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Strength Training Just Got Smarter With The Tonal Home Gym That Uses Digital Weights

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Tonal is the smart home gym system that uses digital weights for strength training. Strength Training Just Got Smarter With The Tonal Home Gym That Uses Digital Weights www.runnerclick.com

It just got a whole lot smarter to work out at home. This is thanks to a new strength training system that puts a digital spin on classic home gym options. Introducing, Tonal, the interactive fitness equipment that provides users with customized sweat sessions from the comfort of their own home. The coolest part? It features digital weights.

Tonal combines a personal trainer along with the equipment needed for a good workout. Think of it as having a piece of gym equipment that keeps track of every rep, recommends ideal programs to help reach goals and adjusts the weight for you. This is all without having to buy or store in the house different free weights of multiple sizes.

Tonal is developed by a team of experts that consists of fitness pros and software experts that previously were part of big companies like Fitbit, Apple, and Nest. The bright minds came together to create a new type of home gym that taps into the power of technology to help push the user to challenge themselves and be able to get the most out of the strength training workout.

The Smart System

Photo Credit: Tonal

The system itself is just cool in itself to look at. It fixes the problem and major concern of having multiple bulky fitness equipment pieces in the home that are heavy to move around and take up lots of space. Tonal is a two-part system: the hardware and the software. The hardware, the system itself, is mounted onto to wall. It is thin and flat, resembling a sleek television.

It has two “arms” on each side they pull out and extend to become a cable machine. These “arms” can be adjusted at different heights to be able to do multiple resistant moves like rows to cable front squats. Tonal has the ability to be just about every machine in the weight room at the gym to work out the legs, shoulders, back, core, arms, and chest.

Going Weightless

Tonal is equipped to pack 200 lbs. of resistance in this machine. This means users don’t need to fuss with weight tracks or metal plates. Instead, the weights on this home gym system are all digital.

Tonal features with it calls Smart Handles, which allows the user to adjust the amount they are lifting with just a click of a button. This electromagnetic resistance engine is controlled by an algorithm to give the gym lover the precise amount of weight. And when the load gets to be too much, the sensors take over the brunt of the work and make adjustments so that the user can finish that set. No longer does shaking arms need to give up mid-movement when the going gets tough.

Photo Credit: Tonal

The smart handles have six-axis gyroscopes to track reps, sets, and range of motion.

Consumers can also pick up other accessories for Tonal to be able to train with the smart home gym system in more ways. This includes the Smart Bar to perform bar-based exercises like chest presses.

The Tech

This system combines smarts with strength. It uses machine learning and smart monitors to detect the number of reps and how well each rep is done. This allows it to adjust overtime to help the user get stronger over time. It also adjusts during exercises to either spot the user or give them a better workout with more tension.

The user starts by doing a strength assessment as a starting off point. This allows the machine to recommend weights and exercise based on goals. In this way, it serves as a personal trainer.

Photo Credit: Tonal

The software also consists of coach-led workouts. These videos allow the user to do the exercises with the instruct, making sure they have the proper form. Users can follow a specific workout or program or free lift to do the exercises they wish to do.

“Few people take the time to find the right program for their goals, know how much weight to lift, or understand when to adjust that weight up or down,” Kelly Savage, Tonal’s Head of Curriculum, said in a press release. “Tonal has revolutionized these and many other aspects of training, with full-body programs for legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core, incorporating strength, flexibility, and intervals. This is the first time I’ve been in a position to positively impact so many lives.”

Throughout each workout, the user can see the reps and weight amount, as well as the time and resistance control all in real-time on the monitor. They can even track their progress post-workout.

Photo Credit: Tonal

Buying Tonal

Tonal is essentially the Peloton for strength training. It does have a hefty price tag of $2,995, but this can be justified by eliminating monthly and annual gym memberships or purchasing multiple home gym equipment. It then costs an additional $49 for a monthly subscription for the content. Users can opt for monthly financing for $175 for both the system and content.


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