Merrell All Out Peak

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Merrell All Out Peak Review Facts

What can three friends possibly do together? Can three friends start a business together, and not only start but establish the company as a trade giant in the world of shoe manufacturing with a record sales of $500 million to satisfied consumers in 2010? Well, whether you will vote yes or no, Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer have proved that indeed willpower is the biggest miracle. Merrell, the marvel has recently launched their “Merrell All Out Peak” shoe line and they have succeeded in catching the buyer’s heart as soon as the shoes had been launched to the public market.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A highly breathable synthetic upper sole
  • The “HyperWrap 360 Degree Fit System” helps to hold your feet in place.
  • Side layouts and the upper hood provide great support
  • Provides good arch support
  • The grip can sometimes be too tight, especially for those with wide feet.
  • The lace system may make you feel a bit uncomfortable or be a bit irritating
  • They are slightly overpriced


Thanks to the upper sole, which is made from a synthetic leather and air mesh coverage, the feet remain sweat free and cool even after a pretty long time of exercise. ‘The anti-microbial Removable Footbed’ is another specification of this shoe range that keeps it a few steps ahead of others. ‘The anti-microbial Removable Footbed’ allows the feet to remain sweat free and odorless for a pretty long time.


When the question is of comfort, especially regarding any footwear, this is the specification we should ponder on as a priority. A running shoe, especially one for the trails is basically composed of three parts: the upper sole, the midsole and the insole. The breathable synthetic upper sole is a magnificent specification of the Merrell All Out Peak.

The ‘Fit’ of a trail shoe is most probably the highest influencing factor upon which the comfort and sustainability of the athlete depend on. According to a ton of satisfied users, the “HyperWrap 360 Degree Fit System” is a virtuoso invention of the folks working at Merrell. It skilfully holds the feet in place even after a long tracking, running, or working out without any harsh feeling and narrow gripping. Almost all of the reviewers have admitted that the quality material used in the manufacturing is almost unmatched in the list of contemporary running shoes out today.

As per some of the consumers that were just a little bit unsatisfied, the fit is sometimes too narrow and it is threading a problem especially for those who have a comparatively wider feet structure.

The upper sole has been reported to be a bit extra buttressed, which often hinders the comfort level and easy feet movement. Actually, if you're looking for a shoe with similar comfort, the Mizuno Wave Rider shoe is a popular option that deserves a quick view when your concern is the perfect fit.