Merrell Encore Gust

The Merrell Encore Gust is an elegant clog-style shoe made of leather. It features a simple slip-on design for anyone looking for maximum comfort for daily activities. It is great for lounging around your home, backyard, or walking around your neighborhood, but not suggested for actual running or even intensive walking. The Gust is an extremely comfortable shoe that’s perfect for the comfort-seeker.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extremely comfortable
  • True to size
  • Classy design
  • Roomy toe box
  • Very durable
  • Great arch support
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Some found the shoe narrow
    • Key Features
      The Encore Gust’s outsole is made with M SELECT Grip, not unlike most of Merrell’s shoe lineup. M SELECT Grip is a grippy material that provides decent traction for daily activity.
      The Gust’s midsole is made up of M SELECT EVA material with air cushioning in the heel. Reviewers found the cushioning extraordinarily comfortable, and many individuals with injuries or chronic pain gravitate towards the Encore. Wearers loved that the shoe seemed to mold to their feet.

      The midsole also features a shank positioned at the arch for support. Reviewers liked the supportive feel of the shoe.
      The upper is made of genuine leather, so it’s not particularly breathable in and of itself. Thankfully, a mesh lining enhances the shoe’s wicking abilities. An anti-microbial coating inside the shoe also helps moisture from encouraging bacterial growth. The insoles are removable, as well, so orthotics can easily be accommodated.

      Some reviewers did feel the Gust was narrow, but most were happy with the fit and found it comparable to other casual-style Merrell shoes. Reviewers liked the generously sized toe box and appreciated that the leather didn’t scuff so easily.
      The men’s only clog weighs about 11 ounces. While reviewers didn’t complain about the weight, a few people did find the shoes clunky looking.
      The upper's leather is not the most breathable shoe material, but the Gust features a mesh lining to help with moisture wicking. Reviewers found that the wide toe box and mesh lining contributed a great deal to ensure proper temperature control.
      Clog-style shoes are the epitome of comfort, and the Encore Gust is no exception. The leather shoe features a moisture wicking liner, a supportive midfoot design, and a combination of air and EVA cushioning. Reviewers loved how the shoe molded to their unique foot shape and appreciated that the roomy toe box didn’t compromise the fit of the shoe. Without a standard heel backing, you’d think that a spacious forefoot area might cause slippage. Reviewers were adamant that the fit was perfect.
      Clog-style shoes don’t exactly scream fashion. When you think of clogs, you likely don’t immediately think of the most stylish person you know. The Encore, however, is an elegant version of the traditional clog shoe. Made with high-quality leather, the sleek shoe will look good worn around the house or around town. The shoe is available in smooth black or smooth bug brown.
      The upper’s quality leather construction looks great and also happens to be resistant against scuff marks. The grippy outsole, too, doesn’t just provide traction, it’s also thick and durable. This shoe is sure to last quite a long time, making it well worth the money.
      The Gust offers a minimal amount of protection. Reviewers, though, felt adequately protected from impact thanks to the shoe’s EVA and air cushioning. Despite an upper leather construction, users also noted that the mesh lining helped keep their feet feeling fresh and cool. Because this is a slip-on, clog style shoe, however, the back of the foot is not offered much protection, so don't think you can use these shoes for any intensive activities.
      The Merrell Encore Gust is not particularly responsive, which is not a surprise for a clog-style shoe. It is meant more to be a casual daily shoe rather than an actual athletic or sports shoe.
      Reviewers found the Merrell Encore Gust very supportive. The midfoot arch shank molds to the foot and helps ensure wearers are supported all day. Despite the fact that the clog doesn’t have a traditional backing piece, reviewers found the fit was still secure without feeling too narrow elsewhere.

      Although the shoe is made of quality materials, we wouldn’t recommend using it for long periods of time outdoors. The leather upper is durable, but best for casual wear. Definitely, do not take this shoe off of groomed sidewalks or streets as it is open back and doesn't offer very good protection for the overall foot, nor does it provide adequate traction.
      The genuine leather upper and overall quality construction of the Merrell Gust make its price tag very much worth it. Some reviewers, however, did find the shoe a little pricey considering it was a casual wear option and not made for any specific type of activity.
      M Select Grip rubber is a material found in many other Merrell brand shoes. There’s a good reason for that. The grippy outsole material provides excellent traction for all types of daily situations from running errands, walking the dog, or doing chores around the yard.
      The Merrell clog does not offer a great deal of flexibility. Instead, a rigid arch shank delivers support. The stiff design is intended to provide a snug fit, so flexibility was not a priority for this model.
      The Merrell Encore will mold into your feet for a perfect fit that will hug your feet. An arch shank will offer support, and the shoe’s EVA and air cushioning provides a stable and supportive platform for walking or lounging around.
      There is no drop height information listed on Merrell’s website for the Merrell Encore Gust.
      Key Features
      - 11 ounces
      - Clog-style shoe
      - Upper made of genuine leather
      - Mesh lining wicks moisture
      - M SELECT EVA footbed
      - Anti-microbial treatment inside the shoe
      - Arch shank for support
      - Air cushion in the heel for comfort and support
      - M Select Grip outsole provides traction and durability

      Bottom Line
      The Merrell Encore Gust is the perfect shoe for those partial to a clog-style. It’s also a great footwear option for injured runners or those with other types of ailments that cause foot pain. The Gust molds to the foot and provides excellent arch support for its wearers. You’ll feel protected from further pain and injury wearing the Encore Gust. The extremely comfortable shoe slips on and off without trouble and features removable inserts that can be taken out to accommodate orthotics. The roomy toe box doesn’t compromise fit, and the look is classy and versatile. The Gust is a great casual wear option for those looking for the ultimate combination of comfort and style.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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