New Balance 940 V2

The New Balance 940 V2 is a moderate stability shoe available in standard, narrow, and wide widths. The road shoe features a plain design. It's comfortable and incredibly stable. Perfect for runners who require quite a bit of pronation control. It's packed with cushioning and stability features to ensure runners get the most efficient ride possible. Since the first version of the 940, New Balance has managed to improve the shoe immensely. Better cushioning, increased protection from impact, and way better support make the 940 V2 a great stability option for moderate to severe overpronators. A few minor issues, including durability concerns, were brought up by reviewers but honestly, they don't detract from the overall quality of the shoe. The 940 V2 is a solid option for those looking for reliable correction from their trainer. Is the 940 V2 worth the price? Read on to find out!

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly stable and perfect for those who need solid pronation control
  • Great cushioning, works well for those on their feet all day or those who want to run long
  • Accommodates wider feet and comes in narrow and wide widths
  • Very comfortable with a quick-drying interior and plush heel collar
  • Great arch support, works well for flat footed runners
  • Slightly lighter construction that first version
  • Increased flexibility makes the shoe more comfortable
  • Added overlays enhance the fit of the shoe, fit is more secure compared to 940 V1, especially in the heel area.
  • Cons
    • Some reviewers had sizing issues commenting that the shoe ran a bit large
    • Boring design, some reviewers felt the shoe looked cheap
    • Various durability complaints from reviewers
    • Pricey
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the New Balance 940 V2 has been improved a little bit since the previous version of the shoe. It's got a bit more flex to it to help reduce the stiffness apparent in the 940 V1. Composed of blown rubber, the outsole also features Ndurance rubber to help with its lifespan and reduce the rate at which the sole degrades.

      Some reviewers did note that the outsole wasn't as durable as they expected. Parts of the sole seemed to be coming off after wearing the 940 V2 for only a short period of time.
      The midsole gets a big makeover in the New Balance 940 V2. There's a lot to unpack here. First off, the cushioning has been improved quite a bit. There's more shock absorption and the comfort level has gone up. From heel to toe, there's ACTEVA cushioning. In addition, N-ergy foam acts to reduce the force of impact. It's located in the front and back of the shoe. New to the 940 V2 is the N2 cushioning material in the rear foot. It adds an extra bit of impact protection for heel strikers.

      In terms of corrective features, the midsole also features a supportive arch. The arch support has improved as well thanks to the added TPU material in that area. The 940 V2 also features a T-Beam shank which cuts down on pronation.
      The upper of the New Balance 940 V2 also brings a few changes to the table. Small aesthetic changes update the overall look a bit but the biggest addition comes with the various overlays added to the shoe. They add a lot more support for the wearer. The mesh upper features an NLOCK fit to ensure the foot is kept inside the shoe.

      Inside the 940 V2, there is the Ortholite liner and Lightning Dry material. The Ortholite liner helps to ensure the interior dries quickly and the Lightning Dry remains true to its name aiding in the process of sweat wicking. It also adds an element of comfort to the interior. A plush heel collar is also present in the V2.
      The New Balance 940 V2 is fairly heavy weighing in at 11.32 ounces for the women's version and 12 oz for the men's. Since the first version of the shoe, the weight has actually decreased, though. Reviewers didn't comment too much on the weight of the shoe. Instead, they focused their attention on the excellent stability. Those stability features do a great job at reducing pronation but they also, naturally, tack on a bit of weight.

      The shoe still manages to provide a comfortable ride despite not being the lightest stability shoe available. Most stability wearers will be used to shoes with a bit more heft and compared to other similarly categorized shoes, the 940 V2 is a lot less heavy.
      The mesh upper of the New Balance 940 V2 is fairly breathable. No complaints from reviewers in this area. The interior materials, including the Lightning Dry technology, really help to keep the inside of the shoe free from dampness. The shoe also happens to be perfect for those with wider feet. It's available in two other widths as well, wide and narrow. But the standard width is still a little wider than usual leaving room to breathe. Reviewers with foot issues like bunions explained that they felt well accommodated.

      Reviewers found the New Balance 940 V2 to be very comfortable. The overall comfort is much improved since the first version. Added flexion helps to make the ride a bit smoother, the added cushioning feels great underfoot, and the fit is much better, too. Inside, the plush lining feels great.

      Reviewers happily admitted that they found themselves wearing the shoe daily for activities other than running. Quite a few users also used the shoe for work for jobs that require a lot of standing. The 940 V2 holds up and remains comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time.
      Here's where the New Balance 940 V2 suffers a bit. Reviewers thought the shoe was super comfortable, well cushioned, and very stable, but they also complained that the V2 was ugly. It's certainly not designed to appeal to the fashion obsessed.

      The V2 is only slightly changed from the V1. The look gets a bit of a tweak thanks to the numerous overlays that have been added. Other than that, it remains the same. It's a plain looking trainer. Some reviewers felt that the design choices made the shoe look cheap. A few reviewers noted that the silver accents featured on the shoe's upper looked grey in photographs but upon closer inspection, they almost appear sparkly. It's something reviewers were not impressed with since they felt it made the shoe look juvenile.
      The durability of the shoe is another area that needs a bit of work. Quite a few reviewers complained that the New Balance 940 V2 did not hold up over time. Some reviewers found pieces of the shoe coming apart after only a short period of use. Users pointed out that the toe bumper was prone to detaching, the upper was easily torn, and the outsole had a tendency to come apart.

      It's a shame that the durability of the shoe rates so low. Other than these issues and the plain look of the shoe, the 940 V2 does an outstanding job of correction inward rolling and cushioning underfoot. The durability problems seem to be mainly cosmetic in nature so if you can get past them, the 940 V2 is a great buy.
      You'll get a fair bit of protection with the New Balance 940 V2. The shoe should protect you quite well from the impact of running. Many reviewers shared that they were recovering from serious injuries and the cushioning provided a great layer of support and protection without causing any pain due to lingering injuries or weakness.

      The added overlays in the 940 V2 also act to ensure no slippage occurs when the shoe is worn. Your feet will feel locked in and won't easily pop out as you move. This helps to reduce the chance of injury.
      The New Balance 940 V2 features an average amount of responsiveness. It's fairly high off the ground so ground-feel isn't exceptional. Rebound is minimal as well, though the improved flexibility does help a little bit with this.
      There's a great deal of support in the New Balance 940 V2. Reviewers felt comfortable and well-secured thanks to the new overlays in the upper. The NLOCK technology ensures that wearers don't move around inside the shoe. This helps to promote a supportive fit. Regular lacing allows you to tighten as much as you want to help customize the way the shoe fits.

      Better arch support in the 940 V2 is achieved via added TPU material. Reviewers loved how supportive the arch was and felt it was enough to suit flat footed runners.
      Made for the roads, the New Balance 940 V2 doesn't have any special features for non-pavement type terrain. The lugs underfoot are only good for running in urban (or suburban) areas. It's your standard road shoe.
      The New Balance 940 V2 is priced a bit higher than most shoes likely because it's packed with more features. It's a moderate to high stability shoe and it has a lot of cushioning. It's a fair price considering it does what it's meant to and does it quite well. It also happens to be pretty comfortable. Reviewers seemed happy to wear the shoe day in and day out which adds to its overall value.
      The New Balance 940 V2 offers standard traction underfoot. The lugs are not very prominent, so they don't provide much grip on surfaces other than pavement. It's a road shoe, so the 940 V2 doesn't need to have an aggressive tread. It works well enough in normal conditions. Reviewers had nothing negative (or positive) to say about the shoe's traction abilities. It does the job and that's about it.
      The New Balance 940 V2 is a little bit more flexible than the first version. The added flexibility does a lot to improve the overall comfortability of the shoe. With a bit more flex, the 940 V2 just feels more pleasant on the run. It moves more smoothly and isn't as stiff. The fit is improved, too, because of this. The responsiveness of the shoe is also improved and the ride just feels better than before. Stability and support are maintained with just a small touch of added flexion.
      The New Balance 940 V2 is a moderate to high stability shoe. It's perfect for those who need a lot of help with overpronation. The supportive arch helps to center the wearer's foot. The T-Beam helps to reduce overall pronation, and the NLOCK system ensures there's no excess wobbling going on that might comprise stability. It's a solid stability shoe that really delivers on its promise to put the breaks on excess pronation.
      The New Balance 940 V2 features a drop of 12mm. It's a pretty big drop, more than your standard running shoe. The high drop makes the shoe look a bit clunkier than it actually is. Lifted off the ground, some runners might not like the lack of ground feel but heel strikers will feel right at home in the 940 V2.
      Key Features
      - Blown rubber outsole
      - Ndurance rubber sole material
      - Supportive arch
      - ACTEVA cushioning runs heel to toe
      - N-ergy foam featured in front and back of the shoe
      - N2 cushioning in rear foot helps with responsiveness and protection (NEW)
      - T-Beam for stability
      - Mesh upper
      - NLOCK secures foot
      - Ortholite sock liner encourages dry environment
      - Lightning Dry adds comfort and quick-dry ability to interior
      - Plush heel collar
      Bottom Line
      The New Balance 940 V2 is a great update that brings the 940 V1 up a notch. The incredibly stable shoe not only cuts down on overpronation it provides a really comfortable fit and ride. The looks leave something to be desired, but for those who can deal with a plain jane looking shoe, the 940 V2 manages to deliver in most other aspects.

      The durability of the shoe isn't great, according to some reviewers who complained of excess wear showing early on. But the 940 V2 does boast great arch support and a wide construction perfect for those with certain foot ailments. The 940 V2 probably provides too much pronation control for mild overpronators but for those with serious pronation issues, the shoe is an excellent option.
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