New Balance 720 V4 Fully Reviewed

The fourth version of the New Balance 720 features a stylish design update and a few other improvements. A great choice for those with wider feet, New Balance shoes come in wider widths, and the New Balance 720 V4 is no exception. So what's new in this version? A new outsole design improves the grip tremendously. New technology in the midsole enhances flexibility.

The shoe also features a brand new midsole material that's more durable than before and even more comfortable. The shoe also features a new insole that helps to create a better fit and feel for wearers. Not sold yet? Our comprehensive review of the New Balance 720 V4 might change your mind. Below you'll find detailed information on various components of the shoe, including additional information about what's been updated and comments and observations from reviewers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Generous cushioning
  • Plenty of energy-return
  • Good value
  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Lightweight feel
  • Very breathable
  • Cons
    • Tongue moves out of place a lot
    • Poor traction when wet
    • Narrow fit
    • Hard to tie laces
    • Key Features
      The New Balance 720 V4 features the same kind of rubber outsole as before but with a new lug pattern for improved traction. A new lug shape aims to provide a better grip. New oval-shaped lugs are more grippy than before.

      The outsole is actually constructed of one piece of material which is particularly important for achieving the super smooth ride of the New Balance 720 V4. The one-piece design also helps to enhance energy-return, thanks to its spring-like action. A few reviewers did point out that despite the claims of improved traction, the shoe did not perform as expected in wet conditions.
      The New Balance's midsole has also gotten a few updates. New Flexsonic technology helps to create an even more flexible shoe. The midsole also features an entirely new midsole cushioning called Cush+. This new material is a lot more durable than the previous type of cushioning used in the New Balance 720 V4 and provides more comfortable cushioning.

      The midsole contains a generous amount of this soft foam material. Reviewers liked the amount of energy-return provided by the cushioning and liked the soft feel of the midsole material. They also appreciated that although the cushioning felt soft underfoot, the shoe did not lack support.
      The New Balance 720 V4's upper stays the same in this version. The same mesh material returns and offers the same well-ventilated, lightweight design. The upper features a minimal amount of overlays, which helps with breathability. This means that the upper provides a minimal amount of support (that's provided elsewhere, of course). A padded heel collar rounds out the back of the shoe area and adds a bit of cushion for the ankle.

      With regards to the fit of the upper, quite a few reviewers did mention the need to size up due to a narrow fit. Thankfully, the New Balance 720 V4 comes in wide widths to accommodate those who need a bit more breathing room. The upper on this shoe may need a bit more work, though.

      Reviewers had issues with the tongue moving around too much and chafing against the skin. Some also found the laces too thin and hard to tie. Despite a breathable design, there are still a few issues to address with the shoe's upper.

      The upper also features a new insole (called the Response 2.0 Performance insert). It adds cushioning and produces a better interior fit and feel, which reviewers agreed was an appreciated change.
      New Balance 720 V4 weighs about 10.44 oz for men and 8.4 oz for women. The shoe is neither super lightweight or bulky. Reviewers found the shoe lightweight and enjoyed the lightweight feel.
      The New Balance 720 V4's upper did not get a makeover so remains very breathable, as before. The upper is made of mesh that's lightweight and ultra-breathable, which reviewers liked. Some reviewers found there was a need to size up to ensure proper ventilation. Wide widths are available if this ends up being an issue. The mesh upper also features minimal overlays, which helps to maximize breathability.
      The trainer is quite comfortable, according to reviewers. Each component of the shoe works to provide a comfortable ride. The one-piece rubber outsole features Flexonic technology and is made in one piece to propel wearers forward and promote a natural feel. The Cush+ midsole material is nice and soft without sacrificing support.

      A few small issues detract from overall comfort but they weren't issues for every wearer. Namely, the detached tongue, which chafed against the skin for some users. The narrow fit was a problem for some reviewers, too. Sizing up is recommended. These two small issues don't break the shoe, however, and the majority of reviewers really enjoyed the fit and feel of the New Balance 720 V4.
      New Balance 720 V4 features a stylish look. The triple-color design features a bright contrasting outsole, a bright white midsole and a subtle hue upper. The men's version comes in orange & grey or black & grey. For women, there's a grey & black version or a blue & neon green version.
      The New Balance 720 V4 is fairly durable, according to reviewers. No users had any big issues with the shoe's ability to handle wear and tear. The updates to the shoe, in fact, have rendered it increasingly durable. The new midsole (Cush+) is a lot more resistant and doesn't compress as easily as before. This means more energy-return and protection for longer periods of time. Users get a fresh feeling ride that lasts.
      The New Balance 720 V4 is fairly protective. The new midsole material performs a lot better than before in this regard since it's long lasting. More cushioning in the midsole area means more protection overall.

      The new Response 2.0 Performance insole also provides an extra layer of padding for extra protection. New oval-shaped lugs helped protect runners against poor road conditions. The grippier outsole performs better than before.

      This shoe is pretty responsive for a few reasons. First and foremost, the new Cush+ cushioning in the midsole provides plenty of energy-return, which reviewers loved. The combination of bounce and softness was well-liked by reviewers. The shoe also provides energy-return thanks to its one-piece outsole, which acts like a spring to propel wearers forward. Overall, reviewers were happy with the responsiveness of the New Balance 720 V4.
      The New Balance runner isn't as supportive as some might have liked. The upper features fewer overlays than before, which means there's less of a locked down feel with the mesh upper. The Cush+ midsole material, however, provides plenty of support for users. It's soft but there's enough rigidity to provide a supportive base. In terms of support, the New Balance 720 V4 is a little bit more minimalist than other shoes.
      The 720 V4 is meant for road running, plain and simple. While the newly designed oval-shaped lugs provide much better grip than before, that doesn't make them suitable for serious trail running. Well-groomed trails would probably be handled just fine by the New Balance 720 V4, but otherwise, the shoe is meant for the streets and sidewalks of the city or suburbs.

      Minimal support in the upper makes the New Balance 720 V4 a poor choice for uneven ground. Wearers tackling uncertain terrain or surfaces might find they lack enough ankle support with the New Balance 720 V4.
      The New Balance 720 V4 is priced fairly. Reviewers had nothing negative to say about the shoe's cost. Most found the shoe was worth the asking price. The updates make the New Balance 720 V4 an even better buy than previous versions. Better traction improved fit, and a better midsole feel are all reasons that the New Balance 720 V4 offers exceptional value.
      This shoe features a brand new lug shape. Oval-shaped lugs dot the bottom of the shoe and provide better grip than previous 720 versions. Overall, the rubber outsole has been designed to increase the shoe's traction.

      Most reviewers were happy with the grip of the newly improved New Balance 720 V4 outsole but a few pointed out that the outsole performed poorly in wet conditions. That's not surprising. It's tough to build an outsole that can tackle wet and dry conditions equally well. Thankfully, when the ground is dry, the New Balance 720 V4 performs flawlessly. A little bit of rain might slow you down in this shoe but it won't ruin your run outright.
      Overall, the New Balance shoe lacks flexibility compared to other similar running shoes. But, this fourth iteration of the 720 is actually more flexible than before. The new Flexonic midsole technology has helped to improve the malleability of the shoe. Although there's some degree of rigidness in the outsole and midsole, the one-piece outsole design helps wearers achieve a natural movement as they go from heel to toe without compromising support. The result is a shoe that's mildly flexible, with a natural ride that's still supportive. Some reviewers found the lack of flexibility to be a deal-breaker, though, so if you're looking for a highly malleable shoe, look elsewhere.
      The 720 V4 is a neutral trainer, so it doesn't offer very much in terms of stability. The upper's minimal design with few overlays locks users down, but not excessively. The upper fits well, however, so users didn't find the New Balance 720 V4 sloppy. The enhanced traction is really the driving force behind the New Balance 720 V4's stability. Better grip means runners don't have to worry about the surface they're landing on.
      The model features a standard 10mm drop. Reviewers didn't have any glaring issues with the drop. The one-piece rubber outsole really helps to promote a smooth movement during toe off that works for all sorts of runners, regardless of footstrike. Whether you land with your heel or forefoot, the design of the shoe, including its drop, should be suitable for any running style.
      Key Features
      - NEW lug shape for better grip (oval-shape)
      - NEW Flexonic midsole technology for improved flexibility
      - NEW Cush+ cushioning in the midsole that's more durable and comfortable
      - NEW Response 2.0 Performance insole more extra padding and a better inside feel
      - The rubber outsole is more grippy than before
      - One-piece outsole enhance ride feel and energy-return
      - Mesh upper is lightweight and breathable
      - Minimal overlays
      - Padded heel collar
      - 10mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 720 V4 is a comfortable running shoe with generous cushioning that provides a nice combination of energy-return and softness. The Cush+ midsole material still offers some support, though. Overall, reviewers found the shoe to be a great purchase. Most were particularly fond of stylish design and durable construction.

      Available in wide widths, the shoe is a good choice for those with wider feet. Improved traction and improved cushioning are the main draws of this fourth iteration of the 720 and reviewers were fairly happy with the changes. A few reviewers complained about experiencing poor traction on wet surfaces and some didn't like the un-stitched tongue that moved around and out of place frequently, but overall, the New Balance 720 V4 was well-liked by users. It's a great update and if New Balance keeps going in this direction, they'll soon come out with a near perfect shoe.
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