Mizuno Wave Tenjin

The Mizuno Wave Tenjin brings top-notch quality performance and style into one pair of running shoes.  Mizuno aims to provide a luxurious ride, similar to that of riding in a Lamborghini, hence the car's name labeled on the tongue and heel portion of the shoe.  These are limited edition kicks that offer an extreme amount of durability and comfort while maintaining a visually appealing look.  Mizuno also made it a point to provide a maximum amount of breathability which is definitely one of the shoe's strongest feature.  Overall, they are an extremely high-quality pair of shoes that deliver plenty of benefits despite their steep price.

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Our Conclusion
Let's be honest, there's much more investment than thought put into this shoe. It's clear Mizuno wanted to make a statement here, and they certainly have. Will they profit off the shoe, probably not. It must have cost them quite some dollars to bring the Tenjin to life. It's obviously well made, with the highest quality that can be bought, and manufactured. Mizuno invested in this shoe, to make a superior shoe, and they have whether it was cost effective to them or not. Just like an exotic car, if you can afford them, you will be getting top of the line performance. Are these a great performing shoe? Absolutely. Would I ever buy a pair? No.
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Pros & Cons
  • Very smooth transitions from the heel to forefoot due to the Infinity Wave Technology
  • Exceptional traction
  • Brilliant design and color tones
  • Incredible durability regarded as one of its best features
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • 12mm drop may be too steep for some runners
    • The style might not be for everyone
    • Key Features
      The outsole features high-quality grooves that provide a great amount of flexibility on a variety of runs. It is covered with X-10 carbon rubber which is a premium material used to fend off wear and tear on the underfoot. The specialized rubber takes on the brunt of impacts during runs so your feet will be comfortable and protected throughout. The forefoot area features a blown rubber for an enhanced traction quality.
      The Mizuno Wave Tenjin has an Infinity Wave design that features a number 8 pattern. This pattern extends from the heel to the forefoot and maximizes shock absorbing landing qualities with every step. The underside of the shoe has a large cavity which is specifically designed to take on impact in a more effective way. The Infinity Wave technology also delivers explosive bounce on takeoff while maintaining a smooth transition through the gait cycle. U4iC foam is implemented in the midsole for added comfortability and padding.
      The upper on the Mizuno Wave Tenjin provides a custom, secure fit to each athlete's foot. Its breathable mesh upper works well with the ventilation system in the midsole for a breezy ride. The welded synthetic overlays around the midfoot provide added security. The flat laces ensure that there is little to no irritation to the foot. To top it off, the collar and tongue have extra padding and feature a gold and black embroidered Lamborghini logo.
      This shoe weighs in at 12.3 ounces for men and 7.7 ounces for women. If you are looking for a supreme lightweight shoe, you may want to look elsewhere. If you are okay with the extra weight in order to get some extra cushioning, then these shoes are worth considering.
      The midsole and upper work very well together to provide a solid amount of breathability. The U4iC foam in the midsole has an integrated ventilation that promotes airflow during transitions. Upon foot impact, the synthetic overlays on the upper filter air from the bottom of the foot through the top of the shoe for maximum breathability. It really takes it to another level and has a feel like no other shoe.
      The fit of the Mizuno Wave Tenjin delivers next level comfort. Aside from their durable features, comfort is one of the shoe's best attributes. The shoe wraps around the foot in a snug fashion but leaves enough wiggle room in the toe box. Even runners with wider feet can enjoy the plush fit of this shoe. The platform is relaxed, the cushioning is top-quality and the feel is unmatched.
      It's tough to really pinpoint the style of these shoes because they are so different. The green, red and black color accents represent the country of Italy which is the location of origin of the Lamborghini vehicle. These shoes are limited edition and the style represents that very well. A vibrant green takes up the majority of the shoe. The bottom cavities are accented by black and red, which offset the green in a very appealing way. The Lamborghini logos on the tongue and heel really put the finishing touches on this stylish shoe.
      Like previously mentioned, the durable features of the Mizuno Wave Tenjin is what really hits home with these shoes. For the price, you would hope that these shoes could last forever, and fortunately, they have the capability of doing just that. The specialized X10 carbon rubber is responsible for the long-lasting characteristics of this shoe. The material is extremely tough and preventing abrasions in high wear and tear areas of the shoe.
      The protection on the Mizuno Wave Tenjin is definitely up to par. The somewhat heavy weight of the shoe and ample amount of padding, leave your feet secure and protected on almost any type of run. When making quick turns or coming too fast stops, your ankle has a locked-in feel ensuring the prevention of unwanted foot injuries. Impact features on the bottom of the shoe make sure to protect your feet help disperse shock.
      The open cavities that separate the outsole and midsole provide effortlessly smooth strides with a comfortable performance. The masterfully crafted Infinity Wave Technology in the heel provides plenty of responsiveness on multiple types of terrains. It delivers a cushioned feel while providing a solid amount of bounce, so you can really feel a smooth transition while running. The U4iC foam is lightweight and gives the athlete an incredible amount of flexibility and responsiveness.
      The arch support on the Mizuno Wave Tenjin is neutral. It provides great cushioning and comfort for a supportive and secure run. These shoes are structured in a rigid way for maximum support. The heel wraps nicely around the back of the foot and connects effortlessly with the midfoot for a secure fit. Overall the support is decent and will definitely have you feeling confident the next time you go for a run in these shoes.
      The Mizuno Wave Tenjin running shoes are meant for the road. They do a great job on solid running terrains where athletes will experience an explosive takeoff and ultimate responsiveness. Off-road terrains are not ideal for these shoes due to the specialized cavities on the heel. It's best to stick to surfaces like tracks, asphalt, and grass or light dirt trails. Additionally, they are very comfortable all around and are good for daily walking as well.
      Doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have, these bad boys are expensive and it makes sense why. They truly are some of the most durable running shoes on the market that have an unmatched plush comfort feel that you really can't find with many other products. To top it off, the limited edition Lamborghini style bumps up their price range a little more. Expect to pay around $200 for these shoes. If you really want to go all out for a stylish, high-performance shoe, these are a good choice.
      The traction is absolutely phenomenal on the Mizuno Wave Tenjin. The X10 carbon rubber is blown in certain areas of the forefoot for enhanced traction. Its full-length Infinity Wave technology provides an incredible amount of grip for your daily running needs on road terrains. The forefoot and heel are separated with a cross t-bar material for smoother transitions and a specialized grip for each portion of the shoe.
      The Mizuno Wave Tenjin running shoes features declined forefoot grooves that deliver a good amount of flexibility. Although the open cavities on the heel seem like they could be a little too stiff, they are quite the opposite. The open cavities offer a good amount of support but also contribute to a solid, yet still flexible, heel to forefoot transition.
      These special edition Lambo running shoes provide a stable ride with every run. The heel of the shoe has a sturdy feel to it which establishes a secure foundation for your feet whether you are standing, walking or running. These shoes are specifically made for underpronators. The neutral arch support and cushioning make this shoe a stable one.
      The Mizuno Wave Tenjin features a 13mm heel to toe offset, or drop. You will definitely notice yourself running more on your heels with these shoes. If you are an athlete who prefers a more balanced foot strike, you may want to look into shoes with a lower drop. Nonetheless, these shoes provide an acceptable stride that takes away most of the shock impact when running. Furthermore, these moderate heel striking shoes may be able to help athletes with minor knee and leg issues.
      Key Features of the Mizuno Wave Tenjin
      • Extremely smooth ride

      • X10 carbon rubber for maximum durability

      • Removable midsole for great underfoot cushioning

      • Breathable mesh upper

      • Infinity Wave technology for support, comfort, and traction
      Bottom Line
      The Mizuno Wave Tenjin running shoes really cover the whole board when it comes to providing essential characteristics of an athletic shoe. They are extremely comfortable, provide support and grip and most importantly, deliver maximum durability. The patented X10 carbon rubber really takes these shoes to the next level of protection and anti-abrasion qualities. Although they may be a little bit on the heavier side, the extra cushioning and comfortability more than makes up for it. The stylish limited edition Lamborghini design pops out in a visually appealing way. They are extremely expensive shoes, but with the Mizuno Wave Tenjin, you get what you pay for.
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