Hoka One One Clifton 2 Reviewed for Quality

Some people don`t like a robust, meaty, big running shoes, each of us is individual and prefers different things than another person. Same goes for running shoes. Some people prefer robust, strong, tough running shoes, and some light and comfortable. Hoka One One Clifton 2 are running shoes for the people who prefer lightweight and comfortable running shoes. But are they good enough? Will they provide you with enough comfort? Are they durable enough? Well, we will answer all of those questions in our review. Keep reading our in-depth Hoka One One Clifton 2 review to find out if it is worth the investment.



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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable upper that allows great airflow through the shoes
  • Big and tough outsole for better shock absorption
  • Big and tough midsole for even better shock absorption
  • Very affordable
  • Cons
    • They may feel a bit awkward while running
    • Too big midsole and outsole may ruin the style appeal
    • Somewhat stiff, especially compared to the previous version
    • Not waterproof.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Hoka One One Clifton 2 is relatively soft, it will allow you to run on rough terrain. Also, it will absorb the shock created while running. The heel and forefoot parts of the outsole are made of carbon rubber which is an excellent material for the running shoes because it gives the shoe a durable bottom. The upper part of the outsole is made out of EVA foam.

      This type of foam allows the shoe to absorb all the shock created while running on the hard or soft surface. The Clifton 2 outsole is very thick which allows gives that extra comfort to your feet while running because the outsole is first and also thick barrier between your feet and surface.
      The whole midsole of the Clifton 2 is made out of EVA foam. The midsole is very thick, one of the most adhesive that I ever saw on any running shoe. It allows Clifton 2 to absorb even more shock while running, for some people that can be a problem because they won`t feel stable while running because of that soft feeling.

      But midsole of the Clifton 2 does not have that problem, it doesn`t fill mushy at all. The whole midsole feels sturdy and tough and provides you with great cushioning while running.
      The upper part of the Clifton 2 is made of breathable material. It will allow your feet to breath during your runs. Also, it will keep your feet dry. The material is thicker and more durable than on the older model.

      Because of that, you will need to give some time to the shoe to form around your foot as it should, that it will be good as it should be. The upper will not create any hot spots or discomfort while running, that is always appreciated because you will run for miles and miles in those shoes.
      The weight of the Clifton 2 weigh 218g men size and 187g women's size. That makes them very light and will allow you to run for a long time without feeling any fatigue after the long run.
      The Clifton 2 provide great drivability for your feet, especially the upper part. As the upper part is made out of breathable mesh material. So these shoes are perfect for people who sweat a lot or run on wet surfaces.
      The Clifton 2 provide you with amazing comfort. That is because of thick EVA foam made midsole and outsole. They give you a great, comfortable feeling while running without any hotspots or uncomfortable feeling.

      For me, that is a pretty amazing achievement for the running shoe. We all know that comfort is essential for running shoes, but this kind of comfort is something new. Don`t expect any miracles, but expect great comfort that will last for the lifetime of the shoes.
      The Clifton 2 has the modern looking style with bright colors, that style can be seen on many other running shoes because now all the sports shoes come in bright, almost fluorescent colors. Also, the upper part of the shoe is made of the mesh without any seams which make them look even more modern.

      For me they look great, maybe the only gripe that I have when we talk about style and looks is that for me, the midsole is too thick. But my preference is smaller midsole, so you get the point.
      The Clifton 2 are very durable, they upgraded the materials from the last model. The upper mesh is thicker which allows the shoe to endure even more damage before breaking. Also, the midsole is stable; there is no chance that some small rock or glass will get stuck in it with ease.

      Hoka definitely had to step up in the quality of the materials and build quality, which is a win-win situation for bought of us.
      The Clifton 2 provide you with excellent enough protection. They offer excellent protection for your feet, little less for the whole foot. Outsole and midsole will protect your feet from shock, any dangerous materials or objects (stones, glass, branches, etc.). The upper part of the shoes will give you some protection, but not a lot, it will be able to protect you from small scratches or impacts, but you can`t expect anything more.

      Also, they are not waterproof, so they will not be able to keep your feet dry in a rain.
      The Clifton 2 are very responsive; they will allow you to change the direction in no time. Also, they will adjust to any terrain, if you run downhill or uphill. They are perfect if you need excellent, responsive running shoes.
      They offer great support to your feet. The upper part of the shoes will grip your foot perfectly. Also, the inside of the shoe is not slippery, so there is a small chance that your foot will move around the shoe. And the thing of the shoe helps, even more, to keep your feet supported and in place.
      They are made for running on the road, of course, you can use them on different surfaces, but the primary function is to use them on the way. That is why they have so much cushioning because when you run on the road, your foot will suffer a lot of shock because of rough terrain.

      The enormous amount of cushioning will disperse the force, and you will feel only a small amount of energy. They are perfect for what they are made, for running on the road.
      The Clifton 2 is very affordable; you will be able to buy them even if you have a tight budget. But don`t worry, that does not mean that they lack in quality materials, beg the differ, the materials are excellent, and it is extraordinary that they are so affordable considering the quality of them.
      Provide great traction on the surface for which they are meant for. You will be able to run on the road without a fear that you will slip down or feel down. Also, they will provide great traction even when you run uphill or downhill.
      The Clifton 2 is not as flexible as an older model. But that is mainly because of stronger materials that are used in this new model. They did sacrifice the flexibility of the shoes.

      But that had to happen if they wanted to make Clifton 2 more durable. Everything comes with the price, and flexibility had paid the most significant price.
      The Hoka One One Clifton 2 offer you incredible stability, they are one of the most stable running shoes on the market. They will provide you with an excellent balance in the heel area and the front area. You won`t have to worry that you will lose your footing while running in them. Believe me.
      The Clifton 2 drop is a little bit different than on the other shoes, it is only 5mm. For some people that can be a big problem, some maybe won`t have any problem with that. That all comes with the preference.
      Key features
      •Full-length high-impact polystyrene

      •Full-length compression-molded EVA

      •Meta-Rocker midsole geometry

      •Stripped-Down SpeedFrame Upper
      Bottom line
      The Hoka One One Clifton 2 are perfect shoes for any running aficionado that runs mainly on roads. They are one of the best value-for-money running shoes on the market, and that is with reason. They will allow you to run for miles and miles on end without feeling any discomfort.

      They are also stylish looking for running shoes that will show every jogger that you care about the performance and style of the shoes that you wear. So should you buy Clifton 2? I would recommend you to buy them because there are not many affordable running shoes that feature this amount of quality for such a low price.

      The Hoka One One Clifton 2 is running shoes that you need to keep your eyes on.
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      By Ryan Sabin
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