New Balance 560 v6

The changes made to New Balance’s 560 v6 won’t catch the consumer’s attention right off the bat. One will have to slip a pair of these on to feel the improvements New Balance made to this year’s model of the 560. Changes to the midsole and heel section of the shoe made the 560 v6 a more comfortable and stable ride as opposed to the v5. Overlays to the upper unit of the v5 are still involved in the v6. However, they have been reduced in the new model in order to further expose the mesh material thus allowing the shoe to breathe more easily, yet continue to provide ample security. The New Balance 560 v6 is a shoe constructed to provide stability and comfort and will satisfy the needs of those who prefer a light jog around the neighborhood or even a 5k. And at a very affordable price, it is hard to look past the value and quality of the 560 v6.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and breathable upper

  • Injection molded EVA midsole 

  • Constructed with a protective layer of rubber

  • Additional stitched-on overlays enhance the customization
  • Cons
    • The shoe sizes run a bit small

    • Lack of waterproof mechanics

    • Runner's toes were prone to hitting or rubbing against the upper 

    • At 10.6 oz, this shoe is somewhat heavy
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the 560 v6 features Ndurance rubber. The rubber holds well against slick surfaces and adequately prevents the runner from slipping or falling. The durable material allows the outsole to live long through constant wear and abrasions. New Balance also added a medial wrap to the outsole of the 560 v6. As a result, the wrap adds support and balance and corrects over-pronation. Together, this added stability lowers the risk of injury caused by an unbalanced position of the foot.
      The midsole of the 560 v6 contains ABZORB cushioning material. This high-quality material succeeds in maintaining its structural integrity while compressed with weight. The ABZORB material is a mixture of isoprene rubber and other materials manufactured by New Balance that create a sturdy, yet forgiving foam cushion in the forefoot and heel section. Paired with the ABZORB foam, the 560 v6 midsole includes IMEVA foam. The same foam cushion can also be found in New Balance’s WX608V3 cross-training shoe and several other Saucony shoes such as the Ignition 4. The IMEVA foam is responsive and offers more protection from ground impact. New Balance molded the foam into the midsole, keeping the midsole a strong and singular unit rather than composed of multiple materials. Overall, the midsole is both durable and reliable.
      In this year’s model, New Balance removed some of the synthetic overlays that were included in the v5. By doing so, the mesh material in the upper unit of the v6 is greater than in the previous model and the shoe is capable of breathing better. Although they removed the overlays slightly, enough of that material is left in the upper and provides the foot with security. Additionally, these same synthetic overlays give the mesh a foundation to rest and add a further measure of security to the foot that provides a more snug-like fit, or a loose fit - depending on the necessary adjustments made to the shoelaces.
      One drawback to New Balance’s 560 v6 is its weight. The 560 v6 weighs 10.6oz for a men’s pair and 8.4oz for a women's pair. According to studies completed as early as the 1980’s and repeated more recently by researchers at the University of Colorado, results consistently showed that for every 100 grams, or 3.5oz, runners expend nearly 1 percent more energy output. Therefore we can assume that a men’s pair of 560 v6’s, weighing 10.6oz, will force runners to expend more energy and finish their runs with a slower time. The study referred to in this portion of the review can be found in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. That being said, adding weight to your runs will vastly improve muscle tone and overall fitness.
      The New Balance 560 v6 breathes very well, with the deduction in synthetic overlays in the upper unit. By reducing their use of overlays, the 560 v6 features more of its highly breathable mesh material. This helps keep runners’ feet cool and dry throughout activity. In addition, it utilizes a cover similar to a net underneath the layer of mesh that adds a layer of protection against foreign debris and small particles that could invade the inside of the shoe.
      This shoe is a very comfortable ride for most runners, as New Balance has integrated what they call Tech Ride into the heel area. Basically, it is an added section of cushioning towards the rear of the foot. Because of the new addition, heel striking becomes easier and comfortable. One aspect of the shoe where runners felt discomfort was the limited area in the toe box. Based on other reviews and customer testimonials, they found that their toes occasionally rubbed against the upper unit of the shoe, causing discomfort during their workouts.
      The New Balance 560 v6 is a neutral running shoe, with limited eye-catching colorful designs one might find in a pair of Saucony or Asics. It is best used for walking and jogging and may not be the best option for long-distance racing. The New Balance 560 v6 looks and essentially is a basic trainer that has incorporated enough features and qualities that make it a tough and comfortable product.
      The outsole of the New Balance 560 v6 is constructed with the Ndurance rubber that gives the bottom of the shoe maximum durability in high wear areas. The rest of the shoe is built fairly tough and both official and customer reviews praise the shoe on its longevity. However, several users found one area of concern within the shoe’s upper unit that leads them to question the durability of the shoe. Within a short time of usage, the upper mesh material has a tendency to tear near the small toe. According to several consumer reviews, the tears in that location occurred as soon as two months after purchase. While the shoe as a whole is said to be more durable than others, the ease with which the mesh deteriorated seems to be a concern for many buyers.
      The decreased use of synthetic overlays in the upper unit and increased surface area of the mesh expose the foot to harsher temperatures. But with that inner layer of netting directly underneath the mesh, the New Balance 560 v6 does adequately protect the foot from tiny debris and other foreign substances. The tough Ndurance rubber that comprises the outsole protects the midsole and the bottom of the foot from repeated strikes against the ground. Buyers and reviewers of the 560 v6 also thought that the shoe would have benefited from any type of waterproof mechanism. The lack thereof can be expected when the majority of the upper unit is made of highly breathable material.
      The midsole of the 560 v6, constructed with the IMEVA and ABZORB cushioning technologies, offers a nice bounce-back characteristic that provides the runner with a solid and responsive ride. While the material, along with the Tech Ride cushion added to the heel, is very sturdy and solid, it remains pliable and gives slightly to the runner’s foot upon each strike.
      Just above the outsole, a stabilizing unit is located in the medial area of the sole unit. As a result of the inclusion, the 560 v6 provides more support to the foot as well as a cradling mechanism for the midfoot, resulting in a better running gait. This medial wrap helps correct runners who overpronate and it supports the feet and balances the runner’s stance. Overall, the support provided by the 560 v6 does its part in reducing the risk of injury and discomfort from runners who are typically unbalanced in regards to their foot position.
      The 560 v6 is best suited for running and walking on road and not so much trails and other technical surfaces. The outsole’s Ndurance rubber is built soundly into the shoe’s system to withstand wear and repeated contact on flat and hard surfaces. When it came to off-road usage, reviewers claimed the 560 v6 was able to hold its own during the activity. But their final conclusions were that the shoe should be used on road and flat ground.
      The retail price for a pair of New Balance 560 v6 is $60. However, buyers can find the shoe at a cheaper price on websites such as Amazon or, making this one of the less expensive shoes that provide equal or greater qualities than the more high-end shoes on the market. This will only help those who are battling with the cost of competitive running.
      The amount of traction provided by the New Balance 560 v6 is ample enough to protect runners against wet and slick surfaces. While the shoe’s bottom outsole is meant for flat surfaces and may not hold up well against off-road conditions, runners felt the customization of the outsole offers excellent traction.
      The way the upper mesh is built in the 560 v6, according to customer reviews, does not help runners when it comes to flexibility. The mesh material and synthetic overlays do tend to feel stiff to the feet in the area of the toe box. As a result, runners felt stiffness and constant rubbing of their toes against the upper due in part by a lack of flexibility. Some say it is caused directly by ‘too snug’ fit from the synthetic overlays, which can be relieved with adjustments to the lacing system. Others proclaim that the reason the shoe is not as flexible is because of the quality of the upper mesh material.
      The same technology that was added to the top of the outsole, the medial wrap unit, improves the stability of the 560 v6 as well as the support. The medial post is a high-density, compression-molded EVA foam cushion. And its placement along the inside edges of the shoe are imperative to stabilizing the runner's foot and preventing overpronation.
      In both men and women versions of the 560 v6, the heel to toe drop is 12mm. With a heel and forefoot heights of 30mm and 18mm respectively, this shoe is right in line with other conventional running shoes that range within a 10mm-12mm drop. With this large of a drop, it is important for runners to remember that a drop of that length increases the severity of heel striking and may lead to knee injuries. The New Balance 560 v6 would be a good option for runners who battle plantar fasciitis or tendonitis in their Achilles tendons.
      Key Features
      - Highly breathable upper mesh

      - Available in medium and extra-wide sizes

      - Ndurance rubber outsole

      - MEVA & ABZORB materials located in the midsole provide excellent cushion
      Bottom Line
      With the new model, New Balance provides runners with a shoe that will function well over time. The 560 v6 is incredibly durable and the added support in the midfoot area tested well, even for those who didn’t need the added cushioning. With a customizable fit and a long lifetime, buyers will surely be satisfied with the quality of this adored shoe. And at a very reasonable price, it is difficult not to consider New Balance’s 560 v6 as a product you should buy.
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      By Josh Talero
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