New Balance 860 v6

New Balance knows how to make a quality stability shoe. This model is certainly no different. The New Balance 860 v6 is a sturdy shoe that is willing and ready to put in long miles with you. An ideal running partner for the overpronator, the New Balance 860 v6 can offer you the stability, support, and cushioning you need without adding too much additional weight. The durable outsole made of carbon rubber makes this shoe a long-lasting option, and with a price tag that comes in under one hundred dollars, it is hard to find something to dislike about this shoe. This model also offers a unique look that slightly strays away from the classic look of the traditional New Balance design. It is sure to get your attention (the good kind!) while you're out building that mileage.

This shoe comes equipped with new technology that provides relief to joint pain, an improvement to your stride, and lightweight cushioning. All of these features come to you by way of an American made product that you can feel good about supporting.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Unique combination of added cushioning without too much weight
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Ideal for marathon training runs
  • Durable carbon rubber outsole
  • Stability powerhouse aimed at overpronators
  • Cons
    • 'Breaking-in' period required
    • Sizing is off - runs smaller than other New Balance running shoes
    • Not suitable for speedwork
    • Key Features
      New Balance follows in the footsteps of many other successful shoes by making an outsole out of a durable rubber. In this case, New Balance uses their patented Ndurance. One of the perks of this outsole is that regardless of what a wet or dry surface, you can feel confident that you are slip-proof because of the added traction. It also provides added cushioning but keeps the responsiveness of the shoe so you still feel connected to the road. Some New Balance models utilize a blown rubber in their outsole, and while there are pros to that material, the carbon rubber of the 860 v6 is much more durable and holds up against high mileage.
      The design of the midsole of this shoe is great for a runner who tends to overpronate and is looking for help on improving their stride. This shoe uses ACTEVA LITE foam in the midsole. The midsole's design is also great for reducing stress and possible injury by adding extra shock absorption in the heel. This is an additional foam found in the midsole that adds a second level of durability and adds extra cushioning during heel strike. Runners reported that they loved the shock absorption this shoe offers, and many reported feeling less pain in their knees and hips because of it.
      The upper of this shoe is constructed using a pliable mesh material that snugly conforms to fit the foot. In addition to the breathable mesh, New Balance added improvements to the upper to increase the overall comfort of the shoe. One of these features is an improved padded neoprene tongue. This feature holds the laces in place and improves comfort while also giving extra support.
      This shoe is definitely considered a stability shoe, but it weighs less than some of its other stability brethren. At 10.2 ounces, this shoe is certainly lighter and more flexible than other stability shoes on the market. If you are looking for mild stability and support, but you don't want a shoe that will weigh you down, this may be a great choice for you.
      The upper is made of a breathable mesh that keeps the foot dry and cool and affords the runner maximum flexibility. Although the material is highly pliable and breathable, it still fits the foot snugly, giving the shoe a glove-like feel. The inside of the shoe comes equipped with the ORTHOL LITE sock liner that is specifically designed to cradle the foot but maintain a cool temperature. Runners commented that it greatly reduced the number of hot spots they experienced on runs.
      One of the key elements that make a shoe comfortable is the level of dryness is can offer you on your runs. Many reviewers agreed that the New Balance 860 v6 kept their feet dry and comfortable even during long, hot runs. In addition to the breathability and dryness provided by this shoe, it also comes equipped with Ortholite Premium insoles to add extra cushioning for your arches.
      For some of us, the bright colors and flashy style of a new running shoe gives us as much joy as crossing the finish line. If you fall into this category, the unique details, colors and overall aesthetic of these shoes will speak to you. It is important to note that some slim footed runners felt that the added bulk of these shoes didn't look great on the slender feet.
      This shoe receives high marks for durability. This model of New Balance uses a carbon rubber in the outsole which is known for its durability. In addition to this, the midsole is made using two different types of foam to extend the life and cushioning of the shoe. One runner even reported that she has been wearing these shoes daily for an entire year and is just now starting to see minor wear on the outsole. With a price tag under one hundred dollars, these shoes practically pay for themselves.
      This shoe uses some great technology to reduce joint pain through shock absorption. One unique feature is the ABZORB crash pad which is specifically designed to reduce stress and injury. Additionally, the midsole uses a combination of shock absorbing foam. This shoe has also been suggested for heel-strikers. If you are a heel striker, you are probably overstriding. Over time, this could cause injury, and this shoe does a good job of supporting heel-strikers as it works to improve running form,
      This shoe has an average heel drop of 12 mm so you shouldn't expect to have a minimalist feel. With that being said, there is a technology called Ndurance that is used in the outsole to help absorb shock and give the runner a very responsive experience.
      This shoe offers you extra cushioning and support, however, many runners commented that this extra padding and support comes with a bulkier look and feel. This is not a deal breaker at all. Many runners will gladly take the added bulk for the added comfort. It depends on the individual running needs of each athlete.

      As mentioned above, this shoe has a stylish upper and overall look for the runner who is a fan offashionable running shoes, but the ascetic of these shoes does more than just look good. Strategically placed overlays on the upper wrap your feet with added support to give you a secure feeling during your runs and reduce friction and chafing.
      The New Balance 860 v6 is your classic road running shoe. This shoe is not designed for offroad running. If you are interested in offroad running, there are plenty of amazing shoes out there for you, but this is not the one.
      These are affordable running shoes. While the average price of running shoes in America has risen to one hundred and fourteen dollars since 2010, you can find these shoes for around or just under one hundred dollars, since they have been discontinued. Add to this the fact that many runners raved about the long lasting durability of these shoes, and it is easy to see how these shoes are good for your feet and your wallet.
      Because of the design and material of the outsole, the New Balance 860 v6 provide reliable traction on wet or dry surfaces. It is New Balance's Ndurance outsole that gives the shoe this added feature. While these are not the shoes to accompany you on an intense offroad excursion, they will help you stay safe and stable on soggy runs.
      While the mesh upper gives the runner a pliable, flexible feel, runners have reported that the dual-foam of the midsole and the carbon rubber of the outsole make for a less flexible underfoot experience. This is by no means a deal breaker, and many runners are happy to trade a less flexible underfoot for the added cushioning, stability and support that the technology of the midsole and outsole afford the runner.
      New Balance knows how to make a good stability shoe. This one is certainly no exception. The New Balance 860 v6 uses a combination of technologies, like a supportive plastic bridge below your arch and a wide, flared-out sole, to help the runner who is looking to control their gait and prevent themselves from overpronation. These running shoes are popular for the overpronators who need more stability and for runners who tend to be heel strikers looking to improve their stride. One of the technologies employed by this shoe is the Medial Post of the midsole. This feature found in the midsole to correct overpronation. Additionally, this shoe uses an Asymmetrical Heel Counter which keeps your heel securely in place during runs and also addresses the issue of overpronation.
      When we talk about 'heel-drop' in the running community, we're talking about the difference in height between where the heel and the forefoot sit on the footbed of the shoe. A traditional heel drop is 12 mm, and that is exactly what you'll find in the New Balance 860 v6 shoe. Don't expect to get the feel of a zero drop shoe with this model! The standard drop of these shoes makes them a good choice for runners who are used to a more traditional feel. Runners who are logging their miles on longer runs appreciated the added stability of these shoes.
      Key Features
      - Ndurance technology
      - ACTEVA LITE midsole foam
      - ABZORB Crash Pad midsole foam
      - Ortholite Premium Insole
      - Unique color combinations
      Bottom Line
      This an overall great shoe. For the runner who is looking to correct their gait, the New Balance 860 v6 utilizes technology to address the issue of heel strike runners and overpronators. Add to this the dual foam of the midsole, the breathable mesh of the upper, and the added features like the ORTHOLITE sock liner and the padded tongue and you get a cushioned, smart running shoe that is great for logging those long miles. Runners appreciated the high level of durability and the moderate price tag of this shoe. Plus, we can't forget that New Balance shoes are an American made brand, so you can feel great about supporting them!
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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