Mizuno Wave Sky 2 Fully Reviewed & Compared

Mizuno was founded in the early 1900s by two brothers in Japan. They started by manufacturing baseball accessories, including shoes and gloves. By the 1960s, the brand had branched out to include more sports equipment like boxing shoes and golf clubs. By the time the 2000s rolled around, Mizuno had made a name for themselves with their highly sought-after Wave technology.  With over 100 years under their belt, the Mizuno brand remains one of the best athletic wear companies in the world.

The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 comes after the success of its predecessor, the Wave Sky. Though there were few updates from the original, the Wave Sky 2 is still a brand new shoe that shines all on its own. Designed for the high-mileage runner, this new silhouette incorporates some of Mizuno’s best and high-quality technologies to offer a shoe that is comfortable, stable and supportive for runs of all distances.

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Pros & Cons

-Short break-in period
-Great long-distance running shoe
-Stylish colorways
-Very stable
-Plenty of toe room
-Secure in foot feeling


-Fits small
-Upper layering may get warm fast
-Could do with more underfoot lugs

Key Features
Wave Sky 2 utilizes Mizuno Wave technology. The wave plates in the outsole help to add stability. These plates inside the sole of the shoe help to absorb and dissipate impact forces.

The outsole also features Mizuno’s X10 technology in the forefoot and heel sections. X10 is a carbon rubber that provides durability while delivering extra traction during the heel strike portion of the gait cycle.

The build of the outsole includes a separated heel wedge that helps to add cushioning during the heel strike. There is also some built-out rubber to add further durability to the shoe as well.
The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 utilizes a dual-layer midsole made of U4ic and U4icX foams. These materials are both lightweight and soft, providing a cushioned ride for the wearer. The U4icX material is a lighter version of U4ic and helps to provide a ride that is comfortable and responsive. Because of these foams, users will find that Wave Sky 2 offers a comfy underfoot feel.

The midsole also utilizes Mizuno’s Cloudwave technology. This uses the company’s Parallel Wave technology as its base and provides neutral runners with a smoother transition. Cloudwave runs from the heel to the midfoot area of the shoe and provides a springy and cushioned ride. Also found in the midsole is Mizuno’s Intercool technology which is a full-length ventilation system that helps to eliminate heat build-up inside the shoe, providing a cooler and more ventilated run.
The Upper of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 was redesigned from the previous version of the shoe. It’s comprised of a number of layers of engineered AirMesh. Utilizing a mesh material in the upper helps to increase the amount of breathability the shoe can offer runners.

The upper also features Mizuno’s AeroHug technology on the inside in the midfoot region. The aptly-named AeroHug hugs your arches to help eliminate the space between your foot and the shoe. This helps to provide a secure fit while boosting the comfort level of the shoe as well. This technology helps the shoe wrap around your foot and it even stretches as you run, providing a secure feeling midfoot hold. The main purpose of this technology is to adapt to each individual runner’s foot motion and movement.

The heel is built up a bit to provide even more cushioning, giving long-distance runners a truly comfortable running experience. Mizuno’s DynamotionFit technology is utilized in the upper as well to help provide runners with a sock-like fit that ensures they’re able to go the distance during every run.
The men’s version of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is 335 grams or 11.8 ounces meanwhile the women’s version weighs in at 285 grams or 10 ounces. These shoes weigh a bit more than the original Wave Sky but the added weight comes with some extra features and further durability. The great thing that we’ve found about training in a slightly heavier shoe is that once race day comes and you swap your heavier shoes for a lighter option, it’ll feel like you’re flying down the road during your race.
The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 should feel like a fairly breathable running shoe option thanks to the AirMesh material found in the upper. Some reviewers, however, found that the Wave Sky 2 wasn’t as breathable as one would come to expect from a shoe with a mesh upper. One reviewer mentioned that his feet were soaked after a particularly long run and that there seemed to be no ventilation or airflow allowance inside the shoe at all.
The comfort level of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 came highly praised from most of the reviews we researched. This is likely due in part to the construction of the midsole with its two foam layers and the incredibly form-fitting AeroHug technology in the upper.

Another aspect of the shoe that adds to the overall comfort level is the anatomically-correct sock liner. This feature helps to provide runners with an improved fit that caters to their foot size and shape.

Mizuno also utilized their DynamotionFit technology which uses the latest science in biomechanics to create shoes that work with the foot’s natural gait cycle. This ultimately leads to a product that is not only comfortable underfoot but efficient as a running shoe. Some reviewers mentioned that these fit a little small, so we suggest ordering a size up to be on the safe side.
Available in both a men and women’s version, the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is a great, modern looking running shoe. The outsole features a unique wavy look to it that adds to the modern feel of the shoe. The men’s version comes in four different colorways – black, blue/silver, orange/black or blue/yellow/black. The women’s is available in three color options – blue/silver/orange, blue/coral/navy or pink, navy, and silver.

There isn’t much in terms of muted or neutral color options available in this silhouette, which might not suit everybody’s tastes. That said, there is a current trend for running shoes to be bold, bright and statement-making and the Wave Sky 2 slides right into this fashion craze.
Thanks to the X10 carbon rubber outsole featured on the Mizuno Wave Sky 2, runners will find that this shoe will be incredibly long-lasting. Pair this durable outsole with the dual-layered midsole and well-constructed upper and you’ll find yourself the owner of shoes that will last far beyond some of their opponents in the running shoe market.
The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 features a ton of underfoot protection that runners will benefit from, particularly during their long-distance runs. The incredibly padded midsole will protect your feet from fatiguing too early. The tongue doesn’t slide around and most reviewers found it to fit comfortably, protecting the feet from outside debris.

The built-up heel also provides further cushioning and protection during the heel strike portion of the gait cycle. The centralized lacing system adds a secure and adjustable fit. The outsole extends over the front of the toes to help protect this sensitive area from painful stubs.
The Wave Sky 2 is made with Mizuno’s SmoothRide technology which is designed to help minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of your foot during transitions. This helps to provide runners with an incredibly smooth and responsive ride. Thanks to the soft cushioning and Mizuno’s U4icX technology, the midsole of this shoe is extremely impact-absorbing with a high rebound which also helps to boost the smoothness of the ride. Runners will find that the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 will give as much energy back as they put into it.
The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is a neutral shoe made for intermediate runners. It’s best for runners who do not require any additional arch support. It provides enough support for everyday runs but is made to be taken out on long-distance runs and races. It offers a firm ride, perfect for heavier runners that need something supportive without having a full-on stability shoe. There is additional padding present in the heel of the shoe that will help cut away some of the shocks from the impact of your stride.
The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is a road running shoe and is designed for use by high-mileage road runners. Its heavy construction makes it a perfect option to use on your training runs but we wouldn’t suggest you wear these for any important races where your pace needs to be as fast as possible.
The suggested retail price of these shoes is $149. While this price tag might seem a little high at first glance, one must take into account all of the benefits they receive from such a high-quality shoe. Mizuno really pulled out all the stops with the Wave Sky 2 and fitted it with their best performing technologies to make a shoe that is durable, comfortable and perfect for long-distance runners.
The durable X10 carbon rubber that makes up the outsole of the shoe adds a lot of traction, especially during the heel strike portion of the gait cycle. This grip provided by the outsole helps runners to handle differently paved surfaces on their runs, making them ready for anything a typical road run will throw their way. Some reviewers commented that the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 could have more lugs in the outsole to add even further traction, however.
Since the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is almost as far away from a minimalist shoe as you can get, there isn’t a lot of flexibility present in the shoe. With it's firm ride and uber-plush cushioning, runners will find that despite its lack of flexibility, the Wave Sky 2 is still a very viable running shoe option.
Thanks to Mizuno’s PEBAX Wave Plate found in the sole of the shoes, the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 really is quite capable of stabilizing your foot during your impact on the ground. The blown rubber outsole provides runners with the stability they can count on during any length of the run.

Wearers will find that they feel confident in its firm ride and that this shoe provides just the right amount of stability to keep them grounded and safe during their long runs. The centralizing lacing system provides wearers with a stable and adjustable fit that they can cater to their needs depending on the day.
The heel height in both the women’s and men’s version of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is 31mm, while the forefoot comes in at 21mm in height. This makes the drop of these shoe 10mm, which is fairly consistent with other similar running shoes on the market today. The benefit of having a drop at around this height is that it helps to protect runners from certain foot and ankle injuries.
Key Features
-DynamotionFit technology provides a sock-like fit for ultimate comfort
-Cloudwave tech offers a soft and comfortable ride
-Dual-layered foam midsole for a comfortable underfoot feeling
-Strategically placed AeroHug mesh for a secure fit in the arch
Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is a fantastic running shoe that comes highly recommended from many reviewers as well as us here at RunnerClick. The only drawback we could find in these shoes was when it came to the breathability. Though the shoe upper is at least partially constructed from Mizuno’s AirMesh material, some reviewers found that it still left something to be desired.

If you can get past the lack of breathability, we think that you’ll appreciate all the other technological features that this shoe offers wearers. From its incredibly soft underfoot feeling to the security, stability, and protection that the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 offers, we feel comfortable recommending this shoe to our readers, especially those of you who tend to prefer longer distance runs.
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