New Balance 890 v6 Reviewed & Rated

After taking a brief hiatus from the 890 models and going with the New Balance Vazee Pace in between models, New Balance decided to bring back the 890 in the New Balance 890 v6 version. This update has an arch-hugging bootie like construction that boasts an engineered mesh upper designed to wrap your foot in comfort and support. The RevLite midsole is a firm yet cushioned foam that is designed to provide a responsive and quick underfoot feel and boasts two TPU strips within that help to deliver a push forward as you stride. This lightweight, breathable, and lower-to-the-ground fast-paced neutral running shoe may be just the tool you are looking for to up your running experience.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • RevLite midsole offers firm support and response
  • TPU embedded in midsole delivers great response and a fast-paced run
  • Bootie-like seamless construction for added comfort
  • Blown rubber outsole is segmented for a lighter-weight feel and a smooth heel to toe transition
  • Cons
    • Some users say toe box is awkwardly snug
    • Some say the underfoot platform is more rigid than it is flexible
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the New Balance 890 v6 is made up of separate thicker blown rubber segments. There are four areas of the outsole with separate pod-like arrangements with flex grooves in between. This blown rubber makes the outsole durable and helps to protect the shoe from abrasion and wear and tear. Although this blown rubber is pretty thick, it does not form a solid rubber outsole, so this cuts down a little on the weight of the sneaker. The separate sections of the sole allow the sneaker to deliver a faster-paced ride and a smooth transition from heel to toe. The segments are specifically placed to deliver optimal performance and protection.
      Much like many of New Balance’s training sneakers, the 890v6 has a midsole featuring the company’s tried and true RevLite foam. This foam is designed to be firm yet responsive and is made to deliver a fast ride. Unlike other company’s running shoes which may boast squishier midsole material, RevLite has more of a firm feel to it, so if you are used to running on a spongier material, it may take a little getting used to. Because of its firm feel, this midsole is designed for speed and delivers that plus protection. The shoe’s midsole also has a unique feature on the forefoot: TPU strips that are embedded into the midsole. These solid plastic strips act as a springboard and are designed to propel you forward from mid stance to toe off. This may sound like the midsole would be rigid, but New Balance did a great job of adding just enough TPU strips to deliver a great amount of tensile strength and resistance which works to convert your body’s weight on impact to forward-pushing energy.
      Rather than a knit material, New Balance uses engineered mesh in the makeup of the New Balance 890 v6's upper. The great thing about engineered mesh is that it is not prone to allowing irritation as it hugs your foot and is extremely breathable. The bootie-like construction of the New Balance 890 v6 wraps around your foot seamlessly and it delivers a snug hold. The toe box of this New Balance 890 v6 is quite spacious, especially when comparing it with predecessors like the Vazee Pace.

      The rigid heel counter on the New Balance 890 v6 is quite large and is designed to lock your heel in place. Some users have commented on the fact that the tongue of this shoe is much better than its predecessor as well because it is smaller and not as irritating. This tongue, as well as the collar, are lightly padded and help to prevent your feet from wobbling within the foot chamber. Because the heel collar is quite rigid, the lacing system includes an extra set of reinforced eyelets at the top of the sneaker so you can adjust the New Balance 890 v6 for a tighter hold on the foot. The heel area also features an extra strip of shiny sturdy material that wraps around the shoe in order to add extra heel support.
      The 890v6 is a fairly lightweight running/training sneaker. The materials that make up the midsole and upper are very lightweight and even though the outsole is made up of thick blown rubber, it is not in a solid sheet on the New Balance 890 v6, rather it is in smaller sections. These characteristics combine to make the New Balance 890 v6 a 9-ounce sneaker for men and 7.8-ounce sneaker for women.
      The upper of the 890v6 features a channel-like design in the engineered mesh. These channeled openings help to deliver a well-ventilated foot chamber, making the sneaker super breathable. The upper’s design also allows for fast drainage and drying if you should get caught in wet weather. Because New Balance uses engineered mesh rather than knit material in the upper, New Balance 890 v6 is more breathable than some other running shoes on the market today.
      The New Balance 890v6 offers comfort to the wearer in a variety of ways. Of course, comfort is all relative, and some users have said that they were not a fan of the firmness of this sneaker’s RevLite midsole material. With that said, many other consumers have said that this sneaker delivers the right amount of comfort for a training day or an up-tempo run. RevLite foam is not a squishy marshmallow-like material. Rather, it is a firmer foam which is engineered to deliver a cushioned yet fast-paced experience. A large number of customers commented on how snappy their runs felt in these sneakers and loved how the engineered-mesh upper hugged their feet with precision. The no-sew upper and padded collar and tongue all help to deliver a comfortable and irritant-free fit. Some users have said that the heel area may be a little too wide for people with narrow heels but if you have a neutral foot, you should feel snug, secure, and comfortable in this shoe, ready to conquer a fast-paced run.
      New Balance is well-versed at making great-looking running shoes and the New Balance 890 v6 is no exception. This sleek-looking sneaker has a bootie-like construction and molds well to the foot. The midsole is not too overblown so the shoe doesn’t scream “I’m a squishy running shoe!” Rather, this sneaker says to the world, “I can propel you quickly down the road, or I can carry you comfortably through the grocery store aisles.” This sneaker is versatile and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a great variety of colorways that are sure to please any sneaker connoisseur.
      The outsole of the 890v6 is one that will definitely help these sneakers maintain a long performance life. The blown rubber design featured on the sole of the shoe is both durable and protective of the rest of the sneaker. The thick rubber designs will help to protect the RevLite foam of the midsole from unnecessary wear and tear as well as protecting your feet. The engineered mesh of the upper is forgiving enough to adapt to your particular foot shape, meaning you won’t have to worry about it stretching wrong and then ripping. If you wear these shoes for what they are designed for, everyday training or up-tempo runs, you shouldn’t have a problem with them lasting a few hundred miles.
      This shoe will definitely protect your feet from underfoot debris thanks to the blown rubber outsole. The firmer RevLite foam in the sneaker’s midsole will protect your joints from shock because the foam will disperse the energy on impact. Although these sneakers are not necessarily stability shoes, they automatically have some shock absorbing qualities because of the foam midsole, unlike many lower-to-the-ground sneakers. The heel on this shoe is more rigid than many other neutral training shoes out there and it is designed to prevent your foot from exiting the foot chamber. However, this rigid heel will also protect your feet against rolled ankles and lateral movement within the shoe.
      The TPU strips that are embedded into the RevLite foam of the midsole in the 890v6 are specifically designed to deliver a highly responsive ride. These plastic pieces bend and flex with your foot as you step and deliver enough kinetic energy to give you a snappy-feeling run. RevLite foam is firmer than many other midsole materials on the market and is also engineered to deliver smooth response from heel strike to toe-off. These sneakers were made to help you achieve a responsive and faster-paced run. Many users have said their gait seemed more up-tempo in these sneakers thanks to the technologies included.
      The New Balance 890v6 will support your run a few different ways. First off, the engineered mesh of the upper is engineered to hug your foot and keep it from moving within the foot chamber. The firm feeling RevLite foam that makes up the sneakers’ midsole will keep your foot firmly in place and you will feel just enough cushion and support as you run. It should be noted, however, that some users commented that it is tough to get the shoe to feel secure on the foot the first couple of runs thanks to the firmness of the heel counter. This will depend on the shape of your foot individually.
      These sneakers are ideally-suited for solid pavement, sidewalks, tracks, or treadmills. The blown rubber outsole is great for all of these terrains and will carry you over both wet and dry surfaces with ease. However, the outsole does not boast an aggressive lug system so the 890v6 is not great for trail running. If you feel the urge to trek off-road, well-groomed trails are your best bet, but just be cognizant of the fact that they are designed for road or track running.
      These sneakers have been out for a little while so the price will vary, depending on where you purchase them. You can buy them for anywhere between $90 to $120. This price is a great value considering the quality of the product you get in such a well-respected running shoe name brand.
      The outsole on the New Balance 890 v6 is well-suited to deliver a positive traction experience if you are using them on a surface for which they are designed. The blown rubber delivers plenty of grip around corners and on both concrete and track surfaces. The midsole and outsole work together to give you a grippy and responsive run with a smooth transition from heel to toe.
      One of the very few downfalls of the 890v6 may be the lack of flexibility. Many consumers have said the TPU strips that are embedded into the forefoot of this shoes’ midsole feel very stiff while running. These TPU pieces are designed to flex and spring back to their original shape to deliver a responsive ride. They may do this but at the expense of flexibility. This, combined with the thicker blown rubber parts of the outsole make the sneaker less flexible than many other neutral running sneakers out there. That is not to say that this sneaker is not flexible at all. The engineered mesh upper helps your foot flex naturally with the material from heel strike to toe off.
      Although the 890v6 is not necessarily a "stability" sneaker, it does offer some stabilizing features. The heel cup is very firm and will not only lock your heel in place, but it will also help to align your foot while you step. The engineered mesh that makes up the upper has a slight give to it, so it will adapt well to your foot shape and hug it in such a way as to not allow any movement within the foot chamber. The firm RevLite foam that is featured in the shoes' midsole delivers enough cushion and support for a fast-paced run but it also helps to stabilize your foot as you step because it won't allow your foot to move around too much.
      The New Balance 890v6 has a slightly less than typical drop, coming in at 6mm. This is simply because the sneaker is designed for more up-tempo runs where you don’t have to worry much about heel strike. With that said, the 6mm drop of this shoe is designed to deliver a smooth heel to toe transition with a snappy toe-off.
      Key Features
      - Blown rubber outsole helps to keep the weight of the sneaker down as well as deliver a responsive ride
      - TPU strips embedded into the forefoot of the shoe are designed to flex with your foot and snap back into place, providing a responsive and fast-paced running experience
      - RevLite foam in the shoes’ midsole is firm, supportive, and responsive
      - Engineered mesh upper hugs your foot comfortably and delivers added support
      - Rigid heel cup helps to lock the foot in place within the foot chamber
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 890v6 is ideally-suited for the neutral runner who wants to up their running game in the speed department. This sneaker is not made to be extremely cushiony since the midsole foam included is RevLite foam, which is more on the firm side rather than the marshmallowy-soft side. The TPU strips embedded in this RevLite midsole help to deliver a snappy run but may also make the sneaker feel a little stiffer than what many runners desire. Most consumers say the sneaker is comfortable with its bootie-like construction and engineered mesh upper and state that it delivers a fast-paced experience. If that is what you are looking for in a training shoe, then the New Balance 890 v6 lightweight sneakers may be an excellent addition to your collection.
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