Merrell Annex Trak Low Reviewed & Rated

The Merrell Annex Trak Low is a trail-ready hiking shoe that offers an exceptional amount of stability, traction, and comfort. Its durable Vibram outsole protects the foot from trail hazards while the comfortable EVA midsole provides soft stability and all-day comfort. The tough nubuck leather upper and mesh liner make this sneaker both durable and breathable while the contoured blended EVA footbed offers support and cushioning. This trail shoe also features an organic odor-fighting compound called FIT.ECO in the insole to help keep feet fresh and odor-free. This low profile hiker is ideal for light hikes or even for more physically demanding jobs that require a lot of time on your feet. The traction and response of the Vibram outsole will keep you stable on almost any terrain and will even help keep you safe on your feet in wet or icy conditions. The Annex Trak Low, unlike many hiking shoes, does not have any lugs under the arch which aids in helping your foot move more naturally. With their sneaker-like design, the Merrell Annex Trak Low is an excellent addition to anyone’s sneaker and hiking shoe collection that will help you traverse the trails or even hit the pavement.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Durable Vibram outsole provides protection and traction
  • Available in multiple colorways
  • Low profile design makes it highly versatile
  • EVA contoured footbed offers great cushioning and protection
  • Molded nylon arch shank provides arch support for flat feet or overpronators
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cons
    • It takes a while to break them in
    • Tend to run a little small and narrow
    • Colors offered look different in person
    • Key Features
      The heavily lugged rubber soles of the Merrell Annex Trak Low are stamped with the trusty Vibram label. Vibram outsoles are made to help trekkers stay confident through each footstep in any type of terrain. From heel to toe, the bottom of these low-profile hiking shoes is chock full of rubber lugs in different patterns to grip the ground and terrain easily. These highly responsive outsoles are suitable for an array of activities and will keep feet dry and protected.
      This hiking shoe has an injected EVA midsole for comfort and stability. The footbed cushioning of this midsole has been praised by many users and makes it so you can strap these hiking shoes on your feet and wear them comfortably all day. Another great feature of the midsole is the rubber band that runs around the shoe and slightly up the heel and toe to protect your feet. The midsole also features FIT.ECO technology helps control odor.
      These hiking shoes have a very durable upper made from nubuck leather and mesh materials. By nature, nubuck leather is very resistant to wear, making these hikers a long-lasting option. The inside of the upper has a breathable mesh lining which will help your feet stay cool despite the leather. The lace-up closure has reinforced plastic that holds the thick durable laces in place. On the back of the shoe is a heel loop that aids in getting the shoe on and off easily. The outside of the upper features Merrell’s “M” which is embossed in an aesthetically pleasing, low-key monochromatic style.
      Hiking boots and shoes tend to run a little heavy due to their durable outsoles loaded with lugs. However, because these hiking shoes boast a low-profile design and breathable mesh lining, they run lighter than full-fledged hiking boots. The Merrell Annex Trak Low weigh in at a little over 2 pounds per pair.
      The inner lining of this hiking shoe’s upper is made of breathable mesh material. However, many users have commented that if they are worn all day, they aren’t as breathable as more lightweight sneakers. With that said, the shoe is equipped with the FIT.ECO technology in the midsole to help combat any odors that may occur due to the natural occurrence of feet sweating within the shoe.
      The versatility of these low-profile hiking shoes is really one of its strengths. Due to its aesthetically pleasing design making it look more like a sneaker than a hiking boot, the Merrell Annex Trak Low is often worn as a casual shoe or as a work shoe. A great number of users have commented on how incredibly comfortable these shoes are, despite the fact that they are supportive hiking shoes. The EVA injected midsole helps your feet feel cushioned and comfortable for long periods of time, whether you are hiking or just walking around town.
      Not every hiking shoe can be worn as part of a casual look, but the Merrell Annex Trak Low certainly can. Its appealing sneaker-like design makes it an excellent addition to any casual wardrobe as well as to any hiking wardrobe. The monochromatic color schemes that are offered in this model make these hiking shoes versatile and not too over the top as far as color goes. If you are looking for a durable shoe that can be worn for long periods of time on an array of terrains, then this may be the shoe you are looking for.
      Many elements combine in the makeup of this shoe that makes it extremely durable. For one, the Vibram outsole is extremely durable and features a vast number of different shaped lugs placed throughout the bottom of the shoe, allowing for a great amount of durability. For obvious reasons, if you are looking to hit the trails, you are going to want a shoe with a durable outsole and that is specifically what Vibram is manufactured to be. Secondly, the upper consists of extremely durable nubuck leather, which is very resistant to wear. Nubuck leather is leather that is sanded on the outside, and since the outside layer of skin on an animal tends to be tougher, nubuck is a tough form of leather. Thirdly, the rubber band that runs around this hiking shoe makes it extremely durable and prevents water and sharp terrain from wearing the shoe down quickly.
      These hiking shoes will keep your feet safe and protected from underfoot debris quite well. The heavy duty Vibram outsole and nubuck upper will keep feet warm from cold and dry from wet and/or slippery conditions. The rubber band that runs around the midsole of the shoe will protect your feet from hazards on the trail, including wet conditions.
      The outsole of these shoes has heavy rubber lugs which are very responsive to the ground. They will respond well to almost any terrain because of this outsole. The rubber will effectively and efficiently bounce off of the terrain and help propel you forward in your hike through the woods, walk around work, or walk down the street. In addition to the outsole being highly responsive, the EVA injected midsole cushion each step and absorbs a small amount of force with each step.
      Many hiking shoes feature ankle support, unlike the Merrell Annex Trak Low. Because it is a low profile hiking shoe that does not come up to the lower calf, it is not manufactured to help protect against rolling your ankle. However, due to the fact that it has a highly durable outsole and EVA injected midsole, your feet will feel supported and protected. This shoe also features a nylon arch shank to help support flat feet to normal arches.
      These versatile shoes work well in almost any terrain. The outsole will protect you on rocky and uneven surfaces as well as keep your steps secure on icy and wet surfaces. Many users have used these shoes while doing heavy duty outdoor work or even just as casual streetwear. Whether you are walking on hot smooth pavement or traversing through snowy woods, these hiking shoes will keep your feet dry and protected.
      The Merrell Annex Trak Low does not come with an exorbitant price tag. Considering the fact that they are extremely versatile and can be used as casual, work, or hiking shoes, they are an excellent value.
      The Vibram outsole featured on this hiking shoe provides you with a great amount of traction. In fact, the developer of the Vibram name invented this kind of outsole for exactly this reason. After losing six of his pioneering friends due to bad traction on their hiking shoes, he set out to develop an outsole design that would nearly eliminate this kind of accident. The multiple patterns of rubber lugs will help keep you upright and stable on the trail, even in slippery conditions.
      Typically, hiking shoes are not that flexible by design since they are meant to keep you safe and stable on the trail. However, you do want some element of flex to your hikers so that they can mold and adapt to uneven terrain. These are relatively flexible, especially because the midsole is made of injected EVA. In other words, the Merrell Annex Trak Low is flexible enough to not be a hindrance to your hike, allowing them to adapt to changes in underfoot terrain.
      These versatile hiking shoes will keep your feet both protected and stable in a number of environments. Hiking shoes are typically stable because they need to keep your foot from slipping and moving around, thus creating blisters. The Merrell Annex Trak is a fairly stable shoe, however not as stable in terms of a hiking shoe because it does not protect your ankle. With that said, you won't have to worry about your foot being in pain or blistering because they hug your feet well with the mesh lining on the inside.
      Hiking shoes typically have a pretty neutral drop because they are designed for walking, rather than running. These hiking shoes are engineered to fit any type of foot, whether they pronate or not. However, because they offer a small amount of arch support, they will aid in helping pronators.
      Key Features
      • Vibram outsole provides a stable, reactive, and protected ride

      • EVA injected midsole offers a good amount of cushioning for all-day comfort

      • Very versatile due to the low profile and sneaker-like design and can be worn for hiking, walking, or as casual shoes

      • Combination of durable nubuck leather and heavy duty Vibram rubber on the outsole make these shoes extremely durable

      • FIT.ECO blended EVA contoured footbed delivers odor control

      • Nylon arch shank inside the shoe provides ample arch support
      Bottom Line
      There are a large number of hiking boots and shoes on the market to choose from. Many focus on ankle support and include heavy outsoles and midsoles. The Merrell Annex Trak Low offers the stability and durability of full-size hiking boots with it’s Vibram outsole and nubuck upper. Even though this hiking shoe model does not offer ankle stability it is an excellent option for someone who is not too concerned with twisting ankles, i.e. someone who is not going on heavy-duty rocky trails. The cushioned EVA midsole provides comfort for all-day wear as well as odor control with its FIT.ECO technology. One of the most appealing features of this low-profile hiking shoe is the fact that it is designed to look similar to a casual sneaker. It is offered in an array of aesthetically pleasing monochromatic color-ways which will look good with almost anything whether you are hiking, walking around town, or wearing them to work. They are priced reasonably and can be worn for multiple uses, especially because the Merrell Annex Trak Low shoes bear the familiar and reliable Merrell name.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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