Hoka One One Stinson 3

The brand new Hoka One One 3 features the same support and cushioning that you've come to expect from the brand with the added benefit of the recent redesign that the shoe has undergone. This includes a Meta-Rocker that adds more support for the forefoot as well as tuned underfoot geometry. All of this serves to improve the stability that you'll find off-road, with an improved ride that'll be noticeable the more you take them out and break them in. The upper is benefited by the ComfortFrame that you'll find both in the midfoot and the heel. All of this serves to make the fit that much more comfortable, and there's even light padding on the tongue to make runs that much more comfortable. The shoe was designed to be durable enough to be taken out on the road while still giving you enough traction for when you go out on the trails.

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Pros & Cons
  • Suitable for both road and trail running
  • Cushions impact well
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Solid pronation control and arch support
  • No break-in required
  • Cons
    • Narrow toe box
    • On the heavy side
    • Can be a tight fit
    • Key Features
      The first thing you should know about the outsole on the Hoka One One Stinson 3 is that it's composed of a sticky rubber compound that will give you excellent traction on traditional roads as well as tricky trails. In this way, it keeps the runners upright even on wet surfaces. The outsole is high-abrasion resistant, meaning you won't have to replace the shoe as quickly. It's been designed for full ground contact, which will put less stress on your foot as you run. The outsole also provides a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
      The most important part of the Hoka One One Stinson 3's midsole is the fact that it carries a Compression-Molded EVA that runs the length of the shoe, giving you an added level of cushioning that will take stress off of your feet. It also helps with stability while giving you an added layer of impact protection, something that will especially come in handy on your longer runs. You'll also notice the Active Foot Frame technology which will increase the feedback and responsiveness of the shoe by letting your foot sit in the midsole. This allows the shoe to better adapt to your running style and foot shape. You'll also be glad to notice the Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry technology, which will give you more support as well as a more stable foot base.
      The air mesh upper of the Stinson 3 is designed to provide the highest level of breathability, cooling your feet as you put them through the stress of a run. Not only will this ensure the coolness of your feet, but it will also keep them dry. The Lycra ComfortFrame in the upper gives you a more secure fit that will almost feel comparable to a sock. The shoe wraps around your foot for a more comfortable fit. You'll also find a no-sew construction, which will lessen the chances of having blisters or irritation on your feet. The no-sew construction also adds to the upper's durability.
      The Hoka One One Stinson 3 weights 10.9 oz in the men's version and 9.5oz in the women's version. This weight is solid enough to keep your shoes grounded while you're running but light enough that the shoes won't become cumbersome and hold you back. The unique thing about this shoe is that despite its lightweight nature, there's still plenty of cushioning that will keep your feet protected. Usually, it's an either-or situation, but with the Stinson 3, you can truly get the best of both worlds.
      The totally no-sew mesh upper that we've touched on earlier is largely responsible for the supreme breathability that you'll find in the Hoka One One Stinson 3. The upper is not only extremely breathable but also wicks moisture away from the foot. Reviewers had no complaints about the breathability of the shoe and instead praise Hoka One One on a job well done.

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      Right from the start, you'll be feeling the benefits of the Stinson 3's ComfortFrame located in the heel and midfoot. This improved fit will make the shoe unnoticeable during a run, which is exactly what a runner should be looking for. You'll also find some light padding on the tongue. On top of all of this, the overall frame of the shoe has been made wider to better accommodate the shape of your foot, preventing the crowding and discomfort that often plagues some runners. The midsole's compression-molded EVA foam spans the length of the shoe, providing solid cushioning underfoot.
      The ultra-lightweight no-sew SpeedFrame construction of this shoe doesn't just contribute to comfort, but it also provides a sleek and smooth appearance that will complement the high performance that the shoe has to offer. Many runners will flock to the default color that you'll find with the Stinson 3, the True Blue color. The two-tone blues that dominate this model are accented by tasteful black and white that tie the whole look together. You can also choose from the Anthracite option by itself, or the Anthracite option featuring Acid as well. Here, blacks and grays are offset by a bright green that pops along the bottom of the shoe. The style of this shoe is classic while still embracing the modern.
      The first thing that you'll notice in regards to the Stinson 3's overall durability as a shoe is the no-sew construction of the shoe's upper, which will keep the shoe from falling apart. The outsole of the shoe has been specifically designed to be durable enough to take on the roads while still giving you enough durability to also take on the most treacherous of trails. The durable upper is complemented by an outsole that stands up to abuse where other running shoes would fold. This durability doesn't sacrifice comfort, either, as the breathability and wide toebox of the shoe will keep your feet dry, cool, and comfy.
      The first thing that you'll notice when you take the Hoka One One Stinson 3 out on the road or the trail is that the durable outsole was designed for maximal impact protection, saving your feet and joints from repetitive harsh impact. This durable outsole is complemented by generous cushioning on the inside to ensure that you get the maximum shelf life out of this shoe. The protection doesn't just extend from the outsole and the cushioned interior. It's also complemented by the CMEVA midsole which not only provides impact protection but also provides stability, too. You'll also be able to take advantage of the Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry technology that was specifically engineered to provide you with a more stable level of support along with a forefoot base.
      The responsiveness of this shoe is most directly impacted by the midsole, which uses Active Foot Frame technology. This serves to increase feedback and responsiveness. It does this by allowing the foot to sit directly inside the midsole. This way, the shoe is fully adaptable to your foot shape and running style. This shoe is appropriate for uptempo days as well as daily training.
      The support of Hoka One One's shoes has long been one of their biggest selling points, and that's no exception with the latest Stinson 3. In this version, this includes a more balanced Meta-Rocker that provides forefoot support as well as stability for your overall ride. Arch support is another problem that Hoka One One has tackled with this shoe, ensuring that even those with minimal arches can enjoy all that this shoe has to offer. The cushion support is substantial and yet doesn't add to the weight of the shoe.
      The especially good thing about the Hoka One One Stinson 3 is that it's specifically designed for mixed terrain, meaning it's just as competent on the road as it is on rougher terrain. One area where you might have a bit of difficulty is on rocky terrain, where the outsole of the shoe might not stand up as well as it would on other surfaces.
      One of the most important considerations when trying to pick out a new running shoe is price. After all, this can be the biggest obstacle that keeps you away from a shoe that might have plenty of good features but which is out of your financial reach. Luckily, the Hoka One One Stinson 3 is fairly moderately priced for its level of quality, putting it within reach of customers who might otherwise have to settle for an inferior product. The actual price that you'll come across is entirely dependent on the size of the shoe as well as the individual availability. Since the Stinson 3 is a fairly popular shoe, it's not too difficult to find out there.
      Due to the unique nature of this shoe's outsole, the traction that you'll find on the road is pretty comparable with what you'll find on the trail. Single track trails are especially excellent for this type of shoe, and the versatility you'll find at play is fairly unique. One obstacle that you might find with some running shoes is the issue of traction in the winter. Luckily, this outsole was designed to even stand up to the negative effects of winter grip on roads and trails, and as a result, you can take these shoes out regardless of the weather.
      One of the first things you'll notice when stepping into your brand new Hoka One One Stinson 3s is that the toe box is much wider than other running shoes, which allows for greater flexibility inside the shoe. This will reduce irritation as well as the occurrence of blisters, and it will also allow you to more accurately place your step while running. The Lycra ComfortFrame also allows for greater flexibility while also giving the shoe a socklike fit. It also takes full advantage of flex grooves in general, which allows for a more natural foot flexibility.
      Since the Stinson 3 is an ultra-sized maximalist running shoe, it does provide a very stable ride as well as a soft one. Those who have had trouble in the past by rolling their ankles would do well to check out the Stinson 3. It gives a much greater degree of stability than you'd usually see in a running shoe, preventing otherwise preventable injuries along the way. The oversized cushioning of the shoe might lead one to think that the stability should be put into question, but this isn't the case with the Stinson 3.
      The Hoka One One Stinson 3 has a heel-toe drop of 6mm, meaning there's not much difference in the height of the heel to the forefoot. For those accustomed to a higher drop, should be aware that there may be an adjustment period.
      Key Features
      - Meta-Rocker Geometry
      - Compression-Molded EVA Midsole
      - Lightweight External Heel Counter
      - High-Abrasion Rubber Outsole
      - Comfort Frame
      - 6mm Heel to Toe Drop
      Bottom Line
      The Hoka One One Stinson 3 was designed first and foremost to be comfortable and supportive, and the features in the midsole and outsole largely do the job in this regard. The shoe's surprisingly light for all of the features that it's packing, and the innovative technology in the upper does a good job of keeping your feet dry and cool when you're running. It handles just about any terrain whether you choose to run on the road or tackle rockier trails, and the durability of the outsole guarantees you'll be running for miles and miles to come. A true runner's shoe, you can't go wrong with the Hoka One One Stinson 3.
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