it's relatively thick, rocker-shaped, and is typically the part of the shoe that catches the eye first. The word "Hoka" is written on both sides of the shoe. The Infinite comes in a variety of colors, some bold and some neutral. Options include blue and yellow, blue and red, sky blue and lime, gray and citrus, red and orange, and navy blue and orange.
      The outsole of this shoe utilizes a high-abrasion, lightweight rubber to reinforce the outsole with. This special rubber is specifically designed to hold up against long-term wear and tear. The shoe is incredibly well-made, as with any of Hoka's shoes. There are definitely no questions of quality with the Infinite. However, keep in mind that it is a road shoe, so you’re not going to want to run miles on rough, rocky terrain and expect the shoe to hold up for miles and miles.
      The oversized EVA midsole foam delivers an excellent amount of underfoot protection. Additionally, the tongue is padded to prevent pebbles and other trail debris from entering the shoe. A rock plate at the shoe's forefoot protects the toes from injury on terrains where rocks and other sharp objects may be a concern. The shoe's thick outsole provides extra protection against mud, snow, and more.
      Runners who are familiar with Hoka One One’s shoes have found that the Infinite is one of their more responsive ones. This shoe strikes a nice balance – it has an ample amount of cushioning, but you still feel connected to the ground while running. Although the cushioning is a bit firm, the shoe is still incredibly responsive.
      The use of Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry provides incredible forefoot support and security. The midsole's oversized EVA foam insert delivers a soft, supportive, responsive feel, while the overlays on the shoe’s upper provide extra security as they hug the foot snugly.
      The Infinite is intended to be used as a road shoe. With that being said, it does provide excellent traction and could be used as a trail shoe as well. It’s best not to run with this shoe on tricky or technical terrains, simply for the fact that the shoe was not designed for such surfaces.
      The Infinite is priced quite reasonably. It falls within the price range of most other running shoes on the market today. Considering how well-constructed and durable the shoe is, you’re without a doubt getting your money’s worth.
      The Infinite provides adequate traction and runners find that it performs well even on roads that are slightly slick. The outsole is reinforced with a lightweight rubber which is incredibly resistant to abrasion and wear and tear. However, some runners find that the shoe doesn't provide great traction in muddy areas. This isn't necessarily a downfall of the shoe, as it wasn't designed for such terrain. If you're looking for something a bit more heavy-duty in terms of traction, you may want to look elsewhere.
      The Infinite is considered a stability shoe, so it’s not going to be extremely flexible. If you’re familiar with Hoka One One’s shoes, you may have tried their Clifton 2. In comparison, the Infinite is a bit less flexible, especially in the forefoot. Some find this to be a negative aspect of the shoe, as the lack of flexibility can make speed slightly more challenging. However, this doesn’t mean that the shoe is uncomfortable or restrictive. Stability shoes are designed to be less flexible, so this is not necessarily a downfall of the shoe.
      This shoe was built for stability. Hoka One One built up the shoe’s structural components for added solidity. Synthetic overlays on the shoe’s upper hug the foot tightly and ensure a stable, snug fit throughout your entire run. Hoka uses the TPU Support Strapping system for additional stability and the heel cup holds the heel in place while ensuring that no accidental slip-offs occur.
      The Infinite’s lacing system provides extra assistance is keeping the foot locked down.
      The heel to toe drop of the Infinite is 5mm. A drop of 5mm is still considered to be a relatively low drop shoe, but runners find that while wearing, it feels more like a medium drop shoe. The Infinite strikes a nice balance, maintaining the positive qualities of a low drop shoe as well as a higher-drop shoe. Hoka is known for their low drop, high-stack shoes, which makes the shoe feel very cushioned and a bit high off the ground. This is one of the qualities that gives Hoka One One shoes their "signature" look.
      Key Features
      - Hoka's signature oversized EVA foam midsole
      - Outsole reinforced with special rubber for durability
      - Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry for support and stability
      - Seamless upper for irritation-free wear
      - Breathable and lightweight
      Bottom Line
      Overall, we definitely recommend the Hoka One One Infinite. With the Infinite you’re getting an incredible stable, responsive shoe that’s resistant to wear and tear. If you’re looking for a shoe that enables you to feel connected to the ground while still providing you with an ample amount of cushioning, comfort, and support, the Hoka One One Infinite is the shoe for you. Considering the shoe’s quality and features, it’s very reasonably priced. While some runners find that “maximalist” shoes do not provide enough energy return, therefore making the muscles work even harder, some runners feel the exact opposite. It’s a matter of preference. Not everyone loves the same shoe, and it’s a matter of finding the balance that works best for you. Looking at all aspects of the shoe, the Infinite is incredibly well-constructed and we encourage you to give it a try.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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